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Walking ahead, Natsume can feel that he will look at himself from time to time, but he is embarrassed to talk.

Human barbecue, is it delicious?
If you want to be delicious, if you have all the ingredients, it will be more delicious than pancakes with scallions.
Oh oh! My gas is coming.
I’ve been worried about what animation you’ve been watching recently.
Ghosts, Fairy Melody, When Crying Crys and Earth Defense Teenager …
How is darkness?
While talking, Natsume confirms what ingredients are in his hand.
Beef brisket, chicken skin, mutton and some vegetables, in addition to these, there are other fruit ingredients, which are quite rich in general.
How’s it going?
Progress, what do you mean?
But you can’t deceive me. I know everything about you. I went to bed at twelve o’clock last night, washed my hands three minutes ago, drank a glass of water five minutes ago, hit the window in a daze ten minutes ago, and fifteen minutes ago …
I know! I know!
Crazy San always has an absolute advantage in this salary scale.
After telling the story in detail, he touched his face with three hands and seemed to be looking for a story.
So, you have no progress? Although it is a good thing for me, it is not a good news for you.
That’s it.
So, can I help you?
No, not yet.
It will feel deeper and deeper.
It’s a stranger, hehehe
After the conversation, the group left the hotel and set out for the beach in the distance.
They said they found the place near the main beach.
Turning left from the main road, Natsume finally saw a beach surrounded by rocks on both sides and an area full of trees.
It’s really good
I don’t worry about the hot sun, but I can swim well.
约茶Barbecue in summer is also full of nostalgia.
Ladies and gentlemen! Go ahead!
Oh oh! ! !”
Shidao! Shidao! Is this thing very powerful?
That’s just a crab.
Shidao, what about this?
Don’t freeze the seagulls!
Q, should I catch the fish I just saw and eat it when I barbecue?
You can’t shoot sharks, can you? It’s right to say that there is no shallows!
Shi Dao is dealing with others, and at the same time, he is ready to need equipment and place the grill.
It seems that you don’t know anything, Xixian.
No, Yahya doesn’t know what bbq is, and knowledge can be as poor as the chest.
What, what! I am a slim type of dress!
Doubt, do you dare to take it off?
Take it offjust strange _!
Yeyaya hummed, ran behind the rock and changed into a swimsuit.
A busy day, with cheers:
A96 Love collapses, and Natsume’s life is not very good? !
Leave the fire and the processing of raw materials to me. You are responsible for the barbecue. Have you brought other condiments? Some don’t like Chili, so all have to be baked separately.
Beside Shidao, Natsume took out the lighter and charcoal from his bag, took over the grill in Shidao’s hand and left work.
After the grill is highly assembled, it is about near the waist, with a length of two meters and a width of about half a meter. Judging from the old and new situation, it should be bought not long ago.
Although I cook the barbecue myself, Natsume didn’t talk about how to think about the grill. What I need is to do what I do now and cook delicious food.
The girls seem to have no intention of helping, so they changed their swimsuits on the other side of the rock and ran to the sea at the back.
The wind blowing from the blue sea is as comfortable as being touched on the cheek, pattering in the water from a distance, with a girl laughing.
After the fire is lit, Natsume piles the charcoal, and a gap flows out as an air inlet to increase the fire.

Leng Yun burn turned his head and stretched out his finger. The Nangong snow quenching did not prevent the situation and grabbed her neck.

Then directly to the door the nangongshan snow was hit by this sudden Tathagata dizzy.
She didn’t think that Leng Yun Huang would move like this.
I tell you to stay away from Lin Chuyan. How are you? I don’t care, but if you continue to pester Lin Chuxia, don’t blame me for being rude to you.
Lin Chuyan is me. He can be me. Who dares to rob me? I don’t mind. Leng Yun Huang pinched the Nangong snow neck with one hand.
Pulled out a knife from his school with one hand leisurely.
The nangongshan snow looked at the swinging knife looked at Leng Yun burn some incredible.
This coldblooded young lady is a crazy one, regardless of her madness.
The nangongshan snow looked at LengYunHuang knife on his cheek.
Feel the icy feeling that the Nangong snow body is shaking a little.
夜网论坛What do you want to do, Leng Yun? Do you know the consequences, you crazy? Nangong Snow began to struggle, but it couldn’t be opened.
I’m just crazy. What can you do? Don’t be afraid of you. The Nangong family is too lowkey to let you forget that he is also one of the five families.
Even if you retire now, it’s not your Nangong family who can provoke you. This attitude really makes people dislike it.
What qualifications do you have to provoke me so high? Do you think you are qualified to provoke me? It is very important for us to recognize our position at different levels.
The nangongshan snow looked at such a bloodthirsty puffedup person now, and there were some regrets in my heart to provoke it. This is a madness.
You are like this. You, Lin Chuyan, will like you. He will like a person who likes to play with these dangerous tools. Nangong Xue looked at her neck and legs and trembled.
So he won’t see this. This is a warning to you. Only once did I like to catch up with Chu Yan’s brother and want to create opportunities.
It will never be as windy and drizzling as it is now. I prefer storms.
Leng Yun burn looked at people as pale as paper without compassion.
Brotherinlaw and sister said that being kind to others is cruel to themselves.
People you don’t like must never be reconciled, just like Nangong Snow.
Cough, cough, cough After Nangong Snow was released, his face began to turn red.
Looking at Leng Yun’s eyes, there is fear and hatred. Today, she must report her hatred.
What do you want to get back at me by looking at me like this? I tell you not to think of any way to die, or I will have the means to deal with you. Leng Yunhuang put his dagger back in his pocket.
Looking at the nangongshan snow, there is no hatred in his eyes.
You you deal with me like this, no one will pay attention to Lin Chuyan again? You are so naive. Do you remember Shen Unique?
Nangong Xue remembered that person once, and she didn’t like that person very much either.
Anyway, she is a madman, so let her deal with Shen Unique.
How is she? Leng Yun burn eyes milli expression looked at people.
The person that Lin Chuyan really likes is her. Even if you are good, what other people Lin Chuyan doesn’t like you?
You dare to get rid of shen only? You dare not the nangongshan snow hope LengYunHuang and shen only two people fight.
Leng Yun burn looked at the nangongshan snow corners of the mouth again naive and simple.
Sister, do you want me to deal with Shen’s only sister? Leng Yun burn blinked koo eyes.
But Nangong Xue can’t help but retreat when he sees such a person. This is a madness.
Lin Chuyan likes her, not you and me. You can’t get Lin Chuyan no matter how you do it. Nangong Xue said that seeing Leng Yun burn here has some malice
What about Lin Chuyan? People don’t care about you.
Looking at the sudden silence and coming to Leng Yun to burn the Nangong Snow, I was so happy.
This madness also has this time.
But I have no conflict of interest with Shen’s only sister, even if I have something to deal with her.
I don’t like you, but I don’t hate her. Leng Yun Huang simply thought it was funny.
This person is really, she will transfer the target if she says a few words! Simply naive
Shen is the only place where her brotherinlaw Su Jinnian has checked for her and proved her guess.
Since Shen’s only one is already taken, why should she make efforts to deal with someone who poses no threat to herself?
Why? You don’t love Lin Chu and Yan Shen very much. The only place where you can stand it? The nangongshan snow some not white Leng Yun burn attitude.
She didn’t threaten me. I warn you again not to play any bad ideas. It’s not as bad as provoking Mohism with a person who has no threat to himself.
Although the five families usually have nothing to pay, the strength of each family is not to be underestimated.
Remember to go out with your brain every time Leng Yun burned up and opened the health door to go out.
It was not until Leng Yun Huang walked away from Nangong Snow that he dared to take a deep breath.
Being with that crazy person is simply too depressing, but thinking about Lin Chuyan.
The nangongshan snow eyes flashed calculation can’t just give up, even if he doesn’t, he himself is wronged today.
Leng Yun Huang, you wait. I won’t just let go
Don’t stop her from dying every day. Now it’s true that Leng Yun’s burning is deliberately imaginary and dare not.
He didn’t know that Leng Yun Huang was really a dead pervert until he regretted that day.
Seven o’clock in the evening sharp.
Xiangyun hall
The only place to stay here and wait for someone to come
Lin Chuyan walked in and saw a petite figure sitting quietly waiting for himself.

He smiled. "It’s not a difficult problem. Professional technicians can do it."

