Children’s heart "staged" to the party celebration community "

The Chinese culture is long, and the excellent art cans Rurattache, and "Lu Yi" known as the literary light cavalry is a large color, showing unique customs and profound cultures, they come from life, rooted folks, and native land. The breath is very strong. There were seven programs at this performance, and 13 children showed that the smallest actors were only 6 years old.

There are traditional programs such as "eight screens", "big bodyguard", "empty city", and "the capital students to fight epidemic", "modest theory", "national quinum" and other new programs. The little actors who say that the cross talk teases the audience, haha ??laugh, performance review books and emptivers of the altime. Their performance typhoon is fresh, the content is healthy, and the style is fresh and elegant, fully demonstrating the spiritual spirit of the juvenile music learner.

It is reported that this performance is an event in the "return to the Beijing Title Life" section of the "Returning to the Beijing Title Life" section in the "Lesley Hall" section of the "Lehui Life" section of the Lesley Hall and Beijing Native Culture Development Co., Ltd..

The section is based on the background of Beijing-style culture and the city, with small things in life, the interest of the residents, and enrich the spiritual cultural life of the people, and encourage residents to show themselves, exchanges each other, so that residents are familiar with each other, communicate, communicate In order to achieve the effect of achieving the music. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.