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Directly broken by Deco in front.

Deco pushed forward a step further and was more than 30 yards away from the goal to display his longrange skills.
His longrange angle is a little right. Lyman moves steadily into position in front of the door to confiscate the ball!
Ronaldinho looked at Arsenal’s secret zone and felt a great challenge.
In such a peak confrontation, he will actually lower his personal talent and give full play to it. After all, he can’t squander the opportunity at will, and he should cherish the opportunity in every attack, which makes his play actually restricted from his personal point of view.
Barcelona put more troops on the offensive end and mobilized the fullback to assist!
In the 23rd minute of the game, Van Bronhorst was quietly on the left and Ronaldinho was magically organizing and scheduling in the frontcourt. Personally, he attracted Arsenal’s midfield defense, and then suddenly the ball went to the left.
In the process of Van Bronhorst’s dribbling to the bottom, Eboue rushed directly to force the clearance like a barbarian. He kicked Van Bronhorst down in the fight, was fined by the referee and showed him a yellow card.
Rijkaard looked very depressed on the sidelines.
I feel that Arsenal is really an incomprehensible team. There are both talented artists, coldblooded killers and unreasonable butchers.
Barcelona is also a little anxious because the frontcourt can’t create too good opportunities.
In the 33 rd minute of the game, Ronaldinho tried to give Giuly a straight plug, which was his best offensive organization. It would not create opportunities for teammates in the nearest distance, but more had an offensive transfer effect in the distance.
Qin Xiong also preferred this way, but I didn’t expect Campbell to get stuck on the Jiuliche line and Lyman took the initiative to confiscate the ball
Two minutes later, Ronaldinho made the same direct plug in the frontcourt again, but Lehmann easily confiscated the ball.
Barcelona’s attack didn’t work as they expected and seemed to be stuck in a quagmire.
Arsenal, on the other hand, are getting more and more confident.
Barcelona doesn’t look like a scourge and can’t beat them back!
In the 37th minute, Deco tried to create an opportunity for Eto ‘o in the frontcourt, but he and Eto ‘o failed to reach a tacit understanding. Eto ‘o wanted to plug the ball directly, but Deco scored a kick.
Deco’s idea is simple: you can’t get past the Arsenal defender’s line by plugging the ball directly. You have speed, but you don’t have it. What?
Toure controlled the ball before and then handed it straight to Qin Xiong, who immediately ran forward from the middle.
Qin Xiong smashed the ball to the left immediately after stopping the ball, and directly intercepted Deco horizontally, and then handed the ball to Pires obliquely to the left.
Pires once again gave the ball to Ashley Cole when he met Oleg.
Barcelona seems to be familiar with Arsenal’s fast break.
Marcos boldly used the former defensive winger to knock Ashley Cole to the ground when he was on the ball, delaying Arsenal’s attack.
The referee fined Marcos for a foul, but did not give the opponent a card.
Ashley Cole made a quick roll and immediately got up.
At this time, Pires came to the foul spot next. Ashley Cole threw the ball to Pires from the sideline. Pires caught the football and hit it horizontally before pressing his waist straight!
Italian ball, come on!
Barcelona never thought Arsenal would do this!
Oleg was actually watching Ashley Cole just now to prevent Arsenal from serving the ball quickly. If Ashley Cole has a tendency to serve the ball quickly, he will definitely interfere before the game.
It’s a pity that he is staring at the wrong person!
We should keep an eye on Pires.
At this moment, Marcos hasn’t run back to the restricted area. There is a white area on the Barcelona defender line in his own defense zone!
Arsenal’s quick serve made Barcelona feel the chill! to be continued
[The first volume sword unsheathed has become a front 553 double Wang Fawei! ]
The audience at the Stadio de France can see that there are obvious loopholes in Barcelona’s defense after Arsenal’s Italian quick serve!
Marcos is not in the defensive position!
Pires’s fastball object is to quickly insert Qin Xiong from the midfield.
At the same time, Henry cut into the Marcos defense area from the left side of the restricted area, and it seemed that Qin Xiong would have an excellent chance to shoot if he could send a straight ball.
Barcelona defenders also knew this problem, so they immediately adjusted their defense.
Van Bommel Deco wants to attack Qin Xiong, especially Van Bommel, first of all, to block the possibility of Qin Xiong sending Henry a direct ball.
This made him take the lead in defense by Qin Xiong. When the football rolled from Qin Xiong’s side, he faked the ball and stopped behind him. Deco was ready to pester him, and Van Bommel was ready to block it headon
But I didn’t think Qin Xiong was faking it!
He let the football roll sideways in front of him, and at the same time, his body started to turn sideways to get rid of Van Bommel Deco!
After getting rid of the two men’s defense, Qin Xiong continued to dribble horizontally. At this time, edmilson also wanted to intercept him. Henry looked back at Qin Xiong’s direction in the restricted area. He seemed that Qin Xiong had a heart and could guess Qin Xiong’s thoughts at this moment
Edmilson is still afraid that Qin Xiong sent Henry a straight plug ball and deliberately paid attention to the defense of Qin Xiong’s straight plug line. When Qin Xiong made a bicycle move in the lateral dribbling, edmilson stood like a petrified stone and watched Qin Xiong cross in front of him!
Scene Qin Xiong Henry is almost in the parallel line position and running horizontally at the same time. Qin Xiong is in the front waistline and Henry is in the penalty area!
Barcelona’s two midfielders pay too much attention to Qin Xiong’s forward attack defense, and both will block Qin Xiong’s forward route. First, Qin Xiong will benefit from it.
This brought Qin Xiong from the left lateral disk in front of the restricted area to the right position in front of the restricted area.
Smart running Henry also ran from the left side of the penalty area to the middle. At this time, he was with Puyol.
Puyol was in a dilemma. He ignored Henry and couldn’t let Qin Xiong go. If he followed Henry, he would be attacked by Qin Xiong directly.
At this moment, fullback Van Bronhorst rushed to intercept Qin Xiong Puyol and made an offside decision.
This is a decision to improvise
Because he is too passive!
You know, from Barcelona, this attack recognized that Arsenal would not be in the defensive position, and the opportunity was to focus on the defensive area. Puyol started to stare at the running, but he didn’t expect Henry to run towards him. In the staggered moment, Puyol’s body center of gravity could not complete a onedegree turn and still follow Henry.
So he planned to take a step forward, but before he could put it into action, Qin Xiong stuffed the ball straight and sent it out
Van Bronhorst led to the back line. Puyol was the only one in Henry’s impact area. Qin Xiong wanted to make sure that the football could almost break through the Barcelona back line after Puyol.
And Henry moved, and his sphere became a tacit understanding.
Puyol just wanted to expand the protection zone behind him in the previous step.
When the football rolled obliquely from his side, Puyol turned his head in horror, and he didn’t see the linesman raising the flag to signal Henry offside, so the Barcelona goal was in danger!
Henry controlled the football in the right position of the penalty area. Valdes decisively abandoned the door and went out. Henry calmly observed a line where Valdes ran. He gently pushed the ball forward and flashed some angles so that Valdes was no longer in a straight line. After that, he decisively pushed at a small angle!
Valdes quickly fell to the ground to block Henry’s shot, but the football rolled over before his foot reached out and blocked the rolling track of the football!
Valdez turned his head and looked disappointed to see that the football scraped into the goal near the post!
The stadium in France cheered and Arsenal fans roared with excitement!
Henry! Thierry Henry! He scored the first goal of the game! Arsenal lead Barcelona 1!
This goal reflects Arsenal’s characteristics of seizing the opportunity to play fast break and their patience to create opportunities by tearing the opponent’s defense at the offensive end.
桑拿论坛  title=Barcelona made a mistake. Although Marcos bravely blocked Ashley Cole, he interfered with the wrong target when delaying the opponent’s quick serve. After Ashley Cole gave the ball to Pires, everything was out of Barcelona’s control.

