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What did he say?

I tried to move forward, but I couldn’t hear anything
Lian Xiao can’t hear you either!
There is pride in his eyes when he laughs.
I can’t hear anything, but I see him alone.
Take your life! There is a voice in my heart that growls at my toes. After kicking the pony hard in the belly, Huaner rushes forward.
Break clouds and fog!
The pike in his hand drew back slightly and then shot straight like an arrow.
My hands were full of sweat, and the pike almost flew out.
Han Sui is still smiling.
The sharp spear has penetrated into his breastplate.
Did he move at all?
And I jumped on it
A gun?
Where’s my gun? !
I’m holding a gun in my hand just now.
Sweat is still flowing in the hand, but a pike is no longer there.
Han Sui pursed my collar with one hand and held me high. I stopped in a pony and ran straight out.
I struggled in horror, and the more I struggled, the more difficult it was to breathe.
Han Sui corners of the mouth big show ferocious smile.
I’ve never seen such a ferocious smile. It seems that two pieces of rags are sewn together by needle and thread, and the edges are uneven and horrible again.
I think the tight neckline has been smothered.
Then I felt my body move and my ears were pounding hooves.
I found the carsick again, and I felt that I didn’t feel how I was picked up when I rode a horse myself. After being picked up, I felt like a threewheeled trampoline, and I couldn’t say how uncomfortable I felt in my stomach.
And a dizziness in the back of my head followed by a loose chest and a hard fall to the ground, and I was thrown several feet away by him.
Han Sui is still laughing and laughing.
He drove the horse slowly away from me for dozens of steps and then stopped to turn the horse’s head.
I know what he is going to do
He raised his whip high above his head and slapped it hard on the horse’s buttocks!
Hip west cool fierce horse neighing a jilt four huge hooves galloped on the flat grass.
Horseshoe trampling on soft weeds is like thunder in my ears.
It’s a few breaths. Han Sui has rushed to my front
He suddenly jumped up at a distance of about ten feet from me with a horse between his legs.
It suddenly darkened.
There are four thick horseshoes on the top of my head, and I can see the grain clearly.
The iron hoof is roaring and landing!
I twisted my waist in desperation and rolled to one side.

桑拿论坛My ass suddenly became warm.
Is it crossflow blood temperature?
I struggled to turn over.
The arm has been tightly pressed with both hands.
I can feel that these hands are not big and still shaking.
The same force is very small, almost a force.
So I opened my eyes.
I saw that shy little sister.
I looked up and just bumped into her soft chest first.
It’s not soft at all and has hard ribs.
This is obviously the breast of an undeveloped girl.
Then the girl blushed quickly.

I must have fallen asleep when I was lying on the waist of the bed and wearing a sheepskin blanket.
There is no one else in this house
Except for these two sisters I picked up.

Zhuang Guifei blushed with anger, her neck was thick, her eyes were wide, and she was aggressive. She strangled Shuiyun Park. "Aren’t you afraid that the palace will tell the emperor about your crimes and tell heaven and man? Even if the emperor pampers you again, he won’t tolerate you."

