Although the number of Arsenal superstars is far less than that of Real Madrid, in the past two years, Arsenal has won four weighty trophies, while Real Madrid has won the grain. The Real Madrid season league also seems to catch up with Barcelona, which is an extravagant hope. The Galaxy battleship is not much stronger than the Arsenal.

Wenger expressed his fear of Real Madrid at the UEFA prematch press conference.
There are too many people in Real Madrid who can decide the game. Ronaldo Zida Beckham, including casillas, can decide the game! Arsenal must attach great importance to Real Madrid in order to leave at the Bernabeu with an ideal result.
Over the past years, people have been saying that Arsenal have no reason to be belittled by others if only the results are concerned, but we have the opportunity to win the Champions League nine times this season against Real Madrid. I think this is a good opportunity to prove that Arsenal have something to do in Europe. Why not? This will be a dream game!
On the evening of February 22nd.
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
The magnificent Bernabeu was packed. When Qin Xiong’s teammates walked into the stadium, I didn’t know how others felt. Qin Xiong was shocked by the atmosphere and grandeur of the stadium.
夜生活This should be the most shocking top stadium he has ever walked into in his career.
Born in Madrid’s financial district, Real Madrid is a natural aristocrat, including fans. Since the birth of the Champions League, the club has won five consecutive championships and looked down on all beings.
Qin Xiong understood at this moment what many stars would say that their dream is to play in the Bernabeu or play for Real Madrid.
It really has a unique attraction here!
However, the atmosphere of the stadium, the architectural structure of the stadium and these external things cover up the difficulties that Atletico Madrid is facing at this moment.
Players who play in Real Madrid seem to be preoccupied, and occasionally they can catch a glimpse of deep worries in the eyes of Real Madrid fans in the stands.
It’s not the first time that Qin Xiong saw all the stars of Real Madrid at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Many real Madrid stars attended the ceremony. They didn’t talk, but they all observed each other from a distance.
He may have reverence for his predecessors.
The stars of Real Madrid may have been curious about who the rising star of football was from the Dutch team to the Premier League comet.
Today, fate made them meet in the stadium.
Qin Xiong, who will be 21 in four months, met Zida, 33, Ronaldo, 29 and Beckham, 3.
As the Champions League theme song echoed in the stadium, the players of the two teams entered the live camera.
The exciting European Champions Cup ushered in the knockout stage. At the beginning of the season, it was recognized that the top five and two teams actually met in the quarterfinals. This is suspected that before the fans enjoyed two toplevel matchups, Real Madrid took the Bernabeu to face Premier League champion Arsenal today!
In recent two or three years, Real Madrid has been in an eventful autumn. florentino has bought more and more bigname stars, but the team’s record has become more and more unstable. Now it is said that florentino has a soft spot for Arsenal Qin Xiong, but unfortunately it failed to acquire it during the winter break because Arsenal Real Madrid knows the importance of Qin Xiong.
In the last two or three seasons, Arsenal have been unbeaten in a straight line, won the league championship and set many Premier League records. They are still the league leader in the successful defending season. Now it is time for Arsenal to prove themselves in Europe! To be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has not been drawn, and it has become the peak of the front 51]
Qin Xiong looked at every player who walked past Real Madrid with a serious expression. Perhaps because of the turmoil in Real Madrid, the players were stingy to make more reactions to the outside world, as if everyone was sulking and trying to create a state of surging fighting spirit.
The first leg of the Champions League 1 final is about to be played by Real Madrid and Arsenal. Let’s take a look at the names of the two sides.
Real Madrid 451
Goalkeeper casillas
Defender Cicinho Ramos woodgate Carlos
Midfielder Beckham Guti Gravesen Zida Robinho
Striker Ronaldo
Arsenal 451
Goalkeeper Lyman
Defender Eboue Toure Senderos Flamini
Midfielder Ljungberg Fabregas Qin Xiong Silva Pires
Striker Henry
Halfcourt match with the referee whistling.
Real Madrid took the lead.