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In this way, I stared at it for a while. Finally, a senior official couldn’t stand rubbing his eyes and walked to the northwest Cang Lang. He said with a sad face, It’s been more than ten minutes for the president to stare like this. It’s not the way. I’m afraid it’s not so easy for four priests to want to die together. I don’t know when to go like this. Brothers can’t stand it.

Northwest Cang Lang also had a hard time rolling its eyes and blinking a few times before it didn’t good the spirit. What do you say?
The highlevel thought for a moment and said, Why don’t I send a message to ask these priests? Deputy, they know the situation best, and they just wake up. It’s better to send a message when they are dying than to wait like this.
That line you ask Northwest Cang Lang nodded.
Seeing that the president nodded, the highranking official quickly sent a message to Pastor A in the past, What’s going on inside?
Pastor A soon returned the message Dead! The horse will die!
The message is short, as if there is a fierce battle of distraction.
Seeing the information, the highlevel official was overjoyed and quickly reported to Northwest Cang Lang that the president said that the horse was going to die.
You seem happy that we were played? Northwest Cang Lang immediately frowned and stared at the top.
Er … not the president, I … The highlevel smile froze in the face.
Eleven, you are very good! Northwest Cang Lang took a deep breath, and his eyes flashed with a sense of obliteration, gnashing his teeth. Tell everyone to get ready. I’ll hang up on him immediately when 111 appears. Besides, after he dies, Ma will issue a killing order in the guild, and people in Juxianlou will meet him no matter where they are or what they are doing!
Wang Zheng, a tall skeleton with a golden crown, is holding a huge machete and slashing at our armor master, which is majestic and arrogant.
However, in the eyes of Wu and four priests, it is already a spent force, because its original blood volume has dropped from 5 to 94.
However, even if the 152 attack of Skull King has twice the crit, there are still no three skeleton archers who have a volley of damage. It is not enough to be afraid of making a ghost hammer every 3 seconds, but it will only cause 2 points of damage. Although it will cause 2 seconds of dizziness, the armor master is not like other professional families. You don’t need to do it. It makes no difference whether you faint or not.
If there is no accident, the first life of Skull King will be confessed in more than a minute.
Pastor A’s excited voice trembled a little, and his face was excited. It’s so cool that we can definitely break the fastest pass record of the forgotten tomb. What should we do if we see it? I’m so excited that I want to pee. Hahahaha … Just now, there was a message from the top management asking me how I was. You don’t know how proud I was when I told them that the first life of King Skull died. I was so proud that I almost cried.
品茶论坛Pastor Yi Bingding was also excited and flushed, but he despised what did the highlevel officials say later?
Pastor Jia wiped a corner of his eye and smiled. What else can I say? He is too excited to return the direct information. It is estimated that the boss will already know that our guild will finally turn over. Now I can imagine them cheering and wiping their tears outside … It’s not easy. All this is thanks to the help of the Great God.
Yes, we were all fooled by the forum’s nine eggs. The armor master is simply a god. We are fans of the armor master … Pastor Yi Bingding looked at Wu who was enjoying a machete massage in front of the skull king.
Wu is also happy when he looks at the assistant for 12 minutes and 46 seconds, but unlike the four priests, he is not happy to record and see things, but to trigger the hidden boss Pugna.
Although the Skull King is the boss, he doesn’t know that he has no magic resistance at all. The cooperation between the flame cloak and the glacier armor can cause 7 points of damage to him every minute.
According to Wu’s calculation, the remaining blood volume of Skull King plus 25 blood volume after resurrection will take up to 5 minutes, and no matter what, it can be connected in 2 minutes, so that the dreamland will be broken and Pugna will come out, and the exclusive will have a chance to complete.
I just don’t know what this exclusive reward is. When the reward is written, the word unknown is written, but since it is given by the duke, it must not be too bad.
Oh, by the way, there are still two gold coins to be windfall. Hey, hey …
Chapter 45 Skeleton Skeleton King
14 minutes and 1 second
The tall Skull King’s body trembled slightly and made a creaking bone friction.
Then Hua crashed and scattered all over the place, and black gas drifted out of these bones and finally gathered into a cross half a meter square.
Oh, the first life is dead … Pastor A screamed with excitement and turned to look around to clear his throat. He said seriously, The second life of the Skull King will be resurrected in 3 seconds. After the resurrection, its attack power will increase, and the treatment pressure will increase. We should restore the blue amount when we hurry. Do we absolutely not delay the great god?
Pastor B, C, D carefully ordered a floor and sat with a blue bottle in his hand.
14 minutes and 4 seconds
The cross, which was condensed by black gas, floated slowly, and then fell sharply on the ground at a very fast speed. The black gas spread and wrapped all the bones in it in an instant …
Black gas is slowly surging. Suddenly, a black flash shoots out and suddenly hits Wu Mian’s door. A dizzy iconthe nether hammer immediately appears on his head.
After rebirth, it is not a physical attack, but also a lot of magical attacks on King Skull. This can be seen from the fact that the damage of the Ghost Hammer has increased from 2 to 3.
Then a tall figure rushed out with a black gas that has not dissipated and cut it in Wu’s chest.
Critical strike!
Wu’s blood volume immediately bottomed out and dropped to 2.
I depend on the skull king crazy today? How to throw a hammer and crit? It’s a great god. If it had changed our guild M, it would have been destroyed.
At the same time, the priests gasped, and a clever hand therapy was involuntarily released.
Four treatments directly brought Wu’s blood back to full value, but …
Not good! O!
The priests lost their voice.
The Skull King has just come into contact with Wu, who has been hurt by the flame windbreaker once, and the hatred value has just been established. The healing of priests immediately made their hatred value surpass Wu.
Influenced by this, the Skull King has given up decisively, and the priests of the Wu Dynasty came running …
Great god, what the hell are you doing? What do you mean by blue light? !
Several priests directly froze and ran for a while, not without running, not all of them looked puzzled, but Wu saw him as calm as a face.
Alas, alas, alas What great god doesn’t panic at all? What the hell was he thinking? Did you get disconnected?
One step!
Two steps!
Three steps!
Seeing the Skull King getting closer and closer, he will jump in front of the priests in one second, and their hearts will explode.
At this time …
The familiar sound finally rings and the familiar blue light finally lights up.
The machete in the hand of the Skull King stopped at a distance of 1 cm from the pastor’s nose …
Wu apologetically said, I’m sorry that my skills were cooling just now …
The Great God is not so scary … Pastor C sat down with a soft leg and burst into tears.