That’s why there are so many talents around him. There is really nothing to make a fuss about.
After that, we rested. The next morning, warm sunshine shone through the white screen window.
I woke up in Ye Xiangyuan’s arms and smelled the sandalwood fragrance of his body, almost reluctant to open my eyes.
Baby, I’m sleeping soundly on the other side
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t wake up.
I propped up my head and looked at him quietly.
When I first met him again, his eyes were blue. I think he should be very tired. It must not be easy to be weighed down by so many things.
But now his face is back to its old look.
The crimson light on his face made his facial features look exquisite and dreamlike.
He is the most handsome man I have ever seen.
I couldn’t help reaching out and tracing his eyebrows.
He suddenly opened his eyes.
Deep eyes looked at me straight.
My hand stopped for half a minute.
He slowly evoked a smile at the corner of his mouth and pressed me down.
I held his neck and looked him in the eye.
It seems that there are stars and the sea in his eyes, which makes me feel a little distorted.
I don’t know why I suddenly became flustered at this moment.
I always feel that intimacy is sweet these days, and leisure will be fleeting these days, and I can’t hold it.
It’s so quiet that I feel flustered.
桑拿会所  title=I couldn’t help grasping Ye Xiangyuan’s arm and whispered, "What are you going to do today?"
Leaf to distant relatives kiss my forehead dumb openings "accompany you …"
My voice is hoarse and mellow, hitting my heart.
I can’t help shivering.
He gave me a low smile, kissed my face and said, "The baby is awake."
I quickly went to see it.
The baby really stared at us curiously with big eyes.
I just wanted to get up from Ye Xiangyuan’s arms to hold the baby, but Ye Xiangyuan put her arms around her waist.
He judo "You go to sleep"
Then he got up and carried the baby out.
I looked at my watch, and it was really early before seven o’clock in the morning, so I retracted into the bed again.
Ye Xiangyuan came back soon, and he was wrapped around me with a cool breath in the morning.
When his kiss fell, I closed my eyes and responded to him, but I still remembered Xiao Chen and hurriedly said, "Baby …"
He whispered to my mouth, "Don’t worry if someone is watching."
After that, he kissed me completely, and my head fell off.
When it’s over, the sun seems to be brighter.
I don’t want to move lazily in my arms.
He carried me to the bathroom to wash and dress me.
I have been silently watching him enjoying his gentle hesitation for a long time, but I still asked the bottom of my heart, "Does it really matter if you are like this?"
Is it really okay to stay in the castle every day?
It seems that things have gone wrong outside.
China’s public opinion is after him, Interpol and eyeing Han Qingshan … Are they just waiting for these people?
I asked mindless questions, but he seemed to understand me.
After putting on my shoes, he kissed me and said, "It’s not time yet."
I paused and didn’t ask any more questions.
When we left the room, my parents and they just got up and had breakfast together.

Alonso’s ball is too long to fly from the football, and Qin Xiong can roughly predict the landing point of the football by combining the ball!

That’s the area behind corluka Bassoon!
It happened to be the place where Qin Xiong ran and hit.
How can this ball not let Qin Xiongqi applaud!
Capturing fighters, observing teammates’ movement, insight into the overall situation, this is the comprehensive quality that an excellent commander in the pitch should have.
Obviously Alonso has this ability.
After Alonso threw the ball out, he was satisfied with the ball himself. The footwork was well controlled and was not affected by external forces. He did observe Qin Xiong’s running position, which was a decision that needed careful consideration after being reflected to the brain by naked eye.
He looked like a parabola falling into the restricted area of Tottenham, and the football field was flying fast, with a wild breath to impact the defense line Qin Xiong of Tottenham.
Alonso muttered, Give them a good end! to be continued
Wake you up
Take care of your eyes and have a rest.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 125 Insert the Red Army flag in Bailu Lane! ]
Liverpool’s new fighting posture came to White Hart Lane and has been cruelly oppressing Tottenham Hotspur for more than 30 minutes and destroying the bottom line of Tottenham Hotspur fans’ ability to resist pressure!
When the fans of White Hart Lane home team stared at modric with anticipation, waiting for him to create something new for the team to fight back against the Red Army, but modric was disappointingly robbed by the Red Army in the midfield!
Disappointed sigh hasn’t echoed in White Hart Lane Stadium, and everything has come to an abrupt end? Want it? See 1? k? an? shu·
Alonso’s long flight was like a thunderbolt, which plunged Tottenham fans into the abyss of panic.
Because they can clearly see that Qin Xiong has started when he doesn’t know, of course, most of their eyes are focused on where the football is going or whose feet they are going to see. When they notice that there is a Red Army player flying wildly near the football behind Tottenham’s defense line, they don’t know that Qin Xiong started when he was born, as if Qin Xiong was born with amazing wind!
Corluka slipped in a hurry and fell to the ground awkwardly. When he fell, he reached out to Qin Xiong’s back and dragged him back to Qin Xiongyuan’s body.
Bassoon immediately turned his head and rushed obliquely to the football landing point.
It was just on the side of the restricted area.
Qin Xiong was obviously faster than him, and when Qin Xiong stared calmly and resolutely at the football that fell in front of his eyes, he chose to take off the chest and stop the ball? Want it? See 1? k? an? shu·
Stop the ball
After he jumped up, he released his strength, and at the same time, he almost turned stopping the ball into artistic strength, and he controlled it perfectly
The football changed direction after being lightly hit by his chest and passed lightly over Basson’s head!
Having rushed to Qin Xiong’s eyes, Basong Genli stopped again and turned to chase the ball. He can’t be faster than Qin Xiong.
After Qin Xiong landed, he deliberately took a step sideways to bypass Bassoon.
The feeling is urgent, Ba Song knows that he will be beaten, so he will continue to run in the direction of the bottom line, so he can physically stop Qin Xiong!
He got it!
When he collided with Qin Xiong, Qin Xiong realized the danger of collision and his roots could hide. Qin Xiong had a bounce to avoid his own collision with Ba Song.
There is no doubt that such a thorough and violent impact is not good for Qin Xiong. Is he going to chase the ball or is the center of gravity forward, while Ba Song is like a big truck rushing from the side? Sometimes brave, sometimes foolish and brave.
Qin Xiong was literally hit a meter away, and then rolled on the ground. Basong stumbled and fell to the ground.
All the fans in Bailuxiang, including the audience who watched the game, saw it. It was quite like a fierce confrontation in a boxing match. See ww? W? ·1? k? A look at n? s? h? U look? ?
Qin Xiong seems to have lost!
However, before Spurs fan Basson created momentum, referee Dodd blew the whistle and he also pointed to the penalty spot!
Bassoon stopped Qin Xiong singlepole ball! omg! Are they okay? The collision was really worrying! Qin Xiong is like flying out of a car accident!
My god, Tottenham had to foul at that moment! Gomez attacked, but look at the technical display results of Qin Xiong’s chest stopping and connecting people. We all know that if Qin Xiong rushes past Bassong, he will face Gomez easily. Maybe Qin Xiong can send the football to the goal of Tottenham with his eyes closed!
品茶论坛  title=What no one praised Alonso long? How subtle is that a straight plug over the top? Timing, footwork, teammate cooperation and so on are perfect! Can’t be perfect!
Well, now we have to see if the players of the two teams can stay calm. Gerrard roared at the referee. He is putting pressure on the referee. Torres will check Qin Xiong’s condition and hope he won’t get hurt!
The red army fans in the stands protested angrily to the Tottenham fans because the Tottenham fans hissed at the referee, saying that the referee Dodd’s penalty was biased towards the Red Army.
Of course, they don’t think that Bassoon was a foul just now.
It was a reasonable collision! Dodd, you are fucking bought by Liverpool rmb!
Listen to how righteous Tottenham fans are and how reasonable their words are. Is it still called football to collide with the excellent English football system?
Kim palacios had an argument with Gerrard in front of the referee, and everyone argued.
Steven Gerrard pointed to Qin Xiong telling how serious the foul was just now.

I suddenly one leng.

Did he become so sharp when he spoke?
And how did he know that Gu Changyu was a mistress …
Did the net expose Gu Changyu?
Look at Gu Changyu, her face is shocked. It seems that she doesn’t believe that Ji Shu would say this kind of disobedience in front of her.
夜网论坛JiShu but regardless of her face continue to sneer at a way: "You said you didn’t want to rob a man with eleven, but you put on airs to slander eleven … I said how can you be so shameless as a girl … You should be a woman with higher education who is so ashamed …"
As he spoke, he blocked Gu Changyu from coming near me.
I stared at his back. I couldn’t believe he said these words.
Although I had an argument with him before, my impression of him was not so bad that I hated him. He is still a very fascinated academic knowledge in my heart.
When did he learn to curse?
However, I enjoyed listening to his words.
My heart is also very angry. Gu Changyu can say anything, but I can point at her face like Ji Shu and scold her.
Want to come whether Ye Xiangyuan or Gu Changyu after listening to the in the mind all feel bad?
Although Pandong blocked most of my sight, I could see Ye Xiangyuan’s expression clearly.
His face is calm and his eyes are dim, and he can’t see what he is thinking.
Gu Changyu stared at Ji Shu and burst into tears. "I don’t know you and you don’t know me. How can you say that about me …"
Her tearful eyes and lovely appearance really make people feel sorry for her.
Gu Changning has already rushed over and punched Ji Shu in the face. "I asked you to slander my sister!"
He shot hard and quickly, and Ji Shu was knocked down, and he kicked Ji Shu in the stomach again.
I was taken aback and quickly said, "Don’t hit him!"
Gu Changning, like Xiao Jin, has been trained since childhood. It’s not like Ji Shu. This kind of reader can be better than such a kick. Ji Shu might be disabled.
Unexpectedly, Ji Shu escaped.
He quickly got up and punched Gu Changning directly.
The two wrestled together.
I told them to stop several times, but they turned a deaf ear.
Gu Changyu cried even harder. She went to Ye Xiangyuan and gently pulled Ye Xiangyuan’s sleeve and sobbed, "Ah Yuan, you are quick to persuade my brother that even if I am humiliated, he can’t start work with people …"
Now I suffer, but Ji Shu has been beaten by Gu Changning several times.
But I’m also anxious and a little worried. Ji Shu still hopes that both of them will stop.
It’s a pity that Ye Xiangyuan didn’t discourage you at all, and his face was quite indifferent.
Gu Changyu sobbed and continued to beg Ye Xiangyuan.
The whole room is full of Gu Changning and Ji Shu fighting and Gu Changyu crying.
I noticed that Han Qingshan was always old.
This makes me wonder.
Could it be that he set the scene tonight? He deliberately let Ye Xiangyuan smash him and Ji Shu come to my ward to make Ye Xiangyuan doubt me …
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan again.
He still said nothing, but let Gu Changyu pull his sleeve and did not escape.
Two people close together handsome men and beautiful women look don’t know how to match.
I feel inexplicably worse.
Chapter 31 I want you to put out the time.
At this time, there was a sudden loud noise in the room, and Jishu was once again knocked down by Gu Changning.
It took him a few seconds to get up. This time, instead of pestering Gu Changning, he walked to the bed with a blue face and took my hand. "Come with me. They are not only unreasonable, but also like to hit people. If you stay, you will definitely be killed by mistress."
I looked at him black and blue, but I still felt a little sad.
But I certainly won’t go with him.
I want to leave Ye Xiangyuan, but I will definitely not leave him with the help of Han Qingshan.
Because I don’t believe in Han Qingshan
Who knows if it will fall into another wolf pit?
I was thinking about refusing him if I opened my mouth. Ye Xiangyuan suddenly came along.
He squeezed Jishu’s hand and gently moved it to let Jishu let me go. Then he looked at Jishu lightly and said, "I can’t go anywhere if I’m in poor health."
Maybe he just rubbed his wrist with Qiao Jin Ji Shu.
But he didn’t flinch, but stared at Ye Xiang from afar. "If you can’t take care of her well, you still have to find a mistress. She won’t be well even if she stays. I am a doctor, but I can take care of her. If you are still a man, let her go and stop torturing her."
Actually, I feel a little strange. What did Ji Shu think that Gu Changyu was a mistress?
Is it because Gu Changyu was too obvious just now?
Or was he … hinted by Han Qingshan?
Ye Xiangyuan caught a glimpse of Jishu and ignored him.
He looked at me with his head down.
I can’t help looking at him.
He touched my face gently, and his eyes were dim and heavy.
It was a long time before he looked back at Han Qingshan and said, "What do you want?"
Han Qingshan smiled as cool as a cucumber. "I want you to put it in time."
Ye Xiangyuan bowed their heads and looked at me without speaking.
Han Qingshan didn’t urge him.
The room was quiet for a while.
A moment later, maybe I saw Ye Xiangyuan still didn’t respond. Han Qingshan sighed, "You let her go and don’t let her suffer more."
Ye Xiangyuan looked at him for a while and slowly spoke "good"
Just one word, calm and indifferent, can’t recognize emotions.

