Leng Yun burn turned his head and stretched out his finger. The Nangong snow quenching did not prevent the situation and grabbed her neck.

Then directly to the door the nangongshan snow was hit by this sudden Tathagata dizzy.
She didn’t think that Leng Yun Huang would move like this.
I tell you to stay away from Lin Chuyan. How are you? I don’t care, but if you continue to pester Lin Chuxia, don’t blame me for being rude to you.
Lin Chuyan is me. He can be me. Who dares to rob me? I don’t mind. Leng Yun Huang pinched the Nangong snow neck with one hand.
Pulled out a knife from his school with one hand leisurely.
The nangongshan snow looked at the swinging knife looked at Leng Yun burn some incredible.
This coldblooded young lady is a crazy one, regardless of her madness.
The nangongshan snow looked at LengYunHuang knife on his cheek.
Feel the icy feeling that the Nangong snow body is shaking a little.
夜网论坛What do you want to do, Leng Yun? Do you know the consequences, you crazy? Nangong Snow began to struggle, but it couldn’t be opened.
I’m just crazy. What can you do? Don’t be afraid of you. The Nangong family is too lowkey to let you forget that he is also one of the five families.
Even if you retire now, it’s not your Nangong family who can provoke you. This attitude really makes people dislike it.
What qualifications do you have to provoke me so high? Do you think you are qualified to provoke me? It is very important for us to recognize our position at different levels.
The nangongshan snow looked at such a bloodthirsty puffedup person now, and there were some regrets in my heart to provoke it. This is a madness.
You are like this. You, Lin Chuyan, will like you. He will like a person who likes to play with these dangerous tools. Nangong Xue looked at her neck and legs and trembled.
So he won’t see this. This is a warning to you. Only once did I like to catch up with Chu Yan’s brother and want to create opportunities.
It will never be as windy and drizzling as it is now. I prefer storms.
Leng Yun burn looked at people as pale as paper without compassion.
Brotherinlaw and sister said that being kind to others is cruel to themselves.
People you don’t like must never be reconciled, just like Nangong Snow.
Cough, cough, cough After Nangong Snow was released, his face began to turn red.
Looking at Leng Yun’s eyes, there is fear and hatred. Today, she must report her hatred.
What do you want to get back at me by looking at me like this? I tell you not to think of any way to die, or I will have the means to deal with you. Leng Yunhuang put his dagger back in his pocket.
Looking at the nangongshan snow, there is no hatred in his eyes.
You you deal with me like this, no one will pay attention to Lin Chuyan again? You are so naive. Do you remember Shen Unique?
Nangong Xue remembered that person once, and she didn’t like that person very much either.
Anyway, she is a madman, so let her deal with Shen Unique.
How is she? Leng Yun burn eyes milli expression looked at people.
The person that Lin Chuyan really likes is her. Even if you are good, what other people Lin Chuyan doesn’t like you?
You dare to get rid of shen only? You dare not the nangongshan snow hope LengYunHuang and shen only two people fight.
Leng Yun burn looked at the nangongshan snow corners of the mouth again naive and simple.
Sister, do you want me to deal with Shen’s only sister? Leng Yun burn blinked koo eyes.
But Nangong Xue can’t help but retreat when he sees such a person. This is a madness.
Lin Chuyan likes her, not you and me. You can’t get Lin Chuyan no matter how you do it. Nangong Xue said that seeing Leng Yun burn here has some malice
What about Lin Chuyan? People don’t care about you.
Looking at the sudden silence and coming to Leng Yun to burn the Nangong Snow, I was so happy.
This madness also has this time.
But I have no conflict of interest with Shen’s only sister, even if I have something to deal with her.
I don’t like you, but I don’t hate her. Leng Yun Huang simply thought it was funny.
This person is really, she will transfer the target if she says a few words! Simply naive
Shen is the only place where her brotherinlaw Su Jinnian has checked for her and proved her guess.
Since Shen’s only one is already taken, why should she make efforts to deal with someone who poses no threat to herself?
Why? You don’t love Lin Chu and Yan Shen very much. The only place where you can stand it? The nangongshan snow some not white Leng Yun burn attitude.
She didn’t threaten me. I warn you again not to play any bad ideas. It’s not as bad as provoking Mohism with a person who has no threat to himself.
Although the five families usually have nothing to pay, the strength of each family is not to be underestimated.
Remember to go out with your brain every time Leng Yun burned up and opened the health door to go out.
It was not until Leng Yun Huang walked away from Nangong Snow that he dared to take a deep breath.
Being with that crazy person is simply too depressing, but thinking about Lin Chuyan.
The nangongshan snow eyes flashed calculation can’t just give up, even if he doesn’t, he himself is wronged today.
Leng Yun Huang, you wait. I won’t just let go
Don’t stop her from dying every day. Now it’s true that Leng Yun’s burning is deliberately imaginary and dare not.
He didn’t know that Leng Yun Huang was really a dead pervert until he regretted that day.
Seven o’clock in the evening sharp.
Xiangyun hall
The only place to stay here and wait for someone to come
Lin Chuyan walked in and saw a petite figure sitting quietly waiting for himself.