Although the number of Arsenal superstars is far less than that of Real Madrid, in the past two years, Arsenal has won four weighty trophies, while Real Madrid has won the grain. The Real Madrid season league also seems to catch up with Barcelona, which is an extravagant hope. The Galaxy battleship is not much stronger than the Arsenal.

Wenger expressed his fear of Real Madrid at the UEFA prematch press conference.
There are too many people in Real Madrid who can decide the game. Ronaldo Zida Beckham, including casillas, can decide the game! Arsenal must attach great importance to Real Madrid in order to leave at the Bernabeu with an ideal result.
Over the past years, people have been saying that Arsenal have no reason to be belittled by others if only the results are concerned, but we have the opportunity to win the Champions League nine times this season against Real Madrid. I think this is a good opportunity to prove that Arsenal have something to do in Europe. Why not? This will be a dream game!
On the evening of February 22nd.
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
The magnificent Bernabeu was packed. When Qin Xiong’s teammates walked into the stadium, I didn’t know how others felt. Qin Xiong was shocked by the atmosphere and grandeur of the stadium.
夜生活This should be the most shocking top stadium he has ever walked into in his career.
Born in Madrid’s financial district, Real Madrid is a natural aristocrat, including fans. Since the birth of the Champions League, the club has won five consecutive championships and looked down on all beings.
Qin Xiong understood at this moment what many stars would say that their dream is to play in the Bernabeu or play for Real Madrid.
It really has a unique attraction here!
However, the atmosphere of the stadium, the architectural structure of the stadium and these external things cover up the difficulties that Atletico Madrid is facing at this moment.
Players who play in Real Madrid seem to be preoccupied, and occasionally they can catch a glimpse of deep worries in the eyes of Real Madrid fans in the stands.
It’s not the first time that Qin Xiong saw all the stars of Real Madrid at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Many real Madrid stars attended the ceremony. They didn’t talk, but they all observed each other from a distance.
He may have reverence for his predecessors.
The stars of Real Madrid may have been curious about who the rising star of football was from the Dutch team to the Premier League comet.
Today, fate made them meet in the stadium.
Qin Xiong, who will be 21 in four months, met Zida, 33, Ronaldo, 29 and Beckham, 3.
As the Champions League theme song echoed in the stadium, the players of the two teams entered the live camera.
The exciting European Champions Cup ushered in the knockout stage. At the beginning of the season, it was recognized that the top five and two teams actually met in the quarterfinals. This is suspected that before the fans enjoyed two toplevel matchups, Real Madrid took the Bernabeu to face Premier League champion Arsenal today!
In recent two or three years, Real Madrid has been in an eventful autumn. florentino has bought more and more bigname stars, but the team’s record has become more and more unstable. Now it is said that florentino has a soft spot for Arsenal Qin Xiong, but unfortunately it failed to acquire it during the winter break because Arsenal Real Madrid knows the importance of Qin Xiong.
In the last two or three seasons, Arsenal have been unbeaten in a straight line, won the league championship and set many Premier League records. They are still the league leader in the successful defending season. Now it is time for Arsenal to prove themselves in Europe! To be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has not been drawn, and it has become the peak of the front 51]
Qin Xiong looked at every player who walked past Real Madrid with a serious expression. Perhaps because of the turmoil in Real Madrid, the players were stingy to make more reactions to the outside world, as if everyone was sulking and trying to create a state of surging fighting spirit.
The first leg of the Champions League 1 final is about to be played by Real Madrid and Arsenal. Let’s take a look at the names of the two sides.
Real Madrid 451
Goalkeeper casillas
Defender Cicinho Ramos woodgate Carlos
Midfielder Beckham Guti Gravesen Zida Robinho
Striker Ronaldo
Arsenal 451
Goalkeeper Lyman
Defender Eboue Toure Senderos Flamini
Midfielder Ljungberg Fabregas Qin Xiong Silva Pires
Striker Henry
Halfcourt match with the referee whistling.
Real Madrid took the lead.

Lu sorrow hurriedly lifted was up and didn’t care about sleeping. A long hair hung freely and ran out of the master bedroom to the living room barefoot, but I didn’t see him looking into the kitchen.