Well, I can digest it slowly. Panda patted his belly as if it were a big warehouse.

Then where do you put it? Chu Yifeng joked
Eldest brother, you don’t know that I can put a lot of things in my stomach alone.
Chu Yifeng didn’t think much when he first heard this, but in a flash, he suddenly thought of something in a low voice and repeated, There is a place in your stomach …
Eldest brother, what’s the matter with you? Big brother! ……”
The panda shouted twice and saw that Chu Yifeng didn’t move. He turned around Chu Yifeng twice like a fool. At this time, the panda is no longer a mental beast. There is a lot of wisdom in the memory. It also seems that Bai Chu Yifeng has entered an epiphany state, and it doesn’t bother Chu Yifeng to tilt his head to the distant mountain. Chu Yifeng’s body is undergoing earthshaking changes …

2 temporarily away from the thunder source
Xiao Shendao Jing keeps running. Chu Yifeng seems to miss himself, but his body has already been filled with thunder. What about Tathagata?
Heaven and earth have already had the energy of heaven and earth, and that side of heaven and earth is just more aura. In this case, the place has already … Chu Yifeng silently pondered.
broken finger! Suddenly Chu Yifeng had a low drink.
A silver thunder instantly cut through the black crack, but the crack appeared very small, as if it were the size of a fist, but the power of breaking fingers kept the small crack from closing quickly. Chu Yifeng immediately surrounded the crack with his knowledge.
A flash of light suddenly flashed through the black crack and then the bottomless crack was filled up very rudely!
One and a half square meters of silverblue cracks appear behind the thunderbolt, and Chu Yifeng’s mind is not very established. That piece is full of thunder, but every time those thunder bombard Chu Yifeng, they can clearly feel as if they were looking at their palm prints, although messy, but very clear.
Then every ray seems to be a part of Chu Yifeng’s body, which seems to be really integrated into Chu Yifeng’s body. Chu Yizhi holds that piece like mastering his own body.
Then the thunder in that piece slowly subsided and gradually dispersed around, and the piece was also stable, although it was not big, but it was already formed.
The crack closed quietly, and Chu Yifeng slowly opened his eyes with a smile on his mouth. When he went to look for that piece, he would find it mysterious and mysterious. His body seemed to be a point and the whole body seemed to be that piece.
And Chu Yifeng is now a piece of his own that really has a sense of solidarity. Suddenly, a strong thunder broke out at the edge. After bombarding the edge and fragmenting a series of tiny cracks, it was not a black hole, but a chaos that seemed to show a desolation.
However, every time the thunder crossed, a little chaos was revealed and merged with the original.
At this time, Chu Yifeng’s body can’t help but absorb the aura around him and add it to the new ones.
However, the growth of Chu Yifeng is an integral part, and it is also the growth of Chu Yifeng. Until now, Chu Yifeng has completely opened up his own strength after Poplar said.
Tap your finger and the silver flash will reappear in front of Chu Yifeng. Now the thunder around Chu Yifeng is slowly and firmly developing. With the development of Chu Yifeng, he automatically absorbs the aura and does not deliberately practice Chu Yifeng’s repair, which will grow.
Take out a piece of polar spar ChuYifeng and throw it directly into yourself.
In Chu Yifeng’s mind command, mines bombard the polar spar, and the energy in the polar spar is quickly released by rapid refining, which is much faster than Chu Yifeng’s absorption from the outside world, so that more reiki is added into Chu Yifeng’s body.
With these energy supplements, Zhong Lei is more cheerful and pioneering the carving kung fu. About half a square meter has become a square meter, and it is rapidly expanding …
Seeing this scene, Chu Yifeng took out ten pieces of polar spar in his heart, and directly arranged a release spirit array, which was filled with more intense aura.
At that moment, Chu Yifeng felt as if he had soaked in Lingquan, and his body was full of comfort. He couldn’t help but stretch his mind and observe that the blue energy of the body began to deepen. Chu Yifeng had already begun to move towards the purple thunder period.
Reclosing Chu Yifeng with refining polar spar will no longer deliberately practice indifferently and move forward.
Chu Yi’s peak time was very short, but when he saw the panda again, he felt that it was definitely not short when he came to realize it, because the panda had changed greatly.
It turns out that the wings of pandas have disappeared and become like pandas on earth after entering the metamorphosis stage. But now most of their bodies have become human, with claws on their hands and feet.
The panda’s huge head has not changed, and it is lazy with three points of cuteness and naughty.
There is a high mountain and dense forest in the southeast of the Temple of Thunder, where there are all kinds of exotic birds and animals, and the new treasure tree valley was also placed by Chu Yifeng. After Chu Yifeng entered an epiphany, he came here by himself, but he was called the king here because of his high strength.
this moment
Commanding his men, he picked coffee beans, and the coffee tree, Lei Xiao Shen, nourished and grew stronger. The coffee beans were all as big as apples, but the pandas still threw them directly into their mouths and chewed them. This made Chu Yifeng wonder if the panda devoured the sky but the panda would really be so exaggerated to devour the sky. Chu Yifeng also made a question mark in his heart.
Eldest brother, are you awake? You can really sleep. It’s been a hundred years.
Chu Yifeng was not surprised by the experience of being closed for a hundred years. A hundred years is really a short time for the practitioner, when Chu Yifeng was unfamiliar with the word age for the first time.
Eldest brother, can we go out?
Swallow, we’re going to find something and get out of here.
Yes, yes, it’s beautiful here, but it’s too stuffy.
Oh, the way out this time won’t be calm. Chu Yifeng wanted to touch the panda’s head, but now the panda is taller than himself, but he is not used to it. Do you need any magic weapon? There are many good things here.
How many good things there are in Lei Xiao Shinto? Chu Yifeng himself can’t count which one of the palaces built on mountains doesn’t store several magic weapons. Now look at the wind gun. Chu Yifeng feels that Lan Chen was too stingy at the beginning, and many extremely magical devices make Chu Yifeng feel that highgrade magic weapons seem to be very common things.
After learning that the fixtrue realm evolved, Chu Yifeng reexamined the socalled spirit and fairy. Since they are all things in the fixtrue realm, the fairy is just a higherlevel spirit, and there is no category of fixtrue realm, that is, people who refine the fairy build higher.
Don’t worry, big brother, I have a magic weapon to protect myself. The panda looked confident. Chu Yifeng also believed that the panda must have more means, but Chu Yifeng still took out a fairy armor to cover the panda.
Open all the protection departments of Leiyuanxing. Chu Yifeng is not afraid that the energy of Leiyuanxing is not enough. After mastering Raytheon’s order, he added a surge to observe the whole Leiyuanxing, and Chu Yifeng, the party of Leixiao God Array, showed an abnormality. Chu Yifeng, a few extremely powerful spar, didn’t know what it was, but he always felt that a thousand pieces of polar spar could not compare with that strange spar.
A month later, Chu Yifeng came to a planet, and it’s almost time to enter the star domain under the jurisdiction of Beiguxing. Chu Yifeng has been thinking about not knowing what happened to the Xuan medical school. He had heard that there was chaos in the fixtrue world a long time ago, and he didn’t know what happened to the battle in the demon domain of Watch City.
Just thinking of a sudden energy fluctuation ahead, Chu Yifeng’s mind moved and immediately felt the smell of demon race.
Big Brother is a demon race. If the demon race smells like panda spirit, it will be as good as Chu Yifeng.
Go and have a look! Chu Yifeng sits on a panda’s back. It seems that Chu Yifeng doesn’t like to keep a human figure in front of him. He is still a panda.
When the figure flashed, Chu Yifeng’s panda disappeared in situ, and there was a place where someone was fighting. Chu Yifeng had mastered teleportation.
Seven distracted practitioners surrounded seven women. Most of those women had a distracted period during their infancy. When Chu Yifeng saw this woman, he was surprised and shouted, Qu Mantong!
夜生活Hearing that Chu Yifeng told everyone to turn their attention to Chu Yifeng, Qu Mantong immediately shouted Help!
Chu Yifeng stepped in with a quiet face, and his bearing was extraordinary. The seven distracted practitioners felt that there was a powerful world from Chu Yifeng’s body, and it seemed that they were imprisoned. It was very difficult to move.
Senior, we are rank patrol people. These witches collude with people in the demon domain. We were just about to take them back for punishment. Please make it convenient for senior.
ChuYifeng whisked a ray and took a hand print.
pa! The speaker immediately spit out a mouthful of red and white, and there were few teeth left.
This slap to those who claim to be rank patrol makes people feel stupefied. Looking at Chu Yifeng, it seems that Chu Yifeng didn’t expect to dare to start work after hearing that it was rank patrol, and it is so easy for those who fix the truth in a distracted period. The strength of this repair is that they dare not even think about it.

