Ma Xiaofeng didn’t care about what Xia Jian said,She couldn’t help being furious,She said loudly:“Give me less nonsense,You come to town to find me later”Ma Xiaofeng finished,Angry horse hung up。

Ma Yan sitting next to Xia Jian heard Ma Xiaofeng’s words,She asked with a straight face:“Did any of you report this morning to Mayor Ma??Too shameless,Who is the village chief doing this for??”
“Mayor Ma knows about this?This is definitely not what we told her,Please rest assured。Mayor Ma should have eyeliner in the village,So when we do things in the future,Some things have to be guarded”Ma Chuntao whispered。
Xia Jian raised his brow and said:“What to guard against,Do whatever you want。You guys listen to me,As long as it is for the sake of the villagers,And not against the law,Just do it,I’ll take care of something”
“village head!The work you just arranged is still a bit confused,Would you please take us to the scene and talk about it”Li Xiangye whispered,I can see that she is still a little worried about the hardening of the village road tomorrow。
Xia Jian stood up,He said loudly:“Listen up everyone,This time the hardening of the village road, in addition to Mayor Qin sent someone to send 50,000 yuan,We never applied for a penny again。I borrowed the machines and cement from others tomorrow,So one sentence,Not only the village road should be hardened,But there can be no waste,Do you understand what I mean?”
“Understand the village head,I lead the main lane。Other alleys,Several of them are responsible,But I said the ugly thing ahead,I won’t forgive you if something goes wrong”Ma Chuntao said seriously。
Xia Jian nodded,Added a few more words,And took these village cadres out of the village committee。He asked Ma Yan to hold the drawing,An alley by an alley is measured in the past。He measured,I will tell everyone the important points。
Zhang Yang Village is also a big village,Toss it down like this,When they walk into the village committee again,It’s eight o’clock。The lights in the villagers’ homes are on。
“village head!Didn’t Mayor Ma want you to go to town??It’s eight o’clock now,Do you want to go!”Ma Yan reminded Xia Jian softly。
Ma Chuntao,said laughingly:“I think you still have a hard time,After all, they are our leader。Some events will be fine after communicating,The backlog will deepen misunderstandings”
Xia Jianyi listen,I think Ma Chuntao is right。He thought about it:“Then you can send Ma Yan back to Xiping Village by motorcycle,I’m going to meet our Mayor Ma now”
Xia Jian just left,When he drove to the Pingyang Town Government compound,Not a room in the office building is lit,It seems everyone is off work,It’s past eight after all。
Park the car,Xia Jian walked to the back of the office building,He remembered that Ma Xiaofeng lived in two bungalows behind the office building。This Ma Xiaofeng is a weird person,The two bungalows are backed by the high wall of the town middle school,The office building in front。Living here alone at night is still a bit deserted。
A beam of light shot out from the vacant door。Xia Jian walked gently to the door,Whispered:“Mayor Ma!are you there?”The house is unusually quiet,No sound。
Xia Jian thought,Is this woman not here??He gently pushed,The door opened,The room outside is really empty,Where did she go?
the light is on,Door open,People shouldn’t go far,Maybe I went to the bathroom。Thought of here,Xia Jian walked in,Sat on a chair in the house。