Lu sorrow accompanied Su Man to the floor. Su Man asked Lu sorrow to sit for a while. She was going to take a bath and change clothes.

Su Mandong moved quickly, too. It was a little after six when he went out for half an hour.
Section 95
"How about it?" Su Man smoothed her hair.
"Beautiful" Lu You praised her.
"It’s getting late when you hurry." Su Man picked up the bag. "I have breakfast."
They went out to the front of the ladder and waited for it to stop.
"Ding" a ladder door slowly opened Lin Mo Chen appeared in their sight.
A man who loves his wife is a good man.
Lin Mo-chen’s eyes flashed across the bottom of the pool. He didn’t expect to meet Lu’s sorrow here.
He stepped out of the ladder and both Lu You and Su Man took a step back.
Lu You is an elegant white rose while Su Man is a enchanting red rose.
Both of them are charming landscapes but different in beauty.
Lu sorrow saw Lin Mo-chen’s sharp sight, but when she faced him, she dared not look straight in the eye, and her eyes were flickering. Her chest chug jumped and held the bag, and her fingers fell down slightly.
Sue diffuse a see will know that sorrow and Lin mo lu minister this atmosphere is wrong.
"Manager Lin, what a coincidence. Did you just go home?" Sue diffuse qiaoxiaoqianxi.
Lin Mochen nodded and asked, "Is Miss Su going out?"
"Yes," Su Man reached out and took Lu You’s arm. "I just returned to China and made an appointment with Xiao You to go out for hot pot. Do you always want to go with me?"
Su Man generously invited Lin Mo-chen, while Lu You was silent as if she were an outsider.
"Good," Lin Mo-chen readily agreed. "Miss Su has taken my daughter-in-law away with her worries, and there is no one at home to cook for me. If I don’t go, I will be hungry."
Su Man smiled more brilliantly. Her hand bumped into a side of Lu You. "Little worry, you see how humorous Lin is. Why don’t you talk?" You’re not so shy when you meet Lin, are you? Say hello. "
"Long" Lu sorrow whispered Su Man’s name.
品茶论坛She was both embarrassed and annoyed with Su Man, teasing her like this.
Su Mancai ignored Lu’s worries at this time, fearing that the sky would not be chaotic, and said to Lin Mo-chen, "Manager Lin, you don’t seem to agree with you to go. Are you bullying our little worries?"
"Miss Su made a joke about her daughter-in-law. How can I bully her if I don’t love her dearly? Besides, how dare I have Miss Su as my best friend?" Lin Mo-chen kept a good attitude with a gentle tone and a shallow smile.
Su Man is in favor of nodding. "A man who hurts his daughter-in-law is a good man. I hope that Lin always says that it is good for our little worries, otherwise I will be the first to refuse to promise Lin. Although you are from a good family, you have good ability and good luck, but our little worries are not bad. She is beautiful, kind and filial. She works hard, although she has no daughter’s family, but she is not arrogant and good-tempered. There are not many women in Lin who should cherish this daughter-in-law."
"Miss Su is right." Lin Mo-chen listened to Su Man’s educational eyes, but swept away without saying a word. "Lin Mou remembered it."
"Well, Lin always has a good attitude. This hot pot is on me." Su Manhao’s airway arm is holding Lu You again. "Even if Xiao You doesn’t agree with me, please."
"Long didn’t you say you were hungry? It’s getting late. Can you move faster? Go late but there is no place "Lu sorrow dragged her.
Su Man replied, "Go to Linmo."
Lu sorrow first stepped into the ladder Su Man and Lin Mo Chen then.
The stairs went down, and Lu’s eyes jumped to the red number until they reached the negative first floor.
When I got to Lu You’s car, Lu You unlocked the car and took the initiative to take the key in her hand before Su Man. "I’ll drive faster."
Su Man took the driver’s seat and put a bag and several paper bags in the co-pilot parking space.
Lu You said, "Put your things away. I want to sit here."
"You see, I put so many things that you can’t sit in the back." Su Man smiled and Lai also rushed to protect his things from Lu You. "These are gifts I bought in Europe for Liu Shu and Aunt Lu. Don’t sit down."
Lu sorrow stared at Su Man’s charming smile, and he was so angry.
She still doesn’t know that Su Man’s idea is simply too obvious. She just wants to let herself and Lin Mochen sit in the back seat.
Su Man said that if Lin Mo-chen bullied her, she would protect her. All these words are lies. She is now protecting Lin Mo-chen, not her!
"What’s the matter? What’s the big deal that you and Lin always sit together as husband and wife? Are you shy? Still afraid? " Su Man raised his eyebrows slightly and dared.
"I have nothing to be afraid of!" Lu sorrow also unwilling to talk back.
"If you’re not afraid, hurry up or there’s really no place." Su Man urged her.
Lu sorrow has boasted that there is no way to bite his teeth and go to the back.
She hasn’t reached out to pull the doorknob yet, and a strong arm reaches out to look good. Holding the doorknob with her fingers, she opened the door for her, and blocked the roof with one hand, and she was afraid to knock Lu You into it.
Lu sorrow didn’t refuse, but she didn’t look back at the latter. She knew in her heart that it was Lin Mochen.
She bent down and got into the car. Lin Mo-chen got into the car door and took a deep look at Lu You through the window.
Then he turned and left, bypassed the rear of the car and sat in the back seat with Lu You.
Su Man looked at the harmony and beauty of the two people in the rearview mirror, and she was also happy for them. She just drove out and went to the famous hot pot restaurant in the city center.
At this time, people come and go when the hot pot restaurant business is booming.
Su Man finally found a parking space to park his car.
The three of them entered the hot pot restaurant in a row, and the business was so good that there was no room for them at the moment.
"I said come early. Do you think it’s delayed?" Su Man came here to cover up a little.
This hot pot restaurant is a high-end boutique in the city. Most people here are rich people, and ordinary people can’t afford to eat a meal. Sometimes it is enough for a family to spend a month. Most people here have seen it in the circle and don’t need too much taboo.
Lin Mochen said to them, "I have a vip here. Please wait for me for a while and I’ll ask."
Su Man remembered that Lin Mochen was a noble family in Baijing, and he dared not neglect the manager’s question. He would give him a position.
Su Man gave Lin Mo Chen an ok gesture and looked forward to his return.
Looking at Lin Mo-chen leaving Ying Ting’s back, Su Man sighed with emotion, "Little worry, you see how charming Lin Zong’s back is. You see how good it is to have a husband like Lin. Wherever he goes out, he is a vip root. He can handle many things without worrying about it. You see how good your life is. I really envy you."