She walked to the kitchen with a little slouches. She can still remember their sweet hands rubbing against the sink last night, but now he’s gone, as if the family had suddenly lost too much.
When she turned to twist her head, she saw a refrigerator sticker.
The face says, "Wife, I got up early in the company emergency today. I saw that you slept so soundly that I didn’t have the heart to wake you up. I want you to sleep longer. Remember to make breakfast or buy breakfast yourself. Don’t starve yourself, Mr. Lin."
Section 61
His words are flying like clouds and flowing like water, and he is vigorous and loose.
Lu looked at the face with love and smiled stupidly at every word.
She stretched out her hand and pulled the convenience bar from the refrigerator. She bit her lip and looked at it word by word again. The smile in her eyes was even brighter.
"Lin Mochen, you big bad guy!" Lu sorrow stretched out his finger to poke the note and treated it as Lin Mo Chen.
Lu sorrow eased the mood, then went to the bathroom to wash and comb my hair and combed a long hair into a playful and clever ponytail.
She went to change a letter with a white background, a black collar and cuff shirt. In front of the shirt, there was a photo pattern that looked very personal, and some light colors were added to the black and white, which would not be so boring, but added a little playful.
On the other hand, she wore a black gauze skirt, which was short in front and long in the back. The design was very feminine.
Lu sorrow back his black bag is going out when he received a call from Lin Mochen.
She picked up the first sentence and blurted out, "I still want you to leave me alone?"
Lin Mo Chen listened to her complaints and hooked her lips slightly. "How can I be willing to give up? Don’t I have something to go first? Did I leave you a note and stick it in the refrigerator? "
"There is no note?" Lu you denies it.
"What a naughty girl!" Lin Mochen recognized her angry tone. "Did you have breakfast?"
"I’ll just go to the Star Media Road for a while to buy some." Lu Yu, in turn, worried about him. "What about you? Did you eat after leaving so early? "
"Well, Meng Mi has prepared breakfast." Lin Mochen once again told her to "remember to eat breakfast."
"Good" Lu You walked to the door and opened the door. "I’m going back to the star media class today. I can’t be late for the first day, so I won’t talk to you first, and then I’ll talk to you later."
"I asked Pombo to pick you up. Don’t worry, it will arrive this time. It won’t be like the second time." Lin Mochen won’t forget that she saved him when they met for the first time. Instead, he made her lose her job. "He has been waiting for you."
"Okay, I know." Lu You hung up and went to the ladder.
And Lin Mo Chen put away his mobile phone and saw Chu Heng walking towards his bed with a cotton swab out of the corner of his eye.
Right now, Lin Mo-chen is lying in Minheng Hospital, and his vip ward belongs to him. He looks a little pale, and his left hand is still tied with intravenous drip, and the liquid horse is about to lose.
桑拿按摩  title=-digression–
Thank you, dear, for voting. Who has a monthly ticket and another one? Oh, break through chapter 1. Thank you very much
Today, the first and second are at 2 o’clock in the afternoon or later.
☆, coax daughter-in-law also shouldn’t die joking.
Chu Heng is dressed in a white robe, and his handsome face is a cold expression, but he is also elegant and self-focused
He put his hands in the pockets of his white robe. "Why didn’t you tell her that you almost died of intravenous drip in the hospital?"
"I didn’t want to tell her." Lin Mochen put the phone away. "I don’t want her to know. I’m worried. Besides, I’m fine now."
Chu Heng frowned. "Aren’t you afraid that the same situation will happen again if you don’t tell her about it?"
"I wish I had paid attention," said Lin Mo-chen. Anyway, he won’t tell Lu You.
"Another time?" Chu Heng has some words. His tone is a little tough. Tell him, "You must tell Lu You are allergic to prawns! This is not a joke. It can’t happen again. It will aggravate the allergic symptoms every time. "
"I won’t eat it again," Lin Mohen changed his mind.
"You must tell her your situation no matter whether there are times or not." Chu Heng pulled out his hand from his robe pocket to open the drip to stop the last bit of liquid from being imported. "I know that Miss Lu is a good woman, but there is a limit to coaxing women not to joke about their health and life."
"I didn’t," Lin Mochen denied.
"No, you still know that you are allergic to prawns?" ChuHang is really Lin Mo minister "you this is not to find yourself to suffer? It’ s hard to get a life back once, and you just let it go? "
Chu Heng just doesn’t understand what these men and women are doing in love.
Lin Mo-chen is not the most exaggerated thing he has ever seen.
He has seen couples die and want to force each other, and then they are injured and sent to the hospital. If they are lucky, they are alive, but unfortunately, they are dead or disabled for life. He really doesn’t think this is a good result.
He feels that no matter what kind of injury or difficulty he encounters, he should cherish his life, because life will never come again once.
Since heaven has made you a human being, you should cherish this opportunity to live like a human being before being negative.
Lin Mo-chen knows that Chu Heng is grateful to him and his heart.
"At that time, the situation … I …" Lin Mochen sighed. "You don’t want to tell Lu about this matter. I just don’t want her to know that nothing you said will make her feel guilty."
"For what you don’t want to do with her, you will do with me? You quarreled with me in the middle of the night, but I had two operations in succession, and you didn’t want to find something for me just after I closed my eyes, did you? " Chu Heng cursed the crime of Lin Mochen. "You want me to die!"
Yesterday, he couldn’t bear to refuse to look at her expectantly, and he didn’t want to spoil the sweet atmosphere at that time, so he ate shrimp.
Sure enough, it was sent soon. Fortunately, Lu You was asleep.
He quickly dressed and drove to the hospital and called Chu Heng to wait for him in the hospital.
At that time, Kun Heng just went home to sleep for a few hours, and he was called back to the hospital by Lin Mo-chen.
When he heard that he was allergic, he didn’t dare to delay for a moment, even if he was tired, he supported himself
When he arrived at the hospital, Lin Mo had just arrived. He saw that he had a rash all over his body, and he had already scratched a red mark, which was shocking to watch.
He hurriedly prescribed medicine for Lin Mo-chen and was afraid that he would catch himself.
After Lin Mo-chen settled down, he asked Chu Heng to go back to rest, but at this moment Chu Heng was already sleepy.
He didn’t watch it for a few hours until dawn, and he didn’t want to toss and turn again. Anyway, there is a lounge in the office in the hospital where he can rest.
Is he don’t trust Lin mo minister didn’t leave just keep him for a while, two people talked.
Then they were almost sleepy. Chuhang went back to the lounge and had a rest.
Called a nurse on duty to watch it so as to change his dressing.
Today, after waking up early, Chuhang simply washed up and came to see Lin Mo-chen push the door open and heard Lin Mo-chen talking.
The tone of the sorrow and spoil of Lu is so gentle that Bo Hang himself is in the wrong place.
However, he was happy for Lin Mo-chen. He finally found a caring person.
Chu Heng looked disgusted. "I told you not to call me again."
"Hang you this tone jealousy don’t know people still have a crush on what I eat lu sorrow vinegar" Lin Mo Chen looked at his eyebrow angry appearance unexpectedly still can laugh.
"If you are still in the mood to joke, you can really get out of here." Chu Heng put a cotton swab on the back of Lin Mo-chen’s hand where the needle stuck, and then quickly pulled out the needle.
"Press the cotton swab" ChuHeng told him.