He promised to be so frank, but he made Changsheng feel embarrassed.

I said … you just believe me? What if I’m a liar? I don’t have the vision and strength to be a coach. I’m just saying … It makes me feel a lot of pressure that you believe me so much.
Sey Passareira said solemnly, Anyway, I have decided that if you are going to be kicked out of the club, I will leave the team. A player like me who has no talent and hasn’t played for so many years probably won’t have what other teams want. This is my last chance, and it won’t hurt me to try a new position, sir.
Changsheng looked at the plug in surprise. I didn’t expect this little guy to have such plans and determination.
Are you kidding, Xiao?
I won’t joke about my future, sir! Plug answer firmly.
Why did you do that? Changsheng still feels incredible.
Because I think you are a good man, sir! Plug a solemnly replied
Evervictorious first froze, then laughed, and finally burst out laughing with her hands akimbo.
Is this funny, Sir? !” Plug, Passareira was angry with laughter. He stared at the winning tone.
Changsheng realized that he was rude, so he shook his head while covering his mouth. When his mood calmed down, he smiled and said, No, that’s not what I meant. He patted his shoulder before. Change your position. It’s not too pessimistic. I promise you will be 10 thousand times more famous than that Golka!
Just because of a sentence, Chang Sheng was touched. It seems that although he has only been in this team for a day, his work has not been done in vain. Some people have seen it.
This is his first achievement since he taught, and he was slightly moved by the words in his heart.
It seems that it is right to always choose this road!
Chapter 22 A game
After talking with Sai Passareira, he always won before leaving the training ground.
When he left, he glanced at the direction of the first team training ground.
I don’t know if Golka’s firstteam treatment is still full of stars … Gee, if firstteam coach Juan Lopez really treats him like this, he will die faster!
He was thinking this way, and someone came to answer the question.
桑拿论坛Just out of the training ground, I saw a large group of reporters running from the direction of the first team training ground.
These people are journalists who went to the first team after the training of the youth team training ground began before training.
When they saw Chang Sheng from afar, they quickened their pace as if they were afraid that Chang Sheng would run away.
Changsheng didn’t run away. When he saw these reporters, he knew that they were coming for himself. He simply stopped in situ.
Then the reporters rushed to him with a shout and braked hard.
Followed by their tacit understanding, they completed the encirclement of Changsheng and surrounded Changsheng. Now they are convinced that Changsheng can’t escape even if it is inserted.
The first training session of the first team in Golka was very successful, which increased their confidence in Golka and at the same time, they couldn’t wait to see and play against the genius.
Everyone firmly believes that this China coach will be kicked out of the house in a few days.
I didn’t expect them to ask, but Chang Sheng spoke first. I think it must be good news to see you so excited.
He said with a smile
The reporters were caught off guard by Chang Sheng’s practice of opening his mouth first, and they were also suspicious of Chang Sheng’s good laugh now.
But it’s not worth it.
There was a man in the horse who shouted, It’s good news for us, but it may not be good news for you, China people!
The first training session of the Golka first team was very successful. He has been well received by the first team coach Juan Lopez. Do you have any good comments on this matter?
Accompanied by this problem, the microphones were thrown out and extended to the constant victory.
Everyone looked at Changsheng with a morbid look of excitement.
It’s as if they don’t see a living person, but a prey that they are struggling in a trap cage.
It seems that they always win. The unknown coach China is new here and must lack experience in dealing with reporters. Isn’t that what they say and how to play with him?
Changsheng really lacks experience in dealing with journalists, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to deal with journalists. There is a press conference in FM games, and he has seen the press conference in the informationdeveloped world in 212. I don’t know how many times he has never eaten pork, but he has always seen pigs run.
He has many ways to face reporters, such as they make a pretence or answer questions gently and humbly, but he can still maintain a silent image.
But these are not his faces. If he chooses Chinese, it means that he will always wear this mask in the future and can’t take it off.
It’s worse for Chang Sheng than killing him.
He hates pretending to be the worst, or he wouldn’t have been such a failure in the previous life.
Therefore, he would rather choose the most controversial and risky way to face the reporters, that is, to show them a true and constant victory. That’s it. Why? If you can accept it, you can accept it. If you can’t accept it, you won’t beg you to accept who you love!
The disadvantage of this is that he will be controversial because of his personality, but the advantages are also obvioushe doesn’t pretend to play, he lives a real life and is not tired.
Don’t pretend to be sincere or shrewd; Do not pretend to be noble or mean; I don’t pretend to be a gentleman, but I don’t pretend to be a barbarian.
What he is, what he shows to the outside world.
Maybe sometimes he looks sincere, sometimes he looks scheming, sometimes he has noble sentiments, and sometimes he is despised. Some people think he is a gentleman, and some people think he is a hooligan …
It is normal to have these diametrically opposite views, because these are constant victories, and it is these contradictions that combine to form a lifelike constant victory
Now this true victory is facing the storm caused by journalists.
They want to overthrow this famous pawn.
According to their expectation, a few waves will always win this leaf boat, and it may have been shot to pieces.
But to their disappointment and surprise, Chang Sheng was very calm and of course very individual when dealing with reporters …
What do I think of Golka’s first training class? Why do you ask me this question? I’m not his real father. How is he like me? I’m not responsible for my team. He’s not my player now. I don’t need to answer this question. You’re asking the wrong person.
I fought with the players’ training ground on the first day. Have you ever considered the negative effects?