In the crowd, I saw Li Yuyan smiling at me with eyebrows raised.

Be extremely proud
I know she set me up, but I have no proof. Those girls have long since disappeared.
And I can’t confront her in public.
She must have prepared a later move. If I insist on arguing with her, I’m afraid she will rely more on means to deal with me.
I turned white.
品茶论坛The original banquet was deliberately aimed at Ye Xiangyuan and me.
The wedding has made everyone laugh.
No one knows better than me how exciting it is to be found out that I am hanging out with a stranger in the lounge.
People will mock Ye Xiangyuan. He doesn’t want Miss Li’s family to marry a woman with no background, but this woman still gives him a green hat in public …
I dare not think about going.
Even if the truth is not what everyone sees, who will believe this situation even if I try my best to explain it?
My nails sank into the palm of my hand and closed my eyes.
How to solve the situation now?
As I was thinking, Ye Xiangyuan came straight towards me.
He held me in his arms and coldly swept across the sofa. The man said to Ye Wen, "Take off your legs first."
This order shocked everyone.
Ye Xiangyuan bowed his head and kissed my face gently. "If you dare to frame you, you have to bear the consequences."
His tone is very flat, as if talking about the weather.
But the more so, the more frightening it is, and no one dares to discourage it.
I really saw some timid and unconsciously took a step back.
Ye Li has also returned to absolute being and immediately ordered the guards to invite all the guests to the lobby.
But Ye Sanye came out and blocked the way, "Dad, since everyone has seen it, there is no need to cover it up. What we should do now is to find out what Chu just did."
Look at me with ambiguous eyes
I feel sick all over.
Don’t want to know the plot, he and Li Qingqing are involved.
I recalled the fact that I was not substantially violated, my clothes were still neat, and I looked down at my watch. It turned out that nothing had happened in the past few minutes.
This reassured me.
Section 1
Even if things make a big deal, I am also a victim. Li Yuyan wants to pour dirty water, and my head has to see if it can hold water.
Ye Xiang traveled far away. "Well, let’s find out what happened and see who tried to frame my wife."
His conditional letter moved me even more, and I couldn’t help grasping his collar.
"Ridiculous! It’s ridiculous! " Ye Li slapped several cases and pointed to Ye Xiang’s journey. "No matter whether you framed her or not, you can no longer be our daughter-in-law of Ye Jia. Please send her away quickly!"
Ye Xiangyuan looked at his grandfather quietly with a cold face.
Add oil and vinegar next to Teng Jun "immoral! The old man Ye Jiaming can’t let this woman be corrupted! "

I stare big eyes and stare at myself in the mirror a few steps ago, and finally I find that my face is indeed meat.

Being fat and pregnant can really make people fat!
No2 I’m proud that I can’t give you 2 Chapter 12 Who is always irritating.
I’m Mo Yanli. I’m 1.5 meters tall. I kept a thin figure before I got pregnant. I never weighed more than 93 kilograms.
But this chubby woman in the mirror is actually me!
Oh, my god
Although I was psychologically prepared, I didn’t expect myself to become so ugly.
I am a woman after all. Women are very concerned about their appearance.
"Sure enough, no matter how high the face value is, you can’t hold obesity. My face is this arm!"
品茶论坛Raise your hand and pinch your arm. Toot toot is very sensual.
I looked up and suddenly thought of Wei Qingyi, who was always thinking about feeding me and feeding me.
Grandma, it turns out that this guy is trying to feed me into a fat pig!
And he did succeed.
I gritted my teeth and felt that the precipice could not be regenerated after giving birth to this child in my stomach.
From washing their hands, Wei Qingkui and Ada Pearl Krabs have obviously been waiting for a long time, but the sun is burning outside.
I sat down and asked, "Where to? Back to the hotel? "
Wei Qing got up and pulled me up and walked out.
Ada and Pearl Krabs went to Maibakh with them.
Wei Qingkui said, "Drive directly to Bali and play all the way. You can sleep first."
The extended Maibakh seems to be very luxurious. The shock-proof system in the famous car is well made, smooth and delicious.
What I call lying down lightly covers me and sits at my waist position to prevent me from falling down.
It was clear outside at noon. I raised my hand to cover my eyes and frowned slightly. "It’s so dazzling."
Who suddenly reached out and opened the sunshade.
The window rose slowly, and the dark glass car dimmed.
Section 13
What it was like outside soon disappeared. I closed my eyes and fell asleep in an instant.
Wei Qing put his hand on my waist and his palm pressed against my belly.
By the time I woke up, people had already arrived in Bali, and it was so dizzy that it wanted rain.
I’m surprised to see that Wei Qingkui thinks that the sky is still very kind to me. It’s very good that the weather can still give a cloudy day at this time!
Wei Qingjie has already booked a place to live, which makes me not think that there can be a quaint quadrangle hotel in Bali.
Let’s call it a hotel. There are two rows of sofas and tables in the central hall. There are some flowers on the tablecloth with bright red and classical colors, and lanterns are hung in the cloisters on the left and right sides.
I was surprised to see that it was still very reasonable to sit and look at the room with Wei Qing. The screen was placed and the carved big bed was carved.
"How did you find this?"
"This is the place where my mother used to travel and live before I opened a shop," Wei Qingkui said.
I nodded at once, and his mother really loves antique things, not only where she lives, but also where she lives outside the home.
"Are you hungry first?" He poured a glass of water and put it in front of me.
I nodded and asked "where to wash your hands? I’m going to brush my teeth. "
"Over there" He pointed to a small door in the room and turned out.
I went over and pushed open the door and found it was actually quite big, with all the tools in it.
Brush your teeth and wash your face. Pearl Krabs hung up all the clothes outside and saw me come out and said, "Little lady’s clothes have been set. Which one do you want to wear?"
"I’ll pick it myself" went over to the closet and rummaged through it. I took a floral loose short dress and went in for a warm bath.

I knocked on a millet and asked him, "What is it? What about curing them? "