Relegation teams, championship teams and teams competing for tickets to Europe!

On the contrary, those who want to be high or low are the best teams to play.
Wigan athletic belongs to this category.
At Anfield, Wigan Athletic lost its determination to fight to the death against Liverpool in the first half of the season, and its willpower was desperate because the team scored points in the first half of the season.
But in the final stage, the established goal can be achieved and more can be pursued, so the fighting spirit of the game will naturally slip
Wigan Athletic seemed to be bombarded by Liverpool at Anfield with 6 goals. Qin Xiong scored a big four. Before Suarez was about to return, Qin Xiong shouldered the team’s goal well.
Liverpool won a 60 victory.
Manchester United had a thrilling 10 win over Fulham at Old Trafford.
Arsenal also performed steadily at home, beating Aston Villa 30.
Chelsea Hotspur rehearsed the FA Cup semifinal, and then the two teams made a clean sheet: shaking hands and making peace.
Newcastle United’s 31 win over West Brom, Cisse and Dembaba in hawthorns made the outside world salivate.
Manchester city lost points again!
Manchester City drew 11 away to Stoke City!
Mancini almost made the Manchester City champion drift away.
The recent wind direction of Fleet Street is to attack Manchester City, especially Mancini.
Lian Hongjun’s former king Dalglish talked about the title race in the season in an interview, and focused on Manchester City, which seems to help Liverpool put pressure on Manchester City in public opinion.
The recent poor away record led Manchester City to be overtaken by Manchester United and they had the opportunity to reverse Liverpool to the top, but they also missed it. Although they set a new record of 19 wins and 1 draw in the league at home, they would walk further and further away from the trophy.
Since last December, Manchester City’s away record has declined. Up to now, nine away games have won two opponents, Wigan Athletic and Aston Villa, leaving seven draws, two draws and five losses. West Brom and Stoke City lost to Chelsea, Liverpool, Sunderland, Everton and Chelsea. If converted into points, 27 points were scored, and the scoring rate was 3%.
It is acceptable that these opponents can’t win against a strong team like Chelsea and Liverpool, but it’s not right for Manchester City to win the championship in the middle reaches of West Brom and Sunderland.
In fact, in the first half of the season, Manchester City was quite strong away from home. Six away games, five wins and one draw, could not be maintained like Manchester United and Liverpool.
Now Manchester City regrets that it didn’t win the away game before, because the visiting opponents are difficult to deal with, including Arsenal, which has a strong recent rise, and Newcastle, which ranks seventh. Of course, they have not been able to chew the hard bone of Stoke City, and Manchester United and Liverpool have a dominant schedule. There are not many strong rivals left in the away game.
Mancini became the target of attack in Fleet Street.
桑拿会所But Manchester City still needs someone to come out and stabilize the army.
Yaya Toure, the hero of the goal in Stoke City, called on the team to hold on now.
It’s very important not to panic. It’s certainly more difficult to play away from home than at home, especially for Stoke City. Today, they played very well and a draw is reasonable. We must continue to work hard and have confidence in ourselves. To be continued.
[The first volume The sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1467 Is the blue moon going to collapse? ]
There are still rounds left in the Premier League
Liverpool 69 points
Manchester United 69 points
Manchester city 67 points
Arsenal 55 points
Tottenham scored 55 points
Chelsea 5 points
Newcastle United 49 points
Arsenal have one round left in the league to return to the top four!
And Liverpool striker Suarez will be released from the ban in a Premier League round!
The first leg of the Champions League quarterfinal is at the end of March.
Liverpool took the lead in challenging Fica.
Considering that he will be visiting St. James’ Park this weekend, Coleman is a bit conservative in the Champions League.
Muscle midfield plus Qin Xiong Suarez joined forces to attack
It is difficult for Fica to break Liverpool’s goal at home. Liverpool seized the opportunity to rewrite the score on the road with two fast breaks.
Qin Xiong Suarez scored a goal each and took a 20 lead in the away game.
After the game, Europe predicted that Liverpool would successfully advance to the semifinals of the Champions League!
Back in the league, Liverpool visited St. James’ Park and the game was put in the final round.
The first appearance was Arsenal gunner queens park Rangers who played a London game.
Queens park Rangers, who need to avoid relegation and compete for points, have suffered a lot for Arsenal and suffered a rare defeat recently.
Arsenal lost!
Just entering the fourth place in the league has a tendency to lose.
When Tottenham beat Swansea 31 at White Hart Lane, as feared by gun fans, Tottenham regained the fourth place in the league.
Chelsea beat Aston Villa 42 at Villa Park at the weekend.
The game was thrilling until the 3 rd minute of the game, when the two teams drew 22, then Torres headed the ferry and assisted Ivanovic to score a goal in the last minute of injury time to seal the victory.