Gao Xiaoxiao pursed her lips. "Who did you say was calling?"

The music in Han Shu’s Zhangkou Auditorium suddenly changed from "Happy and Big Wolf" to "Are you my favorite person?" He raised his eyebrows and stretched out his hand to snatch "Big Wolf" from her arms and threw it aside. "Let’s teach you to dance."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Outside the obstetrics and gynecology examination room on the first floor of the First People’s Hospital of D City
Han Minzhi said, "Ah Shu said that he doesn’t know where Yuqiu went now."
"How could I not know that if Yuqiu went to the front desk of his company, he would definitely ask him?" Xu Meizu said with dissatisfaction.
"…" Han Minzhi looked nai. "Mom, it’s Christmas today. Ah Shu and Xiaoxiao are having a dance with Xiaobai Kindergarten. He can’t lie to me."
"Then you didn’t ask him to call Yu Qiu?" Xu Meizu added
"…" Han Minzhi directly don’t want to answer.
Han Shan has no interest in Leng Yuqiu’s roots. He can’t come even if he hides from her. How can his sister ask him to take the initiative to call Yuqiu?
"Minzhi, don’t blame me for being a stranger here. I’m afraid something bad will happen if she gets lost. It’s her uncle who asked him to make a message. Should it be all right?" Xu meizu explained
"…" Han Minzhi still didn’t speak.
Xu Meizu was just about to speak when she was dissatisfied …
"Line line mom, you say a few words less. I think Yuqiu probably didn’t look at her mobile phone at the moment. Don’t worry. She will definitely call back when she sees it later." Leng Shijun came out to make amends.
Leng Jingyan also said, "Yes, Yuqiu is a sensible child. Don’t worry, she won’t have an accident. Try calling her again."
Xu Meizu frowned, so it is. Take out your mobile phone and continue to call LengYuQiu.
Leng Yuqiu walked into the first floor of the building because there was no work permit on his chest, and he was stopped just after passing the front desk.
"Miss, who are you looking for?" The receptionist asked politely.
Leng Yuqiu reminded her lips and politely replied, "I’m here to see Ah Shu."
Looking at the front desk, she immediately changed her mind and said, "I’m here to see your president."
"Oh …" The front desk smiled and called so affectionate?
"Do you have an appointment?"
Section 256
"No, but please put me through. My name is Leng Yuqiu. Aunt knows me." Leng Yuqiu kept an elegant and decent smile when he spoke.
Today, she wore a white Ni coat, long black hair, supple waist and straight calves. At first glance, she looked like a classic and full of charm. Maybe it was because she was dressed and talked with great temperament that the front desk nodded and dialed Zhou Mi’s landline number. "There is a miss Leng Yuqiu in Zhou Mi Lou who wants to find the president."
"Well, that’s fine."
After hanging up, the receptionist smiled apologetically. "Sorry, Miss Leng, our president is out this afternoon."
"Go out? Where did he go? When will you come back? " Leng Yuqiu frowned and asked.
"I’m sorry, these are all company secrets. I don’t know if I don’t know," said the front desk with a smile.
"…" Leng Yuqiu bit his lip. The first thought in his heart was, don’t you want to see yourself?
It’s impossible. Anyway, they are related. They can’t avoid seeing each other.
Should really go out.
So ….. "In that case, I’ll go upstairs and wait for him." After that, Leng Yuqiu lifted her feet and walked towards the ladder position.
夜生活The front desk was startled and busy standing on high heels and grabbed her arm. "I’m sorry, miss, didn’t you?"
You can’t go without an appointment and permission. "
"But I have something very important to find him!" Leng Yuqiu frowns
She finally found a reason to come out with such a good opportunity when her family went to the hospital. She didn’t want to wave.
That’s right. She’s coming to Han Shao today to find out about him and Xiaoxiao.
"That won’t do either. If I let you go, I will be punished by the company for my dereliction of duty." The front desk pulled her hard and refused to let go
Leng Yuqiu took a deep breath and said, "I’m a relative of Ah Shu. I’m living in his house now. It’s really important to come to him. If your company asks, I’ll ask Ah Shu to tell your company."

When we arrived at the underground parking lot, we found that there was another tunnel …

Soon I was taken to an unknown place, which was a dense forest, and I couldn’t see the surrounding environment clearly at night, but according to the time estimate, we should still be in Qinyuan.
And soon I saw a row of cars with someone meeting Ye Sanye.
The leaves three yes to speak "I didn’t think I can freely in and out of Qinyuan? I have lived here for decades, and of course I am familiar with it. "
品茶论坛Quite proud in tone.
Chapter 27 A rescuer or his own flesh and blood
I try to calm myself down.
In fact, I’m still thinking about Panton.
I haven’t thought about what Bai Pandong means. Did he deliberately let me be taken away?
At this time, Ye Sanye tore the cloth out of my mouth.
I looked at him and though I could speak, I kept my mouth shut.
Ye Sanye sneered, "I think Ye Xiangyuan’s little beast is just this. If he moves to the military compound, I can’t do anything about him. It’s just that he stays in Qinyuan, which is my site. He is just too conceited. What is his worst result? I have not succeeded."
He proudly scolded Ye Xiangyuan.
I don’t know how my heart suddenly gave birth to a strange association with just Pan Dongju … Is Ye Xiangyuan deliberately waiting for Ye Sanye to come back?
Section 192
All this is calculated.
And i’m the ready bait …
I can’t say for a moment what it feels like in my heart.
If everything is under the control of Ye Xiangyuan, of course I will be more at ease.
But I still feel a little uncomfortable because he didn’t communicate in advance.
The main reason is that I’m still pregnant, and the situation is more dangerous.
However, if Ye Xiangyuan openly asked me to be a hostage, I don’t think I would refuse. After all, he is an employer.
I sighed secretly, and my stomach was not particularly big. One thing I noticed along the way was that
Ye Sanye sneered at Ye Xiangyuan and gave me a look. "Do you still know who my nephew really likes?"
I don’t understand why he suddenly changed the subject.
Just listen to him. "I’ll tell you what. He likes to be the wife of his best brother, Lu Xun."
I was shocked.
Xiaoyan seems to have said that Ye Sanye knew that Ye Xiangyuan had a beloved woman.
Is it really Gu Changyu?
Actually, I had this guess, but then they were so open that I dared not think about it again.
What’s more, Gu Changyu is already Lu Xun’s wife Lu Xun, but Ye Xiangyuan is the most trusted person …
I can’t help biting my lip angle.
No matter how you say yourself, I still tend to believe that Ye Sanye …
Ye Sanye sneered, "So I caught Miss Gu Da."
Smell speech I looked at him.
Gu Changyu was kidnapped by him?
How is that possible? !
Isn’t the kidnapper going to exchange Li Yu’s cigarette? Is this because Ye Sanye confused our sight?
No … It may be that Ye Sanye has married Li Guhe …
At the moment, I can’t think about it. Even if Ye Xiangyuan likes Gu Changyu, so what? Of course, Gu Changyu’s safety is more important.
Ye Sanye’s face turned pale. "I arrested her first and now I arrested you. I just want to see what my good nephew will choose."
I stared at him in amazement.
He laughed more and more. "The harder he is, the happier I feel!"
Such a vicious idea really needs Ye Sanye to come up with.
I had to open my mouth and wake up. "Since you know that Ayuan likes Miss Gu, you should guess that he will definitely save Miss Gu. You didn’t catch me."
Ye Sanye hummed and laughed. "You have another one in your stomach. I can’t believe he’s not entangled if you add another chip."
I didn’t expect him to be quite good at calculating.
Even if he is Teng Juner, there is still Xiao Cong no matter how bad he is.
I wanted to think about it and changed my mind to persuade him that "Gu Changyu is Gu Changning’s sister and Lu Xun’s wife. You arrested her, which not only offended Ayuan but also Gu and Lu. Otherwise, you let her go and I will give you a hostage, and Ayuan, the belly child, will not ignore me."
Ye Sanye gave me a smile, "I won’t let you go, let alone Gu Changyu, even if you tell me something."
My in the mind a careful.
He can’t eat oil and salt.
I asked, "So what do you want? Maybe I can help you."
Leaves three yes eyebrows show will look "how can my dad hand things to the little beast! This time, our department has to get it back, or we will get rid of it! "
His face is ferocious like a madman.
I don’t think appall, if he is really going to fight with Ye Xiangyuan, can Ye Xiangyuan handle it?
According to Ye Xiangyuan, I can certainly deal with the inevitable sacrifice … I may become cannon fodder …