Dark fire injustice said, "I don’t know where it came from. As soon as a woman met, she took away four people, namely, Disease Method, Wu Bing, Lin Bing and Qing Yu. Then your sister and a group of them now live in Xuefu and don’t come back for the time being. And Tianwu was taken back to Ji Fen by her department. So I’m left with so many things left. Why don’t I just ask me to kill the monster?"
It suddenly dawned on me that it was the ice queen who took the four of them away, so it should be training them, and my sister, who lives in Syracuse, should also mean the ice queen. After all, there is no defense force there now, but I haven’t woken up since I heard the dance, so I said it was false not to worry.
Chris saw my expression a little strange and asked, "Is there anything on Yi’s mind?"
For Chris, I can say very frankly, "I want to see Tianwu. She hasn’t woken up for more than one day. I was in a coma for just one day. I wish she were okay."
Chris smiled and said, "Go ahead. I’m here."
I’m still uneasy to hear Chris say this. I asked again, "Won’t you be jealous?"
"Fuck you for being jealous. I look like a vinegar bottle. Go and work here. I’ll ask Scarlett to help."
"That that I went to! Are you going to the dark fire? "
Next to the dark fire immediately replied, "Go and kill me. I’m going to Muer’s still there."
※※※※※※※※※※※※ We soon arrived in Ji Fen through [seeing off the array]. Now Ji Fen is not as good as before. Most players have gone to Xuefu to train, and there is no need for other players to come here except for the professional needs of wizards and sages. But I have a very special feeling for this place. This is the first place I came to Wonderland. I remember when I first came, I lamented the beautiful scenery in the game. It seems that I miss the fresh feeling of walking on the bench.
I came to the four cities of Ji Fen, that is, Tianwu Wonderland Girls’ Union General City, and reported a letter to the guardian NPC. Soon Muer, Xixi and Ye came out to see that they were sad and knew that Tianwu was not good, and they didn’t say much. They went directly to Tianwu’s residence to comfort Muer early in the morning, but Xixi and Ye left the room as if they knew something.
Looking at lying in bed, my eyes closed, my face as pink as jade, my hair as silky, and my head as peaceful as a sleeping princess, dancing reminds me of the first time I peeked at the scenery of dancing skirts, the first time I saw her rescue people, and the first time I saw her talking about a crusade. Now I think about it, I saw dancing earlier than I saw Chris, and my hand sighed unconsciously, stroking my face and said, "Dance, maybe you don’t know that I came to this game long ago. At that time, you were as strong as a sword, and I was afraid of you. Now you feel gentle when you It’s a very contradictory but somewhat exciting feeling. In reality, your gentle and considerate care and the feeling in your game really make me can’t tell which one is you. Although I know you have some feelings for me, it’s impossible because I’m not going to leave the game. Unlike you, I already feel that if our five brothers die in the game, it’s really death. This is my feeling. Believe me, the four brothers should also feel this way … "
I’m talking alone, but I didn’t see the dancer unconsciously holding on tight.
"It won’t be long before I go. It will be this game that determines the future of mankind. The invasion of demons will come soon. Although I don’t know where the so-called demons come from, I can guess that they will see you again!"
Just after I left the room, Tianwu closed her eyes and slowly opened her eyes. Tears flowed down the corner of her eyes to her ears. "I’m a talented woman with superior intelligence. I’m the first person with emotional intelligence … I actually like you so much …"
When I went out, I saw Xixi and Yezheng talking about something in the garden not far away. I went over and Xixi and Yezheng immediately found out and said hello to me together.
"The world in Hakuei has changed so fast. At the beginning, you wanted to punish me, but now you can talk face to face."
Chapter 15 Proposing marriage
Happy new year! A new year and a new beginning!
Chapter 15 Proposing Marriage Xixi first left the pie mouth and said, "Hum, I know I can’t beat you now, but if anything happens to Sister Wu, I won’t let you go. You let Sister Wu go to Xuexi but didn’t protect her well."
Next to the leaf, I pushed the evening and said, "Can this evening be strange and elegant? It’s not that you don’t know that Sister Wu must be the first to rush. "
I interrupted them and said, "You don’t have to worry that Tianwu should wake up soon, because I once tried to pass this thing to Tianwu for me in the game." Then I took out the’ Flame Excalibur’ and gave it to Ye.
Leaves took a look at the properties got a fright "what is this sword? Why is there such a strange attribute? "
"As soon as the artifact is believed to be suitable for Tianwu, this flaming sword must be combined with other weapons to exert its real power, and Tianwu God wishes that it is the best sword, and I believe that the strength will increase rapidly when it is combined with the flaming sword."
品茶※※※※※※※※※※※ After I left Ji Fen, I arrived at the Iron Man’s Dream Rock. Now Dream Rock is almost a member of the Iron Man’s Guild, and the strength of the top ten guilds is not as good as before, but it’s not a decent guild. Just like my own guild got that the actual number of guild members actually reached 3 million through the information channel of the president, it’s just a game that I never thought about. When Iron Man saw me, he was happy and said, "Why are brothers so good? I look at me?"
I’m also very happy to see Iron Man. His frank personality is the main reason why he makes many friends, and even if he comes into contact for the first time, he will be very easy to blend in. "I didn’t say much about Iron Man, and you know what my guild is going to do now, so I’ll tell you directly. I’m here to borrow money from you."
The iron man asked strangely, "Borrow money? Doesn’t your sister have a lot? Why did you come to borrow it from me? "
"Don’t ask these questions. I’m in a hurry."
"No problem. How much do you want to borrow? I’m a businessman. Have you borrowed it or paid it back? "
"One trillion!"
Iron man face a white-washed body is not a shiver "what? You said a trillion? "
The iron man pondered for a while and said, "I have no problem if I want to spend 1 trillion yuan, but I can’t make up my mind about so much money. I need to ask my family."
"You tell them which is more important, the future of the earth or money, and they will choose, or you just tell them that I borrowed it and it is unlikely to return it, but it is possible to return the earth to a new future."
The iron man bit his teeth and said, "OK, I’ll lend you this sentence and I’ll row it over to you."
After receiving a trillion yuan of thanks from the Iron Man, I rushed to the capital palace and had a secret talk with the king for more than an hour before returning to Philadelphia and Yangcheng.
"Would Silk like to go to a dangerous place with me?"
Chris gave me a white look and said, "Isn’t this nonsense? No matter where you go, I will follow you all my life! "
"Ha ha, I’m not happy to hear such a sentence! When the dark fire comes back, let’s go straight. Target underworld! But you take this thing before you go. "
I took out a desperate call from my bag. Chris looked at the ring and asked strangely, "What is this?"
I smiled mysteriously and resolutely knelt in front of Chris, which startled Chris. Looking at my serious expression, Chris panicked for a moment and didn’t know what to do.
"Will Silk marry me?"
"ah!" Chris buried her face in her hands and burst into tears. She was so surprised that she could not speak for a long time like a statue.
"Will you?"
It took Chris a while to ask, "But I’m an NPC. Do you really want to get an NPC?"
"I swear that I will marry Chris’s wife in this life and never leave her for the rest of my life!"
"Escape …" Chris pounced on my arms and sobbed intermittently, holding me tightly in his hands.
"Fool, you haven’t promised me whether to marry me or not."
"Marry marry …"
"I don’t know shame guy even said so many married afraid not to go out? Hehe! "
After saying this, Chris realized that she was a little shy when she said it so explicitly, but such shyness would make her squeeze her face into my arms even more.
I put the ring on Chris with a big smile, and saw Chris’ happy expression on her face. I felt so good. * * * That’s what I wanted. "Silk, maybe we have a short time. Do you like it?"
"Even for a second, I won’t regret it!"
At this moment, wearing a ring, Chris gave off a strange light, and Chris’s clothes began to change. Like fragments, the clothes turned into light particles and disappeared, while another layer of sacred white light revolved around Chris. Chris’s original golden long hair instantly turned into black and translucent black white light, and a jumpsuit made of unknown materials was whiter than snow, which made Chris look like a virgin.

"Don’t you want an answer? I’ll tell you now!" Then he held her and walked straight to the room!

Oh, my god This beast
☆, Chapter 196 Almost eaten by wolves
"Let me go! Let me go! Shao Feng, you can’t do this! " Tao Zhi Ling’s face turned white with fear, bouncing up like a flea and curled up in the corner of the bed.
"What can’t I do this? You don’t forget that in the afternoon, it was you who said that you would invite me to the hotel to check in. "Xiang Shaofeng said that he untied his belt.
Lie in the trough! Don’t let people live!
"I" Tao Zhi Ling is dumb. Yeah, it’s all my fault. I knew I shouldn’t have told him so much at the beginning. I also said that the office was not romantic and I had to get a room outside to stimulate it. In retrospect, I really want to die.
"Why? Just now, I was just like a righteous man, but now I want you to take action, but you are pushing from pillar to post. Is this how you usually seduce people? " Xiang Shaofeng is not angry but laughs and intends to blow the law to force her to submit.
Who seduced someone? Where did you see me seduce people? Tao zhi ling’s heart has already shed tears. What should I do after receiving it? Here she suddenly jumped out of bed in a hurry and said, "Yeah, that’s how I usually seduce people." Don’t like it? If you don’t like it, dump me! "
"Dumped you not cheap you? You owe me 1 million and haven’t given it yet! "
What time is it? Still thinking about his 1 million capitalist is capitalist! Money is always on my mind.
Tao Zhiling gnashed her teeth with anger. "Even if I owe you 1 million, I won’t surrender to you!"
"oh? Is it? No, I can’t do anything about you unless you give in, okay? Big deal, I will have a hard bow! "
What? Overlord hard bow? When did this man become such a hooligan?
Shao-feng Xiang once again said that he had approached Tao Zhi Ling with a thief smile on his face.
The suit jacket has been taken off! The belt is untied, too! ! Then there is the shirt! ! !
Although it’s not the first time for the two of them to pester him to come over, Tao Zhi Ling retreated to the corner in fear. She held only a glimmer of hope and said, "Xiang Shaofeng, don’t come here again. If you come here again, I’ll sue you for molestation!"
"Tell me, tell me, tell the judge that I am indecent. Look at this city, who dares to say that I broke the law?"
"You" Tao Zhi Ling was so angry that her face was crooked that she could sigh with bad luck when she met such a man.
Section 99
Anyway. Can’t let him continue to bully himself TaoZhi ghatpot stare big eyes aimed at the gap and rushed straight to the door, which material is just a lift item ShaoFeng then a held her in her arms, "want to run? Do you think it is possible? "
"I" Tao Zhi Ling shivered and felt that he held himself tightly so tightly that he could almost integrate himself into his body. Listening to each other’s heartbeats, she felt that her body was hot and dry, and she had to admit that the manly smell emanating from Xiang Shaofeng was deeply attracted to her.
He tried to push him away with his heart surging, but Xiang Shaofeng surrounded himself with his hands like talons. Damn it, he whispered softly in his ear, "Taoshi, your true lover is me, right?"
Huh? How can you ask such a question at this time?
Shao-feng Xiang looked at her as if she were looking at a doll in the palm of her hand. Her eyes were full of tenderness and cherish elegance. Her extraordinary face hung up, and Tao Zhi Ling felt a ripple in her heart.
Two people’s eyes are intertwined for a long time and they can’t be separated. They are immersed in the world of two people.
"Peach, I love you" Xiang Shaofeng pulled out one hand and caressed Tao Zhi’s ghatpot face. Her fingertips seemed to be warm and cool, and her face lingered gently with flames.
Looking at his face, Tao Zhi Ling was puzzled by this face.
He slowly approached the warm and hot lips and gently covered Tao Zhi Ling with his own fragrance, and sucked slowly until the two men gently poured the white bed.
When the four lips touch together, Tao Zhiling feels that her body temperature has risen again. She can’t feel that she is still breathing, and everything can be numb like a dream. Xiang Shaofeng kisses herself.
She gently closed her eyes and felt her heart.
"Shao Shao Feng" Tao Zhi Ling opened her misty eyes and whispered as if she were not whispering.
Xiang Shaofeng’s eyes have become more and more deep and faint, and there is a latosolic red fire eye.
Just when the two men kissed each other, the words suddenly rang, and Tao Zhi Ling recovered her senses.
God, what’s wrong with me? Almost fell in love with him again
I have been bullied by him several times before I can’t. I must not let him succeed this time.
Thought of here, she pushed a Shao Feng way "Shao Feng that your words rang"
Xiang Shaofeng’s frown became a ball. According to his deep voice, it was frightening. "Hey! What is it? "
I don’t know what the person said because I didn’t press Tao Zhi Ling. After a few seconds, his brow twisted like a hemp rope, but it’s not important. It’s important to sneak away when he’s not looking.
Head up, chest up, hips in, abdomen in, aiming at the door!
When she was just about to start, Xiang Shaofeng grabbed her by the hand and said, "Where do you want to run?"
It’s over! It’s over! This is he found TaoZhi ghatpot want to cry, "I ha ha, aren’t you talking? Why don’t you fight? "
"It’s finished!"
"It’s over so soon?"
A Shaofeng coldly swept over and scared her to shut her mouth quickly.
Master, why don’t you give him a "compliment porridge" That person who calls others is too unselfish. He has no spirit of weeding out the strong and helping the weak? Do you really want to watch a poor little sheep being eaten by the wolf?
夜网论坛"Go!" The bed Shao Feng took her and walked towards the door.
"Where to?"