"…" Jing Saixixi turned white "Dad doesn’t take you like this"

After dinner, Jing Muchen went downstairs soon because of his bad mood.
Jing Saixixi bitter haha followed, trying to persuade his father to send him to study abroad later.
Jing Anyue clamored to see it, so Jing Anjiu left the living room to help her.
But there seems to be something wrong with the remote control. She has been studying it for a long time, but she has not been able to get rid of it. The little girl keeps stamping her feet next to her. "Sister, sister, can you do it after all?"
喝茶约茶Jing Anjiu was asked by her with a full face of embarrassment. I wish Xiaobai were here at this time. He is so clever that something must be touched …
I was thinking that the servant behind me said, "Miss Jing has a guest outside."
Section 796
Jing Anjiu turned back in surprise. "Guest?"
Isn’t Jing Muchen all booked here?
Besides, my birthday, pary, ended at noon.
"It’s a gentleman. He said that his surname was Han and he was looking for Miss Jing and Jingxian …"
The servant’s words haven’t finished yet. Jing Anjiu has bright eyes and ran out directly.
Because she hasn’t had much rest, she hasn’t changed her dress or makeup. She has changed her slippers for comfortable feet.
Running too fast, the slippers were thrown out, and she ran out barefoot.
Behind the servant and JingAnyue some gaping at …
Jing’ an Jiu ran all the way outside and went up two steps. Sure enough, he immediately saw the gate of Han Mo White Club.
He is wearing a clean and tidy white shirt and black trousers. He looks very formal without a wrinkle. I don’t guess that he must be ready. I didn’t expect to celebrate her birthday today …
Jingan nine nose a sour injustice shouted "little white"
Han Mobai looked up and saw that her face was suddenly cold and soft for a second. He moved faster and came over to hold her hand and asked, "Why don’t you wear shoes?"
"…" JingAn nine bowed their heads and found himself barefoot.
* * little feet cement is particularly white and tender, and she immediately blushes.
"I ran too fast just now and I might have lost my way," she explained.
"Where can I get it for you?" Han Mobai immediately said.
"Don’t ah" Jing Anjiu a face of panic "my father is still upstairs, so I’ll go back and put on my shoes and you wait for me for a while."
"…" Korea ink white narrow squint finally nodded.
Jing’ anjiu hurriedly turned around and went back to the corner of the hall to find the slippers that had been dumped.
After wearing it, she consciously looked at her eyes and sat on the sofa watching the gangster film.
After thinking about it, after all, I didn’t feel at ease to lift my feet in the past and discuss it. "Sister Yue will come back if she wants to go out for a trip to the horse. If dad asks you, just say I went to the bathroom, okay?"
JingAnyue intently watching audio-visual heard this is also nodded "oh"
Jinganjiu smiled and turned to leave.
It’s getting dark.
Han Mobai waited quietly outside the door with one hand copying his suit pants pocket.
The night is as cool as water and the lights are like washing.
His expression is calm because his eyes seem to hide some incomprehensible emotions.
After Jing Anjiu came out again in slippers, he raised his head and slightly evoked his thin lips.
"Xiaobai" Jing Anjiu came and pulled him to a corner before asking, "How do you know where I am?"
Han Mobai did not answer the rhetorical question, "Is the birthday pary over?"
Jing Anjiu nodded, "It will be over by noon."
"I’m sorry I’m late." Han Mobai actually apologized.
And this also makes Jing Anjiu even more guilty and rushed to say, "It’s not like you blame my father for everything. He didn’t say anything and brought me here early in the morning. Besides, my mobile phone and bag were confiscated by him, so I can’t send you a message. And …"
"I know" Han Mobai’s airy sentence directly interrupted all her complaints.

I stare big eyes and stare at myself in the mirror a few steps ago, and finally I find that my face is indeed meat.

Being fat and pregnant can really make people fat!
No2 I’m proud that I can’t give you 2 Chapter 12 Who is always irritating.
I’m Mo Yanli. I’m 1.5 meters tall. I kept a thin figure before I got pregnant. I never weighed more than 93 kilograms.
But this chubby woman in the mirror is actually me!
Oh, my god
Although I was psychologically prepared, I didn’t expect myself to become so ugly.
I am a woman after all. Women are very concerned about their appearance.
"Sure enough, no matter how high the face value is, you can’t hold obesity. My face is this arm!"
品茶论坛Raise your hand and pinch your arm. Toot toot is very sensual.
I looked up and suddenly thought of Wei Qingyi, who was always thinking about feeding me and feeding me.
Grandma, it turns out that this guy is trying to feed me into a fat pig!
And he did succeed.
I gritted my teeth and felt that the precipice could not be regenerated after giving birth to this child in my stomach.
From washing their hands, Wei Qingkui and Ada Pearl Krabs have obviously been waiting for a long time, but the sun is burning outside.
I sat down and asked, "Where to? Back to the hotel? "
Wei Qing got up and pulled me up and walked out.
Ada and Pearl Krabs went to Maibakh with them.
Wei Qingkui said, "Drive directly to Bali and play all the way. You can sleep first."
The extended Maibakh seems to be very luxurious. The shock-proof system in the famous car is well made, smooth and delicious.
What I call lying down lightly covers me and sits at my waist position to prevent me from falling down.
It was clear outside at noon. I raised my hand to cover my eyes and frowned slightly. "It’s so dazzling."
Who suddenly reached out and opened the sunshade.
The window rose slowly, and the dark glass car dimmed.
Section 13
What it was like outside soon disappeared. I closed my eyes and fell asleep in an instant.
Wei Qing put his hand on my waist and his palm pressed against my belly.
By the time I woke up, people had already arrived in Bali, and it was so dizzy that it wanted rain.
I’m surprised to see that Wei Qingkui thinks that the sky is still very kind to me. It’s very good that the weather can still give a cloudy day at this time!
Wei Qingjie has already booked a place to live, which makes me not think that there can be a quaint quadrangle hotel in Bali.
Let’s call it a hotel. There are two rows of sofas and tables in the central hall. There are some flowers on the tablecloth with bright red and classical colors, and lanterns are hung in the cloisters on the left and right sides.
I was surprised to see that it was still very reasonable to sit and look at the room with Wei Qing. The screen was placed and the carved big bed was carved.
"How did you find this?"
"This is the place where my mother used to travel and live before I opened a shop," Wei Qingkui said.
I nodded at once, and his mother really loves antique things, not only where she lives, but also where she lives outside the home.
"Are you hungry first?" He poured a glass of water and put it in front of me.
I nodded and asked "where to wash your hands? I’m going to brush my teeth. "
"Over there" He pointed to a small door in the room and turned out.
I went over and pushed open the door and found it was actually quite big, with all the tools in it.
Brush your teeth and wash your face. Pearl Krabs hung up all the clothes outside and saw me come out and said, "Little lady’s clothes have been set. Which one do you want to wear?"
"I’ll pick it myself" went over to the closet and rummaged through it. I took a floral loose short dress and went in for a warm bath.

