Walking ahead, Natsume can feel that he will look at himself from time to time, but he is embarrassed to talk.

Human barbecue, is it delicious?
If you want to be delicious, if you have all the ingredients, it will be more delicious than pancakes with scallions.
Oh oh! My gas is coming.
I’ve been worried about what animation you’ve been watching recently.
Ghosts, Fairy Melody, When Crying Crys and Earth Defense Teenager …
How is darkness?
While talking, Natsume confirms what ingredients are in his hand.
Beef brisket, chicken skin, mutton and some vegetables, in addition to these, there are other fruit ingredients, which are quite rich in general.
How’s it going?
Progress, what do you mean?
But you can’t deceive me. I know everything about you. I went to bed at twelve o’clock last night, washed my hands three minutes ago, drank a glass of water five minutes ago, hit the window in a daze ten minutes ago, and fifteen minutes ago …
I know! I know!
Crazy San always has an absolute advantage in this salary scale.
After telling the story in detail, he touched his face with three hands and seemed to be looking for a story.
So, you have no progress? Although it is a good thing for me, it is not a good news for you.
That’s it.
So, can I help you?
No, not yet.
It will feel deeper and deeper.
It’s a stranger, hehehe
After the conversation, the group left the hotel and set out for the beach in the distance.
They said they found the place near the main beach.
Turning left from the main road, Natsume finally saw a beach surrounded by rocks on both sides and an area full of trees.
It’s really good
I don’t worry about the hot sun, but I can swim well.
约茶Barbecue in summer is also full of nostalgia.
Ladies and gentlemen! Go ahead!
Oh oh! ! !”
Shidao! Shidao! Is this thing very powerful?
That’s just a crab.
Shidao, what about this?
Don’t freeze the seagulls!
Q, should I catch the fish I just saw and eat it when I barbecue?
You can’t shoot sharks, can you? It’s right to say that there is no shallows!
Shi Dao is dealing with others, and at the same time, he is ready to need equipment and place the grill.
It seems that you don’t know anything, Xixian.
No, Yahya doesn’t know what bbq is, and knowledge can be as poor as the chest.
What, what! I am a slim type of dress!
Doubt, do you dare to take it off?
Take it offjust strange _!
Yeyaya hummed, ran behind the rock and changed into a swimsuit.
A busy day, with cheers:
A96 Love collapses, and Natsume’s life is not very good? !
Leave the fire and the processing of raw materials to me. You are responsible for the barbecue. Have you brought other condiments? Some don’t like Chili, so all have to be baked separately.
Beside Shidao, Natsume took out the lighter and charcoal from his bag, took over the grill in Shidao’s hand and left work.
After the grill is highly assembled, it is about near the waist, with a length of two meters and a width of about half a meter. Judging from the old and new situation, it should be bought not long ago.
Although I cook the barbecue myself, Natsume didn’t talk about how to think about the grill. What I need is to do what I do now and cook delicious food.
The girls seem to have no intention of helping, so they changed their swimsuits on the other side of the rock and ran to the sea at the back.
The wind blowing from the blue sea is as comfortable as being touched on the cheek, pattering in the water from a distance, with a girl laughing.
After the fire is lit, Natsume piles the charcoal, and a gap flows out as an air inlet to increase the fire.

Directly broken by Deco in front.

Deco pushed forward a step further and was more than 30 yards away from the goal to display his longrange skills.
His longrange angle is a little right. Lyman moves steadily into position in front of the door to confiscate the ball!
Ronaldinho looked at Arsenal’s secret zone and felt a great challenge.
In such a peak confrontation, he will actually lower his personal talent and give full play to it. After all, he can’t squander the opportunity at will, and he should cherish the opportunity in every attack, which makes his play actually restricted from his personal point of view.
Barcelona put more troops on the offensive end and mobilized the fullback to assist!
In the 23rd minute of the game, Van Bronhorst was quietly on the left and Ronaldinho was magically organizing and scheduling in the frontcourt. Personally, he attracted Arsenal’s midfield defense, and then suddenly the ball went to the left.
In the process of Van Bronhorst’s dribbling to the bottom, Eboue rushed directly to force the clearance like a barbarian. He kicked Van Bronhorst down in the fight, was fined by the referee and showed him a yellow card.
Rijkaard looked very depressed on the sidelines.
I feel that Arsenal is really an incomprehensible team. There are both talented artists, coldblooded killers and unreasonable butchers.
Barcelona is also a little anxious because the frontcourt can’t create too good opportunities.
In the 33 rd minute of the game, Ronaldinho tried to give Giuly a straight plug, which was his best offensive organization. It would not create opportunities for teammates in the nearest distance, but more had an offensive transfer effect in the distance.
Qin Xiong also preferred this way, but I didn’t expect Campbell to get stuck on the Jiuliche line and Lyman took the initiative to confiscate the ball
Two minutes later, Ronaldinho made the same direct plug in the frontcourt again, but Lehmann easily confiscated the ball.
Barcelona’s attack didn’t work as they expected and seemed to be stuck in a quagmire.
Arsenal, on the other hand, are getting more and more confident.
Barcelona doesn’t look like a scourge and can’t beat them back!
In the 37th minute, Deco tried to create an opportunity for Eto ‘o in the frontcourt, but he and Eto ‘o failed to reach a tacit understanding. Eto ‘o wanted to plug the ball directly, but Deco scored a kick.
Deco’s idea is simple: you can’t get past the Arsenal defender’s line by plugging the ball directly. You have speed, but you don’t have it. What?
Toure controlled the ball before and then handed it straight to Qin Xiong, who immediately ran forward from the middle.
Qin Xiong smashed the ball to the left immediately after stopping the ball, and directly intercepted Deco horizontally, and then handed the ball to Pires obliquely to the left.
Pires once again gave the ball to Ashley Cole when he met Oleg.
Barcelona seems to be familiar with Arsenal’s fast break.
Marcos boldly used the former defensive winger to knock Ashley Cole to the ground when he was on the ball, delaying Arsenal’s attack.
The referee fined Marcos for a foul, but did not give the opponent a card.
Ashley Cole made a quick roll and immediately got up.
At this time, Pires came to the foul spot next. Ashley Cole threw the ball to Pires from the sideline. Pires caught the football and hit it horizontally before pressing his waist straight!
Italian ball, come on!
Barcelona never thought Arsenal would do this!
Oleg was actually watching Ashley Cole just now to prevent Arsenal from serving the ball quickly. If Ashley Cole has a tendency to serve the ball quickly, he will definitely interfere before the game.
It’s a pity that he is staring at the wrong person!
We should keep an eye on Pires.
At this moment, Marcos hasn’t run back to the restricted area. There is a white area on the Barcelona defender line in his own defense zone!
Arsenal’s quick serve made Barcelona feel the chill! to be continued
[The first volume sword unsheathed has become a front 553 double Wang Fawei! ]
The audience at the Stadio de France can see that there are obvious loopholes in Barcelona’s defense after Arsenal’s Italian quick serve!
Marcos is not in the defensive position!
Pires’s fastball object is to quickly insert Qin Xiong from the midfield.
At the same time, Henry cut into the Marcos defense area from the left side of the restricted area, and it seemed that Qin Xiong would have an excellent chance to shoot if he could send a straight ball.
Barcelona defenders also knew this problem, so they immediately adjusted their defense.
Van Bommel Deco wants to attack Qin Xiong, especially Van Bommel, first of all, to block the possibility of Qin Xiong sending Henry a direct ball.
This made him take the lead in defense by Qin Xiong. When the football rolled from Qin Xiong’s side, he faked the ball and stopped behind him. Deco was ready to pester him, and Van Bommel was ready to block it headon
But I didn’t think Qin Xiong was faking it!
He let the football roll sideways in front of him, and at the same time, his body started to turn sideways to get rid of Van Bommel Deco!
After getting rid of the two men’s defense, Qin Xiong continued to dribble horizontally. At this time, edmilson also wanted to intercept him. Henry looked back at Qin Xiong’s direction in the restricted area. He seemed that Qin Xiong had a heart and could guess Qin Xiong’s thoughts at this moment
Edmilson is still afraid that Qin Xiong sent Henry a straight plug ball and deliberately paid attention to the defense of Qin Xiong’s straight plug line. When Qin Xiong made a bicycle move in the lateral dribbling, edmilson stood like a petrified stone and watched Qin Xiong cross in front of him!
Scene Qin Xiong Henry is almost in the parallel line position and running horizontally at the same time. Qin Xiong is in the front waistline and Henry is in the penalty area!
Barcelona’s two midfielders pay too much attention to Qin Xiong’s forward attack defense, and both will block Qin Xiong’s forward route. First, Qin Xiong will benefit from it.
This brought Qin Xiong from the left lateral disk in front of the restricted area to the right position in front of the restricted area.
Smart running Henry also ran from the left side of the penalty area to the middle. At this time, he was with Puyol.
Puyol was in a dilemma. He ignored Henry and couldn’t let Qin Xiong go. If he followed Henry, he would be attacked by Qin Xiong directly.
At this moment, fullback Van Bronhorst rushed to intercept Qin Xiong Puyol and made an offside decision.
This is a decision to improvise
Because he is too passive!
You know, from Barcelona, this attack recognized that Arsenal would not be in the defensive position, and the opportunity was to focus on the defensive area. Puyol started to stare at the running, but he didn’t expect Henry to run towards him. In the staggered moment, Puyol’s body center of gravity could not complete a onedegree turn and still follow Henry.
So he planned to take a step forward, but before he could put it into action, Qin Xiong stuffed the ball straight and sent it out
Van Bronhorst led to the back line. Puyol was the only one in Henry’s impact area. Qin Xiong wanted to make sure that the football could almost break through the Barcelona back line after Puyol.
And Henry moved, and his sphere became a tacit understanding.
Puyol just wanted to expand the protection zone behind him in the previous step.
When the football rolled obliquely from his side, Puyol turned his head in horror, and he didn’t see the linesman raising the flag to signal Henry offside, so the Barcelona goal was in danger!
Henry controlled the football in the right position of the penalty area. Valdes decisively abandoned the door and went out. Henry calmly observed a line where Valdes ran. He gently pushed the ball forward and flashed some angles so that Valdes was no longer in a straight line. After that, he decisively pushed at a small angle!
Valdes quickly fell to the ground to block Henry’s shot, but the football rolled over before his foot reached out and blocked the rolling track of the football!
Valdez turned his head and looked disappointed to see that the football scraped into the goal near the post!
The stadium in France cheered and Arsenal fans roared with excitement!
Henry! Thierry Henry! He scored the first goal of the game! Arsenal lead Barcelona 1!
This goal reflects Arsenal’s characteristics of seizing the opportunity to play fast break and their patience to create opportunities by tearing the opponent’s defense at the offensive end.
桑拿论坛  title=Barcelona made a mistake. Although Marcos bravely blocked Ashley Cole, he interfered with the wrong target when delaying the opponent’s quick serve. After Ashley Cole gave the ball to Pires, everything was out of Barcelona’s control.