Shuiyunjin shrugged her shoulders casually. "You can tell the emperor now to let him cure me of a blasphemy, but I will also tell the emperor how angry the emperor will be when you give the mother princess a poison. I don’t know, but I think he must really want to know what you want to do. Heaven and man also want to know that Gao Zhuangguifei is so ruthless. I’d like to see you again."
"Shuiyunjin, I really want to kill you. I should have killed you a long time ago." Zhuang Guifei was furious.
"Ever since you met me, you’ve been trying to kill me, but you didn’t succeed every time. Now that you’re poisoned, this girl around me can help you. You’d better be polite to me and be honest with me. Don’t think about dealing with Lan Wangfu and stay in this Lingfei Palace for a few years, or you’ll have nothing if you die."
Shuiyunjin just wants to grieve Zhuang Guifei. I’m afraid all this today makes her feel worse than killing her, but it’s all because she asked for it and repeatedly found herself in trouble. Really, I dare not shoot her?
"You go to the palace and don’t want to see you again."
Zhuang Guifei gnashed her teeth and tried her best.
"I’ll go naturally, and God knows I don’t want to step into Lingfei Palace at all." Shuiyunjin finally took one look at Zhuangguifei and turned out of Lingfei Palace.
As soon as Shuiyunjin walked out, she heard the broken sound of porcelain inside, one after another, and her face froze and she kept walking out of the palace.
Outside the palace gate, Shuiyun Hibiscus went straight to the carriage. Her feet were in such a hurry that she didn’t even look up. Suddenly, a piece of vertical black brocade robe was reflected in her eyes, and a warm and light smile sounded on her head. "Why are you in such a hurry?"
There shouldn’t be many words:
Chapter 123 to
Shui Yunjin looked up and saw that it was Ling Xiaoyao and beautiful and elegant Yong with a smile. She consciously asked, "Are you going to the palace?"
"I know you went into the palace to wait for you." Ling Xiaoyao smiled gently.
ShuiYunJin frowned slightly "wait for me to have something"
"Have you ever heard of Master Lingyin?" Ling Xiaoyao’s smiling voice is very pleasant.
Shuiyunjin frowned, and Master Lingyin was the abbot of Lingyin Temple. She knew that this man was highly respected and admired by many people. It was not an ordinary monk. The monk who was so respected in ancient times was definitely not a simple man.
Ling Xiaoyao looked at Shuiyunjin thoughtfully and smiled warmly. "You never like to inquire about these things. It should be unclear that Master Lingyin is not an ordinary monk. The world calls him a holy monk. He is not only profound in Buddhism, but also knows his destiny and his martial arts are unfathomable."
"Then what do these have to do with me?" Shuiyun Hibiscus is not white
"Maybe he can help you." Ling Xiaoyao’s quiet eyes set her face.
Shuiyun Park looked at Lingxiaoyao and saw that his eyes were obviously serious and Lingxiaoyao didn’t need to lie to her.
"Not to mention that I have never seen him before, will he help me, and I really have no feelings for those so-called Taoist monks?"
"What do you feel?" Ling Xiaoyao raised his eyebrows with a smile.
It is quite difficult for Shuiyunjin to leave the pie mouth and say bad things about people. It is always a bad situation or a respected holy monk. However, seeing Ling Xiaoyao so curious, she is very reluctant. "It is just a kind of trick to trick people into pretending to be a god stick."
Smell speech LingXiaoYao unexpectedly low laugh seems to be very pleasant.
"What are you laughing at?" Shuiyunjin asked.
"I suddenly feel that what you said is also good" LingXiaoYao said with a smile.
"Don’t you think so? I heard that you hit it off with him." Whether it’s Lingyin master or Lingxiaoyao in Shuiyun Park’s eyes has a common feature, that is, they all have the posture of being an old fairy, otherwise how can they hit it off?
"My master has been getting along with each other for many years at first sight, but he has never been too involved. In his eyes, he is a holy monk. Naturally, he has a great advantage, but the divination face is really suspected of being a stick of God with only one mouth." Ling Xiaoyao laughed at himself
ShuiYunXi glanced at LingXiaoYao appreciatively, that’s how she recognized it.
"But you’d better take a trip and whether he is a magic stick or not." Ling Xiaoyao smiled.
ShuiYunXi twist eyebrow thought for a moment she nodded.
"Let’s go carriage there" LingXiaoYao openings.
Shuiyunjin looked at the almost luxurious carriage not far away, and her eyes flashed, "I’ll go by myself. I’m sure Master Lingyin won’t refuse to see it."
Ling Xiaoyao’s eyes are deep. "I haven’t seen the master for a long time, and I just went with you."
Shui Yunjin tried to refuse and swallowed back. He didn’t want to follow her, but he just wanted to go. What else can she say? Besides, it would be unkind of her to go. "Well, I’ll follow you before you."
品茶论坛"You and I are so familiar." LingXiaoYao raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Shuiyunjin’s eyes as clear as a spring. He frowned for a moment. "Are you worried?"
Shui Yunjin knew what Ling Xiaoyao wanted to say. She smiled and said, "It’s not that you and I are open and honest. He won’t think much about it. Anyway, the road will be delayed for a long time, so it’s better to talk with him in a carriage."
LingXiaoYao nodded because his clear eyes darkened with water and clouds, so he didn’t see some words without saying much. LingXiaoyao must also want to be white.
Two people sit in a carriage. Joe and Zi Xia sit together outside the carriage.
At this time, Shuiyunjin didn’t know that a strong wind suddenly blew in the capital, causing an uproar.
Lingyin Temple is far from the capital, and it is almost dark just once and for all.
The carriage is decorated with luxurious pear flowers, elegant fragrant tea and fragrant incense, plus Ling Xiaoyao’s beautiful and elegant’s leisurely and elegant appearance. It seems that Ling Xiaoyao played chess alone before this, which is very eye-catching. However, Ling Xiaoyao admitted that he took out a miscellany in the corner of the carriage and looked at it to say that Ling Xiaoyao should be a person who loves to look at people everywhere.
LingXiaoYao saw this and also picked it up and looked at it all the way.
This is the second time that Shuiyunjin has come to Lingyin Temple. As soon as she got out of the carriage, a little novice monk led them in.
Outside a meditation room, Shuiyun Hibiscus and Lingxiaoyao decided to see the door creaking in a moment, and a monk came out from the inside. He looked like a master Lingyin. That’s right.
As soon as Master Lingyin came out, he fixed his eyes on the water cloud and his feet walked slowly like the wind. "It’s really lucky for the benefactor to see me twice in Lingyin Temple today."
Shuiyunjin didn’t expect this monk to be quite enthusiastic and it shouldn’t be difficult to get along with people. "I’m flattered by the master, but don’t be surprised to hear that the master is a sage, Yunjin."
"Don’t blame Laona for wanting to meet the benefactor" Master Lingyin laughed.
"See me" ShuiYunJin puzzled.
"The old benefactor once met, and it’s time to meet him." Master Lingyin made a bow.
What she is most afraid of is that the monk left the pie mouth and didn’t say anything when he spoke such mysterious words.

Republican Republic!

The world is one!
I almost laughed with them, too
I have a dream …
China rises and reads!
China men’s soccer team won the World Cup!
The house price is ten yuan and one flat!
Suddenly, the heavens and the earth turned upside down, and the laughter gradually sank, but the words became higher and higher, and my brain became more and more chaotic.
Kill the butcher’s knife, benefactor!
I go home by the wind! Cultivating immortals is the right way!
Is Wang Hao a man?
I am sick!
Give me back my peak Kaka!
Give me back the South China Sea and give me fishing!
ED is mighty!
It’s dawn!
I suddenly cut off the audio output and sat up from the bed again.
It’s already slightly bright outside the window … It’s bright.