He squinted at me with a pair of eyes, slightly gathering the light, though it seemed dark, and said with a sigh, "I know you don’t want to go, and I won’t force you. Pearl Krabs will come here in a minute. You’d better go back to Qinshuiju and take good care of it. Otherwise, I won’t compromise on what you want to do next time."

Does this mean that he is willing to go without me?
My heart secretly called a yes, hey hey smiled. "Of course, of course, I listen to you … just leave!"
Wei Qing raised his hand and touched my face. I wanted to avoid it, but I thought that he finally promised not to take me to the imperial city. He got my wish and it was nothing to let him hijack.
I personally sent the Wei brothers and sisters to the car, and I went back to the house with joy.
Mother and uncle Zheng have set the meal and put a bowl of yellowish chicken soup next to it.
I smiled a little more in my heart, thinking that what happened today was not pleasant after all.
Mother was eating and suddenly began to cry.
I moved uncle Zheng’s hand and rubbed her shoulder. I looked at her and comforted her. "Look, you dropped the bead again. Didn’t you say you wouldn’t cry? Look at you making trouble for Lili."
Mother looked up and quickly wiped away her tears and said, "Soft mother has been living in a fog for two or three years."
I smiled softly at her silently. "What is mom talking about? I’m fine. Aren’t we fine now? The past is the past."
"Yes" Uncle Zheng followed suit.
Mother wants to talk about these things and doesn’t want to continue to make me feel good. She nodded and smiled. "We should have a better life and not talk about these things for dinner."
In the three years since I married Qingyang, I dreamed of divorcing Qingyang, and my mother’s illness was cured and she was out of control.
That hellish three-year life seems like a nightmare now, and I think it’s over after all.
After dinner, Pearl Krabs led Ada to take me back to Qinshuiju to have a rest.
After saying good night to my mother, I went back to Qinshuiju to take a hot bath and lay in bed happily. After rolling around for a few times, I fell asleep.
In the middle of the night, I was in a daze. I realized that it was natural to lean over to my side, but I took a ride
Open your eyes and look at the swinging room beside you. It’s quiet and there is a faint light hanging by the door.
Raise my hand and pat my forehead for no reason to give birth to a strange idea.
Section 93
I always feel like I’m used to lying next to me.
However, the brain paste did not delve into it and fell asleep again.
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Because the workshop workers are doing very well, the signing and erection are perfectly completed, and Linxun’s work efficiency is also very high. I am very leisurely and think about a chapter every day and give it to them.
The next day after Wei Qingkui left, the workshop was cat-ridden for a day and was ready to go back.
I just walked to the door of the stairs and watched the ladder open. I looked up and suddenly felt incredible eyes. A familiar face.
There are several people in the ladder, and the innermost one is wearing a simple white shirt, a blue casual waistband, an Armani belt and a Swiss watch.
When I looked at it, I suddenly felt that the world was really small.
As small as this S city, I saw Li Jing twice for more than half a month.
It’s a coincidence that my life can be written as a self, and the dog’s blood and ink are beautiful from the world. It’s really small!
Li Jing also saw my eyes with a little smile, and a pair of eyes made people look straight.
It’s also smart to be watched here. If I don’t go in, I seem to think too much.
桑拿论坛It’s a coincidence to walk in and greet her with a smile.
Li Jing gave way slightly to the side to reveal a slightly spacious place, and others saw that I was a paunchy pregnant woman and stayed away a little bit, which made my place very spacious.
He laughed. "Unfortunately, I knew you worked here a few days ago."
I secretly sigh that it’s not just work, but also being a boss!
"Ha ha, I didn’t see you."
A few days ago, I was being watched by Wei Qingyi. What the hell is it that I can’t work more than six hours a day?
Although it is mandatory, I really can’t be too tired when I think that I am pregnant.
Yes, but I didn’t expect to meet him. It’s amazing.
I thought about it for a while and asked, "Do you work here?"
There are two foreign companies in the building, one is computer and the other is fashion design, such as jewelry and watches.
He grinned and asked me, "Then guess which company I am?"
I raised my eyebrows and replied, "I’m not interested in guessing what you like."
He smiled lightly, which was almost as meeting and real as before.
I have a look at the once upon a time that Li Jingying couldn’t help but be stunned. This stay ladder has reached the first floor.
The ladder door opens and others go out one after another. I step behind and think about the last one. I can walk quickly if he doesn’t move.
However, the world is so coincidental, unfortunately, it is normal to walk, and I definitely won’t fall down in flat shoes.
But someone finally appeared in front of me and was about to hit me. My heart was in a panic, and I took a step back. The whole person was teetering.
When the andao was not good, my hands reached behind me and directly grabbed my armpits on both sides.
My tottering body was propped up and I didn’t respond yet, but my armpit hands turned down my shoulders and then turned down my waist again.
My waist is still full of meat, but this is not the most shocking thing. The most shocking thing is that Li Jing suddenly turned his head and looked at me tenderly and lovingly.
The tone is also so gentle that I can hardly hold it. I spoil it with a little bit and say, "Honey, are you okay?"
I stayed for a while, startled to see that someone appeared in front of me and almost knocked me down. The culprit was a little girl in her early twenties, but her face was slightly thinner, but her appearance was not bad.