In this way, I stared at it for a while. Finally, a senior official couldn’t stand rubbing his eyes and walked to the northwest Cang Lang. He said with a sad face, It’s been more than ten minutes for the president to stare like this. It’s not the way. I’m afraid it’s not so easy for four priests to want to die together. I don’t know when to go like this. Brothers can’t stand it.

Northwest Cang Lang also had a hard time rolling its eyes and blinking a few times before it didn’t good the spirit. What do you say?
The highlevel thought for a moment and said, Why don’t I send a message to ask these priests? Deputy, they know the situation best, and they just wake up. It’s better to send a message when they are dying than to wait like this.
That line you ask Northwest Cang Lang nodded.
Seeing that the president nodded, the highranking official quickly sent a message to Pastor A in the past, What’s going on inside?
Pastor A soon returned the message Dead! The horse will die!
The message is short, as if there is a fierce battle of distraction.
Seeing the information, the highlevel official was overjoyed and quickly reported to Northwest Cang Lang that the president said that the horse was going to die.
You seem happy that we were played? Northwest Cang Lang immediately frowned and stared at the top.
Er … not the president, I … The highlevel smile froze in the face.
Eleven, you are very good! Northwest Cang Lang took a deep breath, and his eyes flashed with a sense of obliteration, gnashing his teeth. Tell everyone to get ready. I’ll hang up on him immediately when 111 appears. Besides, after he dies, Ma will issue a killing order in the guild, and people in Juxianlou will meet him no matter where they are or what they are doing!
Wang Zheng, a tall skeleton with a golden crown, is holding a huge machete and slashing at our armor master, which is majestic and arrogant.
However, in the eyes of Wu and four priests, it is already a spent force, because its original blood volume has dropped from 5 to 94.
However, even if the 152 attack of Skull King has twice the crit, there are still no three skeleton archers who have a volley of damage. It is not enough to be afraid of making a ghost hammer every 3 seconds, but it will only cause 2 points of damage. Although it will cause 2 seconds of dizziness, the armor master is not like other professional families. You don’t need to do it. It makes no difference whether you faint or not.
If there is no accident, the first life of Skull King will be confessed in more than a minute.
Pastor A’s excited voice trembled a little, and his face was excited. It’s so cool that we can definitely break the fastest pass record of the forgotten tomb. What should we do if we see it? I’m so excited that I want to pee. Hahahaha … Just now, there was a message from the top management asking me how I was. You don’t know how proud I was when I told them that the first life of King Skull died. I was so proud that I almost cried.
品茶论坛Pastor Yi Bingding was also excited and flushed, but he despised what did the highlevel officials say later?
Pastor Jia wiped a corner of his eye and smiled. What else can I say? He is too excited to return the direct information. It is estimated that the boss will already know that our guild will finally turn over. Now I can imagine them cheering and wiping their tears outside … It’s not easy. All this is thanks to the help of the Great God.
Yes, we were all fooled by the forum’s nine eggs. The armor master is simply a god. We are fans of the armor master … Pastor Yi Bingding looked at Wu who was enjoying a machete massage in front of the skull king.
Wu is also happy when he looks at the assistant for 12 minutes and 46 seconds, but unlike the four priests, he is not happy to record and see things, but to trigger the hidden boss Pugna.
Although the Skull King is the boss, he doesn’t know that he has no magic resistance at all. The cooperation between the flame cloak and the glacier armor can cause 7 points of damage to him every minute.
According to Wu’s calculation, the remaining blood volume of Skull King plus 25 blood volume after resurrection will take up to 5 minutes, and no matter what, it can be connected in 2 minutes, so that the dreamland will be broken and Pugna will come out, and the exclusive will have a chance to complete.
I just don’t know what this exclusive reward is. When the reward is written, the word unknown is written, but since it is given by the duke, it must not be too bad.
Oh, by the way, there are still two gold coins to be windfall. Hey, hey …
Chapter 45 Skeleton Skeleton King
14 minutes and 1 second
The tall Skull King’s body trembled slightly and made a creaking bone friction.
Then Hua crashed and scattered all over the place, and black gas drifted out of these bones and finally gathered into a cross half a meter square.
Oh, the first life is dead … Pastor A screamed with excitement and turned to look around to clear his throat. He said seriously, The second life of the Skull King will be resurrected in 3 seconds. After the resurrection, its attack power will increase, and the treatment pressure will increase. We should restore the blue amount when we hurry. Do we absolutely not delay the great god?
Pastor B, C, D carefully ordered a floor and sat with a blue bottle in his hand.
14 minutes and 4 seconds
The cross, which was condensed by black gas, floated slowly, and then fell sharply on the ground at a very fast speed. The black gas spread and wrapped all the bones in it in an instant …
Black gas is slowly surging. Suddenly, a black flash shoots out and suddenly hits Wu Mian’s door. A dizzy iconthe nether hammer immediately appears on his head.
After rebirth, it is not a physical attack, but also a lot of magical attacks on King Skull. This can be seen from the fact that the damage of the Ghost Hammer has increased from 2 to 3.
Then a tall figure rushed out with a black gas that has not dissipated and cut it in Wu’s chest.
Critical strike!
Wu’s blood volume immediately bottomed out and dropped to 2.
I depend on the skull king crazy today? How to throw a hammer and crit? It’s a great god. If it had changed our guild M, it would have been destroyed.
At the same time, the priests gasped, and a clever hand therapy was involuntarily released.
Four treatments directly brought Wu’s blood back to full value, but …
Not good! O!
The priests lost their voice.
The Skull King has just come into contact with Wu, who has been hurt by the flame windbreaker once, and the hatred value has just been established. The healing of priests immediately made their hatred value surpass Wu.
Influenced by this, the Skull King has given up decisively, and the priests of the Wu Dynasty came running …
Great god, what the hell are you doing? What do you mean by blue light? !
Several priests directly froze and ran for a while, not without running, not all of them looked puzzled, but Wu saw him as calm as a face.
Alas, alas, alas What great god doesn’t panic at all? What the hell was he thinking? Did you get disconnected?
One step!
Two steps!
Three steps!
Seeing the Skull King getting closer and closer, he will jump in front of the priests in one second, and their hearts will explode.
At this time …
The familiar sound finally rings and the familiar blue light finally lights up.
The machete in the hand of the Skull King stopped at a distance of 1 cm from the pastor’s nose …
Wu apologetically said, I’m sorry that my skills were cooling just now …
The Great God is not so scary … Pastor C sat down with a soft leg and burst into tears.