As soon as the VIP area got busy, a pair of shoes suitable for small things set the table. Jiang Junyue’s eyes swept away. "This pair, this pair, and that pair …" His hands were wrapped in seven pairs of shoes in a moment.

Behind Lan Jingyi’s children’s clothes rack, she quietly looked at the man from his appearance in her field of vision. She never looked away from him again before leaving, but she didn’t want her to be so close to him now. She could clearly see his expression. Today, he wore a long trench coat and a pair of slim trousers. Whether sitting or sitting, it was a stunning scenery that attracted women around him. No matter how old and young, they couldn’t help looking at him again and again. Anyway, they didn’t spend money or look at it, so they didn’t look at it.
Lanjingyi looked at him without blinking an eye.
It was not until the little thing in her arms grabbed her long hair and hurt her that Lan Jingyi woke up. "What’s the matter?" She asked softly for fear that a man might hear his voice. When she sent him back to his apartment that day, he was drunk. I wonder if he knew that the woman was her that night. What about Lan Jingyi?
Sometimes I think he wasn’t drunk at all that day, but that’s just speculation
The little thing’s mouth arched towards her chest, which indicated that Lan Jingyi was hungry.
Milk is of water quality, and it is easy to be hungry. I have to eat it many times a day. Anyway, when the little thing is hungry, she feeds it and sits in the rest chair behind the clothes rack. She turns her body in the direction of her clothes so that she can dare to feed her daughter milk, so that she can have a chance to see the man through those gaps.
I really don’t know what he bought for a six or seven-month-old girl. Is it because Lome Wei is pregnant again?
Did you buy all your clothes six or seven months ago? So he came to buy girls’ clothes for six or seven months today?
Guess, anyway, it’s a guess, but there’s also a possibility
First, shoes, then clothes and beautiful little skirts. This season, skirts are always bought with a pair of leggings, which are also loose and suitable for children.
He can really buy clothes, shoes and little girls. Oh, my God, he even bought a small scarf to hang his neck when eating. That color he picked is called a beautiful pink powder. How is it her favorite color? Usually, when I go shopping, little things can’t move their eyes when they see pink.
That little girl is so happy. Her father bought so many things before she was born. It’s pity that her daughter is also his child, but he has bought so many things. Don’t say it’s something. She doesn’t even have a hug.
Lan Jingyi suddenly felt sorry for the little thing in her arms. It’s so pitiful to have a mother without a father.
Jiang Junyue picked a lot of things and finally picked a small crib. Only then did he brush the card and let him pack and go. Lan Jingyi kept staring at his figure. The first time I saw him wearing a trench coat, he wore such a handsome shape.
"Sir, the total is 35 thousand." The clerk was a little excited when he said that he had come to buy a child’s things. He bought so many things at once and it was still the best. "Sir is such a good father."
This sentence is when it comes to Jiang Junyue’s sore spot. He is really not a good father. He believed Yunfei’s investigation results at the beginning. He really believed that woman had followed Liu Wentao. If he had known that she was pregnant with her own flesh and blood, he would have taken her back to the city. When Xiao Wu mentioned that she was not desperate to go out to find a son in the month, her eyes hurt more than wet. After pressing the password, she wrote the address and left to buy such things. The store is naturally willing to send him the door. Rich, rich is the uncle.
Seeing that Jiang Junyue left the infant shop, Lan Jingyi picked up the full little Qin Qin and quietly followed him out to see him far away.
When he left the door, he would drive away, but he didn’t want Jiang Junyue to turn into another store, which was a women’s clothing store. Lan Jingyi looked down at her clothes, and it was a little cold. She wore a hoodie and simply put on her hat to forgive her. She really cherished such an unexpected opportunity, and she wanted to go in and see him again.
I hope he doesn’t find out.
How would he react if he saw her and didn’t know?
Or he doesn’t even know that he has returned to the market.
He was either drunk or drunk in the elevator that night.
Holding the baby in her arms, the beautiful woman who greeted her in front of the door glanced at her and didn’t even say’ welcome’, but she didn’t stop her from going out. That’s good.
Lan Jingyi went in. Not far away, the man was picking a gift. Lan Jingyi casually touched a dress and dressed it as a pick-and-pick sample, but when she saw the price tag of the dress, she almost fainted. It looked like a common style, but the price tag was 1000.
God, she can’t afford it.
Look at the other one, 5.1 thousand
She can’t afford it.
"Miss, if we miss every yard of clothes in our shop and want to buy them again, it’s a must." The salesman didn’t have the enthusiasm to recommend clothes to her.
"Oh, I’m just looking around."
"Madam, if you don’t buy it, you can try it first. Look at this beige tweed coat, it will look good on you." The salesgirl warmly recommended it.
夜生活Lan Jingyi was also embarrassed to look at it for a long time, but she didn’t choose one and didn’t try it. It made people feel that she was insincere. If she tried it anyway, she didn’t have to buy it. She just took a thin orange-red down at first sight. This city can’t wear it for a few days a year, but it can be worn for a long time in France. She really likes it. After wearing it, she will go to the fitting with the down. The salesman said, "Madam, let me help you hold the baby."
"No, thank you" Since the accident, Lan Jingyi is a hand washer, holding Xiao Qinqin with one hand and one-handed pants. She is used to it anyway. She thinks she will have a heart attack if she throws her hand again.
"Wait" but the salesman stopped her again. "Madam, let me take your measurements. If it’s inconvenient for you to try on the baby with your arms, I’ll find you a size that suits you best."
Seeing that the salesman was so enthusiastic, Lan Jingyi was embarrassed to refuse the "thank you" and cooperated with the measurement. Sure enough, she took the one that was one yard bigger and changed it to a smaller one for her. Only then did she enter the fitting room. Not the kui is a brand shop, and there is a carpet. Lan Jingyi tried it. Sure enough, the salesman picked out a thin down size for her, and she just liked it. It was really nice to wear it. After looking at it again and again, she still took it off. It was too expensive to sell it. She could not bear the money.
Lan Jingyi shook her head. "I don’t like it very much. I’ll look at it again." She handed down the feather to the salesman. She couldn’t stay any longer. Then she swept around. Jiang LaCrosse actually disappeared. She hurried forward and turned rows of clothes. Only then did she see the man breathe a sigh of relief. People came in to buy clothes, but she came in to follow him. She really didn’t want to leave.
He began to choose clothes one after another, from short coats to long windbreakers to skirts, trousers and shoes. This time, he actually chose things more carefully than buying children.
Lome Wei is really happy to have such a husband and women are happy. She looks at him with envy, sees him pick up a present, looks at it again and again, and finally nods to let it go.
God, that gift is really beautiful, and it’s also orange, and she likes it at first sight.
But I like it with her again, which Jiang Junyue bought for Lomevi.
I think it’s his engagement party with Lomevi. Lomevi will wear it.
The future bride is really happy.
come on
come on
The more you look at your heart, the more sour you are. Lanjingyi took one more look at the man and decided to turn around and leave quietly.
Chapter 111 As if it were yesterday
I followed Jiang Junyue for so long, and when I came out, it was already dark. Lan Jingyi jumped on the bus and went to the night market. Maybe she just visited that brand of fashion shop, and then looked at the design of night market clothes, but none of them were attractive, but they were very cheap. She chose for a long time before buying two pieces, one for herself and one for her mother.
Jiang Junyue, a fashion shop over there, finally chose a dress and shoes. The salesman followed him for a while and then chose a lot of clothes. "Are all the gentlemen wrapped according to the size of the lady just now?"

