Traditional Chinese medicine remedies for bad breath keeps you close to others

Traditional Chinese medicine remedies for bad breath keeps you close to others

Do you often feel that your taste is very heavy, and you can smell it when you open your mouth, so why does the mouth produce a strange smell?

Chinese medicine believes that normal people’s oral cavity generally does not produce odor. The reason why bad breath occurs is due to various chronic diseases of the human parasite.

  Causes of bad breath: 1, stomach fire bad breath: mostly caused by the fiery evil criminal stomach.

In addition to bad breath, the evidence shows that everyone is naked and hot, thirsty and cold, or has sores on the tongue, or swelling and pain in the gums, and bleeding from pus.

  2. Food product bad breath: It is caused by oversatisfaction and stagnation in the stomach.

The testimony has a sour rancid odor, abdominal pain, disregard of diet, and bad breath.

  3, hot sputum bad breath: mostly caused by hot sputum sputum lung or hot sputum stagnation purulent ulcer.

In addition to bad breath, the evidence includes cough, sputum, sputum or pus, and shortness of breath.

  4, Deficiency of bad breath: mostly caused by internal heat of Yin deficiency.

Bad breath is accompanied by dry nose, dry cough, and dry stool, which is when the lung yin is weak.

When the lungs are moistened; bad breath is accompanied by upset and disturbed, insomnia, dreams, muscles beating, claw nails gloomy, yin and blood stasis of the liver.

Bad breath is accompanied by weakness of the waist and legs, dreams of spermatorrhea, dry mouth and throat, especially at night, as evidence of kidney yin deficiency and relative fire.

  Dialectical by Chinese medicine, namely, poor chest and abdomen, turbid qi upside down, stomach yin abrasion, endogenous heat deficiency, stomach yin loss, insufficient fluid, steaming on virtual fire; damage to lung yin upside down qi;Damage is caused by deficiency of fire and depression, internal yin deficiency, deficiency of liver and gallbladder deficiency and stagnation of heat and steam, liver and fire, stomach and fire, inflammation of the spleen, stagnation of qi and stagnation, cold and heat, and bad breath caused by maladjustment.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of bad breath: 1, jasmine tea is contained in the mouth in an appropriate amount.

  2, 2 grams of clove in the mouth.

  3. Grind a proper amount of Guizhi into fine noodles, and refill the tea with 3 grams of boiling water to treat bad breath.

  4. Kudzu root, amaranth, and white peony are 12 grams each, wood fragrant is 10 grams, and male cloves are 6 grams of water.

  5, Huoxiang, Pelan each 10 grams, decoction to slag.

Those who have bad breath can gargle for about 1 minute and then swallow slowly.

  6, Hemp kernels, Yu Liren 6 grams each, add water to boil and fry, remove the residue and drink soup.

Can be taken before bedtime, especially suitable for those with bad breath and constipation.

  7, Lily, mung bean 50 grams each with boiled soup, can be taken with sugar.

It can be taken regularly for those who have bad breath caused by chronic respiratory diseases, such as slow branches and lung abscesses.

  8, raw hawthorn 10 grams, Chenpi 6 grams, raw licorice 4.

5 grams, Jiantang drink as tea.

Chronic diseases of the digestive system, such as gastritis, stomatitis, esophagitis, enteritis, etc. are also available for bad breath.

  9, an appropriate amount of rhubarb fried in a pot of charcoal and borneol together for fine noodles, starting from the morning every day, take an appropriate amount of powder and brush your teeth and rinse with warm water.

  10, 30 grams of cardamom, 10 grams of asarum co-research for fine flour.

Take 1 g of medicated noodles 3 times a day with mouth to effectively treat bad breath.

  11, 15 grams of amaranth, 5 grams of borneol, 10 grams of lotus leaf, decoction, gargle every meal.

  12, 6 grams of forsythia grind for fine noodles with green tea.

  13, Osmanthus fragrans 3 g of boiling water initialized to be taken orally frequently.

  14, mulberry skin, ground bone skin, 10 grams each of Zhimu, 6 grams of Ophiopogon decoction taken orally, can also gargle to treat bad breath.

  15, 20 grams of lotus heart, boil 30 grams together with the pot until rotten and take it, once a day, once a week, effective treatment of bad breath.

  16, 30 grams of orange peel, washed, decoction for tea.

To treat bad breath caused by smoking.

  The above are the recipes for removing bad breath. These little recipes are economical and affordable, and easy to operate. To effectively remove bad breath, everyone needs to start with body conditioning.