The paperpenetrating plane has the power body

Of course, compared with Pangu Tianzun, its source force is far from the same. If Pangu Tianzun’s source force is a torrent, it can be regarded as a drop of water.
Although the source force has an absolute advantage over the divine power, the amount of divine power emitted by the focal wing is too large, and the claw force of the paperpenetrating plane has exhausted and dissipated before it is finished rotating through the focal wing.
However, the paperpenetrating plane was shocked to fly, and its wings flapped repeatedly before landing smoothly.
Generally speaking, the focal wing fought against the paperpenetrating plane, but it didn’t really hurt the paperpenetrating plane.
How can you have so much divine power? The paper plane asked with horror.
Jiao Yi repelled it. It’s not unacceptable. The real solution is that Jiao Yi defeated it by divine power.
Yes, its source power is pitiful, but it has not been defeated by divine power.
It doesn’t mean that divine power can’t cope with the source force, but what normal people can accept is not enough to suppress its source force.
Jiao Yi didn’t answer and jumped at the paper plane.
The source force is really powerful, but for the paperpenetrating plane, the source force is not what you want, otherwise it can’t have that little source force.
The divine power of Jiao Yi is different, and it can be supplemented at any time.
It’s easy to kill the focal wing of the paperpenetrating plane.
However, the paperpenetrating plane is also white, and it is far away from being close to the focal wing.
Don’t follow me JiaoYi stop cold tunnel
He also knows that the paperpenetrating plane will not face him again.
You give me the dried gourd, and I promise that the horse will never bother you again when it leaves. The paper airplane way
It turns out that Zijin gourd is called Ganyuan gourd.
But no matter what Jiao Yi is called, it is impossible to hand it over. Dry Yuan gourd, you are counting on it. I will destroy this broken gourd if you follow me again.
Yes, Ganyuan gourd is a broken gourd for you humans, but it is the most precious treasure for us ghost horses.
Ghost horse JiaoYi eyebrows a twist:
Chapter 1279 Sign the blood deed
Jiao Yi understands the name ghost horse in a practical way.
There is no objection to the ghost horse’s almost penetrating body and wandering like a ghost, but where does this goods look like horses?
Jiao Yi still thinks it is more appropriate to call it a paper plane.
You’d better call a paper plane, Jiao Yi said indifferently.
Ghost horse
It took a long time for the ghost horse to be depressed. We ghost horses are very famous mounts in the divine world, and no one has ever called us a chicken.
When Jiao Yi’s eyebrows are raised, this cargo is actually a famous mount in the divine world.
But if you think about it carefully, it’s really possible
These special skills are limited. It is estimated that Master Luo Fan can’t play the speed of penetrating the ghost horse when he teleports to the celestial body. The celestial body is absolutely outstanding, saying that it is a famous mount and worthy of its name.
Well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Since everyone calls you Master Guima Jiao, I won’t give you another name.
There should be no plane on this plane and no one knows what a paper plane looks like.
桑拿网The size of the celestial body seems to be larger than expected, especially after the ability to break the virtual chopping is limited. This vast plane is even more difficult for people to be completely blind to the celestial body, and Jiao Yi gives birth to the idea of collecting ghosts and horses.
The strength of the ghost horse is not bad, and the speed is many times higher than that of Jiao Yi. If it is not the ghost horse’s voluntary Jiao Yi, it is really helpless.
However, Jiao Yi has the dry yuan gourd hand and the chip to make the ghost horse submit.
The divine power in Ganyuan gourd has reached Jiaoyi Yuanyu furnace, and such a shell gourd has been exchanged for a speed cow mount. Jiaoyi feels that this life is easy to earn blood and not to lose money.
I just don’t know how important the dry gourd is to the ghost horse, and can I make the ghost horse be willing to be his own mount?
What’s your name? It’s nothing to me. Why should you go? Don’t follow me again. Jiao Yi played hard to get and put the dry gourd into the Yuanyu furnace.
Where’s the dry yuan gourd? I can’t see the dry yuan gourd ghost horse suddenly nasty.
I had the trouble to get the dry yuan gourd. Where did I put it? What does it matter to you? Jiao Yi sneered.
I’m so excited. The ghost horse sound is full of surprise. You lifted your hand and swept away the poisonous leaves of Ganyuan. I think you are very relaxed. Where is your strength?
Jiao Yi language: Does Nima grow brains? Is it easy or special to always get dried gourd? That’s not the point, is it?
Light is not easy with you JiaoYi cold hum a turn to go.
Wait See Jiao Yi is in a hurry to leave, but dare not get too close to Dry Yuan gourd, you have nothing to give me anyway
No one told you that I didn’t take the Ganyuan gourd. I didn’t know that the Ganyuan gourd had a special structure and there was a magic inside it. I couldn’t do it with the Ganyuan gourd. Jiao Yitou didn’t go back to the tunnel
Ghost horse is silent for a short time, and it knows that Jiao Yi is not so easy to fool.
But I’ve kept this dry yuan gourd for more than two thousand years. It took a long time for the ghost horse to suppress such a sentence.
Jiao Yi leng for yuan gourd is a treasure guarded by ghost horses for more than two thousand years.
He doesn’t doubt that the ghost horse cheated him. I’m afraid he hasn’t made up a story yet.
There is also a ghost horse who values Ganyuan Gourd so much. He must have been guarding Ganyuan Gourd, otherwise it would be impossible for him to just get Ganyuan Gourd and the ghost horse will follow himself.
Since you have kept the dried gourd for more than two thousand years, you haven’t taken it away until today, Jiao Yi asked.
The ghost horse is speechless.
Jiao Yi sneered and grunted, I don’t know if you don’t talk. Although you found the dry yuan gourd, you couldn’t get it.
Jiao Yi’s statement is wellfounded. Ghost Horse knew about Ganyuan gourd for a long time, but he never took it away. There must be a reason. Maybe it’s fear of Ganyuan poisonous leaf sting. Maybe it’s because Jiao Yi doesn’t know the reason.
Sure enough, the ghost horse is still silent
Jiao Yi is even more emboldened. I risked my life to get the dry gourd, but you want to sit and enjoy it. I warn you not to follow me again, or I’ll never see the dry gourd.
Jiao Yi said and turned and walked without hesitation.
Ghost horse did not dare to follow again, but Jiao Yigang came from behind less than 100 meters away from the ghost horse sound. Wait, I want you to give me the dry gourd.
A little bit of a ghost horse seems to be a great determination. I will be your mount willingly.

The output of the Ministry, Queen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade is proud, but it will not be easily broken by shelling.

So, it burst
The explosion crushed and flattened the square house, and shattered the built fortifications together with naval guns placed on the ground.
Constantly eating and swallowing, waving a silver cross, a blow broke several large ships of the other side and even similar Long Mai artillery fire
Attack to destroy a city, intercepted by one person and to be continued:
Par152 crush the destroyer, the last seeker
Regardless of whether it is the soldiers on the old hrr side or the Fort Madre side, they have paid tribute or terrible attention to the single person who stopped the destruction of the city and shelled Queen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade.
For them, Musashi shot a witch, and there were three signs of Spanish shelling his wife. Musashi ninja took away the British princess who owned Wang Cijian, and none of them were as powerful as this Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade wife.
Perhaps the socalled active service means not being a wife and mother but keeping a girl’s heart, but being active service that can destroy all demons.
Natsume found that she walked forward and Heleson stopped again. She took a look at herself and raised her big sin arm.
HeLeSen recognize everyone musashi is not weak, since the chief adult you deputy long save tory’s adult, thanks is a must
So declared, the second overdrive,’ lament laziness’ emitted a strong energy beam from the muzzle.
Its goal is—
Aim, hrr flagship, Himeji Egret, launch
Black and red beam gun, broke out again.
Egrets in Himeji City are flying towards the sixguard French flagship’ Hunting Hall’.
Because Himeji Egret has no defensive measures at present, and the five tops are in the square, the roots are unstoppable.
If that flagship is knock down, the morale of Fort Madre will definitely increase greatly.
They saw the figure landing from the deck.
This battle will be very lively. Natsume’s eyes, beside Hui Yuan, are placed on that person.
And that person is
Adjutant Matthias added the name of Mel Guiol and has a young private army called’ Ten Guns’, which is dedicated to paodahrr and five top six heavenly magic soldiers, vice president of hrr Student Union, and Yukio Hatoyama!
The newcomer, wearing a mask, saw the shelling from the front lamenting laziness
Did not dodge, but faced the attack directly.
Then, it dissipated.
Literally, it dissipated.
桑拿会所Carrying a weapon similar to the mechanical wing of a closed fan behind it, it easily defuses the lament and laziness attack launched by Helesen without great reaction and movement.
Standing at the top of the deck, Featherwood Hideyoshi seems to be observing the battlefield.
She hid behind the mask, her eyes fell far away, and she was close to the road in front of the city hall of Fort Madre.
Through the radio, came through the mechanical change of the sound.
[The historical reappearance of the’ Fort Madre plunder’ continues, and the Egret Mile Point in Himeji City has entered the fourth stage. If you don’t agree]
The announcement didn’t stop.
[1: According to the history recorded in the Holy Spectrum, the people who interfered in this battle were limited to the royal faction controlled by’ Li Sailiu’, and the sixprotection France’s participation in the war would be regarded as a violation of the Holy Spectrum, and the countries of the Holy League had the conditions for declaring war; Two: Musashi Madeburg hired a transport ship and was recognized, but the historical reappearance was greatly shaken based on the holy score narrative. If Musashi does not converge, hrr will stop Musashi from sailing in the name of the holy alliance.]
For one thing, hrr’s oldfashioned strategy of Fort Madre is historically the successful one.
However, due to the interference of Six Guards France and Musashi, the historical reproduction method goes smoothly. Once this historical reproduction is not recognized by the Holy Alliance, Six Guards France and hrr Musashi will immediately become enemies.
Of course, by that time, Natsume will sink Musashi with hrr.
Then, in the high feather wood also spoke a word.
[At the same time, I’m here to invite the chief of the sixguard French Musashi to talk, and here, Himeji Egret, discuss the future]
Is it a trap?
The person who asked this question was the chief of Musashi, Kwai Toli.
Listening to him, because he wanted to get to the battlefield quickly, he was thrown over by Queen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade. It seems that Queen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade’s thinking mode is very simple and rude

Leng Yun burn turned his head and stretched out his finger. The Nangong snow quenching did not prevent the situation and grabbed her neck.

Then directly to the door the nangongshan snow was hit by this sudden Tathagata dizzy.
She didn’t think that Leng Yun Huang would move like this.
I tell you to stay away from Lin Chuyan. How are you? I don’t care, but if you continue to pester Lin Chuxia, don’t blame me for being rude to you.
Lin Chuyan is me. He can be me. Who dares to rob me? I don’t mind. Leng Yun Huang pinched the Nangong snow neck with one hand.
Pulled out a knife from his school with one hand leisurely.
The nangongshan snow looked at the swinging knife looked at Leng Yun burn some incredible.
This coldblooded young lady is a crazy one, regardless of her madness.
The nangongshan snow looked at LengYunHuang knife on his cheek.
Feel the icy feeling that the Nangong snow body is shaking a little.
夜网论坛What do you want to do, Leng Yun? Do you know the consequences, you crazy? Nangong Snow began to struggle, but it couldn’t be opened.
I’m just crazy. What can you do? Don’t be afraid of you. The Nangong family is too lowkey to let you forget that he is also one of the five families.
Even if you retire now, it’s not your Nangong family who can provoke you. This attitude really makes people dislike it.
What qualifications do you have to provoke me so high? Do you think you are qualified to provoke me? It is very important for us to recognize our position at different levels.
The nangongshan snow looked at such a bloodthirsty puffedup person now, and there were some regrets in my heart to provoke it. This is a madness.
You are like this. You, Lin Chuyan, will like you. He will like a person who likes to play with these dangerous tools. Nangong Xue looked at her neck and legs and trembled.
So he won’t see this. This is a warning to you. Only once did I like to catch up with Chu Yan’s brother and want to create opportunities.
It will never be as windy and drizzling as it is now. I prefer storms.
Leng Yun burn looked at people as pale as paper without compassion.
Brotherinlaw and sister said that being kind to others is cruel to themselves.
People you don’t like must never be reconciled, just like Nangong Snow.
Cough, cough, cough After Nangong Snow was released, his face began to turn red.
Looking at Leng Yun’s eyes, there is fear and hatred. Today, she must report her hatred.
What do you want to get back at me by looking at me like this? I tell you not to think of any way to die, or I will have the means to deal with you. Leng Yunhuang put his dagger back in his pocket.
Looking at the nangongshan snow, there is no hatred in his eyes.
You you deal with me like this, no one will pay attention to Lin Chuyan again? You are so naive. Do you remember Shen Unique?
Nangong Xue remembered that person once, and she didn’t like that person very much either.
Anyway, she is a madman, so let her deal with Shen Unique.
How is she? Leng Yun burn eyes milli expression looked at people.
The person that Lin Chuyan really likes is her. Even if you are good, what other people Lin Chuyan doesn’t like you?
You dare to get rid of shen only? You dare not the nangongshan snow hope LengYunHuang and shen only two people fight.
Leng Yun burn looked at the nangongshan snow corners of the mouth again naive and simple.
Sister, do you want me to deal with Shen’s only sister? Leng Yun burn blinked koo eyes.
But Nangong Xue can’t help but retreat when he sees such a person. This is a madness.
Lin Chuyan likes her, not you and me. You can’t get Lin Chuyan no matter how you do it. Nangong Xue said that seeing Leng Yun burn here has some malice
What about Lin Chuyan? People don’t care about you.
Looking at the sudden silence and coming to Leng Yun to burn the Nangong Snow, I was so happy.
This madness also has this time.
But I have no conflict of interest with Shen’s only sister, even if I have something to deal with her.
I don’t like you, but I don’t hate her. Leng Yun Huang simply thought it was funny.
This person is really, she will transfer the target if she says a few words! Simply naive
Shen is the only place where her brotherinlaw Su Jinnian has checked for her and proved her guess.
Since Shen’s only one is already taken, why should she make efforts to deal with someone who poses no threat to herself?
Why? You don’t love Lin Chu and Yan Shen very much. The only place where you can stand it? The nangongshan snow some not white Leng Yun burn attitude.
She didn’t threaten me. I warn you again not to play any bad ideas. It’s not as bad as provoking Mohism with a person who has no threat to himself.
Although the five families usually have nothing to pay, the strength of each family is not to be underestimated.
Remember to go out with your brain every time Leng Yun burned up and opened the health door to go out.
It was not until Leng Yun Huang walked away from Nangong Snow that he dared to take a deep breath.
Being with that crazy person is simply too depressing, but thinking about Lin Chuyan.
The nangongshan snow eyes flashed calculation can’t just give up, even if he doesn’t, he himself is wronged today.
Leng Yun Huang, you wait. I won’t just let go
Don’t stop her from dying every day. Now it’s true that Leng Yun’s burning is deliberately imaginary and dare not.
He didn’t know that Leng Yun Huang was really a dead pervert until he regretted that day.
Seven o’clock in the evening sharp.
Xiangyun hall
The only place to stay here and wait for someone to come
Lin Chuyan walked in and saw a petite figure sitting quietly waiting for himself.