Young master didn’t sleep well last night? Maybe I saw my fatigue. Pang Gan asked earnestly as soon as he put the basin in.
What is’ also’? I yawned and washed my face with my hands in the water.
He sat unceremoniously on the Hu bed with the door wide open. Little Chen Ye’s eyes are bloodshot … I replaced him in the middle of the night. He came over.
Chen arrived at the door with steady steps but no obvious delay, and stopped.
I wrung out the towel, wiped my cheeks with moisture, and casually put it on the edge of the basin, then picked it up and combed it slightly to sort out the slightly wet hair corners. Didn’t you sleep well?
Belong to … The sound comes from outside the door. Belong to what’s on your mind is that the master’s words have been tossing and turning to sleep all night.
There was a slight delay in combing my hands, and I said gently, There are some things you don’t need to remember and forget, but it’s better.
Actually, I mean, don’t tell your uncle … If Chen turns back on me, I’ll be guilty of treason.
To … this life and death can also forget the master’s instructions last night! He seems to have made great efforts to say this sentence.
Comb is another meal. I simply put it back in the case and turned to the door. Just like for Gong Sunliang, I need to ask you, have you really thought it over?
Chen immediately nodded Yes this time.
I cocked my mouth. Are you also looking forward to the new era?
Yes! He answered without hesitation.
What the hell did you two … do last night? Confused, Pang Gan couldn’t help but join the conversation. I didn’t understand a word!
Let Chen tell you later I don’t want to repeat it.
Even the famous aphorisms can’t be recited every day sometimes.
In the distance, there are footsteps outside the door. After glancing sideways, Chen told him, Gong Sunliang is coming.
I picked up my jacket and simply wrapped it around me. Let me hear another answer.
Chen to let the door GongSunLiang quickly enter is still a visit the general.
Don’t be so formal. I reached out and lifted him up, expecting his answer.
Liang ordered the general chef at home to prepare some breakfast. He beckoned people to come in. General, don’t be disgusted.
I nodded, Let your heart.
Four celebrities put snacks, vegetables and soup and wine on the table in turn and immediately withdrew.
GongSunLiang suddenly a face of difficult to wriggle for a moment and finally bent down a yi.
Who are you? I asked quietly.
I thought about it all night yesterday … He didn’t dare to look up. … I still couldn’t decide.
I sighed in my heart and pulled him up with my hands. I said yesterday that if you want to achieve fame, you don’t have to join the army, you always have your own life.
Yes, he moved his lips.
We will leave soon after breakfast. I let go of my hand. I am the temporary agent of the western Liaoning satrap. I hope your father can cooperate with him to stabilize the county.
GongSunLiang nodded definitely, definitely!
I finally sighed when I looked at this outstanding young generation of Gongsun.
I still have a long way to go to tie gongsun’s body!

桑拿网After leaving the city, Pang Gan told me that Gongsun’s family donated 50 Jin Dajun’s salary. Of course, I accepted it500,000 Gwan Chin was exchanged for Gongsun’s qualification to enter the officialdom. Gongsun’s family definitely won’t lose money!
I once boasted that flying 400 miles a day ended up halfway.
There’s no way to just walk ten miles and be kept halfway along the way. It’s impossible to be surrounded by a fat county magistrate and then be greeted by a fat banquet.
It was me who came to the counties, and now they are responding. Of course, I can’t refuse their hot face so that the soldiers can eat up and eat up the people of Feiru County.

Suddenly, I almost shouted when I heard someone. I blocked my mouth with my hands and looked in gently near the door. Fortunately, my hands were sealed at this time, otherwise I would definitely shout again.

