Beijing an orderly restoration of cultural tourism activities

[] The reporter learned from the Beijing Wenxiong Administration, Beijing will resume cultural tourism activities in the future, continue to implement limited reservation and peak requirements, limit 75% limited to open parks, scenic spots, famous monks and libraries, museums, shadow theater, KTV, Internet cafes and other online venues. Hotel hotel cancels 75% of current limiting measures during the Spring Festival.

  Beijing-related departments will implement all normalized precision prevention and control measures, and do a good job in the reception service of cultural and entertainment, implement limited management, strengthen the time-free appointment, implement non-contact ticket purchase, realize the peak service, and promote the reservation management.

For the park, the area of ??the scenic spot and the net red card, the scenic river, the goutern, the roadside and other tourists may gather, strengthen the on-site epidemic prevention and control, order control and guidance services, prevent the parking, wild barbecue, Throwing garbage and gathering, etc.. In cross-provincial travel, in terms of entry and exit, Beijing will carry out domestic team tourism business, organize and receive entry and return to the tourism or provide "air ticket + hotel" business services should comply with and observe the city’s immigration medical observation and health monitoring. Regulation.

Beijing Travel Agency and online tourism companies do not resume entry team travel and "ticket + hotel" business, do not launch team travel and "ticket + hotel" business to medium and high-risk areas, do not receive 14 days from or to high-risk regions People or provide it to Beijing "ticket + hotel" business.

  Beijing does not accept 14 days from or to the domestic high-risk areas stay in the hotel and the countryside or enter the scenic spot. At the same time, there is no abnormal state in the low-risk area to Beijing.

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