Although the number of Arsenal superstars is far less than that of Real Madrid, in the past two years, Arsenal has won four weighty trophies, while Real Madrid has won the grain. The Real Madrid season league also seems to catch up with Barcelona, which is an extravagant hope. The Galaxy battleship is not much stronger than the Arsenal.

Wenger expressed his fear of Real Madrid at the UEFA prematch press conference.
There are too many people in Real Madrid who can decide the game. Ronaldo Zida Beckham, including casillas, can decide the game! Arsenal must attach great importance to Real Madrid in order to leave at the Bernabeu with an ideal result.
Over the past years, people have been saying that Arsenal have no reason to be belittled by others if only the results are concerned, but we have the opportunity to win the Champions League nine times this season against Real Madrid. I think this is a good opportunity to prove that Arsenal have something to do in Europe. Why not? This will be a dream game!
On the evening of February 22nd.
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
The magnificent Bernabeu was packed. When Qin Xiong’s teammates walked into the stadium, I didn’t know how others felt. Qin Xiong was shocked by the atmosphere and grandeur of the stadium.
夜生活This should be the most shocking top stadium he has ever walked into in his career.
Born in Madrid’s financial district, Real Madrid is a natural aristocrat, including fans. Since the birth of the Champions League, the club has won five consecutive championships and looked down on all beings.
Qin Xiong understood at this moment what many stars would say that their dream is to play in the Bernabeu or play for Real Madrid.
It really has a unique attraction here!
However, the atmosphere of the stadium, the architectural structure of the stadium and these external things cover up the difficulties that Atletico Madrid is facing at this moment.
Players who play in Real Madrid seem to be preoccupied, and occasionally they can catch a glimpse of deep worries in the eyes of Real Madrid fans in the stands.
It’s not the first time that Qin Xiong saw all the stars of Real Madrid at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Many real Madrid stars attended the ceremony. They didn’t talk, but they all observed each other from a distance.
He may have reverence for his predecessors.
The stars of Real Madrid may have been curious about who the rising star of football was from the Dutch team to the Premier League comet.
Today, fate made them meet in the stadium.
Qin Xiong, who will be 21 in four months, met Zida, 33, Ronaldo, 29 and Beckham, 3.
As the Champions League theme song echoed in the stadium, the players of the two teams entered the live camera.
The exciting European Champions Cup ushered in the knockout stage. At the beginning of the season, it was recognized that the top five and two teams actually met in the quarterfinals. This is suspected that before the fans enjoyed two toplevel matchups, Real Madrid took the Bernabeu to face Premier League champion Arsenal today!
In recent two or three years, Real Madrid has been in an eventful autumn. florentino has bought more and more bigname stars, but the team’s record has become more and more unstable. Now it is said that florentino has a soft spot for Arsenal Qin Xiong, but unfortunately it failed to acquire it during the winter break because Arsenal Real Madrid knows the importance of Qin Xiong.
In the last two or three seasons, Arsenal have been unbeaten in a straight line, won the league championship and set many Premier League records. They are still the league leader in the successful defending season. Now it is time for Arsenal to prove themselves in Europe! To be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has not been drawn, and it has become the peak of the front 51]
Qin Xiong looked at every player who walked past Real Madrid with a serious expression. Perhaps because of the turmoil in Real Madrid, the players were stingy to make more reactions to the outside world, as if everyone was sulking and trying to create a state of surging fighting spirit.
The first leg of the Champions League 1 final is about to be played by Real Madrid and Arsenal. Let’s take a look at the names of the two sides.
Real Madrid 451
Goalkeeper casillas
Defender Cicinho Ramos woodgate Carlos
Midfielder Beckham Guti Gravesen Zida Robinho
Striker Ronaldo
Arsenal 451
Goalkeeper Lyman
Defender Eboue Toure Senderos Flamini
Midfielder Ljungberg Fabregas Qin Xiong Silva Pires
Striker Henry
Halfcourt match with the referee whistling.
Real Madrid took the lead.

What did he say?

I tried to move forward, but I couldn’t hear anything
Lian Xiao can’t hear you either!
There is pride in his eyes when he laughs.
I can’t hear anything, but I see him alone.
Take your life! There is a voice in my heart that growls at my toes. After kicking the pony hard in the belly, Huaner rushes forward.
Break clouds and fog!
The pike in his hand drew back slightly and then shot straight like an arrow.
My hands were full of sweat, and the pike almost flew out.
Han Sui is still smiling.
The sharp spear has penetrated into his breastplate.
Did he move at all?
And I jumped on it
A gun?
Where’s my gun? !
I’m holding a gun in my hand just now.
Sweat is still flowing in the hand, but a pike is no longer there.
Han Sui pursed my collar with one hand and held me high. I stopped in a pony and ran straight out.
I struggled in horror, and the more I struggled, the more difficult it was to breathe.
Han Sui corners of the mouth big show ferocious smile.
I’ve never seen such a ferocious smile. It seems that two pieces of rags are sewn together by needle and thread, and the edges are uneven and horrible again.
I think the tight neckline has been smothered.
Then I felt my body move and my ears were pounding hooves.
I found the carsick again, and I felt that I didn’t feel how I was picked up when I rode a horse myself. After being picked up, I felt like a threewheeled trampoline, and I couldn’t say how uncomfortable I felt in my stomach.
And a dizziness in the back of my head followed by a loose chest and a hard fall to the ground, and I was thrown several feet away by him.
Han Sui is still laughing and laughing.
He drove the horse slowly away from me for dozens of steps and then stopped to turn the horse’s head.
I know what he is going to do
He raised his whip high above his head and slapped it hard on the horse’s buttocks!
Hip west cool fierce horse neighing a jilt four huge hooves galloped on the flat grass.
Horseshoe trampling on soft weeds is like thunder in my ears.
It’s a few breaths. Han Sui has rushed to my front
He suddenly jumped up at a distance of about ten feet from me with a horse between his legs.
It suddenly darkened.
There are four thick horseshoes on the top of my head, and I can see the grain clearly.
The iron hoof is roaring and landing!
I twisted my waist in desperation and rolled to one side.

桑拿论坛My ass suddenly became warm.
Is it crossflow blood temperature?
I struggled to turn over.
The arm has been tightly pressed with both hands.
I can feel that these hands are not big and still shaking.
The same force is very small, almost a force.
So I opened my eyes.
I saw that shy little sister.
I looked up and just bumped into her soft chest first.
It’s not soft at all and has hard ribs.
This is obviously the breast of an undeveloped girl.
Then the girl blushed quickly.

I must have fallen asleep when I was lying on the waist of the bed and wearing a sheepskin blanket.
There is no one else in this house
Except for these two sisters I picked up.

Well, I can digest it slowly. Panda patted his belly as if it were a big warehouse.

Then where do you put it? Chu Yifeng joked
Eldest brother, you don’t know that I can put a lot of things in my stomach alone.
Chu Yifeng didn’t think much when he first heard this, but in a flash, he suddenly thought of something in a low voice and repeated, There is a place in your stomach …
Eldest brother, what’s the matter with you? Big brother! ……”
The panda shouted twice and saw that Chu Yifeng didn’t move. He turned around Chu Yifeng twice like a fool. At this time, the panda is no longer a mental beast. There is a lot of wisdom in the memory. It also seems that Bai Chu Yifeng has entered an epiphany state, and it doesn’t bother Chu Yifeng to tilt his head to the distant mountain. Chu Yifeng’s body is undergoing earthshaking changes …