The scene I saw in front of me was too bloody. Many gods were cut into pieces, half of them were hung by spikes, and one of them had a head turned into bones. There were countless needles all over the body, and the ground was wet and dry with blood. Those gods flowed out and the blood gathered in the blood pool, which was bubbling constantly. It can be seen that the temperature was still quite high. There were several black wings beside the blood pool, and the’ gods’ were stirring the blood in the blood pool.
Seeing this, I wonder if I have gone to hell. Although I have a high IQ, my knowledge is still low. I finally managed to endure shivering and not making a sound. I gently walked back to the original road for a while and took a deep breath after a certain distance from the exit. I still can’t stand the excitement here. Chris feels that I am uneasy and quietly comes out to hug me. Fortunately, she is also shocked. Fortunately, she is not human and can stand this excitement.
"Are you all right? You don’t look well," said Chris.
I nodded and said, "I’ll be fine after a rest. I didn’t expect to see such a exciting picture suddenly, hehe." Although I said that, my heart was still greatly stimulated and I almost vomited. Although this is a man of God, I didn’t expect there to be such a place. What does the man of God want to do here? Curiosity gradually replaced panic and calmed Chris. I walked to the exit again.
It’s still that scene. I carefully pay attention to the black-winged gods. When they don’t pay attention, they flicker into it and hide in a huge flesh-colored wall. There are not many gods here, but this place is called’ blood pool’ for the time being. There are also many gods who are blood-sourced. Some gods are still alive, but almost all of them can’t talk. A few of them see me, but they have no hands, no feet and holes left. A pair of eyes look at me as if they saw a corpse, which makes me creepy.
Chapter 19 The magic prison (5)
桑拿会所While I was observing, two more gods were brought in, one of whom was a woman and pretty. She was escorted in by two gods with black wings, and the other was also escorted in by a man.
The two men with black wings put the man on an iron frame and the woman was thrown into an iron cage. I looked at the two men with eyes as hollow as those in the blood pool, but I could say that there was nothing left. What made them feel like this? I came here with that flash. Is this a flash effect?
After a while, the four men with black wings came back to escort the man to the pavilion. Of course, I chased him for the first time, but it made me Xingtian’s newly learned skill [alienation]. This skill can change me into another creature. For example, I will become a gecko now. I walked past them, and they also saw a small gecko passing by on the ground. Who would pay attention to it? I only learned this skill for one day, but then again, I was very happy to know that there was such a skill. With the transformation ring and this skill, I was simply an expert in enemy cross-dressing
I crawled on all fours and chased the four gods with black wings. When I passed the goddess, I found that the goddess had been following me with two eyes. Hell, no matter how she bent over and twisted, she followed them closely.
Those people took the people to another small room, where there was a machine. The front of the whole machine had a hatch just enough for one person to enter, while the side was crowded with buttons, and there was also a hatch behind it.
The four men of God with black wings sent the man into the front hatch, and the other man pressed the button on his side. After the machine flickered, an Xingtian came out from behind, but his eyes were still the same, and he had no knowledge. Then the other two men of God sent the man out. I waited until the remaining two left and immediately replied to my body. I have seen mechanics before. Biology and other theories slowly began to analyze what was going on with this machine, and gradually began to understand the principle of this machine. This machine probably transformed the man of God through the fairyland game gene mutation system and combined with a special force in this world. After the transformation, the Xingtian people have been completely hypnotized in the stone city. Although there are many Xingtian people, no one will ever escape from there. It can be seen that the dark temple has absolute control over the stone city, and those black-winged gods obviously have white wings, but the high-level and low-level gods don’t know here, otherwise the team of gods who brought me to Xiaoqi won’t throw me away in a hurry, because if it is a
And there are countless bodies of gods outside, obviously they can’t be punished, and they will definitely catch people in secret. Then who is the head here? I was captured in the Holy Land and thrown here. Is there anything between that and Jade Emperor? I tried my best to catch my head. Recently, the problem has been seriously overspent, but there are more problems and more knowledge.
While I was thinking, Cain immediately told me that I had become a gecko and climbed into the corner, looking at the goddess who brought me this time. She looked at me in this direction as soon as she entered. It may have been a coincidence when she climbed in front of her. Now she looked at me as soon as she entered the room. I’m sure she had found me, but she didn’t say anything. Just as the man of God with black wings was about to start doing exercises, another man came in outside, with the same black wings, but he looked very handsome and he had a mature and steady temperament like leading a party. Fortunately, I know that although this is a game world,
As soon as he came in, he said something to the four people who seemed to be the leaders and left with them. Then a stereo started to say, "Help me!" "
This sudden sound makes me look around. "Help me!" The sound rang again and I couldn’t help asking, "Where are you? Where are people? "
The sound rang again. At this time, I found that the sound was not shouted out but directly reflected in my head. "I am the man of God who just saved me! I’m losing consciousness! "
"How can I save you?"
"I feel that your body is fluctuating strangely. Please get me out of here first."
I thought about changing back to the original body immediately and helping her out of the hatch, and then I asked Cain to summon a Polly (2RO coins) [alienation] skill to turn this Polly into the goddess and put it in it as it is. I called Cain to lead him to find a deserted place, and I quietly left behind the goddess. I hope that Polly has it, and I really want to know what’s going on here, but the goddess’ consciousness has not disappeared. This is a rare thing.
Cain led the people who avoided the dark temple to a lounge. At first glance, it was known that it was a man of God’s bedroom. Although I didn’t know when he would come back, Cain, a bat with super hearing, didn’t worry for the time being.
“******!” The goddess gently opened her eyes and I immediately felt a strange look at me.
"Are you all right?" I’m surprised that the first thing she can say is’ * * * * *’. What’s so comfortable?
The goddess looked at me for a while and suddenly sat up and hugged my body. Even her body felt the sudden arrival, which scared me. Chris jumped out at the first time and separated me from the goddess without saying anything. Chris blocked me and looked at the goddess in front of me.
"Don’t get me wrong, I am … I am." I don’t know what the goddess wants to say at the moment.
Or should I ask first, "What’s your name? What will be here? "
"My name is Nana. I used to be a city of ice and snow-a witch of the Snow Maiden near Xuexian. Today, I was caught when I went to the capital to collect goods. I almost disappeared after I entered this palace and was struck by lightning."
"You mean being struck by lightning? Did you just enter the palace hall? By the way, have you ever been to a place where many time flies? " I tried to ask as if something had popped up in my heart.
"How do you know? I’ve been there since I entered this palace, and then I heard a sound. I tried to call, so you heard it! "
Another mystery has been solved!
Chapter 20 The Magic Prison (6)
Another mystery has been solved! Chris told me that she had been to such a place, and I often stayed in this place before treatment. This flash brought me to this place again. That is to say, before my treatment machine was the same as flash, I happened to be there every time I treated my dream, but since others can go in, it is said that the place where time flies is a certain place and this place can consciously go in, but the body can’t.