After sending this message, I picked it up and put it aside. Soon I received a text message from Yan Jiaxin, "He didn’t look for me, but I took the initiative to look for him."

I was a little sad to see this news, but I asked her again, "What are you looking for him?"
It was a long time before Yan Jiaxin replied to me, "because I want to give him back what I owe him, so that we are even."
Soon Yan Jiaxin added, "Shi Shige is very poor."
"He’s really not Qi Yier."
Yan Jiaxin simply didn’t type, but launched a voice for me, so I directly typed her words and asked, "Is he really not?"
"It’s not exemptions and Qi Qishi. It’s Qi Yi’s adoption of children, but I’m the only one who knows about this."
"You always knew."
Yan Jiaxin gave me a "well" and said, "What exemptions have done is to raise his head in front of others. He hopes to get Qi Yi’s approval, but he has never been in Qi Yi’s eyes. Even if he was given the position of president, he let the noodle people give him problems everywhere. He and Qi Qi are orphans, but this matter has never been known to Qi Qi. Let Qi Qi live like a princess and resist all the burdens."
"Does Qi Qi know all this? How is she now? I heard that her spirit is not normal."
Yan Jiaxin sighed and said, "I heard exemptions say that she was in a trance and the real reason was that she was invaded by human nature, that is, that time she collapsed after she finished her spirit."
"What’s going on?" I was frightened at once.
"This is when I learned from Lin Yuran that he was crazy, he always made some unusual moves and said Qi Qi’s name from time to time."
I recall in my mind what Qi Yi said to me tonight, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Now Yan Jiaxin is up again, but it shocked me once again.
"You really want me to help him," I asked Yan Jiaxin. "If I help him now, if I lose everything, I will be condemned by everyone. I am afraid I am sorry for Nanmu."
"I really don’t want you to make such a difficult choice, but I can’t help it. The situation is also very embarrassing. The two companies are talking about who has problems at this stage and will be swallowed up by others step by step. I suspect that Qi Yi has a desire to take the Nansheng Group over there."
"I heard from Jixuan that it seems that Jiyi and that Liu Yuan are really planning something, and when I discovered the drug trafficking today, Jixuan did not deny that it is possible that Jixuan also participated in the competition and now wants to quit and let us act as his umbrella."
Yan Jiaxin suddenly became silent. It seems that what I said casually is really possible. Things are getting more and more complicated for me.
"Go to see him again and ask him again."
Hang up, I don’t want to think too much, put out the room light and slowly fell asleep.
The next day, when I bought fresh fruit, I walked towards Tang Tian’s ward. As soon as I entered, I saw the doctor treating Tang Tian. After I finished, the doctor came to me and said, "The patient’s body is a little better. If he has more recuperation, he should be able to recover."
"thank you"
As soon as the doctor left, I came to Tang Tian and sat down. He looked at me seriously and asked, "Why are you here?"
"Come and see you"
Tang Tianxiao smiled and seemed to hear the doctor’s words. Many people were in a better mood. He pointed his finger at me and ordered something, right?
"Well," I nodded and asked directly, "Who is that Liu Yuan?"
Hearing the name Liu Yuan, Tang Tian was shocked. He looked at me seriously and asked, "How do you know this name?"
"She is now the president of Qiyi Company, and Qi Xuan has been dismissed from her post. Yesterday, she found me and hoped that I could help him go back there."
"Are you asking for my answer?" Tang Tian asked me.
I answered "Yes" without hesitation.
Tang Tian suddenly fell into a complicated thinking, and then said to me, "promise him."
"Can you give me a reason?"
Tang Tianxiao smiled and said, "Jixuan, the hostage is not bad, but he bears too much. He has pride and can say that he won’t ask for help easily like me. If he really asks for help, he must have let himself go. If you help him at this time, he will definitely return your favor. You can also take this opportunity to ease the two of you. Besides Xin Er, you don’t have much to say that you can be a better business partner without this layer. Of course, this is also my personal suggestion, but I have to wake you up. If you really want to achieve great things, you must do it.
I nodded and left the hospital after chatting with Tang Tian for a while. Maybe I should try to do it once, as he said. I looked up at the sky and asked, "Do you support me to do this, Nanmu?"
I don’t know if Nanmu heard my answer. The clouds slowly moved away that day, blocking the sun and revealing the light.
Chapter 11 He cooperated with me to perform.
"I didn’t expect you to actually agree to join me."
I said flatly to Jixuan’s expression, "Although I agreed to join you, I will tell you frankly that if there is anything wrong in front, I will get out immediately."
Jixuan nodded at me and said, "I don’t object to this, but there is one thing I want to make clear. We are both in the same position."
I didn’t speak, but looked at JiXuan in front of me in a very complicated way for a while before I put my cigarette in his hand and answered, "What are you going to do then?"
Qi Xuan held out his finger in front of me and said, "Next, they will hold a charity party in Beijing, and this charity party, as far as I know, is full of important people who will make a big move through this party."
"Circle all the money" I asked.
"This should be because Zhongyi has a signboard like Qi Yi, which will make people have the first feeling to believe and will slowly fall into their trap. This charity party, what they released is the project list that Qi Yi Company has received for several years, in order to allow many wealthy businessmen to choose to enter this profit project. At that time, I will also pretend to be your assistant and you will take those wealthy businessmen’s projects."
I smiled and said, "Why do I feel that if I go in this matter, I will get into deep trouble and let me take a deep risk so that I can’t get out of this trap?"
"This is a game. If you want to say so, then I have no words to explain it, so our combination can be abolished."
I nodded again. "How soon will the charity party start?"
桑拿网"Deep Blue Hotel on Saturday night"
When I got back to the company and just walked into the office, my words rang. At this time, Mu Yi just came to my office. I motioned for her to sit down first. I answered the phone and asked "Who"
"It’s my brother Lei Haoge."
"Yan Xun" I was stunned and sat there. Mu Yi’s face changed. She got up from her seat and looked at me with a little excitement.
I asked Yan Xun, "What’s the matter?"
"Brother Lei Haoge, I found a problem. Qi seems to have a big move. This time, a woman named Lu Yuan seems to have an idea of shifting the focus of the whole company. She has made a big change in all the new artists in the company, including me, en, who are partially assigned to the branch office and gradually transferred everything in the company."
I frown. What exactly did this Lu Yuan do to move her? I am a little confused. If she wants Qi’s eyes and ears to let more people fall into it, then why did she choose to split up a large number of people in the company at this time? What does this mean?
Mu Yi came up to me and shouted "Brother Leihao" to me.
I took a look at her, only to find Yan back. "I’ll get to know your side in this way, pay more attention, and be very careful not to make mistakes at this time."
"Good" Yan Xun seems to have a tendency to hang up. I called him "Wait" again.
"What’s the matter?"
"Someone wants to talk to you."
I gave my mobile phone to Muyi Muyi and looked at me with some sobs, while I raised my head and walked aside to give it to both of them.
It was a long time before Muyi came out of my office. She still had tears in her eyes, but her face showed that happy smile. I took her and handed it to my mobile phone and jokingly said, "Look at your smiling face, my little sister is longing for love."
Mu Yi waved to me and said, "What did Brother Leihao say about you?"
"I didn’t say anything about seeing a woman who changed her mood when she heard Mr. Right."

I gradually feel that something is wrong.