2 temporarily away from the thunder source
Xiao Shendao Jing keeps running. Chu Yifeng seems to miss himself, but his body has already been filled with thunder. What about Tathagata?
Heaven and earth have already had the energy of heaven and earth, and that side of heaven and earth is just more aura. In this case, the place has already … Chu Yifeng silently pondered.
broken finger! Suddenly Chu Yifeng had a low drink.
A silver thunder instantly cut through the black crack, but the crack appeared very small, as if it were the size of a fist, but the power of breaking fingers kept the small crack from closing quickly. Chu Yifeng immediately surrounded the crack with his knowledge.
A flash of light suddenly flashed through the black crack and then the bottomless crack was filled up very rudely!
One and a half square meters of silverblue cracks appear behind the thunderbolt, and Chu Yifeng’s mind is not very established. That piece is full of thunder, but every time those thunder bombard Chu Yifeng, they can clearly feel as if they were looking at their palm prints, although messy, but very clear.
Then every ray seems to be a part of Chu Yifeng’s body, which seems to be really integrated into Chu Yifeng’s body. Chu Yizhi holds that piece like mastering his own body.
Then the thunder in that piece slowly subsided and gradually dispersed around, and the piece was also stable, although it was not big, but it was already formed.
The crack closed quietly, and Chu Yifeng slowly opened his eyes with a smile on his mouth. When he went to look for that piece, he would find it mysterious and mysterious. His body seemed to be a point and the whole body seemed to be that piece.
And Chu Yifeng is now a piece of his own that really has a sense of solidarity. Suddenly, a strong thunder broke out at the edge. After bombarding the edge and fragmenting a series of tiny cracks, it was not a black hole, but a chaos that seemed to show a desolation.
However, every time the thunder crossed, a little chaos was revealed and merged with the original.
At this time, Chu Yifeng’s body can’t help but absorb the aura around him and add it to the new ones.
However, the growth of Chu Yifeng is an integral part, and it is also the growth of Chu Yifeng. Until now, Chu Yifeng has completely opened up his own strength after Poplar said.
Tap your finger and the silver flash will reappear in front of Chu Yifeng. Now the thunder around Chu Yifeng is slowly and firmly developing. With the development of Chu Yifeng, he automatically absorbs the aura and does not deliberately practice Chu Yifeng’s repair, which will grow.
Take out a piece of polar spar ChuYifeng and throw it directly into yourself.
In Chu Yifeng’s mind command, mines bombard the polar spar, and the energy in the polar spar is quickly released by rapid refining, which is much faster than Chu Yifeng’s absorption from the outside world, so that more reiki is added into Chu Yifeng’s body.
With these energy supplements, Zhong Lei is more cheerful and pioneering the carving kung fu. About half a square meter has become a square meter, and it is rapidly expanding …
Seeing this scene, Chu Yifeng took out ten pieces of polar spar in his heart, and directly arranged a release spirit array, which was filled with more intense aura.
At that moment, Chu Yifeng felt as if he had soaked in Lingquan, and his body was full of comfort. He couldn’t help but stretch his mind and observe that the blue energy of the body began to deepen. Chu Yifeng had already begun to move towards the purple thunder period.
Reclosing Chu Yifeng with refining polar spar will no longer deliberately practice indifferently and move forward.
Chu Yi’s peak time was very short, but when he saw the panda again, he felt that it was definitely not short when he came to realize it, because the panda had changed greatly.
It turns out that the wings of pandas have disappeared and become like pandas on earth after entering the metamorphosis stage. But now most of their bodies have become human, with claws on their hands and feet.
The panda’s huge head has not changed, and it is lazy with three points of cuteness and naughty.
There is a high mountain and dense forest in the southeast of the Temple of Thunder, where there are all kinds of exotic birds and animals, and the new treasure tree valley was also placed by Chu Yifeng. After Chu Yifeng entered an epiphany, he came here by himself, but he was called the king here because of his high strength.
this moment
Commanding his men, he picked coffee beans, and the coffee tree, Lei Xiao Shen, nourished and grew stronger. The coffee beans were all as big as apples, but the pandas still threw them directly into their mouths and chewed them. This made Chu Yifeng wonder if the panda devoured the sky but the panda would really be so exaggerated to devour the sky. Chu Yifeng also made a question mark in his heart.
Eldest brother, are you awake? You can really sleep. It’s been a hundred years.
Chu Yifeng was not surprised by the experience of being closed for a hundred years. A hundred years is really a short time for the practitioner, when Chu Yifeng was unfamiliar with the word age for the first time.
Eldest brother, can we go out?
Swallow, we’re going to find something and get out of here.
Yes, yes, it’s beautiful here, but it’s too stuffy.
Oh, the way out this time won’t be calm. Chu Yifeng wanted to touch the panda’s head, but now the panda is taller than himself, but he is not used to it. Do you need any magic weapon? There are many good things here.
How many good things there are in Lei Xiao Shinto? Chu Yifeng himself can’t count which one of the palaces built on mountains doesn’t store several magic weapons. Now look at the wind gun. Chu Yifeng feels that Lan Chen was too stingy at the beginning, and many extremely magical devices make Chu Yifeng feel that highgrade magic weapons seem to be very common things.
After learning that the fixtrue realm evolved, Chu Yifeng reexamined the socalled spirit and fairy. Since they are all things in the fixtrue realm, the fairy is just a higherlevel spirit, and there is no category of fixtrue realm, that is, people who refine the fairy build higher.
Don’t worry, big brother, I have a magic weapon to protect myself. The panda looked confident. Chu Yifeng also believed that the panda must have more means, but Chu Yifeng still took out a fairy armor to cover the panda.
Open all the protection departments of Leiyuanxing. Chu Yifeng is not afraid that the energy of Leiyuanxing is not enough. After mastering Raytheon’s order, he added a surge to observe the whole Leiyuanxing, and Chu Yifeng, the party of Leixiao God Array, showed an abnormality. Chu Yifeng, a few extremely powerful spar, didn’t know what it was, but he always felt that a thousand pieces of polar spar could not compare with that strange spar.
A month later, Chu Yifeng came to a planet, and it’s almost time to enter the star domain under the jurisdiction of Beiguxing. Chu Yifeng has been thinking about not knowing what happened to the Xuan medical school. He had heard that there was chaos in the fixtrue world a long time ago, and he didn’t know what happened to the battle in the demon domain of Watch City.
Just thinking of a sudden energy fluctuation ahead, Chu Yifeng’s mind moved and immediately felt the smell of demon race.
Big Brother is a demon race. If the demon race smells like panda spirit, it will be as good as Chu Yifeng.
Go and have a look! Chu Yifeng sits on a panda’s back. It seems that Chu Yifeng doesn’t like to keep a human figure in front of him. He is still a panda.
When the figure flashed, Chu Yifeng’s panda disappeared in situ, and there was a place where someone was fighting. Chu Yifeng had mastered teleportation.
Seven distracted practitioners surrounded seven women. Most of those women had a distracted period during their infancy. When Chu Yifeng saw this woman, he was surprised and shouted, Qu Mantong!
夜生活Hearing that Chu Yifeng told everyone to turn their attention to Chu Yifeng, Qu Mantong immediately shouted Help!
Chu Yifeng stepped in with a quiet face, and his bearing was extraordinary. The seven distracted practitioners felt that there was a powerful world from Chu Yifeng’s body, and it seemed that they were imprisoned. It was very difficult to move.
Senior, we are rank patrol people. These witches collude with people in the demon domain. We were just about to take them back for punishment. Please make it convenient for senior.
ChuYifeng whisked a ray and took a hand print.
pa! The speaker immediately spit out a mouthful of red and white, and there were few teeth left.
This slap to those who claim to be rank patrol makes people feel stupefied. Looking at Chu Yifeng, it seems that Chu Yifeng didn’t expect to dare to start work after hearing that it was rank patrol, and it is so easy for those who fix the truth in a distracted period. The strength of this repair is that they dare not even think about it.

Because of chemotherapy, Shen Bailu’s original elegant hair has disappeared at the moment, and a red and gray aison ihe wide-brimmed bow hat completely covers her bald head.