And listening to the two of them, I also found a strange problem. This time, when I go in, I will feel my strength increase every time the streamer passes through me, and Chris and the goddess Nana will weaken when the streamer passes through. Nana is even more serious. If I beg her to come out later, her consciousness may disappear. This means that the place has such a characteristic. In addition, Nana said that after contacting me, her consciousness gradually recovered, and Chris woke up because of my call. Otherwise, she would probably become an unconscious body like those gods whose consciousness disappeared. I am afraid if Chris really did, I can’t imagine.
To sum up, I don’t know what I have complementary characteristics for the lost energy in this place, but I think I have a general idea in my mind when I am created, but it’s still not clear.
Putting aside my thoughts for the time being, I asked Nana, "Nana, do you know Teana?"
"Scorpio knows, if all the gods know her," Nana replied, which surprised me. Does all the gods know? What’s going on here?
"Then do you know the sounds of nature?"
"Tianjin City!"
Chris and I looked at each other, and an idea came to our hearts at the same time.’ Can’t it be such a coincidence? Tianjin again?’ We discussed that the only way to get out of the fifth floor of the magic prison is to catch someone to ask clearly, and also to catch someone with weight. The mature and steady guy who just came in is a good target. With Cain leading the way, we found him without any trouble. Now Cain is better than a dog.
This man of God lived alone in a room, and there were two men with black wings guarding us. We had a discussion. Three men had my fighting power. Chris, as a pet, I would never let her take the risk. The death of a pet didn’t bring her back to life. I sent her to a pet for the first time, and Nana was a snow maiden. The witch would have a magic [ice and snow] that is, the place where there is no water can’t be frozen. It’s just a waste of skills. In the end, I fought alone. Although I have the confidence to kill the two men of God at the same time
The passage outside the room is very spacious, and the door is about one meter, two meters wide and two meters high, just like two statues of gods. After watching for a while and thinking for a while, I have thought of action.
I asked Cain to summon a magic weapon’ Rock Locust’, and I myself equipped the The Hunger Ring and kicked out the Rock Locust with the Orc Hero Shield. The two men of God immediately reacted and pointed the halberd at the Rock Locust, but when it was clear that it was a rock locust, the two men of God obviously let their guard down, but wondered how this place could have this thing.
A man of God came over and prepared to destroy the rock locust. Listen, it was five meters, four meters, three meters and two meters when his footsteps arrived. I threw out two The Hunger rings along the ground, took out the chief sword and the orc hero shield and rushed out of the corner. [Carbonization] Hold the man of God at the door. The Hunger ring cooperated with me to attack the man of God in front from the rear, and I made a move to chop Huashan against the head of the man of God. Obviously, the man of God didn’t expect someone to attack him here. I was horrified and cut him into two pieces after I made a clean break. The man of God won’t be so weak, will he? But I don’t have time to think about another man of God. I don’t know how long [carbonization] can hold the man of God, but after three seconds from the beginning of my attack, I rushed to a distance of five or six meters. The man of God did not say a [call of the Holy Spirit] and then ended the man of God with a sword. I was thankful that there was no sound except that the man of God fell to the ground.
I knocked on the door and there was a voice "What’s the matter? Don’t you know I’m busy? "
I said in a low voice, "There’s a situation outside!"
"What’s the situation? I’ll come out when I wait. "
As soon as the door opened, the man was punched in the stomach by me before he could react, and then he was beaten into a bow and waist, and then another skill [bound]. This skill is also the second skill I learned in Xingtian. This skill is very capable of binding the target for 20 minutes, but on one condition, you must have more health than your target and your level is higher than his. I just know that I have just risen to LV99, so I don’t believe that any god has LV99. This is a desperate fight.
I pulled two bodies outside into the room with the man, and Chris came out [rocket art] to burn the blood on the ground and then [ice arrow art] to clean it.
The three of us immediately forced the man of God, but when we think about it, it seems that none of us tried to force Nana, so we don’t ask her. She is naive enough. Compared with jathyapple (jathyapple is not naive, but she plays naive), Chris has no experience in this field, and I don’t have this experience except for reading reports in history. What should I do?
"Hey, let me ask you what your name is and where you live?" As soon as I said it, I knew I was wrong. He put it here, and the man of God obviously didn’t expect me to be so asked. He immediately burst out laughing.
"Don’t laugh!" But the more I called him, the louder he laughed. It was nothing at first, but he laughed together like this. I immediately realized that something was wrong. This pendulum was to ask reinforcements to take out a cotton coat from their backpack without saying a word (I forgot to throw it away before), tie his mouth well, and then ask Cain to be on the alert. After listening for a while, no one came to rest assured.
Just now, a false alarm annoyed me. Of course, I won’t let this hateful god kick and punch. I won’t do it. Now I simply regard him as an experiment. The three feelings of pain, itching and numbness keep recurring. He feels that his nerves are stable and mature, and then a lump of soft mud. I find that I am getting more and more talented. I did it so well the first time. Of course, the two women didn’t look at Chris from the beginning, and they didn’t look at her pet Nana pants with their heads covered.
-(End of volume)-
The sixth amazing life
The first chapter escape
The first chapter escaped through a round to force the man of God to confess everything. Here, the fifth floor of the magic prison was originally the place where Jade Emperor came to do experiments, and these black-winged men of God were produced by experiments. The difference between black-winged men of God and white-winged men of God is that the black-winged men of God can’t wait for the sun or they will disappear into ashes.
The first four floors are actually experimental bases, except for the fourth floor outside the Stone Town. The remaining three floors have become ghost dungeons due to different experiments. Two new races, the Xingtian clan and the black-winged God, have been established in about a year. However, because the Xingtian clan has independent group characteristics and is out of control, the stone town guards make the black-winged God a group of people who are absolutely loyal to Jade Emperor. This God is one of the squad leaders. There are more than 10,000 people in this magic dungeon, and there are about 500 people who live in the shadow lake sand, which is the deeper seabed of the lake sand city.
What surprises me even more is that people here are transformed from gods, and there is a team of gods to catch these gods. I heard that there is an instrument to test whether the gods are suitable for transforming Nana, that is, No.1 Middle School.
And when I asked, where is Teana? The man of God was obviously surprised. I didn’t know anything, and Nana reacted the same way.
"Come on, what’s the music?"
"Jade Emperor is nature!"
Jade Emperor is nature? What about this world? What the hell is going on? My mind is more determined.
Nana has been watching me thoughtfully. She doesn’t know what this human is thinking. None of her people are as powerful as the people in front of her. It’s incredible for her to kill two black-winged gods just now in five seconds, and the comfortable feeling when she held him just now made Nana blush at the thought. Fortunately, he didn’t notice.
"Nana, let’s go. I probably know if you go back. Will you come with me or go back by yourself?"