Didn’t he take over Ye Li’s power? These guards are supposed to obey his orders …
I’m afraid it’s also Li Qingqing who blocked the former boulevard.
I silently returned to him.
After meeting him, I have been immersed in his happiness and neglected many details unconsciously.
He didn’t tell me about the Mid-Autumn Festival either.
Section 144
Now that I think about it carefully, I always think that his deal with the Li family is not simple.
Otherwise Li Qingqing can’t be so arrogant.
It’s a pity that I’m at a loss and dare not speak easily
Ye Xiangyuan said to Ye Wen behind him, "Three aunts are probably disgusted with your noise. Remember not to disturb her."
Then he took my hand and walked in.
Li Qingqing pointed to Ye Xiangyuan’s nose in great anger and scolded, "We let you out in the Li family because we feel sorry for you. You are ungrateful. Even if you are still so uneducated, I think it is better to put you in again."
I frowned at this.
It seems that I guessed right. This time, Ye Xiangyuan really lost a game, and Li Qingqing dared to give such a Mawei.
夜网论坛Ye Xiangyuan smiled slightly. "Three aunts don’t worry. Our grievances haven’t come to an end yet."
This a Li Qingqing face suddenly blue and white.
I secretly smiled.
This is what I know, the handshaking cloud covers the hands and the rain leaves go far away.
Ye Xiangyuan ignored Li Qingqing directly and Yuzryha heard the bodyguard put the luggage in.
Li Qingqing did not provoke again, but his face was definitely not good.
After entering the room, Ye Xiang, a distant relative, kissed me on the forehead and said, "I’m going to talk to my grandfather. You should wait in the hall for the eldest sister-in-law and Xiao Jin."
I was slightly startled.
Ye Xiangyuan turned to Ye Wen and said, "If someone is bad for you, you know what to do. Don’t embarrass me."
The implication is that Yuzryha smells directly and plays hardball.
This is deliberately said to Li Qingqing. Li Qingqing’s face is indeed darker.
I really don’t want to clash with Li Qingqing when Ye Xiangyuan leaves, so I silently walked to the living room.
But Li Qingqing obviously didn’t want to let me go, chased me and ran to the living room to look at me. "Why will you be with Ye Xiangyuan?"
I didn’t
She said, "Shouldn’t you be flying?"
It seems that she knows that Li Yuyan sent me away by force.
I chuckled, "I’m also surprised how my third aunt came here. Aren’t you arrested?"
Li Qingqing sneered, "Your mouth is still so fierce that I won’t argue with you. Anyway, your life is cheap, Ye Xiangyuan is still a long way to go. I’ll see if you have a life with me and a rain pipe."
She has an innate pride in the corner of her eyes.
I can’t compare with her and Li Yuyan.
But how can I lose momentum at this time?
I don’t want to lose face with Ye Xiangyuan.
So I deliberately sighed, "I can’t choose my own way, but … you seem to be no better than me. Although you are Li’s aunt, you have not been crushed by Ayuan, and your family didn’t help you out when you had an accident."
Li Qingqing face changed.
I knew I had poked her in the heart.
Li Yuyan’s father is the owner of the Li family, and he must love his daughter more than Li Qingqing, the younger sister who has long been married.
There are very few people who care so much about their sister as Teng.
But even when Li Yuyan was brambled, no one in the Li family went to visit her, much less.
It can be seen that the status of Li girls is not high or can be sacrificed.
Li Qingqing stared at me with bad eyes. "Sharp teeth and sharp mouth are unrepentant! At least I have the Li family behind me. What do you have? "
I looked back at her, "If you are confident, you will fight with me again."
She won’t do it this time.
I caught a glimpse of her hands tightly clenched into fists.
Is it true that she is not valued by the Li family as I said?
So I just poked her where it hurts?
I smiled and said, "I don’t have a good family, but I have a long way to go. My husband is very kind to me and protects me everywhere. What about you? Your husband seems to prefer to be with your niece."
Li Qingqing snapped up the coffee table cup and smashed it at me. "Bitch Hu said!"
I lightly avoided Gherardini. "It seems that you don’t know about your husband and your niece."
Li Qingqing stare big eyes.
I said, "Hey, the whole world knows. You haven’t heard … Are they hiding it from you on purpose?"
Li Qingqing’s face turned white and his body shook as if he were going to faint in a second.
I show sympathy.
She suddenly gave me a bad look, almost squeezing her voice through her teeth. "Impossible … bitch, you must have made up a lie to lie to me … I won’t believe you …"
Then she turned and left.
I looked at her back and couldn’t say what it was like.
It is her misfortune to have a husband like Ye Sanye.
But she seems to be quite dead set on Ye Sanye.
However, Ye Sanye is better than Ye Li. After all, Ye Li not only found Xiao San, but also angered the original match. Finally, he married Xiao San and spoiled Xiao San for decades.

Then it occurred to me that this was his excuse …

I can’t help but smile. I feel like I’m sinking deeper and deeper.
桑拿会所In an instant, Zhou Yizheng looked at me and seemed to observe my face.
He hesitated when he received my eyes. "Second brother has absolutely no affair with the lady in the Li family …"
I haven’t said anything about Changning and roared at him "idiot! Why do you say this! "
Zhou Yi particularly nai said, "Brother Ning, can you go out for a while?"
Gu Changning refused to allow Yang Ba disdainfully to glance at him.
Zhou Yi "…"
Listen, the two of them bickered, and those rolling emotions in my heart slowly calmed down.
I wanted to think, "but the lady in the Li family likes Ye Xiangyuan, right? But I can’t figure out how her family would agree to her engagement with Ye Xiangyuan? "
Gu Changning said impatiently, "Ask Ayuan yourself."
Zhou Yi was silent for a long time this time. "I also think it’s better for my second brother to explain it to you."
Are there more scenes in the movie?
I looked at Zhou Yi’s face carefully and he gave me a koo expression.
Gu Changning beside him is a face of pie mouth with disgust.
Generally speaking, I can’t get anything out of them.
Ye Xiangyuan’s people are really good, and their mouths are sealed.
But … Gu Changning and Zhou Yilai are aristocratic men, and they have their own set of principles. They shouldn’t say things, and they certainly won’t spill the beans.
I droop my eyelids
I still see some clues from their attitude.
Ye Xiangyuan and Li Yuyan should be a little something.
Otherwise, Zhou Yi will speak hesitatingly?
Yesterday, when Li Yuyan took Ye Xiangyuan’s arm, Ye Xiangyuan didn’t push away or even escape.
I’ll neve forget that feeling of his cold gaze at me.
He looked like an urgent stranger …
I took back my thoughts and said to Zhou Yi and Gu Changning, "Well, I’ll find Ye Xiangyuan to get to know you clearly. Let’s go. I’m in a bad mood and I’m afraid I’ll quarrel with you if I don’t agree with you."
Zhou Yi probably didn’t expect me to pay my ears so directly.
Gu Changning cold hum a glance will open my mouth to say what.
Section 76
Zhou Yi grabbed her shoulder. "Brother Ning, let’s go first and let her sister-in-law be quiet."
Gu Changning glance at him, after all, no.
It was a cold sweep of my face before I left.
I ignored him and opened the door with a straight face.
I talked to them a lot and didn’t get much information.
I can confirm one thing, that is, Sister Ye Xiangyuan was kidnapped yesterday and Ye Xiangyuan was threatened for it.
I know whether he has feelings with Li Yuyan or not because of my appearance.
And how the wedding ended later, and how he explained it to the guests, I don’t know.
After all, besides my parents’ relatives and friends, he also invited many guests.
I guess maybe he conveniently held an engagement party with Li Yuyan, but not necessarily.
As far as I’m concerned, two days passed in a flash.
Nan-nan still hasn’t answered the message.
Ye Xiangyuan appeared.
It was in the evening when the sunset slowly fell from the leaves and disappeared from the horizon.
He pushed open the door and silently, the dark figure by the door blocked the corridor light.
This time I turned on the light first.
He looks a little tired, and the light reflected from his black eyes seems to be sleepy and tired.
But I don’t want to feel bad about him anymore, and I don’t want to show my soft heart even a little before him.
I sat on the sofa with a cold face and didn’t move
He came over and stared down at me.
I looked at him coldly.
He held out his hand and stroked my forehead hair. "Don’t worry that my uncle and aunt have gone abroad to settle down."
I’ll come along.
Right into his hard chest.
He reached out and hugged me. "Eleven, you once said that I would be good to me."


