The output of the Ministry, Queen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade is proud, but it will not be easily broken by shelling.

So, it burst
The explosion crushed and flattened the square house, and shattered the built fortifications together with naval guns placed on the ground.
Constantly eating and swallowing, waving a silver cross, a blow broke several large ships of the other side and even similar Long Mai artillery fire
Attack to destroy a city, intercepted by one person and to be continued:
Par152 crush the destroyer, the last seeker
Regardless of whether it is the soldiers on the old hrr side or the Fort Madre side, they have paid tribute or terrible attention to the single person who stopped the destruction of the city and shelled Queen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade.
For them, Musashi shot a witch, and there were three signs of Spanish shelling his wife. Musashi ninja took away the British princess who owned Wang Cijian, and none of them were as powerful as this Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade wife.
Perhaps the socalled active service means not being a wife and mother but keeping a girl’s heart, but being active service that can destroy all demons.
Natsume found that she walked forward and Heleson stopped again. She took a look at herself and raised her big sin arm.
HeLeSen recognize everyone musashi is not weak, since the chief adult you deputy long save tory’s adult, thanks is a must
So declared, the second overdrive,’ lament laziness’ emitted a strong energy beam from the muzzle.
Its goal is—
Aim, hrr flagship, Himeji Egret, launch
Black and red beam gun, broke out again.
Egrets in Himeji City are flying towards the sixguard French flagship’ Hunting Hall’.
Because Himeji Egret has no defensive measures at present, and the five tops are in the square, the roots are unstoppable.
If that flagship is knock down, the morale of Fort Madre will definitely increase greatly.
They saw the figure landing from the deck.
This battle will be very lively. Natsume’s eyes, beside Hui Yuan, are placed on that person.
And that person is
Adjutant Matthias added the name of Mel Guiol and has a young private army called’ Ten Guns’, which is dedicated to paodahrr and five top six heavenly magic soldiers, vice president of hrr Student Union, and Yukio Hatoyama!
The newcomer, wearing a mask, saw the shelling from the front lamenting laziness
Did not dodge, but faced the attack directly.
Then, it dissipated.
Literally, it dissipated.
桑拿会所Carrying a weapon similar to the mechanical wing of a closed fan behind it, it easily defuses the lament and laziness attack launched by Helesen without great reaction and movement.
Standing at the top of the deck, Featherwood Hideyoshi seems to be observing the battlefield.
She hid behind the mask, her eyes fell far away, and she was close to the road in front of the city hall of Fort Madre.
Through the radio, came through the mechanical change of the sound.
[The historical reappearance of the’ Fort Madre plunder’ continues, and the Egret Mile Point in Himeji City has entered the fourth stage. If you don’t agree]
The announcement didn’t stop.
[1: According to the history recorded in the Holy Spectrum, the people who interfered in this battle were limited to the royal faction controlled by’ Li Sailiu’, and the sixprotection France’s participation in the war would be regarded as a violation of the Holy Spectrum, and the countries of the Holy League had the conditions for declaring war; Two: Musashi Madeburg hired a transport ship and was recognized, but the historical reappearance was greatly shaken based on the holy score narrative. If Musashi does not converge, hrr will stop Musashi from sailing in the name of the holy alliance.]
For one thing, hrr’s oldfashioned strategy of Fort Madre is historically the successful one.
However, due to the interference of Six Guards France and Musashi, the historical reproduction method goes smoothly. Once this historical reproduction is not recognized by the Holy Alliance, Six Guards France and hrr Musashi will immediately become enemies.
Of course, by that time, Natsume will sink Musashi with hrr.
Then, in the high feather wood also spoke a word.
[At the same time, I’m here to invite the chief of the sixguard French Musashi to talk, and here, Himeji Egret, discuss the future]
Is it a trap?
The person who asked this question was the chief of Musashi, Kwai Toli.
Listening to him, because he wanted to get to the battlefield quickly, he was thrown over by Queen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade. It seems that Queen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade’s thinking mode is very simple and rude