She helped Xu Mo into the door and waited for Xu Mo to wash her hands before she came up to me and said, "If it weren’t for Kaori calling me, I really couldn’t imagine that you had such a thing."

"She called you."
"Well, when she was in the car, she watched those gangsters pass by the car and the direction was the road you took. She was so nervous that she could call me."
I said thank you to Yan Jiaxin. If Xu Mo and I arrived without her, it would be really possible to be surrounded by that group again. At that time, we would not be as lucky as before.
After a while, Xu Mo opened the door from the toilet and came out. I quickly went to her and asked, "What’s the matter with you? Don’t say it. If you say it, we won’t eat any hot pot."
Xu Mo gave me a white look and replied, "I can grasp this when it comes."
I say there is a reason why a couple who eat hot pot and run like this will feel so painful.
"Thank you, President Yan." Xu Mo ignored me and walked beside Yan Jiaxin with a very grateful look to thank her.
Yan Jiaxin nodded, well, Xu Mo said again, "Since it’s okay, I’ll go first. Good night."
As soon as she was about to leave, I quickly stopped her, "Hey, there’s no car to go back at this big night."
"There is no car to play." She seems a little reluctant to stay here for a second.
"Don’t go. I just have a room here. It’s uncomfortable to walk at night, and something happened to you just now."
Xu Mo blinked at me and said, "Didn’t you take her seriously when you said you wanted to stay with another woman in front of your girlfriend? Besides, it doesn’t bother you two very much that I live here?"
Her eyes turned to Yan Jiaxin, who smiled happily and replied, "I think you misunderstood that he and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend, and I don’t live here. I live in a building."
品茶论坛"Then I’m more embarrassed to live here." Then Xu Mo walked to the door.
I quickly stepped forward to hold her and said, "Hey, Xu Mo, what’s wrong with you? You have to have an accident at night before you can feel at ease. Do you think I’ll covet what you’re afraid of and dare not live here?"
She opened my hand and showed me seriousness as always. She replied, "I’m afraid you will tell me accurately that Xu Mo is not the kind of woman who is not qualified to stay with me unless she is my man. And you have to understand that I am not your so-called aunt Chen. I have my own principles."
After saying that, Xu Mo walked out of my house. Yan Jiaxin walked beside me and shrugged her shoulders at me. She said, "Don’t be too kind and too caring to a woman. Unless you love her perseverance, it’s best to keep a friend at a distance. Just like you just said that you are uneasy at night."
Yan Jiaxin handed the car keys to me, then opened the door and went away. When she reached the door, she said to me, "Send me there early tomorrow, and you can buy breakfast as if you didn’t do it at night."
I soon went downstairs and drove Yan Jia Xin car. When Xu Mo walked to the gate, I caught up with her. I opened the window and said eagerly, "I’ll drive you."
This time, Xu Mo didn’t refuse her to take the co-pilot car again, so I asked her, "Where do you live?"
"Huaxin Hotel" She turned to look at me. "What’s the problem?"
It occurred to me that Xu Mo was here on business and had no real housing, and staying in a hotel was the best choice for her.
"no problem"
Driving in the direction of Huaxin Hotel, I drove very fast, perhaps because it was late at night, thinking that I could let Xu Mo go back to rest early.
"You drive a racing car"
Xu Mo woke up and let me stupidly find that the speed has been unconsciously increased, and it has been accelerating again, and it is about to hit the car in front. Xu Mo immediately pushed my direction to the side to "brake"
I finally stepped on a heavy brake and the car stopped directly on the leftmost lane. Fortunately, there was no car behind me, otherwise there would be a traffic accident.
"LeiHao, you’re crazy. Don’t drag me. It’s no good meeting you."
I was surprised to find that Xu Mo was complaining to me, "What are you thinking? If you really don’t want to send me, you have to be so reluctant."
"I’m sorry I just stared blankly."
After slowly straightening the car, Xu Mo asked me to park the car next to it and open the window, so she lit a cigarette with a sad face.
"It’s a terrible day. It’s hard to take a leisure vacation. You are such a nuisance." Xu Mo complained in a limited tone. It is very rare for her to really take a day off.
Xu Mo turned to the window and gave me a white look and said, "Go to Hechuang Bridge."
"You’re not going back to the hotel."
She looked at her watch at 1: 05. "There’s one last hour and one minute left on this day off. I don’t want to wave because you really make me feel terrible."
An opposite road at 11: 01, I drove to the intersection of Hechuang Bridge, parked the car and followed Xu Mo.
If you come here for a walk at o’clock, you can see the colorful fountain. The bridge is not very long. It took 2 minutes to walk, but it took Xu Mo and me 5 minutes to walk.
"Aren’t you very out of date? Why are you walking so slowly?"
"It’s better to enjoy a rare visit and a rare vacation."
"You like coming here."
"Well, this is my favorite place to come to Hengyang because I came here for the first time."
There is no light in the back room after I sit in the open-air chair, and there is a part of the room in the new town, but this part has been sold out.
"If there is an opportunity, I will buy a suite here and come here for a walk after eating every day." Xu Mo looked at the black house before me with joy.
"Buy it, buy it, give me a set if you have more money, so that I can feel the life of a rich man."
Chapter XII Hidden Shares
At 11: 03, Xu Mo and I left here again by car and sent her to the door of the hotel. She said, Have a safe trip and went in with her bag on her back.
When I got back to my apartment, I parked my car and left after the flameout.
After busy, I went to bed and slept quietly for a night.
In the morning, I bought her breakfast at Yan Jiaxin’s request yesterday and sent it to her door. The headmaster took the breakfast and closed the door.
Preserved egg lean porridge and jam bag plus two tea eggs, this breakfast is not expensive or greasy, which is a good choice for beautiful women.
I waited for Yan Jiaxin to arrive in the car. After smoking a few cigarettes, Yan Jiaxin was ready to go to the car and open the door and sit down.
"There was an accident yesterday," she asked me as soon as she came.
"Well, it was a little impatient yesterday. It was too fast."