"The Millennium I’m long summer, and I’m here to see you." long summer’s eyes trembled with damp sound, and she slowly walked towards Shen Bailu, who was leaning against the hospital bed with her head down and silent.
"long summer, it’s you. It’s really you." Shen Bailu looked up in surprise. Her voice was very weak. Long-lost light flashed in her dark eyes. Now her ruddy and beautiful face has become as pale as paper, wrapped in sorrow and pain, but when she saw long summer, she had a little joy and blood.
Long summer gently held Shen Bailu’s skinny hand, and her heart ached. "How did the Millennium happen?"
Shen Bailu smiled bitterly and listened to her sigh, then turned his head and looked out of the window. "Maybe it’s God who wants to punish me."
"The Millennium, don’t say that." long summer held Shen Bailu’s cold cheek with his palm open. "Even if there is a glimmer of hope, don’t give up."
"Without a glimmer of hope, there is no hope." Shen Bailu shook his head in despair and pretended that all the strength collapsed at the moment these days. She frantically pulled her hat and burst its banks with tears. "long summer, look at me now. I can’t live much longer. I will die soon. I’m going to die. I really want to die." The pain Shen Bailu cried on long summer’s shoulder.
Long summer hugged the heartbroken Shen Bailu, and her heart ached like a knife. Tears couldn’t stop falling. "You don’t give up on yourself like this, you and me. I will always be with you. Let me face the disease with you, okay?"
"Don’t give up and be strong. You have always been the shining and beautiful Shen Bailu is the brightest star." long summer propped up Shen Bailu’s shoulders and her eyes looked at Shen Bailu firmly. "Remember that you are never alone. You still have me and many hearts that love you. Your fans silently support you.
Your life will always be dazzling, and nothing can beat you unless you choose to give up yourself. "
"long summer, why are you so good to me?" Sad and guilty, Shen Bailu burst into tears. She threw herself into long summer’s arms and hugged long summer tightly. "You are the only friend I have left in this world. If you were not with me, I might really have been unable to stay."
"You must hold on to the Millennium, and you must live, so that you can live a righteous life and belong to yourself every day. This is responsible for those who have always cared about you and for yourself." long summer deeply locked Shen Bailu’s eyes and told her seriously and solemnly.
In the following time, Shen Bailu will still receive chemotherapy regularly, and her body is getting thinner and weaker, but long summer’s mood with her is gradually becoming cheerful and optimistic, and her smile is gradually increasing.
Every day, Shen Bailu asks long summer or her agent to help her paint delicate makeup and wear clothes she likes, and then Dai Lixia helps her match her jewelry. Even if her remaining time is getting shorter and shorter, she still has to live beautifully and elegantly.
As long summer told her, if she wants to live, she should seriously live her own life every day, so that she can be worthy of those who have always cared for you and yourself, and she can not waste her life. Now she still has two wishes, and she doesn’t know if she can realize them before she leaves.
Shen Bailu’s condition deteriorated day by day, and in the end, she could not walk smoothly, and she was so tired that she had to rely on a wheelchair within five minutes of each walk.
In the sunny afternoon, long summer pushed Shen Bailu to bask in the sun in the hospital park. Shen Bailu remained silent all the way, as if he had something on his mind.
Long summer stopped and walked to the front of Shen Bailu. She half squatted and asked Shen Bailu, "Is there anything on your mind today? Why haven’t you said a few words all day?"
"long summer" Shen Bailu holds long summer’s hands and eyes, and the fog is getting hot and sour. "I really appreciate everything you have done to me these days. You have to fly from China to new york to accompany me and take care of me every week. I owe you all my life."
Long summer gently wiped away tears from Shen Bailu’s face and said to her gently, "Silly girl, we are good friends. What do you owe me? I hope you have a good time."
"I am really satisfied to meet such a bosom friend as you in my life." Shen Bailu sincerely looked at long summer’s thin fingers touching long summer’s slightly wet cheek, and her mouth crossed with a nai and a guilty smile. "At the beginning, I treated you so excessively until today, and I also forgave myself what I deserved."
"The Millennium, you don’t think so." long summer saw remorse and was sad. Shen Bailu suddenly felt heartbroken. She comforted and enlightened her over and over again. "There are many things in life that are controlled by our roots. What we can do is to follow nature.
品茶论坛People who have asked you to turn around when you are willing deserve forgiveness, and I have already forgiven you. Why do you want to trap yourself in the past and refuse to come out?
What a strong woman you are. You accept chemotherapy frankly, which brings a series of toxic side effects to your body. Hair loss, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can prevent you from laughing at life, and you still have to be bitter about yourself in the past. "
"long summer I" Shen Bailu was speechless for a moment. She felt that a huge stone had finally fallen to the ground, and it seemed as if a dazzling light had cut through the silence, darkness and long rainbow.
"Don’t want to spend every day happily in the Millennium, okay?"
"Thank you, long summer."
It will be Shen Bailu’s birthday soon. Because of her health, she can spend her birthday in the hospital this year.
On this day, in addition to long summer, some colleagues who got along well came to the hospital to celebrate her birthday, and fans who have always liked her came in droves to wish her a happy birthday. She brought gifts full of heart and sincerely cheered her up to keep her from being discouraged.
Everyone was in a circle, patting and sitting in a wheelchair neatly. Shen Bailu sang a happy birthday song. The exquisite birthday cake was filled with colorful candles, and the golden flame sparkled and jumped against Shen Bailu’s tears and smiled with relief.
Long summer is right. She has never been alone. There are still many hearts in this world, but she is not alone.
"long summer, I know I’m running out of time, but I don’t want to leave with regret. I have two things I want to ask you." During the day, everyone left the hospital after celebrating their birthday. In the night ward, Shen Bailu and long summer suddenly held long summer and wiped her forehead and hands with a towel.
Hearing Shen Bailu say that her time is running out, long summer’s heart is instantly wrenched, and she just swallows disappointing tears into her belly to see her with a strong smile. "I will do my best to help you do what you want me to do,"
Chapter 43 I must help her realize it
On a rainy weekend, Yu Enze took long summer to Shen Zhiyuan’s residence
"Enze, this is" Shen Zhiyuan welcomed them to the living room. When he saw long summer beside Yu Enze, he always felt that this woman was familiar, as if she had seen it in the front view or in a magazine, but she couldn’t remember who it was.
"Uncle, this is Su Lixia, my girlfriend," Yu Enze introduced to Shen Zhiyuan.

This is also the truth. Cai Wenchi is extremely weak these days. How can I go about it and marry another girl? Kuang Chaoting doesn’t know that I’m sneaking back … If I expose myself, I won’t be drowned alive by Wang Yunliu’s serious spitting? !

Jia Yu is not unreasonable. She raised her head to see me. What about me? You really haven’t thought about me?
品茶论坛I’m really stupid if I shake my head!
But I still think it’s better to be silly. You and I are about the same age, gentle and reasonable … and can cook needlework. This is actually much more important than being reasonable. What do you think is an ideal lover? Such a woman hangs around in front of my eyes every day and still lives in the same hospital. If I say that I don’t think it’s crazy, it can be selfdeception … In fact, Yan Er was confused with me when she just married me …
Oh? Jia Yu was taken aback and his eyebrows showed a jump.
… I thought about it and suddenly decided to have a hearttoheart talk with her. Sister Yu, I want to tell you clearly what I think. Do you want to listen?
She blinked.
I took her little hand and sat at the door. Jia Yu was not spoiled. Miss Da had done a lot of housework with her mother since she was a child, but a pair of hands were still well maintained, except for the cocoon on the index finger of her right hand.
You know that Mr. Wenhe is my most trusted counselor, and he doesn’t know anything about what I think and feel. Although Cheng Yu joined in the middle, after all, there were first come, first served. All the time, I was thinking that I could deepen Mr. Wenhe … until I met you that day, I seemed to know the answer.
Jia Yu seems a little pale.
If I can marry you, Mr. Wenhe is my fatherinlaw, and Jia Jia is completely tied to me, but … I shook my head. I have never really realized this idea. Since I came to Chang ‘an, I have been reluctant to contact you and even wanted to simply introduce you to others. Although my surname is Ma, there is no great talent, even if I want to win over Mr. Wenhe again, I can’t rely on this despicable means!
mean? She also shook her head. Isn’t it always the case that children get married?
So I hate it more. I feel that her fingertips are a little cold. If I really kiss my husband, he probably won’t refuse, but … it ruins the happiness of your generation. I’d rather not.
How do you know it will ruin my generation … happiness? She asked softly, It’s nothing that Jia’s youngest daughter is a concubine to Chua’s daughter husband.
I shook my head. No, I didn’t arrive in Luoyang at that time. I was thinking of marrying your wife …
She nodded. Yeah …
I can sigh, You never know, I never thought that I suddenly went to Luoyang to take a wife and concubinage in a row … in an instant, I even gave birth to my daughter … This daughter was born unexpectedly early, and I directly upgraded from a young hero to a father figure.
Jia Yu also carefree sigh you never know …
In fact, I have never understood my daughter’s heart … I confess that I am not a lover. I always feel that you don’t like me. I dare not show it in white when I think about it …
Don’t you wait for someone’s daughter to propose to you without revealing a man? She raised her slender eyebrows and looked just like her father
Er … even so, can’t you be kind on weekdays? I continue to rub her little hand.
I didn’t see you show interest in others either? She retorted.
So I can open another battlefield. Okay, forget about the past. What about now?
What? She doesn’t understand
Do you want to marry me? Be the fifth concubine? I bowed my head and worked out this sort.
The fifth room? She was surprised.
Er Xiao Zhao, Yan son, cicada son and small moths. Isn’t that four? You can be the fifth room, right? Guiltily, I pulled out a hand and touched my nose.
Oh … She bowed her head. What can I do?
I quickly analyzed the meaning of this sentence … Are you sure you want to follow me?
She suddenly wriggled. Otherwise … who would let you touch it for so long?
Oh, oh! I grabbed her little hand with both hands and made persistent efforts. Then I’ll marry you when I’m done with this northern satrap.
So, how many years will it take? She grabbed my right middle finger with her backhand.
You are Jia’s parents and daughters … I can’t arrange a wedding in Luoyang now …
Then … I’ll go to Shuofang with you. She blushed. Dad was there anyway …
I can’t help but be elated to see her so active. Since you can’t wait to marry me, I can’t accept it!
Hey! She almost broke my middle finger with her hand.
So Jia Yu immediately packed his bags, bid farewell to his mother and grandparents and stepped into the cart.
47 waste government affairs
A group of 50 or 60 people surrounded a carriage and traveled to the north.
The two counties of Hedang County are fairly rich, and the public security situation is also very good. JASON ZHANG, the governor of Hedang County, is a generous and good guest, and he warmly entertained me this time.
JASON ZHANG is a native of Bingzhou, which belongs to Dong Zhuo’s life. The geographical location of the Dali River is extremely important. It reaches you in the north and guards Luoyang in the east. According to my understanding, the imperial court should get rid of him even if he is dissatisfied with the doorcutting, just like me. But today, JASON ZHANG is still sitting tight and guarding his post, which has to make me wonder what is wrong.
When I entered Taiyuan, I didn’t see Huangfu Song, the secretariat, which surprised me very much.
The secretariat’s adult went to inspect the counties, the relative told me.
I wonder, what are you patrolling?
It’s the end of July. Every month, the secretariat of adults has to patrol counties to review cases. Prisoners can only be reported to the court at the end of the year when the county chief’s achievements are evaluated. The other party patiently explained to me.
I clap my thigh grandma! This is not bad! The governor personally went to visit the people’s feelings, and I didn’t go to receive the mayor … And I didn’t seem to inform him … This is absolutely dead!
Where did the secretariat go? I asked nervously.
The other party shook his head to signal that he could not reveal the whereabouts of the secretariat.
I took out a handful of copper coins. Will you bend the rules, big brother?
The other party pushed me to spend money and angrily scolded me, Please respect me!
Yes, yes! I nodded hastilyit seems too few, but I really have no money, asshole!
Although I took out 90% of my money in an attempt to get words out of him, the upright and unyielding little official still didn’t let go and looked at me with disdain and waved me off.
I ran to the north like a lost dog pulling a carriage.
I dare not have the slightest delay. I will take a shortcut from Taiyuan County and gallop towards the north.
After arriving in Dacheng six days later, it took two days to return to Linrong through the wasteland.
It’s already July 20th.
The secretariat to patrol? !” I asked in a hurry
eh? To meet HuangFuGu shook his head my father he … now should not be in the cloud?
I heaved a sigh and patted my head. It tilted its head and came to gnaw at my generous palm.
How about siblings? Huangfugu turned away.
I nodded and gave birth to a daughter.
He laughed. Hello, my daughter. You are young. I have children around my knees in my teens. I really envy you!
I bah him. Do you blame me for not looking for a wife when you are old? !”
It’s not that I don’t want to, he muttered. There’s no daughter of a great family who is eager to marry me.
Nonsense. Huangfu’s family is also a family with less wealth and no wife 30 years earlier than mine. Hey!
The carriage rumbled into the satrap mansion, and Jia Yu and The Story Of Diu Sim climbed out of the car with each other’s help.

He smiled. "It’s not a difficult problem. Professional technicians can do it."

