Ye Youo originally didn’t want to tell his father,But this thing directly touches her bottom line,She is hard to imagine how she will have a disease after the disease?。

Be born like death?
Anyway, what happens?。
Ye Tiancheng heard his wife’s words,It is also anger。
I am going to find the school leader for the first time.。
Just, it was blocked by Li Hui Feng.。
“Ye Shu,You directly let the school will be released.,What benefits are there??
We are not happy at our heart.。”
“Humph,I don’t want to expel it as simple as,As long as they leave the school,I have 10,000 ways to make them die hard.。”
Feel the killing of Ye Tiancheng,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
But you think about it.,Your loved ones are so framed,He is afraid that he will not hesitate to kill hands。
“Neither,Ye Shu,You do this is too cheap.。”
You have a good idea?”
Ye Tiancheng heard Li Hui Feng,Also a glimpse。
But soon he listened to the answer given by Li Hui.,Also point the head:“Row,Then follow what you said.。”
Next few days,Ye Yigo did not go to school。
And Bai Bilian is even more proud.,And the things that are big in Ye Yeo,Of course, all are all built by each other.。
Just when the school is talking about。
There is a post on the school’s forum.。
I am not very exciting with the days of the three black people.,But the cover is very strong。
Many boys are gotting out。
Many girls in the school are also in the curious heart.。
The opening of the next thing is what I have to say to three black people.。
This kind of one,Customs,But but always grasp the itch in the heart.,I can’t help but look down。
“Many people say that the black is not good.,I tell you truth.,Three black people with me are really good。”
“They are also very good brothers,We can play.,All the actions we also unlocked。”
“But I want more people to participate.,Participate in our big family。”
“Be right,I was afraid of death at first.,But now I want to open it.,Why make me so?,I want to let people around you are like this.。”
“then,I started to play friends with me.,But there is a white lotus,Pure woman,This matter2021Year,Also conserved like ancient people,What is not married, can’t be with a man。”
“Such woman,I am most uncomfortable.,The more she is,I feel that she is in a clear high.。”
“The result is over a month for time,The other party is really oil salt。”
“Even the Gao Fushuai in the school is also constantly pursuing her.,I admit,I envy,But those who pursue her Gao Fu,I can also take it.。”
“I took the initiative to send the door.,They are not all like a cat, and they think about their monkey.,Looking at them,Really can’t be better than。”
“certainly,They are not responsible for girls,Then they have a lot of probability.,Those still a little conscience。”