Not long after Lu Wenbin scored the Italian goal, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.

With Lu Wenbin’s 92nd minute stoppage time goal, Hoffenheim drew away with Lyon and scored an away goal.
The situation is slightly better for Hoffenheim and more severe for Lyon.
However, it can’t be said that there is no chance of promotion. After all, they have a home draw and have not lost. In the second leg, they will face Hoffenheim away and still have a chance to make a comeback.
However, Lu Wenbin’s ability to score and win in this game before the game was also short of success.
In the end, Lu Wenbin didn’t win the prize. With the last stoppage time goal, he got 10,000 experience rewards. The experience rose by 17 levels, 49.655 million, and 350,000 experience upgrades were still needed.
Although Lu Wenbin didn’t play well in this game, the focus of all media reports after the game was still on him.
Because he has scored nine consecutive Champions League goals, which tied Ruud van Nistelrooy’s record of nine consecutive Champions League goals.
He will set a new record if he scores again in the next game.
桑拿按摩Lu Wenbin is simply a record shredder that people can look up to.
However, Hoffenheim still has a Bundesliga game before the second leg of the Champions League 14 final.
On April 4th, the 29th round of Bundesliga in 1921 challenged Wolfsburg away.
Because four days have passed since the first leg of the Champions League 14 final and three days later
Segmented reading 17
It’s the second leg of the Champions League 14 final, and Hoffenheim’s first leg is an 11-1 draw away from Lyon, and there is still a lot of suspense in the second leg
Therefore, this round of league was also abandoned by Ralph, who sent a semi-main and semi-substitute array.
However, Lu Wenbin still got the first round.
In this game, Lu Wenbin tried his best away from home because he wanted to score goals, win, upgrade and increase the winning rate in the second leg of the Champions League 14 final.
In the end, Lu Wenbin scored two goals and scored twice before being replaced by Ralph in this game and led the team to win Wolfsburg 32 away.
Another goal was to rotate the starting center Tagoe into it.
Lu Wenbin got two goals, 20,000 wins, 20,000 total experiences, 40,000 rewards, and the experience rose by 17 levels, 555,000.
Experience exceeds the upgrade standard system, and the level and experience are automatically upgraded to level 1, 51,000, and Lu Wenbin is rewarded with 1 skill point.
This Lu Wenbin can breathe a sigh of relief.
He first added 151 tapes to 11 with 3 skill points, and then added 11 tapes to 22 with 6 skill points.
The remaining 1 skill point remains untouched.
After adding the points, Lu Wenbin’s unified data becomes
Host Lu Wenbin
Chinese nationality
Age 19 years old
Height 11
Weighing 7kg
Club Hoffenheim
Grade 1
Experience 50 thousand 10 thousand
Skill point 1
Shoot 22
Ball 1313
The tape 22
Speed 22
Physique 22
Heading 1
Defense 57
Gatekeeper 15
Visual field 1111
Ball running 22
Injury Proneness
Judgment 15
Special skills 1, the leader’s aura is primary; 2, Italian ball primary
Lu wenbin’s physical development base has ended, and his height is estimated to be 11 now. If it grows any longer, it may grow by one or two centimeters at most, and it will not grow any higher.
But this height is no problem. It’s not playing basketball anyway.
Of course, Lu Wenbin notes that it is not his height but his other attributes.
After filling the dribble, except for the header Lu Wenbin, the striker’s base attribute was filled.
Full-value ball running can make it easier for him to catch the ball in the frontcourt and complete the turn. Full-value physique, speed and dribbling can make him break through quickly and increase the success rate. Full-value shooting attribute can guarantee his shooting accuracy when he hits the doorframe to the maximum extent.
This attribute makes Lu Wenbin full of confidence in coming to the second leg of the Champions League 14 final.
He is confident that he can lead Hoffenheim to eliminate Lyon at home and advance to the semi-finals of the Champions League.
Of course, Lu Wenbin scared his coach and teammates in training before the full dribbling attribute came to Lyon.
On the afternoon of April 5, a team training match, Lu Wenbin continued to perform long-distance raids and ingenious dribbling.
Players, coaches, and workers who come to the training ground by hand, such as spike, emergency stop, fried pills, and cycling, are all stupid.
Football sticks to Lu Wenbin’s foot like an obedient elf, and it is difficult for defensive teammates to break the ball from Lu Wenbin’s foot.
Speed, speed, physique, skill and skill
In a 6-minute training match, Lu Wenbin scored six goals, one every minute on average.
Even though the defensive intensity of teammates in the training match is not high, I didn’t see Lu Wenbin score so much at ordinary times.
The key is the obvious change of dribbling ability and breakthrough ability in Lu Wenbin’s training.
Everyone has been talking about it before the training is over.
As soon as the training was over, his teammates surrounded Lu Wenbin, and he was surprised to ask Lu Wenbin if he suddenly turned into a crazy person.
Lu Wenbin himself may suddenly begin to understand and prevaricate. Although teammates and coaches are still very shocked and puzzled, there is nothing he can do about Lu Wenbin.
It’s not like physique and speed. According to normal physical laws, it’s really impossible to suddenly rise. Lu Wenbin can fill it up slowly to avoid causing trouble.

Estimation is heard me and Ye Xiangyuan to meet her with Lu Xun.