Lu sorrow accompanied Su Man to the floor. Su Man asked Lu sorrow to sit for a while. She was going to take a bath and change clothes.

Su Mandong moved quickly, too. It was a little after six when he went out for half an hour.
Section 95
"How about it?" Su Man smoothed her hair.
"Beautiful" Lu You praised her.
"It’s getting late when you hurry." Su Man picked up the bag. "I have breakfast."
They went out to the front of the ladder and waited for it to stop.
"Ding" a ladder door slowly opened Lin Mo Chen appeared in their sight.
A man who loves his wife is a good man.
Lin Mo-chen’s eyes flashed across the bottom of the pool. He didn’t expect to meet Lu’s sorrow here.
He stepped out of the ladder and both Lu You and Su Man took a step back.
Lu You is an elegant white rose while Su Man is a enchanting red rose.
Both of them are charming landscapes but different in beauty.
Lu sorrow saw Lin Mo-chen’s sharp sight, but when she faced him, she dared not look straight in the eye, and her eyes were flickering. Her chest chug jumped and held the bag, and her fingers fell down slightly.
Sue diffuse a see will know that sorrow and Lin mo lu minister this atmosphere is wrong.
"Manager Lin, what a coincidence. Did you just go home?" Sue diffuse qiaoxiaoqianxi.
Lin Mochen nodded and asked, "Is Miss Su going out?"
"Yes," Su Man reached out and took Lu You’s arm. "I just returned to China and made an appointment with Xiao You to go out for hot pot. Do you always want to go with me?"
Su Man generously invited Lin Mo-chen, while Lu You was silent as if she were an outsider.
"Good," Lin Mo-chen readily agreed. "Miss Su has taken my daughter-in-law away with her worries, and there is no one at home to cook for me. If I don’t go, I will be hungry."
Su Man smiled more brilliantly. Her hand bumped into a side of Lu You. "Little worry, you see how humorous Lin is. Why don’t you talk?" You’re not so shy when you meet Lin, are you? Say hello. "
"Long" Lu sorrow whispered Su Man’s name.
品茶论坛She was both embarrassed and annoyed with Su Man, teasing her like this.
Su Mancai ignored Lu’s worries at this time, fearing that the sky would not be chaotic, and said to Lin Mo-chen, "Manager Lin, you don’t seem to agree with you to go. Are you bullying our little worries?"
"Miss Su made a joke about her daughter-in-law. How can I bully her if I don’t love her dearly? Besides, how dare I have Miss Su as my best friend?" Lin Mo-chen kept a good attitude with a gentle tone and a shallow smile.
Su Man is in favor of nodding. "A man who hurts his daughter-in-law is a good man. I hope that Lin always says that it is good for our little worries, otherwise I will be the first to refuse to promise Lin. Although you are from a good family, you have good ability and good luck, but our little worries are not bad. She is beautiful, kind and filial. She works hard, although she has no daughter’s family, but she is not arrogant and good-tempered. There are not many women in Lin who should cherish this daughter-in-law."
"Miss Su is right." Lin Mo-chen listened to Su Man’s educational eyes, but swept away without saying a word. "Lin Mou remembered it."
"Well, Lin always has a good attitude. This hot pot is on me." Su Manhao’s airway arm is holding Lu You again. "Even if Xiao You doesn’t agree with me, please."
"Long didn’t you say you were hungry? It’s getting late. Can you move faster? Go late but there is no place "Lu sorrow dragged her.
Su Man replied, "Go to Linmo."
Lu sorrow first stepped into the ladder Su Man and Lin Mo Chen then.
The stairs went down, and Lu’s eyes jumped to the red number until they reached the negative first floor.
When I got to Lu You’s car, Lu You unlocked the car and took the initiative to take the key in her hand before Su Man. "I’ll drive faster."
Su Man took the driver’s seat and put a bag and several paper bags in the co-pilot parking space.
Lu You said, "Put your things away. I want to sit here."
"You see, I put so many things that you can’t sit in the back." Su Man smiled and Lai also rushed to protect his things from Lu You. "These are gifts I bought in Europe for Liu Shu and Aunt Lu. Don’t sit down."
Lu sorrow stared at Su Man’s charming smile, and he was so angry.
She still doesn’t know that Su Man’s idea is simply too obvious. She just wants to let herself and Lin Mochen sit in the back seat.
Su Man said that if Lin Mo-chen bullied her, she would protect her. All these words are lies. She is now protecting Lin Mo-chen, not her!
"What’s the matter? What’s the big deal that you and Lin always sit together as husband and wife? Are you shy? Still afraid? " Su Man raised his eyebrows slightly and dared.
"I have nothing to be afraid of!" Lu sorrow also unwilling to talk back.
"If you’re not afraid, hurry up or there’s really no place." Su Man urged her.
Lu sorrow has boasted that there is no way to bite his teeth and go to the back.
She hasn’t reached out to pull the doorknob yet, and a strong arm reaches out to look good. Holding the doorknob with her fingers, she opened the door for her, and blocked the roof with one hand, and she was afraid to knock Lu You into it.
Lu sorrow didn’t refuse, but she didn’t look back at the latter. She knew in her heart that it was Lin Mochen.
She bent down and got into the car. Lin Mo-chen got into the car door and took a deep look at Lu You through the window.
Then he turned and left, bypassed the rear of the car and sat in the back seat with Lu You.
Su Man looked at the harmony and beauty of the two people in the rearview mirror, and she was also happy for them. She just drove out and went to the famous hot pot restaurant in the city center.
At this time, people come and go when the hot pot restaurant business is booming.
Su Man finally found a parking space to park his car.
The three of them entered the hot pot restaurant in a row, and the business was so good that there was no room for them at the moment.
"I said come early. Do you think it’s delayed?" Su Man came here to cover up a little.
This hot pot restaurant is a high-end boutique in the city. Most people here are rich people, and ordinary people can’t afford to eat a meal. Sometimes it is enough for a family to spend a month. Most people here have seen it in the circle and don’t need too much taboo.
Lin Mochen said to them, "I have a vip here. Please wait for me for a while and I’ll ask."
Su Man remembered that Lin Mochen was a noble family in Baijing, and he dared not neglect the manager’s question. He would give him a position.
Su Man gave Lin Mo Chen an ok gesture and looked forward to his return.
Looking at Lin Mo-chen leaving Ying Ting’s back, Su Man sighed with emotion, "Little worry, you see how charming Lin Zong’s back is. You see how good it is to have a husband like Lin. Wherever he goes out, he is a vip root. He can handle many things without worrying about it. You see how good your life is. I really envy you."