Chapter 17 Alternative Battlefield (14)
When the dark snake king heard the noise from outsiders in the sinkhole canyon and knew that General Turtle had been killed, he thought to himself, Are the players really so good? General tortoise has hundreds of thousands of tortoise hands, so they are all killed. How can I resist so many players when I am alone? No one thought that the dark snake king had quietly escaped to a secret passage. No one thought that the dark snake king was a coward. Although he was heroic in appearance, he was as timid as an ant.
The soldiers attacked the sinkhole canyon and found that there was no magic in it. Although it was strange what happened, I still went straight through to a goal regardless of so many.
Tiantai! There are no trees, no mountains or even a little taller stones in the sight of this card, which is guarded by the Ghost Warrior. There is a rooftop like the Temple of Heaven! On the rooftop, there is a floating warrior who looks like a hero, holding a big knife and flashing red light, and his eyes will become deeper and shallower. It’s really scary. Some female players are timid and shocked by such a sudden meeting, but they are very interested in the modeling of the Ghost Warrior. It can be said that the modeling of the Ghost Warrior is very stylish, which conforms to the aesthetic observation of modern people and has ultra-modern texture.
No matter how many players talk about it, is it a trap to be a one-man ten thousand cannot force it? But when you look at the past, there is nothing, but to be on the safe side, the military science is to command Yihe to act as a pioneer and take 100,000 people to explore the way first. Sure enough, Yihe has just entered the rooftop, and the scenery in front of him suddenly changed like ten levels of hell. The sight startled these 100,000 people together with Yihe, and it was so plausible and horrible that the devil in hell showed his fangs and wanted to eat everyone. He was a little timid on the spot because of his mental support, and he was forced to be bold and scared. After all, he was a small captain. Busy to escape backwards, now they can do such a thing, but looking back, the way back is gone. I saw that the abyss was as deep as ink, but there was nothing across the abyss. The way in just now was gone.
In the face of despair, even the first and the last are shocked. What should I do if there is a spectre before and an abyss after?
The soldiers and others can see clearly outside. The first and the last people have been screaming and spinning around almost all the time. It seems that something terrible has happened inside, and the phenomenon that players scream and then disappear into white light keeps appearing. Soon, less than half of the 100,000 people are left. The soldiers and others don’t even know what these people will die because they can’t see the situation in the rooftop.
"How did this happen?" Everyone asked the same question in their hearts. What’s in this seemingly flat rooftop?
The dark beauty knight Lord of the mountain peak longed for Haoer, who was watching the frontline battle with an astronomical telescope adjusted to the minimum multiple. It was interesting to see it around. A dark knight Lord behind him reported that "the virus knight sent by Miss Master has been together."
Mu Haoer stopped watching and asked, "How many are there?"
"The first-level virus knight is about 10 thousand, the second-level virus knight is 100 thousand, and the third-level virus knight is increasing. Because there are too many people in the third level, there may be millions. This hill may not."
"Isn’t there a lot of land behind stupid? Those fools won’t back off. "
"yes, miss!"
"I didn’t expect that the talent attribute in this game can create so many abilities. I wonder what kind of special skills my talent can create? Hehe! "
The boundary of the snowy city, Chris? ; Pupil and Zhang Xian just sit face to face, but they can say that they are worried about a person and sometimes sigh and sometimes look up at the sky.
"Chris, how do you know Yi Xue?" Zhang xian said have no words to find words
"I, I seem to be destiny takes a hand. I woke up suddenly from a serious illness and saw escape. At that moment, I seemed to have a very special feeling of wanting to be with him. Maybe this is human love at first sight."
"By the way, can you tell me the story of your adventure with Xueyi?"
"Well, there are a lot of things from every time we meet to when I dress up as a little wizard who just changed jobs to …"
The more the two girls talked unconsciously, the more they devoted themselves to talking, the more they found themselves so indifferent to him.
Tianwu, who also has a good impression on me, is leaning on my arms and looking at Qingqi’s eyes. From the first time we met on the boat to the end of Tianwu, I didn’t expect that I had so many accidents with this person.
The dark snake king is glad that he didn’t stop these players. The demon warrior can also be said that he didn’t see each other’s strength and was eliminated. That stupid turtle general actually relied on his own powerful turtle army just like the demon warrior. It hasn’t been eliminated, but he is single. Even if he is tough, he can’t stop several people’s attacks. Even one point of compulsory damage is enough to destroy himself.
The dark snake king came out from the secret tunnel he dug, but the magic forest was flat. I believe that the players have passed. Now we must find a way to return to the fairyland. Then we are not afraid that the players will find a place to hide. No one can find it. I was just thinking about finding that two people in the tree in front seem to be asleep and bullying the weak, but the dark snake king’s favorite thing is not to even say hello. A three-meter long snake spear appears in his hand and twists his body to make waves.
Tianwu is feeling the feeling of being held by the person you like, but I don’t know the strange sound coming from behind. When I turn my head and look at it, I’m startled. And I’m in such a big shape that I feel sleepy and my love is gone for a moment. Without thinking, I took out my weapon’ God wishes’ and launched a fighting posture [bully body]. My skills [Reiki sword] are ready to launch a blow and kill.
The dark snake king saw someone trying to resist the unexpected. He was afraid that tens of thousands of players would besiege him. He didn’t believe that there was any threat to one player.
"Go to hell!" Wang Li, the dark snake, stabbed the’ God Wishes’ in the hands of Tianwu with a spear, and also injected the force of Tianwu. When the two weapons touched, the naked eye could see that the airflow spread around.
I was washed away by the airflow and rolled around twice. I was surprised to open my eyes. What happened? There was such a strong wind in this box of battlefields. But when I saw what was happening in the field, I was shocked and shouted out with a hoarse voice, "Dancing in the sky …"
The snake spear of the dark snake king was accurately inserted into the belly of the heavenly dance, but the root of the face of the dark snake king could not see even a little happiness. Because the heavenly dance’ God wishes’ stretched out several vines, the whole dark snake king was rolled up, and the eyes of the heavenly dance gradually became dark, and the red light of’ God wishes’ became more and more prosperous …
————–reading recommendation: to worship the true self of the romantic empire.
Chapter 10 Alternative Battlefield (15)
It’s not true that I was stunned by the stinging fire in my bright red eyes. It’s not true. It’s not true at all. Just now, I was leaning on my arms. How could I dance …
Tianwu finally said with strength, "I will wait for you in the real world, whether you want to leave or not, and you must come to see me …" Tianwu said that this sound will no longer come out and turn into a little white light to dissipate the gas.
I grieved and resented why I wanted to fall asleep, but at this moment I didn’t find that the heavenly dance disappeared, but God Blessed didn’t disappear. I don’t know where this heavenly dance got the artifact. It belongs to the underworld. Things are devouring the dark snake king. The dark snake king struggled and roared desperately, but it didn’t help. Vines got into his body from the mouth, nose, ears and other places where there were holes anyway, devouring his dirty body, decomposing his muscles and rotting his soul. What is the pity that the dark snake king finally remembered the word "pity"? It’s a pity that my wisdom came too late, it’s a pity that my wisdom lasted too short, and it’s a pity that I’m as arrogant as General Tortoise, the ghost warrior, and human players can’t be ignored
It took me a long time to remember that Tianwu was just returning to the real world, but I barely persuaded myself to take it easy. However, the feeling of heartbreaking just now made me look up for a long time and found that the dark snake king had turned into a green thing. I was curious to walk twice and found that the green thing was completely still, but I didn’t see the scene where the dark snake king was wrapped just now, so I didn’t know what was inside.
Although I still have worries in my heart, now I haven’t finished recovering my strength, and suddenly my feelings are greatly exhausted, and my eyelids are constantly attacking, and I want to kiss each other, so I can’t go back to the tree just now and lie down and sleep again.
Muer hummed and came to the back to look for elegance and dancing. Muer saw a green round thing from a distance, and his curiosity increased greatly.
Muer looked more and more strange when he came to the front of the spherical object. I didn’t see anything when I passed here just now. Why didn’t such a big thing come out soon and it seems to be wrapped in vines outside? What’s inside?
Muer picked up the skeleton staff in her hand and lifted the vine, but the vine seemed to be very hard. Finally, Muer got sweaty and broke a few pieces, pouting and annoyed. Isn’t there a skill called [Guangyao Temple] that has the ability to restore the life value of living beings? There may be one for this kind of moving vine.
Think of it and do it. Muer sings spells and bursts of white light make the vines more and more green and vibrant. Muer sees that his methods are more and more effective. * * * * He concentrates on the vines to become thick and big. Finally, Muer closes his eyes and cares about the casting skills. He doesn’t see that the vines are getting longer and faster. Muer is surrounded by darkness. Finally, Muer himself is surrounded.
Although it’s strange that there isn’t even a magic weapon in such a singular place in ten thousand cannot force it, since it can pass smoothly, of course, I won’t think so much, even if there is a trap behind it.
"Come on, come on!" The realm of God commands players to like this battle captain position more and more through this. It feels normal that the life flow is calm to 3.1, and it is impossible to realize the assassination. Therefore, he is very intoxicated with it, so he makes special efforts to do things and thinks the same way. Many players are excited in their daily lives. This game is just like a real war, so players are nervous to meet a battle.
Qin Yong nervously took the soldier’s hand and asked, "Brother, go and save them. What do you think they seem to encounter?"
The soldiers steadied their excitement and carefully observed the surrounding environment. There is nothing in this place in Ma Pingchuan, but what can be reflected in the ghost warrior? The only explanation is that strange changes will occur when you enter the scope of the Ghost Warrior, and this change will not be effective unless you enter it.
The soldier said to the assassin around him, "Do you dare to go in?"
桑拿网The assassination root is not afraid of these things. At most, it is just that you can’t see the wonderful situation behind you. "No problem, brothers, come with me."
Following the assassination, the players rushed to the top of the mountain and responded with a "coming!"
More than 6,000 people followed the assassination and rushed into the last place. As soon as the assassination came in, they immediately felt that the ghosts and demons who rushed over the sky were really shocked. But the assassination was a theist and this is the so-called ghost in the game. Isn’t it a magic thing? As soon as a whole hand’s cross fist blade [Dark Instant] skill came out, ghosts and demons were cut in half, and the smoke disappeared. After seeing the assassination, the players immediately dared to attack ghosts and demons. Of course, a few girls still screamed, but now it sounds like a symphony.
"Brothers, this is a fake rush!" The assassination took the lead and rushed over, but just after the assassination, a whole person fell to the original level, but now it is a abyss. As soon as the eyes were dark, they fell into a coma.
The soldiers facing the outside world and others saw that the assassination foot was soft and the whole person fell to the ground. The people were surprised. What’s the trap inside another one?
After the assassination, the players stopped for the first time, but five or six thousand people didn’t mean that they could stop at the back and push forward. Hundreds of people immediately followed the assassination and spread it among the players in the horrible atmosphere.
"What should I do?" Ip Man’s illness can be the same as illness. If his body can still move mentally, he can rush in and see what’s going on.
"Can Ye do me a favor?"
"I can listen to you whatever you want."
Hearing Ye say this, the disease is a little blushing. In reality, the disease in school is a handsome inter-school star, but he comes back again. No girl does this to him. After all, the title of genius has prevented many girls from delusional.
"This and then this …" Ye nodded while listening and finally asked, "Is this really possible?"
I don’t know, but I hope it works.

