Chapter Four:Rush to death,See the dragon body
Ye Fuming Handheld Halberd,Fast forward to the blue beam of light,I also encountered many evil beasts along the way,At first it was some first-level monsters,But the more you go in,Level two evil beasts gradually increased,I even saw Level 3。
On the way,Because of some mistakes,Fuming attracted the attention of these evil beasts,It’s frightening to be stared at by these evil beasts,At first I felt that a fierce battle was inevitable,But it is strange that these evil beasts glanced at him,Then turned his head and left,Ignore him。
Fuming felt that he had received ten thousand critical hits in his heart,Even if you are a Primarch,I don’t want to ignore myself like this.,And the reason these beasts ignore their lives is because they are attacking a fortress not far away,There is no such thing as a guy who is not a threat to them。
I saw these guys ignore him,It’s bolder,The pace is even faster,When I arrive at the place,I saw the scene that shocked him。
A dark man above the fortress,Commanding the soldiers to attack the evil beasts under the city wall。
“Beat Lao Tzu hard,Light up all the bullets!”The dark man roars。
“Comply with”
Gunfire,The underground beasts are attacking non-stop,The bodies are already piled high,The evil beast stepped on his companion’s body to attack upwards,Bloody march,Not afraid of death!
“report,All the back-up bullets have been burned out”
“Hehe,Then go hand-to-hand,All have,Armor,Shopping!”The dark man gives orders,Everyone pressed the button on their waist,The whole body was quickly surrounded by nano armor,The armor appears black,The dazzling light shined by the sun,The commander’s battle armor is different,The black armor has several red stripes。
“report,All armor is dressed”
“Listen to my orders,Wait five seconds,All charge,Never let these beasts approach the altar!”