That’s why there are so many talents around him. There is really nothing to make a fuss about.
After that, we rested. The next morning, warm sunshine shone through the white screen window.
I woke up in Ye Xiangyuan’s arms and smelled the sandalwood fragrance of his body, almost reluctant to open my eyes.
Baby, I’m sleeping soundly on the other side
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t wake up.
I propped up my head and looked at him quietly.
When I first met him again, his eyes were blue. I think he should be very tired. It must not be easy to be weighed down by so many things.
But now his face is back to its old look.
The crimson light on his face made his facial features look exquisite and dreamlike.
He is the most handsome man I have ever seen.
I couldn’t help reaching out and tracing his eyebrows.
He suddenly opened his eyes.
Deep eyes looked at me straight.
My hand stopped for half a minute.
He slowly evoked a smile at the corner of his mouth and pressed me down.
I held his neck and looked him in the eye.
It seems that there are stars and the sea in his eyes, which makes me feel a little distorted.
I don’t know why I suddenly became flustered at this moment.
I always feel that intimacy is sweet these days, and leisure will be fleeting these days, and I can’t hold it.
It’s so quiet that I feel flustered.
桑拿会所  title=I couldn’t help grasping Ye Xiangyuan’s arm and whispered, "What are you going to do today?"
Leaf to distant relatives kiss my forehead dumb openings "accompany you …"
My voice is hoarse and mellow, hitting my heart.
I can’t help shivering.
He gave me a low smile, kissed my face and said, "The baby is awake."
I quickly went to see it.
The baby really stared at us curiously with big eyes.
I just wanted to get up from Ye Xiangyuan’s arms to hold the baby, but Ye Xiangyuan put her arms around her waist.
He judo "You go to sleep"
Then he got up and carried the baby out.
I looked at my watch, and it was really early before seven o’clock in the morning, so I retracted into the bed again.
Ye Xiangyuan came back soon, and he was wrapped around me with a cool breath in the morning.
When his kiss fell, I closed my eyes and responded to him, but I still remembered Xiao Chen and hurriedly said, "Baby …"
He whispered to my mouth, "Don’t worry if someone is watching."
After that, he kissed me completely, and my head fell off.
When it’s over, the sun seems to be brighter.
I don’t want to move lazily in my arms.
He carried me to the bathroom to wash and dress me.
I have been silently watching him enjoying his gentle hesitation for a long time, but I still asked the bottom of my heart, "Does it really matter if you are like this?"
Is it really okay to stay in the castle every day?
It seems that things have gone wrong outside.
China’s public opinion is after him, Interpol and eyeing Han Qingshan … Are they just waiting for these people?
I asked mindless questions, but he seemed to understand me.
After putting on my shoes, he kissed me and said, "It’s not time yet."
I paused and didn’t ask any more questions.
When we left the room, my parents and they just got up and had breakfast together.

He promised to be so frank, but he made Changsheng feel embarrassed.

I said … you just believe me? What if I’m a liar? I don’t have the vision and strength to be a coach. I’m just saying … It makes me feel a lot of pressure that you believe me so much.
Sey Passareira said solemnly, Anyway, I have decided that if you are going to be kicked out of the club, I will leave the team. A player like me who has no talent and hasn’t played for so many years probably won’t have what other teams want. This is my last chance, and it won’t hurt me to try a new position, sir.
Changsheng looked at the plug in surprise. I didn’t expect this little guy to have such plans and determination.
Are you kidding, Xiao?
I won’t joke about my future, sir! Plug answer firmly.
Why did you do that? Changsheng still feels incredible.
Because I think you are a good man, sir! Plug a solemnly replied
Evervictorious first froze, then laughed, and finally burst out laughing with her hands akimbo.
Is this funny, Sir? !” Plug, Passareira was angry with laughter. He stared at the winning tone.
Changsheng realized that he was rude, so he shook his head while covering his mouth. When his mood calmed down, he smiled and said, No, that’s not what I meant. He patted his shoulder before. Change your position. It’s not too pessimistic. I promise you will be 10 thousand times more famous than that Golka!
Just because of a sentence, Chang Sheng was touched. It seems that although he has only been in this team for a day, his work has not been done in vain. Some people have seen it.
This is his first achievement since he taught, and he was slightly moved by the words in his heart.
It seems that it is right to always choose this road!
Chapter 22 A game
After talking with Sai Passareira, he always won before leaving the training ground.
When he left, he glanced at the direction of the first team training ground.
I don’t know if Golka’s firstteam treatment is still full of stars … Gee, if firstteam coach Juan Lopez really treats him like this, he will die faster!
He was thinking this way, and someone came to answer the question.
桑拿论坛Just out of the training ground, I saw a large group of reporters running from the direction of the first team training ground.
These people are journalists who went to the first team after the training of the youth team training ground began before training.
When they saw Chang Sheng from afar, they quickened their pace as if they were afraid that Chang Sheng would run away.
Changsheng didn’t run away. When he saw these reporters, he knew that they were coming for himself. He simply stopped in situ.
Then the reporters rushed to him with a shout and braked hard.
Followed by their tacit understanding, they completed the encirclement of Changsheng and surrounded Changsheng. Now they are convinced that Changsheng can’t escape even if it is inserted.
The first training session of the first team in Golka was very successful, which increased their confidence in Golka and at the same time, they couldn’t wait to see and play against the genius.
Everyone firmly believes that this China coach will be kicked out of the house in a few days.
I didn’t expect them to ask, but Chang Sheng spoke first. I think it must be good news to see you so excited.
He said with a smile
The reporters were caught off guard by Chang Sheng’s practice of opening his mouth first, and they were also suspicious of Chang Sheng’s good laugh now.
But it’s not worth it.
There was a man in the horse who shouted, It’s good news for us, but it may not be good news for you, China people!
The first training session of the Golka first team was very successful. He has been well received by the first team coach Juan Lopez. Do you have any good comments on this matter?
Accompanied by this problem, the microphones were thrown out and extended to the constant victory.
Everyone looked at Changsheng with a morbid look of excitement.
It’s as if they don’t see a living person, but a prey that they are struggling in a trap cage.
It seems that they always win. The unknown coach China is new here and must lack experience in dealing with reporters. Isn’t that what they say and how to play with him?
Changsheng really lacks experience in dealing with journalists, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to deal with journalists. There is a press conference in FM games, and he has seen the press conference in the informationdeveloped world in 212. I don’t know how many times he has never eaten pork, but he has always seen pigs run.
He has many ways to face reporters, such as they make a pretence or answer questions gently and humbly, but he can still maintain a silent image.
But these are not his faces. If he chooses Chinese, it means that he will always wear this mask in the future and can’t take it off.
It’s worse for Chang Sheng than killing him.
He hates pretending to be the worst, or he wouldn’t have been such a failure in the previous life.
Therefore, he would rather choose the most controversial and risky way to face the reporters, that is, to show them a true and constant victory. That’s it. Why? If you can accept it, you can accept it. If you can’t accept it, you won’t beg you to accept who you love!
The disadvantage of this is that he will be controversial because of his personality, but the advantages are also obvioushe doesn’t pretend to play, he lives a real life and is not tired.
Don’t pretend to be sincere or shrewd; Do not pretend to be noble or mean; I don’t pretend to be a gentleman, but I don’t pretend to be a barbarian.
What he is, what he shows to the outside world.
Maybe sometimes he looks sincere, sometimes he looks scheming, sometimes he has noble sentiments, and sometimes he is despised. Some people think he is a gentleman, and some people think he is a hooligan …
It is normal to have these diametrically opposite views, because these are constant victories, and it is these contradictions that combine to form a lifelike constant victory
Now this true victory is facing the storm caused by journalists.
They want to overthrow this famous pawn.
According to their expectation, a few waves will always win this leaf boat, and it may have been shot to pieces.
But to their disappointment and surprise, Chang Sheng was very calm and of course very individual when dealing with reporters …
What do I think of Golka’s first training class? Why do you ask me this question? I’m not his real father. How is he like me? I’m not responsible for my team. He’s not my player now. I don’t need to answer this question. You’re asking the wrong person.
I fought with the players’ training ground on the first day. Have you ever considered the negative effects?

Lu sorrow hurriedly lifted was up and didn’t care about sleeping. A long hair hung freely and ran out of the master bedroom to the living room barefoot, but I didn’t see him looking into the kitchen.