Section 21
She is wearing a blue sweater, and a woman who is almost thirty years old is still like a ten-year-old girl. Her skin can be blown and broken, and her facial features are beautiful and moving. With her smile, she is more beautiful than any woman I have ever seen.
Tracing the cause is quietly. Her side is as calm and low-key as ever.
She greeted me with a smile. "I’m so glad you’re okay."
I laughed too.
She took the apron and gloves and handed them to the servant to cook while chatting with me. "Your belly seems to be big again."
I smiled and said, "It’s been more than five months."
I don’t know why I can’t bear any anger when I see her so affectionate, let alone blame her.
Maybe she’s so beautiful. Most beautiful women are Xiao Yan, charming, Li Yu, smoky and noble. I’m not bad-looking, but a beauty like her is rare in the world. We can’t compare with her. Even I, a girl, found her pleasing to the eye.
She dragged me to the small pile and asked me to sit on the sofa and pour fresh juice for me to drink.
I looked back at the direction of the kitchen.
Lu Xun and Ye Xiangyuan are talking. They look calm and can’t see anything wrong.
I can’t help secretly sighing.
It’s still my psychological quality, but they have my heart like nothing happened.
Gu Changyu said softly, "I heard that you were kidnapped, too. Aren’t you hurt?"
I shook my head and smiled "nothing"
She said, "A Xun and A Yuan ran to Africa a long time ago, and I was worried about them, but it turned out that something happened to us."
I’m still laughing
She looked at my judo. "I thought it was the wrong time."
I’m not too fond of her meaning. I’m waiting for her to continue.
But she let out a sigh gently
I was not sure what she wanted to say to me at the moment. She changed the subject, and I couldn’t ask questions easily. I chatted with her aimlessly. Later, Gu Changning called her, and she got up and left me, which quietly relieved me.
Every time I get along with her, I feel a little stressed, especially since I know Ye Xiangyuan’s mind, I don’t know how to face her.
I don’t know what I feel guilty about. It’s nothing to do with her and Ye Xiangyuan.
Lu Xun and Ye Xiangyuan are still chatting. I don’t know Ye Xiangyuan very well, so I listen to them quietly.
Before I thought of it, I guessed that the rape might be from childhood and I couldn’t help but look at them carefully.
These people are all people, and their appearance and tolerance are ordinary people. They can’t compare with each other and really can’t see who is a spy.
I was secretly thinking that Gu Changning suddenly sat by my side with a bad tone and said, "You didn’t have a showdown with Ayuan?"
I looked at him and didn’t answer this question, but asked him, "Did you take me to the top floor on purpose? Did you and Ayuan discuss it in advance?"
Gu Changning didn’t deny leering at me. "Do you blame me for helping Ayuan?"
I was silent. "your ultimate goal is to let me leave him?"
He sneered, "Or what?"
It makes sense for me to think about it carefully.
Whether he is Ye Xiangyuan’s good friend or Gu Changyu’s brother should help them.
桑拿会所It is common sense to be close and distant.
But he doesn’t seem to know that Ye Xiangyuan still wants to keep me.
And I’m a little confused. Did he tell me to leave with a mind to escape from the mud pit or because of his sister?
He stared at me and said, "It’s really stupid to say that you are stupid. Since you encounter this, why don’t you take the opportunity to showdown with Ayuan?"
I don’t believe he didn’t know that Ye Xiangyuan wanted to stay with me, but he still advised me to leave.
I smiled bitterly. If I could really walk away, I wouldn’t have signed an agreement with Ye Xiangyuan in the first place.
But I didn’t want to tell Gu Changning about these entanglements, so I deliberately glanced at him and said, "Do you not like Brother Lu Xun? Otherwise, why must I become your sister and Ayuan?"
Gu Changning face slightly changed.
I looked at him with a faint heart. Is he really going to help his sister and Ye Xiangyuan?
I can’t help but frown and slowly say my guess, "Because Xiaoyu doesn’t like Big Brother Lu Xun, you have to help her, right?"
Gu Changning narrowed his eyes and swept my face. "Don’t say I’m hello."
It’s not good for me to ask him to avoid this question and change the subject. "Actually, I think you should focus on your own emotional problems first. I think Miss Xu Xin is good."
Gu Changning heard Xu Xin two words seem dazed eyes become dark.
It seems that he still has feelings for Xu Xin. I was about to say something when he suddenly got up and left without saying a word.
I was a little shocked, but I didn’t chase after it. Some things can be figured out by myself.
Later, I listened to the children talking. They talked about Ye Sanye, and I realized that Ye Sanye had indeed been disposed of.
I think it was the day the gun went off.
And those things in Ye Li’s hand were given to Ye Xiangyuan by the Ministry of Nature.
Then I heard them talk about some secrets of the imperial family, such as Mrs. Li and Li jiaqi, who were close to each other, and gave birth to an illegitimate child outside Li jiaqi, but the secret worker did a particularly good job …
Once upon a time, they all avoided me. Now, although they are still not very warm to me, they still believe me. It’s because I stayed with Ye Xiangyuan for a long time that they got used to me.
Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun also said that Gu Changning also joined in. The three of them always have all kinds of secrets. Of course, I can’t bother them.
Lai Zhouyi, who is chatting for a hundred times, ran over and smiled and said, "Yisow, I heard that the child is completely fine and healthy. Congratulations!"
Speaking of children, I naturally laughed happily. "Thank you, your sister and her friends for their excellent medical skills."
Zhou Yi smiled and waved "Don’t mention it to us"
I thought about it and asked him, "Do you know Miss Xu Xin?"
Zhou Yi’s expression became strange.
Chapter 229 Let her solve grandpa for you
I didn’t know until I asked, that the Xu family is now right with the family!
No wonder Gu Changning looked so ugly just now …
What does the Xu family want to do with the family? Is it to give Xu Xin a head start?
Zhou Yi looked at me and said, "You can rest assured that Changning knows well."
I, um, although I really hope that Gu Changning and Xu Xin will be together, it’s really not my turn to worry about it.
Zhou Yi told me about some interesting things about work. Although he is a doctor, he is not old-fashioned. On the contrary, Kan Kan is very funny and I am amused.