After sending this message, I picked it up and put it aside. Soon I received a text message from Yan Jiaxin, "He didn’t look for me, but I took the initiative to look for him."

I was a little sad to see this news, but I asked her again, "What are you looking for him?"
It was a long time before Yan Jiaxin replied to me, "because I want to give him back what I owe him, so that we are even."
Soon Yan Jiaxin added, "Shi Shige is very poor."
"He’s really not Qi Yier."
Yan Jiaxin simply didn’t type, but launched a voice for me, so I directly typed her words and asked, "Is he really not?"
"It’s not exemptions and Qi Qishi. It’s Qi Yi’s adoption of children, but I’m the only one who knows about this."
"You always knew."
Yan Jiaxin gave me a "well" and said, "What exemptions have done is to raise his head in front of others. He hopes to get Qi Yi’s approval, but he has never been in Qi Yi’s eyes. Even if he was given the position of president, he let the noodle people give him problems everywhere. He and Qi Qi are orphans, but this matter has never been known to Qi Qi. Let Qi Qi live like a princess and resist all the burdens."
"Does Qi Qi know all this? How is she now? I heard that her spirit is not normal."
Yan Jiaxin sighed and said, "I heard exemptions say that she was in a trance and the real reason was that she was invaded by human nature, that is, that time she collapsed after she finished her spirit."
"What’s going on?" I was frightened at once.
"This is when I learned from Lin Yuran that he was crazy, he always made some unusual moves and said Qi Qi’s name from time to time."
I recall in my mind what Qi Yi said to me tonight, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Now Yan Jiaxin is up again, but it shocked me once again.
"You really want me to help him," I asked Yan Jiaxin. "If I help him now, if I lose everything, I will be condemned by everyone. I am afraid I am sorry for Nanmu."
"I really don’t want you to make such a difficult choice, but I can’t help it. The situation is also very embarrassing. The two companies are talking about who has problems at this stage and will be swallowed up by others step by step. I suspect that Qi Yi has a desire to take the Nansheng Group over there."
"I heard from Jixuan that it seems that Jiyi and that Liu Yuan are really planning something, and when I discovered the drug trafficking today, Jixuan did not deny that it is possible that Jixuan also participated in the competition and now wants to quit and let us act as his umbrella."
Yan Jiaxin suddenly became silent. It seems that what I said casually is really possible. Things are getting more and more complicated for me.
"Go to see him again and ask him again."
Hang up, I don’t want to think too much, put out the room light and slowly fell asleep.
The next day, when I bought fresh fruit, I walked towards Tang Tian’s ward. As soon as I entered, I saw the doctor treating Tang Tian. After I finished, the doctor came to me and said, "The patient’s body is a little better. If he has more recuperation, he should be able to recover."
"thank you"
As soon as the doctor left, I came to Tang Tian and sat down. He looked at me seriously and asked, "Why are you here?"
"Come and see you"
Tang Tianxiao smiled and seemed to hear the doctor’s words. Many people were in a better mood. He pointed his finger at me and ordered something, right?
"Well," I nodded and asked directly, "Who is that Liu Yuan?"
Hearing the name Liu Yuan, Tang Tian was shocked. He looked at me seriously and asked, "How do you know this name?"
"She is now the president of Qiyi Company, and Qi Xuan has been dismissed from her post. Yesterday, she found me and hoped that I could help him go back there."
"Are you asking for my answer?" Tang Tian asked me.
I answered "Yes" without hesitation.
Tang Tian suddenly fell into a complicated thinking, and then said to me, "promise him."
"Can you give me a reason?"
Tang Tianxiao smiled and said, "Jixuan, the hostage is not bad, but he bears too much. He has pride and can say that he won’t ask for help easily like me. If he really asks for help, he must have let himself go. If you help him at this time, he will definitely return your favor. You can also take this opportunity to ease the two of you. Besides Xin Er, you don’t have much to say that you can be a better business partner without this layer. Of course, this is also my personal suggestion, but I have to wake you up. If you really want to achieve great things, you must do it.
I nodded and left the hospital after chatting with Tang Tian for a while. Maybe I should try to do it once, as he said. I looked up at the sky and asked, "Do you support me to do this, Nanmu?"
I don’t know if Nanmu heard my answer. The clouds slowly moved away that day, blocking the sun and revealing the light.
Chapter 11 He cooperated with me to perform.
"I didn’t expect you to actually agree to join me."
I said flatly to Jixuan’s expression, "Although I agreed to join you, I will tell you frankly that if there is anything wrong in front, I will get out immediately."
Jixuan nodded at me and said, "I don’t object to this, but there is one thing I want to make clear. We are both in the same position."
I didn’t speak, but looked at JiXuan in front of me in a very complicated way for a while before I put my cigarette in his hand and answered, "What are you going to do then?"
Qi Xuan held out his finger in front of me and said, "Next, they will hold a charity party in Beijing, and this charity party, as far as I know, is full of important people who will make a big move through this party."
"Circle all the money" I asked.
"This should be because Zhongyi has a signboard like Qi Yi, which will make people have the first feeling to believe and will slowly fall into their trap. This charity party, what they released is the project list that Qi Yi Company has received for several years, in order to allow many wealthy businessmen to choose to enter this profit project. At that time, I will also pretend to be your assistant and you will take those wealthy businessmen’s projects."
I smiled and said, "Why do I feel that if I go in this matter, I will get into deep trouble and let me take a deep risk so that I can’t get out of this trap?"
"This is a game. If you want to say so, then I have no words to explain it, so our combination can be abolished."
I nodded again. "How soon will the charity party start?"
桑拿网"Deep Blue Hotel on Saturday night"
When I got back to the company and just walked into the office, my words rang. At this time, Mu Yi just came to my office. I motioned for her to sit down first. I answered the phone and asked "Who"
"It’s my brother Lei Haoge."
"Yan Xun" I was stunned and sat there. Mu Yi’s face changed. She got up from her seat and looked at me with a little excitement.
I asked Yan Xun, "What’s the matter?"
"Brother Lei Haoge, I found a problem. Qi seems to have a big move. This time, a woman named Lu Yuan seems to have an idea of shifting the focus of the whole company. She has made a big change in all the new artists in the company, including me, en, who are partially assigned to the branch office and gradually transferred everything in the company."
I frown. What exactly did this Lu Yuan do to move her? I am a little confused. If she wants Qi’s eyes and ears to let more people fall into it, then why did she choose to split up a large number of people in the company at this time? What does this mean?
Mu Yi came up to me and shouted "Brother Leihao" to me.
I took a look at her, only to find Yan back. "I’ll get to know your side in this way, pay more attention, and be very careful not to make mistakes at this time."
"Good" Yan Xun seems to have a tendency to hang up. I called him "Wait" again.
"What’s the matter?"
"Someone wants to talk to you."
I gave my mobile phone to Muyi Muyi and looked at me with some sobs, while I raised my head and walked aside to give it to both of them.
It was a long time before Muyi came out of my office. She still had tears in her eyes, but her face showed that happy smile. I took her and handed it to my mobile phone and jokingly said, "Look at your smiling face, my little sister is longing for love."
Mu Yi waved to me and said, "What did Brother Leihao say about you?"
"I didn’t say anything about seeing a woman who changed her mood when she heard Mr. Right."