A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously

Now, Emperor Yu is incarnate, and four waves of water appear in all directions. Those four water waves are also the symbol of the perfection of Emperor Shun Han Hai Boxing. However, it is not so easy to realize the essence of Emperor Shun’s Juexue.
That’s …
A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously, Fang Yun has appeared in another strange place. And within the scope of his telepathy, impressively there is a spirit can’t penetrate into the box. Moreover, the restricted area is still very large.
wow! Water waves, Fang Yun shape a longitudinal, heavy water waves, toward the induction of flyby.
In the middle of the vast ocean, there is a dome-shaped space with a huge area.
In the dome-shaped space, it was dark. Through the darkness, you can see a stretch of primitive ridge. This huge ridge is very strange. Because the upper, lower and left sides of the ridge are all seawater. In other words, this dark ridge is actually suspended in the sea out of thin air.
In the middle of the dark ridge, a huge god, with eyes like lanterns, stubble beard and awkward muscles, lies quietly in the dark ridge. Its eyes are closed and motionless. And four bronze chains as thick as rivers locked its hands and feet respectively, and the ends of the chains were connected to the dome-shaped optical film and disappeared.
This is what Fang Yun saw when he arrive. Even though he was prepared and knew that it was extraordinary here, Fang Yun still felt an unparalleled shock when he really saw it.
Devil! Ancient fiend living real ancient fiend! !
Now that it has become a legend in ancient times, here is a living ancient fiend!
Fang Yun finally understood the meaning of eternal repression in the altar murals. San huang imperial edict, personally suppressed, is this ancient fiend!
Combined with the frescoes he saw before and the records in Modern Times, Fang Yun has almost understood the ins and outs of this place.
In the early days of ancient times, there was chaos. It was a time when many fiends ruled. These fiends can easily smash the stars three hundred thousand miles away, and can also easily pull up a mountain as a weapon.
Because of their bodies, they are very huge and strong.
Strong power, accompanied by strong self-esteem and desire. For fiends, the way to show their self-esteem and comfort their desires is to overthrow other fiends. So the ancient land, a war. The fiends’ terror destroyed the earth in ruins.
San huang was born, but it was after the fiends ruled the earth and chaos for a long time.
What is described in the murals is exactly what happened in the ancient mainland when san huang was born, fought in the north and south, and calmed down. At that time, many fiends were knocked down by san huang. And some powerful, refused to surrender, and hard to destroy the fiend strong, was sealed by san huang.
And this huge fiend sealed in the ridge, there is no doubt. It is such a fiend!
bang! Fang Yun took a long breath of cold, stupefied looking at the ancient fiend deep in the dark ridge ahead. This fiend’s body is covered with horrible scars, some of which are weapons and some are thunderous. There is no doubt that before the seal was here, this fiend also experienced war and was extremely strong.
In the small world of ancient times, there was such a living ancient fiend with a seal. Fang Yun didn’t know what it meant to the recent ancient times, whether it was Zongmen or the mainland.
Never suppress … no wonder to suppress forever! Such an ancient fiend was born, and I don’t know how big the waves will be!
Fang Yun look dignified.
The pattern of tigers eating dragons in the world is chaotic enough. If there is another ancient fiend, it is really finished. It is not a good thing for the cadres and the world.
Go in and have a look.
Fang Yun thoughtfully for a moment and immediately decided to enter this huge ridge comparable to De Huang.
The Universal Clock of Heaven and Earth can break all seals, but this one is banned by san huang’s seal fiend. Fang Yun also dare not careless, offering the universal clock of heaven and earth, and stepping into it. Then carefully into the black, huge dome ban.
Boo! Black covered the dome of the whole ridge, and a concave point was trapped, and then the universal clock of heaven and earth squeezed in little by little.
Master, this place, there are strange. I feel a lot of resistance!
Just go in, the voice of the universal clock of heaven and earth immediately sounded. Unlike imagined, this optical film is not just a thin layer, but extremely thick, at least tens of feet thick.