Chongqing optimization and improvement of the "five -in -one" demand platform

  On May 26, the reporter learned from the Municipal Letters and Calls Office that in recent years, Chongqing has continuously improved the establishment of institutional mechanisms and improved the level of rule of law. The timely acceptance rate of petitions in the city, and the end rate of the processing on time has remained at more than%. Online petitions have become the channel for the masses.

  Our city issued institutional documents such as the "Implementation Rules for the Responsibility System for the Work and Visiting Work of Chongqing City" to establish rules, boundaries, and bright bottom lines for the responsibility of letters and visits to ensure that there are people grasping, some managed, some promoted, and supervised.

  At the same time, in order to promote the reconstruction of the petition business process, Chongqing has compiled the "Regulations on the Work of Basic Business of Letters and Calls", and the registration, transfer, acceptance, review and review, supervision and reconciliation, reconciliation, hearing, and leadership cadres have been visited by letters and visits. The basic business work processes, standards, and requirements of basic business work processes, standards, and requirements for the resolution of letters and visits, and comprehensively standardize.

At present, the timely acceptance rate of letters and visits in the city, and the end rate on time remains at more than%. In addition, Chongqing focuses on optimizing the "five -in -one" demand platform of letters, visits, networks, electricity, and videos to improve the service management model of online investment, online proceedings, online evaluation, problem online supervision, and online letters. It accounted for more than 70%, becoming a channel for the masses.

  The Municipal Letters and Calls Office also extended the government affairs platform to serve the masses from "online" to "palm", which strengthened the collaboration and integration of the local leaders of the People’s Daily Online, the Internet in questioning platform, and the "Chongqing Express Office" APP complaint window.

In June 2021, the integration of "Chongqing Letters and Visits APP" and "Chongqing Express Office" was completed, and the "Chongqing Letters and Visits" WeChat public account complaint query platform was improved, and the "palm letter and visit" complaint window jointly operated by the WeChat public account and the Chongqing Express APP Construction to further expand public opinion demands and express channels. In addition, Chongqing also promoted the integration of grass -roots letters and visits into the modernization of social governance in the city, improved the comprehensive mechanism of resolving the resolution of multiple prevention and disputes in contradictions and disputes. At the source, we work hard to achieve "the small things do not go out of the village, the big things will not go out of the town, and the contradiction will not be intertwined." (Reporter Zhou Song).