Chapter 17 Alternative Battlefield (14)
When the dark snake king heard the noise from outsiders in the sinkhole canyon and knew that General Turtle had been killed, he thought to himself, Are the players really so good? General tortoise has hundreds of thousands of tortoise hands, so they are all killed. How can I resist so many players when I am alone? No one thought that the dark snake king had quietly escaped to a secret passage. No one thought that the dark snake king was a coward. Although he was heroic in appearance, he was as timid as an ant.
The soldiers attacked the sinkhole canyon and found that there was no magic in it. Although it was strange what happened, I still went straight through to a goal regardless of so many.
Tiantai! There are no trees, no mountains or even a little taller stones in the sight of this card, which is guarded by the Ghost Warrior. There is a rooftop like the Temple of Heaven! On the rooftop, there is a floating warrior who looks like a hero, holding a big knife and flashing red light, and his eyes will become deeper and shallower. It’s really scary. Some female players are timid and shocked by such a sudden meeting, but they are very interested in the modeling of the Ghost Warrior. It can be said that the modeling of the Ghost Warrior is very stylish, which conforms to the aesthetic observation of modern people and has ultra-modern texture.
No matter how many players talk about it, is it a trap to be a one-man ten thousand cannot force it? But when you look at the past, there is nothing, but to be on the safe side, the military science is to command Yihe to act as a pioneer and take 100,000 people to explore the way first. Sure enough, Yihe has just entered the rooftop, and the scenery in front of him suddenly changed like ten levels of hell. The sight startled these 100,000 people together with Yihe, and it was so plausible and horrible that the devil in hell showed his fangs and wanted to eat everyone. He was a little timid on the spot because of his mental support, and he was forced to be bold and scared. After all, he was a small captain. Busy to escape backwards, now they can do such a thing, but looking back, the way back is gone. I saw that the abyss was as deep as ink, but there was nothing across the abyss. The way in just now was gone.
In the face of despair, even the first and the last are shocked. What should I do if there is a spectre before and an abyss after?
The soldiers and others can see clearly outside. The first and the last people have been screaming and spinning around almost all the time. It seems that something terrible has happened inside, and the phenomenon that players scream and then disappear into white light keeps appearing. Soon, less than half of the 100,000 people are left. The soldiers and others don’t even know what these people will die because they can’t see the situation in the rooftop.
"How did this happen?" Everyone asked the same question in their hearts. What’s in this seemingly flat rooftop?
The dark beauty knight Lord of the mountain peak longed for Haoer, who was watching the frontline battle with an astronomical telescope adjusted to the minimum multiple. It was interesting to see it around. A dark knight Lord behind him reported that "the virus knight sent by Miss Master has been together."
Mu Haoer stopped watching and asked, "How many are there?"
"The first-level virus knight is about 10 thousand, the second-level virus knight is 100 thousand, and the third-level virus knight is increasing. Because there are too many people in the third level, there may be millions. This hill may not."
"Isn’t there a lot of land behind stupid? Those fools won’t back off. "
"yes, miss!"
"I didn’t expect that the talent attribute in this game can create so many abilities. I wonder what kind of special skills my talent can create? Hehe! "
The boundary of the snowy city, Chris? ; Pupil and Zhang Xian just sit face to face, but they can say that they are worried about a person and sometimes sigh and sometimes look up at the sky.
"Chris, how do you know Yi Xue?" Zhang xian said have no words to find words
"I, I seem to be destiny takes a hand. I woke up suddenly from a serious illness and saw escape. At that moment, I seemed to have a very special feeling of wanting to be with him. Maybe this is human love at first sight."
"By the way, can you tell me the story of your adventure with Xueyi?"
"Well, there are a lot of things from every time we meet to when I dress up as a little wizard who just changed jobs to …"
The more the two girls talked unconsciously, the more they devoted themselves to talking, the more they found themselves so indifferent to him.
Tianwu, who also has a good impression on me, is leaning on my arms and looking at Qingqi’s eyes. From the first time we met on the boat to the end of Tianwu, I didn’t expect that I had so many accidents with this person.
The dark snake king is glad that he didn’t stop these players. The demon warrior can also be said that he didn’t see each other’s strength and was eliminated. That stupid turtle general actually relied on his own powerful turtle army just like the demon warrior. It hasn’t been eliminated, but he is single. Even if he is tough, he can’t stop several people’s attacks. Even one point of compulsory damage is enough to destroy himself.
The dark snake king came out from the secret tunnel he dug, but the magic forest was flat. I believe that the players have passed. Now we must find a way to return to the fairyland. Then we are not afraid that the players will find a place to hide. No one can find it. I was just thinking about finding that two people in the tree in front seem to be asleep and bullying the weak, but the dark snake king’s favorite thing is not to even say hello. A three-meter long snake spear appears in his hand and twists his body to make waves.
Tianwu is feeling the feeling of being held by the person you like, but I don’t know the strange sound coming from behind. When I turn my head and look at it, I’m startled. And I’m in such a big shape that I feel sleepy and my love is gone for a moment. Without thinking, I took out my weapon’ God wishes’ and launched a fighting posture [bully body]. My skills [Reiki sword] are ready to launch a blow and kill.
The dark snake king saw someone trying to resist the unexpected. He was afraid that tens of thousands of players would besiege him. He didn’t believe that there was any threat to one player.
"Go to hell!" Wang Li, the dark snake, stabbed the’ God Wishes’ in the hands of Tianwu with a spear, and also injected the force of Tianwu. When the two weapons touched, the naked eye could see that the airflow spread around.
I was washed away by the airflow and rolled around twice. I was surprised to open my eyes. What happened? There was such a strong wind in this box of battlefields. But when I saw what was happening in the field, I was shocked and shouted out with a hoarse voice, "Dancing in the sky …"