She walked to the kitchen with a little slouches. She can still remember their sweet hands rubbing against the sink last night, but now he’s gone, as if the family had suddenly lost too much.
When she turned to twist her head, she saw a refrigerator sticker.
The face says, "Wife, I got up early in the company emergency today. I saw that you slept so soundly that I didn’t have the heart to wake you up. I want you to sleep longer. Remember to make breakfast or buy breakfast yourself. Don’t starve yourself, Mr. Lin."
Section 61
His words are flying like clouds and flowing like water, and he is vigorous and loose.
Lu looked at the face with love and smiled stupidly at every word.
She stretched out her hand and pulled the convenience bar from the refrigerator. She bit her lip and looked at it word by word again. The smile in her eyes was even brighter.
"Lin Mochen, you big bad guy!" Lu sorrow stretched out his finger to poke the note and treated it as Lin Mo Chen.
Lu sorrow eased the mood, then went to the bathroom to wash and comb my hair and combed a long hair into a playful and clever ponytail.
She went to change a letter with a white background, a black collar and cuff shirt. In front of the shirt, there was a photo pattern that looked very personal, and some light colors were added to the black and white, which would not be so boring, but added a little playful.
On the other hand, she wore a black gauze skirt, which was short in front and long in the back. The design was very feminine.
Lu sorrow back his black bag is going out when he received a call from Lin Mochen.
She picked up the first sentence and blurted out, "I still want you to leave me alone?"
Lin Mo Chen listened to her complaints and hooked her lips slightly. "How can I be willing to give up? Don’t I have something to go first? Did I leave you a note and stick it in the refrigerator? "
"There is no note?" Lu you denies it.
"What a naughty girl!" Lin Mochen recognized her angry tone. "Did you have breakfast?"
"I’ll just go to the Star Media Road for a while to buy some." Lu Yu, in turn, worried about him. "What about you? Did you eat after leaving so early? "
"Well, Meng Mi has prepared breakfast." Lin Mochen once again told her to "remember to eat breakfast."
"Good" Lu You walked to the door and opened the door. "I’m going back to the star media class today. I can’t be late for the first day, so I won’t talk to you first, and then I’ll talk to you later."
"I asked Pombo to pick you up. Don’t worry, it will arrive this time. It won’t be like the second time." Lin Mochen won’t forget that she saved him when they met for the first time. Instead, he made her lose her job. "He has been waiting for you."
"Okay, I know." Lu You hung up and went to the ladder.
And Lin Mo Chen put away his mobile phone and saw Chu Heng walking towards his bed with a cotton swab out of the corner of his eye.
Right now, Lin Mo-chen is lying in Minheng Hospital, and his vip ward belongs to him. He looks a little pale, and his left hand is still tied with intravenous drip, and the liquid horse is about to lose.
桑拿按摩  title=-digression–
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Today, the first and second are at 2 o’clock in the afternoon or later.
☆, coax daughter-in-law also shouldn’t die joking.
Chu Heng is dressed in a white robe, and his handsome face is a cold expression, but he is also elegant and self-focused
He put his hands in the pockets of his white robe. "Why didn’t you tell her that you almost died of intravenous drip in the hospital?"
"I didn’t want to tell her." Lin Mochen put the phone away. "I don’t want her to know. I’m worried. Besides, I’m fine now."
Chu Heng frowned. "Aren’t you afraid that the same situation will happen again if you don’t tell her about it?"
"I wish I had paid attention," said Lin Mo-chen. Anyway, he won’t tell Lu You.
"Another time?" Chu Heng has some words. His tone is a little tough. Tell him, "You must tell Lu You are allergic to prawns! This is not a joke. It can’t happen again. It will aggravate the allergic symptoms every time. "
"I won’t eat it again," Lin Mohen changed his mind.
"You must tell her your situation no matter whether there are times or not." Chu Heng pulled out his hand from his robe pocket to open the drip to stop the last bit of liquid from being imported. "I know that Miss Lu is a good woman, but there is a limit to coaxing women not to joke about their health and life."
"I didn’t," Lin Mochen denied.
"No, you still know that you are allergic to prawns?" ChuHang is really Lin Mo minister "you this is not to find yourself to suffer? It’ s hard to get a life back once, and you just let it go? "
Chu Heng just doesn’t understand what these men and women are doing in love.
Lin Mo-chen is not the most exaggerated thing he has ever seen.
He has seen couples die and want to force each other, and then they are injured and sent to the hospital. If they are lucky, they are alive, but unfortunately, they are dead or disabled for life. He really doesn’t think this is a good result.
He feels that no matter what kind of injury or difficulty he encounters, he should cherish his life, because life will never come again once.
Since heaven has made you a human being, you should cherish this opportunity to live like a human being before being negative.
Lin Mo-chen knows that Chu Heng is grateful to him and his heart.
"At that time, the situation … I …" Lin Mochen sighed. "You don’t want to tell Lu about this matter. I just don’t want her to know that nothing you said will make her feel guilty."
"For what you don’t want to do with her, you will do with me? You quarreled with me in the middle of the night, but I had two operations in succession, and you didn’t want to find something for me just after I closed my eyes, did you? " Chu Heng cursed the crime of Lin Mochen. "You want me to die!"
Yesterday, he couldn’t bear to refuse to look at her expectantly, and he didn’t want to spoil the sweet atmosphere at that time, so he ate shrimp.
Sure enough, it was sent soon. Fortunately, Lu You was asleep.
He quickly dressed and drove to the hospital and called Chu Heng to wait for him in the hospital.
At that time, Kun Heng just went home to sleep for a few hours, and he was called back to the hospital by Lin Mo-chen.
When he heard that he was allergic, he didn’t dare to delay for a moment, even if he was tired, he supported himself
When he arrived at the hospital, Lin Mo had just arrived. He saw that he had a rash all over his body, and he had already scratched a red mark, which was shocking to watch.
He hurriedly prescribed medicine for Lin Mo-chen and was afraid that he would catch himself.
After Lin Mo-chen settled down, he asked Chu Heng to go back to rest, but at this moment Chu Heng was already sleepy.
He didn’t watch it for a few hours until dawn, and he didn’t want to toss and turn again. Anyway, there is a lounge in the office in the hospital where he can rest.
Is he don’t trust Lin mo minister didn’t leave just keep him for a while, two people talked.
Then they were almost sleepy. Chuhang went back to the lounge and had a rest.
Called a nurse on duty to watch it so as to change his dressing.
Today, after waking up early, Chuhang simply washed up and came to see Lin Mo-chen push the door open and heard Lin Mo-chen talking.
The tone of the sorrow and spoil of Lu is so gentle that Bo Hang himself is in the wrong place.
However, he was happy for Lin Mo-chen. He finally found a caring person.
Chu Heng looked disgusted. "I told you not to call me again."
"Hang you this tone jealousy don’t know people still have a crush on what I eat lu sorrow vinegar" Lin Mo Chen looked at his eyebrow angry appearance unexpectedly still can laugh.
"If you are still in the mood to joke, you can really get out of here." Chu Heng put a cotton swab on the back of Lin Mo-chen’s hand where the needle stuck, and then quickly pulled out the needle.
"Press the cotton swab" ChuHeng told him.

Alonso’s ball is too long to fly from the football, and Qin Xiong can roughly predict the landing point of the football by combining the ball!

That’s the area behind corluka Bassoon!
It happened to be the place where Qin Xiong ran and hit.
How can this ball not let Qin Xiongqi applaud!
Capturing fighters, observing teammates’ movement, insight into the overall situation, this is the comprehensive quality that an excellent commander in the pitch should have.
Obviously Alonso has this ability.
After Alonso threw the ball out, he was satisfied with the ball himself. The footwork was well controlled and was not affected by external forces. He did observe Qin Xiong’s running position, which was a decision that needed careful consideration after being reflected to the brain by naked eye.
He looked like a parabola falling into the restricted area of Tottenham, and the football field was flying fast, with a wild breath to impact the defense line Qin Xiong of Tottenham.
Alonso muttered, Give them a good end! to be continued
Wake you up
Take care of your eyes and have a rest.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 125 Insert the Red Army flag in Bailu Lane! ]
Liverpool’s new fighting posture came to White Hart Lane and has been cruelly oppressing Tottenham Hotspur for more than 30 minutes and destroying the bottom line of Tottenham Hotspur fans’ ability to resist pressure!
When the fans of White Hart Lane home team stared at modric with anticipation, waiting for him to create something new for the team to fight back against the Red Army, but modric was disappointingly robbed by the Red Army in the midfield!
Disappointed sigh hasn’t echoed in White Hart Lane Stadium, and everything has come to an abrupt end? Want it? See 1? k? an? shu·
Alonso’s long flight was like a thunderbolt, which plunged Tottenham fans into the abyss of panic.
Because they can clearly see that Qin Xiong has started when he doesn’t know, of course, most of their eyes are focused on where the football is going or whose feet they are going to see. When they notice that there is a Red Army player flying wildly near the football behind Tottenham’s defense line, they don’t know that Qin Xiong started when he was born, as if Qin Xiong was born with amazing wind!
Corluka slipped in a hurry and fell to the ground awkwardly. When he fell, he reached out to Qin Xiong’s back and dragged him back to Qin Xiongyuan’s body.
Bassoon immediately turned his head and rushed obliquely to the football landing point.
It was just on the side of the restricted area.
Qin Xiong was obviously faster than him, and when Qin Xiong stared calmly and resolutely at the football that fell in front of his eyes, he chose to take off the chest and stop the ball? Want it? See 1? k? an? shu·
Stop the ball
After he jumped up, he released his strength, and at the same time, he almost turned stopping the ball into artistic strength, and he controlled it perfectly
The football changed direction after being lightly hit by his chest and passed lightly over Basson’s head!
Having rushed to Qin Xiong’s eyes, Basong Genli stopped again and turned to chase the ball. He can’t be faster than Qin Xiong.
After Qin Xiong landed, he deliberately took a step sideways to bypass Bassoon.
The feeling is urgent, Ba Song knows that he will be beaten, so he will continue to run in the direction of the bottom line, so he can physically stop Qin Xiong!
He got it!
When he collided with Qin Xiong, Qin Xiong realized the danger of collision and his roots could hide. Qin Xiong had a bounce to avoid his own collision with Ba Song.
There is no doubt that such a thorough and violent impact is not good for Qin Xiong. Is he going to chase the ball or is the center of gravity forward, while Ba Song is like a big truck rushing from the side? Sometimes brave, sometimes foolish and brave.
Qin Xiong was literally hit a meter away, and then rolled on the ground. Basong stumbled and fell to the ground.
All the fans in Bailuxiang, including the audience who watched the game, saw it. It was quite like a fierce confrontation in a boxing match. See ww? W? ·1? k? A look at n? s? h? U look? ?
Qin Xiong seems to have lost!
However, before Spurs fan Basson created momentum, referee Dodd blew the whistle and he also pointed to the penalty spot!
Bassoon stopped Qin Xiong singlepole ball! omg! Are they okay? The collision was really worrying! Qin Xiong is like flying out of a car accident!
My god, Tottenham had to foul at that moment! Gomez attacked, but look at the technical display results of Qin Xiong’s chest stopping and connecting people. We all know that if Qin Xiong rushes past Bassong, he will face Gomez easily. Maybe Qin Xiong can send the football to the goal of Tottenham with his eyes closed!
品茶论坛  title=What no one praised Alonso long? How subtle is that a straight plug over the top? Timing, footwork, teammate cooperation and so on are perfect! Can’t be perfect!
Well, now we have to see if the players of the two teams can stay calm. Gerrard roared at the referee. He is putting pressure on the referee. Torres will check Qin Xiong’s condition and hope he won’t get hurt!
The red army fans in the stands protested angrily to the Tottenham fans because the Tottenham fans hissed at the referee, saying that the referee Dodd’s penalty was biased towards the Red Army.
Of course, they don’t think that Bassoon was a foul just now.
It was a reasonable collision! Dodd, you are fucking bought by Liverpool rmb!
Listen to how righteous Tottenham fans are and how reasonable their words are. Is it still called football to collide with the excellent English football system?
Kim palacios had an argument with Gerrard in front of the referee, and everyone argued.
Steven Gerrard pointed to Qin Xiong telling how serious the foul was just now.