Both people are very beautiful people,But the face is incomparable.,Although it can also be seen such as water,Earlobe,Liu Ye Tibetan,But it is incomparable from it.。

Can have such a situation,Ten eight nine is a knife,But Xu Ruzhen and Lin Yu Ruxi are the beauty of nature.,Beauty different,Not unlikely the pattern of moving knives。
“Long,Then can you ask me my marriage??”
Xu Ruzhen heard Zhang Qiling’s words,Also a glimpse,However, since the other party said that the shake is not used,Then it is definitely something else.,I want to add money.。
Zhang Qiling heard Xu Ruzhen,Looking silently Xu Ru Wei also looked at Lin Yucai。
When coughing。
He suddenly saw some different places,But two women are very similar。
“Miss,This is your girlfriend behind you.?”
“Yes,We are a lot of sisters in many years.,Good girlfriend。”
I heard this,Zhang Qiling has some hesitation:“I can see some now.,But it is not guaranteed.,At least 70% is quasi,After all, you should not be like this.,Even the body should not be like this,Should be changed against the sky,But the spirit of the people in the eyes of people can’t lie to people.。”
Say this,Zhang Qiling directly took out the pen,Then find a sympathetic paper with a usual motif,I wrote a word in a hurry.,Hand to Xu Ru,After all, there are too many people.,Some words,If he is too full,Too much likely to be sinned。
Xu Ru is connected to the paper paper and the Lin Yucai is open to see an eye.。
“In fact, a person is God’s best explains everything.,If I have not mistaken,You are very likely to like you with your girlfriend.,As for the future, you can see yourself if you accept this.。”
See this content,Xu Ruzhen’s first eye is to look at Lin Yuru。
And Lin Yurui is also a little panic by Xu Ru.。
She followed Li Hui in the past few days.,Especially Li Xiangfeng on the little bit of 许 茹,She is really feeling,But I want to say that she is working together to serve together.,She never thought。
It’s just that it was directly raised today.,But let her think about it.。
“Don’t see me like this?,I don’t have any interest to your little boyfriend.,As for him to count,I feel that it is deceptive.。”
Looking at Lin Yuru, the eyes of the dodge,Xu Ruzhen already has an answer。
I didn’t say anything.,You start to have an explanation?”
Looking at Xu Ruzhen like a smile,Lin Yucai is also some time, I don’t know how to pick up.。
“I am not afraid that you believe??”
“Gignoring with you,Breeze is more than me.,There should be outside,But if you become a small wind,My girlfriend,I will definitely accept you very much.。”
Xu Ruzhen said this,I look forward to watching Lin Yucai。
But Lin Yuru, is decisive.。
Although there is also a simple idea in her heart.,But in her eyes, this is the test of Xu Ru.。
“forget it,I have not interested to find a boyfriend.。”
Just finished this,Li Hui also gone。
“Two big beauty,How about it?
Is it a sign??”
Looking at Li Hui Rong,Xu Ruzhen and Lin Yu are looking to him.,And it’s a smile。