The snake spear of the dark snake king was accurately inserted into the belly of the heavenly dance, but the root of the face of the dark snake king could not see even a little happiness. Because the heavenly dance’ God wishes’ stretched out several vines, the whole dark snake king was rolled up, and the eyes of the heavenly dance gradually became dark, and the red light of’ God wishes’ became more and more prosperous …
————–reading recommendation: to worship the true self of the romantic empire.
Chapter 10 Alternative Battlefield (15)
It’s not true that I was stunned by the stinging fire in my bright red eyes. It’s not true. It’s not true at all. Just now, I was leaning on my arms. How could I dance …
Tianwu finally said with strength, "I will wait for you in the real world, whether you want to leave or not, and you must come to see me …" Tianwu said that this sound will no longer come out and turn into a little white light to dissipate the gas.
I grieved and resented why I wanted to fall asleep, but at this moment I didn’t find that the heavenly dance disappeared, but God Blessed didn’t disappear. I don’t know where this heavenly dance got the artifact. It belongs to the underworld. Things are devouring the dark snake king. The dark snake king struggled and roared desperately, but it didn’t help. Vines got into his body from the mouth, nose, ears and other places where there were holes anyway, devouring his dirty body, decomposing his muscles and rotting his soul. What is the pity that the dark snake king finally remembered the word "pity"? It’s a pity that my wisdom came too late, it’s a pity that my wisdom lasted too short, and it’s a pity that I’m as arrogant as General Tortoise, the ghost warrior, and human players can’t be ignored
It took me a long time to remember that Tianwu was just returning to the real world, but I barely persuaded myself to take it easy. However, the feeling of heartbreaking just now made me look up for a long time and found that the dark snake king had turned into a green thing. I was curious to walk twice and found that the green thing was completely still, but I didn’t see the scene where the dark snake king was wrapped just now, so I didn’t know what was inside.
Although I still have worries in my heart, now I haven’t finished recovering my strength, and suddenly my feelings are greatly exhausted, and my eyelids are constantly attacking, and I want to kiss each other, so I can’t go back to the tree just now and lie down and sleep again.
Muer hummed and came to the back to look for elegance and dancing. Muer saw a green round thing from a distance, and his curiosity increased greatly.
Muer looked more and more strange when he came to the front of the spherical object. I didn’t see anything when I passed here just now. Why didn’t such a big thing come out soon and it seems to be wrapped in vines outside? What’s inside?
Muer picked up the skeleton staff in her hand and lifted the vine, but the vine seemed to be very hard. Finally, Muer got sweaty and broke a few pieces, pouting and annoyed. Isn’t there a skill called [Guangyao Temple] that has the ability to restore the life value of living beings? There may be one for this kind of moving vine.
Think of it and do it. Muer sings spells and bursts of white light make the vines more and more green and vibrant. Muer sees that his methods are more and more effective. * * * * He concentrates on the vines to become thick and big. Finally, Muer closes his eyes and cares about the casting skills. He doesn’t see that the vines are getting longer and faster. Muer is surrounded by darkness. Finally, Muer himself is surrounded.
Although it’s strange that there isn’t even a magic weapon in such a singular place in ten thousand cannot force it, since it can pass smoothly, of course, I won’t think so much, even if there is a trap behind it.
"Come on, come on!" The realm of God commands players to like this battle captain position more and more through this. It feels normal that the life flow is calm to 3.1, and it is impossible to realize the assassination. Therefore, he is very intoxicated with it, so he makes special efforts to do things and thinks the same way. Many players are excited in their daily lives. This game is just like a real war, so players are nervous to meet a battle.
Qin Yong nervously took the soldier’s hand and asked, "Brother, go and save them. What do you think they seem to encounter?"
The soldiers steadied their excitement and carefully observed the surrounding environment. There is nothing in this place in Ma Pingchuan, but what can be reflected in the ghost warrior? The only explanation is that strange changes will occur when you enter the scope of the Ghost Warrior, and this change will not be effective unless you enter it.
The soldier said to the assassin around him, "Do you dare to go in?"
桑拿网The assassination root is not afraid of these things. At most, it is just that you can’t see the wonderful situation behind you. "No problem, brothers, come with me."
Following the assassination, the players rushed to the top of the mountain and responded with a "coming!"
More than 6,000 people followed the assassination and rushed into the last place. As soon as the assassination came in, they immediately felt that the ghosts and demons who rushed over the sky were really shocked. But the assassination was a theist and this is the so-called ghost in the game. Isn’t it a magic thing? As soon as a whole hand’s cross fist blade [Dark Instant] skill came out, ghosts and demons were cut in half, and the smoke disappeared. After seeing the assassination, the players immediately dared to attack ghosts and demons. Of course, a few girls still screamed, but now it sounds like a symphony.
"Brothers, this is a fake rush!" The assassination took the lead and rushed over, but just after the assassination, a whole person fell to the original level, but now it is a abyss. As soon as the eyes were dark, they fell into a coma.
The soldiers facing the outside world and others saw that the assassination foot was soft and the whole person fell to the ground. The people were surprised. What’s the trap inside another one?
After the assassination, the players stopped for the first time, but five or six thousand people didn’t mean that they could stop at the back and push forward. Hundreds of people immediately followed the assassination and spread it among the players in the horrible atmosphere.
"What should I do?" Ip Man’s illness can be the same as illness. If his body can still move mentally, he can rush in and see what’s going on.
"Can Ye do me a favor?"
"I can listen to you whatever you want."
Hearing Ye say this, the disease is a little blushing. In reality, the disease in school is a handsome inter-school star, but he comes back again. No girl does this to him. After all, the title of genius has prevented many girls from delusional.
"This and then this …" Ye nodded while listening and finally asked, "Is this really possible?"
I don’t know, but I hope it works.