But the little hand just touched his shoulder and was buckled by his hand. He pressed her hand against her head to stop her from moving!

His lips lingered around her neck and kissed her finely.
"Meng Yichen! Go away! "
When Yin Anran saw him, he was more angry and wronged.
She did something wrong and broke something, but what is it to disappear for a few days without saying a word?
Now that I’m back, I’m going to …
What does he take her for?
Sensing that Meng Yichen was about to move, Yin Anran folded his legs.
But where is she worth him?
In a second, she was forced to part.
And he just invaded!
Her eyebrows knit together because of the pain.
She was forced to bear what he had given her, and her heart hurt even more.
When the love ended, Yin Anran had already passed out.
Yin Anran woke up the next day and felt a terrible headache.
In my mind, scenes came yesterday.
Meng yichen!
She looked around and there was no sign of him!
Yin Anran’s little hand clenched into a fist and beat the bed.
Just when she wanted a bed, the door opened, and then she saw the genie’s face
Yin An dyed one leng a little surprised, but soon the little face was cold again.
Yin An dyed the bed when he went straight to the bathroom.
He caught her hand.
Yin Anran tried to shake off his hand, but he held it tightly and didn’t mean to let it go. She turned to face him, "Meng Yichen let go."
"Sorry about dyeing"
Meng Yichen suddenly spoke.
When I heard this sentence, Yin An dyed the eyebrows. "What are you sorry for? The apology is that I broke something and it is also me. "
"I was so excited on the day of dyeing."
Yin Anran clenched his lip. Of course she knew how excited he was that day. She twisted her hands to break free.
"Meng Yichen, let go. I want to wash."
Meng Yichen just let go.
Yin Anran walked into the bathroom and just squeezed toothpaste. When he looked up through the mirror, he saw the man leaning against the door.
She side head "what are you doing? !”
"Don’t you want to brush your teeth?"
Yin Anran stared at him. She wanted to brush her teeth, but what’s the matter with him at the door?
However, Yin Anran also knew that if he wanted her, he would simply leave it alone.
Yin anran washed upstairs.
"Come on, let’s go eat your favorite soup dumpling and soybean milk." Meng Yichen took her hand.
Yin An’s eyebrows wrinkled. "I don’t want to go to the villa to eat."
"There is no breakfast at the villa today."
Yin An dyed a little and looked at him. Is this man teasing her? How can there be no breakfast in the villa?
"Sister Wang"
Sister Wang hurriedly came out.
"What’s for breakfast today?"
"Well …"
Sister Wang glanced at Meng Yichen and saw her young master winking at her.
She’s been working in this villa for a long time, and she can understand some things if she doesn’t talk about her words and deeds.
"This …"
桑拿会所"Ahem …"
Meng Yichen coughed again.
Sister Wang was completely afraid to speak. Yin Anran glanced at him. "Why do you have a sore throat?"
Meng Yichen hugged her. "Well, I told you that Sister Wang didn’t prepare breakfast today, so let’s go out to eat!"
"But …"
"Miss Yin, you can go out to eat with the master today … I really didn’t prepare breakfast today. You see, I’m so confused that I forgot to prepare it."

Estimation is heard me and Ye Xiangyuan to meet her with Lu Xun.

Section 21
She is wearing a blue sweater, and a woman who is almost thirty years old is still like a ten-year-old girl. Her skin can be blown and broken, and her facial features are beautiful and moving. With her smile, she is more beautiful than any woman I have ever seen.
Tracing the cause is quietly. Her side is as calm and low-key as ever.
She greeted me with a smile. "I’m so glad you’re okay."
I laughed too.
She took the apron and gloves and handed them to the servant to cook while chatting with me. "Your belly seems to be big again."
I smiled and said, "It’s been more than five months."
I don’t know why I can’t bear any anger when I see her so affectionate, let alone blame her.
Maybe she’s so beautiful. Most beautiful women are Xiao Yan, charming, Li Yu, smoky and noble. I’m not bad-looking, but a beauty like her is rare in the world. We can’t compare with her. Even I, a girl, found her pleasing to the eye.
She dragged me to the small pile and asked me to sit on the sofa and pour fresh juice for me to drink.
I looked back at the direction of the kitchen.
Lu Xun and Ye Xiangyuan are talking. They look calm and can’t see anything wrong.
I can’t help secretly sighing.
It’s still my psychological quality, but they have my heart like nothing happened.
Gu Changyu said softly, "I heard that you were kidnapped, too. Aren’t you hurt?"
I shook my head and smiled "nothing"
She said, "A Xun and A Yuan ran to Africa a long time ago, and I was worried about them, but it turned out that something happened to us."
I’m still laughing
She looked at my judo. "I thought it was the wrong time."
I’m not too fond of her meaning. I’m waiting for her to continue.
But she let out a sigh gently
I was not sure what she wanted to say to me at the moment. She changed the subject, and I couldn’t ask questions easily. I chatted with her aimlessly. Later, Gu Changning called her, and she got up and left me, which quietly relieved me.
Every time I get along with her, I feel a little stressed, especially since I know Ye Xiangyuan’s mind, I don’t know how to face her.
I don’t know what I feel guilty about. It’s nothing to do with her and Ye Xiangyuan.
Lu Xun and Ye Xiangyuan are still chatting. I don’t know Ye Xiangyuan very well, so I listen to them quietly.
Before I thought of it, I guessed that the rape might be from childhood and I couldn’t help but look at them carefully.
These people are all people, and their appearance and tolerance are ordinary people. They can’t compare with each other and really can’t see who is a spy.
I was secretly thinking that Gu Changning suddenly sat by my side with a bad tone and said, "You didn’t have a showdown with Ayuan?"
I looked at him and didn’t answer this question, but asked him, "Did you take me to the top floor on purpose? Did you and Ayuan discuss it in advance?"
Gu Changning didn’t deny leering at me. "Do you blame me for helping Ayuan?"
I was silent. "your ultimate goal is to let me leave him?"
He sneered, "Or what?"
It makes sense for me to think about it carefully.
Whether he is Ye Xiangyuan’s good friend or Gu Changyu’s brother should help them.
桑拿会所It is common sense to be close and distant.
But he doesn’t seem to know that Ye Xiangyuan still wants to keep me.
And I’m a little confused. Did he tell me to leave with a mind to escape from the mud pit or because of his sister?
He stared at me and said, "It’s really stupid to say that you are stupid. Since you encounter this, why don’t you take the opportunity to showdown with Ayuan?"
I don’t believe he didn’t know that Ye Xiangyuan wanted to stay with me, but he still advised me to leave.
I smiled bitterly. If I could really walk away, I wouldn’t have signed an agreement with Ye Xiangyuan in the first place.
But I didn’t want to tell Gu Changning about these entanglements, so I deliberately glanced at him and said, "Do you not like Brother Lu Xun? Otherwise, why must I become your sister and Ayuan?"
Gu Changning face slightly changed.
I looked at him with a faint heart. Is he really going to help his sister and Ye Xiangyuan?
I can’t help but frown and slowly say my guess, "Because Xiaoyu doesn’t like Big Brother Lu Xun, you have to help her, right?"
Gu Changning narrowed his eyes and swept my face. "Don’t say I’m hello."
It’s not good for me to ask him to avoid this question and change the subject. "Actually, I think you should focus on your own emotional problems first. I think Miss Xu Xin is good."
Gu Changning heard Xu Xin two words seem dazed eyes become dark.
It seems that he still has feelings for Xu Xin. I was about to say something when he suddenly got up and left without saying a word.
I was a little shocked, but I didn’t chase after it. Some things can be figured out by myself.
Later, I listened to the children talking. They talked about Ye Sanye, and I realized that Ye Sanye had indeed been disposed of.
I think it was the day the gun went off.
And those things in Ye Li’s hand were given to Ye Xiangyuan by the Ministry of Nature.
Then I heard them talk about some secrets of the imperial family, such as Mrs. Li and Li jiaqi, who were close to each other, and gave birth to an illegitimate child outside Li jiaqi, but the secret worker did a particularly good job …
Once upon a time, they all avoided me. Now, although they are still not very warm to me, they still believe me. It’s because I stayed with Ye Xiangyuan for a long time that they got used to me.
Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun also said that Gu Changning also joined in. The three of them always have all kinds of secrets. Of course, I can’t bother them.
Lai Zhouyi, who is chatting for a hundred times, ran over and smiled and said, "Yisow, I heard that the child is completely fine and healthy. Congratulations!"
Speaking of children, I naturally laughed happily. "Thank you, your sister and her friends for their excellent medical skills."
Zhou Yi smiled and waved "Don’t mention it to us"
I thought about it and asked him, "Do you know Miss Xu Xin?"
Zhou Yi’s expression became strange.
Chapter 229 Let her solve grandpa for you
I didn’t know until I asked, that the Xu family is now right with the family!
No wonder Gu Changning looked so ugly just now …
What does the Xu family want to do with the family? Is it to give Xu Xin a head start?
Zhou Yi looked at me and said, "You can rest assured that Changning knows well."
I, um, although I really hope that Gu Changning and Xu Xin will be together, it’s really not my turn to worry about it.
Zhou Yi told me about some interesting things about work. Although he is a doctor, he is not old-fashioned. On the contrary, Kan Kan is very funny and I am amused.