The most lethal secrets for men

The most “lethal” secrets for men

1. Men don’t pay much attention to women who treat themselves too well.
  2. It is easy for a man to like a woman, but he does not easily love a woman.
  3. In the kingdom of affection, a man is definitely a faint king.
As long as a woman is willing to flatter, he promises everything.
  4. Men generally like women with a gentle appearance, preferring to spend their energy on careers or other places rather than conquering women.
  5. The man has a hunting mentality hidden in his heart and hunts down. After getting it, he will be tamed to make her a good animal that can be raised at home.
  6, men have the arrogance of being a hero, so it is easy to fall in love with women who complain to him.
  7. In a sexual relationship, a woman needs a man to tell her that he is willing to make any sacrifices for her, and a man needs a woman to tell him that he is very capable.
  8. The passionate self-righteousness of men is often a blessing in women’s eyes.
  9. In the heart of a man, to what extent is intimacy, that is, to what extent the relationship with a woman develops.
  10, men are afraid of women stubbornly fighting, but like to deal with women who have not caught up in the same way.
  11. One of men’s dreams is to have a confidante who can transcend the boundaries of friendship.
  12. Men’s requirements for their wives may be lower than for lovers-in appearance, and in character.
  13. Not many men know how to appreciate smart women. With them, men always feel lack of security.
  14. Men hope that the women around them understand that it is really boring to take the same woman to all places, so a moderate date with other women is to adjust and relax, and there can be no other attempts.
  15. When a favorite woman is present, men will behave as follows: talk more; look smarter; be more generous than usual; they will talk about their achievements; they will deliberately reveal the kindness that is usually rare; say more about themselvesFunny jokes made everyone laugh.
  16. When men are pursuing women, they are willing to give up all their freedom, and they are chasing the importance of freedom.
  17, a man will choose love with a very rational attitude, even if he loves a person emotionally, but when he knows that she is not a good wife, he will give up her and find another one suitable for home life.
Men think that love and marriage are two different things. In many cases, he delays marriage because the reason is that he doesn’t think the woman around him is a good wife as he imagined.
  18. A man is the incarnation of both a big man and a little man.
The older man hopes that the woman will fully accept him and reassures him; the younger man realizes his weak and incompetent side and hesitates.
To put it bluntly, many of them are jealous little ghosts, and they are easy to be deceived like children.