Estimation is heard me and Ye Xiangyuan to meet her with Lu Xun.

Section 21
She is wearing a blue sweater, and a woman who is almost thirty years old is still like a ten-year-old girl. Her skin can be blown and broken, and her facial features are beautiful and moving. With her smile, she is more beautiful than any woman I have ever seen.
Tracing the cause is quietly. Her side is as calm and low-key as ever.
She greeted me with a smile. "I’m so glad you’re okay."
I laughed too.
She took the apron and gloves and handed them to the servant to cook while chatting with me. "Your belly seems to be big again."
I smiled and said, "It’s been more than five months."
I don’t know why I can’t bear any anger when I see her so affectionate, let alone blame her.
Maybe she’s so beautiful. Most beautiful women are Xiao Yan, charming, Li Yu, smoky and noble. I’m not bad-looking, but a beauty like her is rare in the world. We can’t compare with her. Even I, a girl, found her pleasing to the eye.
She dragged me to the small pile and asked me to sit on the sofa and pour fresh juice for me to drink.
I looked back at the direction of the kitchen.
Lu Xun and Ye Xiangyuan are talking. They look calm and can’t see anything wrong.
I can’t help secretly sighing.
It’s still my psychological quality, but they have my heart like nothing happened.
Gu Changyu said softly, "I heard that you were kidnapped, too. Aren’t you hurt?"
I shook my head and smiled "nothing"
She said, "A Xun and A Yuan ran to Africa a long time ago, and I was worried about them, but it turned out that something happened to us."
I’m still laughing
She looked at my judo. "I thought it was the wrong time."
I’m not too fond of her meaning. I’m waiting for her to continue.
But she let out a sigh gently
I was not sure what she wanted to say to me at the moment. She changed the subject, and I couldn’t ask questions easily. I chatted with her aimlessly. Later, Gu Changning called her, and she got up and left me, which quietly relieved me.
Every time I get along with her, I feel a little stressed, especially since I know Ye Xiangyuan’s mind, I don’t know how to face her.
I don’t know what I feel guilty about. It’s nothing to do with her and Ye Xiangyuan.
Lu Xun and Ye Xiangyuan are still chatting. I don’t know Ye Xiangyuan very well, so I listen to them quietly.
Before I thought of it, I guessed that the rape might be from childhood and I couldn’t help but look at them carefully.
These people are all people, and their appearance and tolerance are ordinary people. They can’t compare with each other and really can’t see who is a spy.
I was secretly thinking that Gu Changning suddenly sat by my side with a bad tone and said, "You didn’t have a showdown with Ayuan?"
I looked at him and didn’t answer this question, but asked him, "Did you take me to the top floor on purpose? Did you and Ayuan discuss it in advance?"
Gu Changning didn’t deny leering at me. "Do you blame me for helping Ayuan?"
I was silent. "your ultimate goal is to let me leave him?"
He sneered, "Or what?"
It makes sense for me to think about it carefully.
Whether he is Ye Xiangyuan’s good friend or Gu Changyu’s brother should help them.
桑拿会所It is common sense to be close and distant.
But he doesn’t seem to know that Ye Xiangyuan still wants to keep me.
And I’m a little confused. Did he tell me to leave with a mind to escape from the mud pit or because of his sister?
He stared at me and said, "It’s really stupid to say that you are stupid. Since you encounter this, why don’t you take the opportunity to showdown with Ayuan?"
I don’t believe he didn’t know that Ye Xiangyuan wanted to stay with me, but he still advised me to leave.
I smiled bitterly. If I could really walk away, I wouldn’t have signed an agreement with Ye Xiangyuan in the first place.
But I didn’t want to tell Gu Changning about these entanglements, so I deliberately glanced at him and said, "Do you not like Brother Lu Xun? Otherwise, why must I become your sister and Ayuan?"
Gu Changning face slightly changed.
I looked at him with a faint heart. Is he really going to help his sister and Ye Xiangyuan?
I can’t help but frown and slowly say my guess, "Because Xiaoyu doesn’t like Big Brother Lu Xun, you have to help her, right?"
Gu Changning narrowed his eyes and swept my face. "Don’t say I’m hello."
It’s not good for me to ask him to avoid this question and change the subject. "Actually, I think you should focus on your own emotional problems first. I think Miss Xu Xin is good."
Gu Changning heard Xu Xin two words seem dazed eyes become dark.
It seems that he still has feelings for Xu Xin. I was about to say something when he suddenly got up and left without saying a word.
I was a little shocked, but I didn’t chase after it. Some things can be figured out by myself.
Later, I listened to the children talking. They talked about Ye Sanye, and I realized that Ye Sanye had indeed been disposed of.
I think it was the day the gun went off.
And those things in Ye Li’s hand were given to Ye Xiangyuan by the Ministry of Nature.
Then I heard them talk about some secrets of the imperial family, such as Mrs. Li and Li jiaqi, who were close to each other, and gave birth to an illegitimate child outside Li jiaqi, but the secret worker did a particularly good job …
Once upon a time, they all avoided me. Now, although they are still not very warm to me, they still believe me. It’s because I stayed with Ye Xiangyuan for a long time that they got used to me.
Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun also said that Gu Changning also joined in. The three of them always have all kinds of secrets. Of course, I can’t bother them.
Lai Zhouyi, who is chatting for a hundred times, ran over and smiled and said, "Yisow, I heard that the child is completely fine and healthy. Congratulations!"
Speaking of children, I naturally laughed happily. "Thank you, your sister and her friends for their excellent medical skills."
Zhou Yi smiled and waved "Don’t mention it to us"
I thought about it and asked him, "Do you know Miss Xu Xin?"
Zhou Yi’s expression became strange.
Chapter 229 Let her solve grandpa for you
I didn’t know until I asked, that the Xu family is now right with the family!
No wonder Gu Changning looked so ugly just now …
What does the Xu family want to do with the family? Is it to give Xu Xin a head start?
Zhou Yi looked at me and said, "You can rest assured that Changning knows well."
I, um, although I really hope that Gu Changning and Xu Xin will be together, it’s really not my turn to worry about it.
Zhou Yi told me about some interesting things about work. Although he is a doctor, he is not old-fashioned. On the contrary, Kan Kan is very funny and I am amused.