I gradually feel that something is wrong.

Didn’t he take over Ye Li’s power? These guards are supposed to obey his orders …
I’m afraid it’s also Li Qingqing who blocked the former boulevard.
I silently returned to him.
After meeting him, I have been immersed in his happiness and neglected many details unconsciously.
He didn’t tell me about the Mid-Autumn Festival either.
Section 144
Now that I think about it carefully, I always think that his deal with the Li family is not simple.
Otherwise Li Qingqing can’t be so arrogant.
It’s a pity that I’m at a loss and dare not speak easily
Ye Xiangyuan said to Ye Wen behind him, "Three aunts are probably disgusted with your noise. Remember not to disturb her."
Then he took my hand and walked in.
Li Qingqing pointed to Ye Xiangyuan’s nose in great anger and scolded, "We let you out in the Li family because we feel sorry for you. You are ungrateful. Even if you are still so uneducated, I think it is better to put you in again."
I frowned at this.
It seems that I guessed right. This time, Ye Xiangyuan really lost a game, and Li Qingqing dared to give such a Mawei.
夜网论坛Ye Xiangyuan smiled slightly. "Three aunts don’t worry. Our grievances haven’t come to an end yet."
This a Li Qingqing face suddenly blue and white.
I secretly smiled.
This is what I know, the handshaking cloud covers the hands and the rain leaves go far away.
Ye Xiangyuan ignored Li Qingqing directly and Yuzryha heard the bodyguard put the luggage in.
Li Qingqing did not provoke again, but his face was definitely not good.
After entering the room, Ye Xiang, a distant relative, kissed me on the forehead and said, "I’m going to talk to my grandfather. You should wait in the hall for the eldest sister-in-law and Xiao Jin."
I was slightly startled.
Ye Xiangyuan turned to Ye Wen and said, "If someone is bad for you, you know what to do. Don’t embarrass me."
The implication is that Yuzryha smells directly and plays hardball.
This is deliberately said to Li Qingqing. Li Qingqing’s face is indeed darker.
I really don’t want to clash with Li Qingqing when Ye Xiangyuan leaves, so I silently walked to the living room.
But Li Qingqing obviously didn’t want to let me go, chased me and ran to the living room to look at me. "Why will you be with Ye Xiangyuan?"
I didn’t
She said, "Shouldn’t you be flying?"
It seems that she knows that Li Yuyan sent me away by force.
I chuckled, "I’m also surprised how my third aunt came here. Aren’t you arrested?"
Li Qingqing sneered, "Your mouth is still so fierce that I won’t argue with you. Anyway, your life is cheap, Ye Xiangyuan is still a long way to go. I’ll see if you have a life with me and a rain pipe."
She has an innate pride in the corner of her eyes.
I can’t compare with her and Li Yuyan.
But how can I lose momentum at this time?
I don’t want to lose face with Ye Xiangyuan.
So I deliberately sighed, "I can’t choose my own way, but … you seem to be no better than me. Although you are Li’s aunt, you have not been crushed by Ayuan, and your family didn’t help you out when you had an accident."
Li Qingqing face changed.
I knew I had poked her in the heart.
Li Yuyan’s father is the owner of the Li family, and he must love his daughter more than Li Qingqing, the younger sister who has long been married.
There are very few people who care so much about their sister as Teng.
But even when Li Yuyan was brambled, no one in the Li family went to visit her, much less.
It can be seen that the status of Li girls is not high or can be sacrificed.
Li Qingqing stared at me with bad eyes. "Sharp teeth and sharp mouth are unrepentant! At least I have the Li family behind me. What do you have? "
I looked back at her, "If you are confident, you will fight with me again."
She won’t do it this time.
I caught a glimpse of her hands tightly clenched into fists.
Is it true that she is not valued by the Li family as I said?
So I just poked her where it hurts?
I smiled and said, "I don’t have a good family, but I have a long way to go. My husband is very kind to me and protects me everywhere. What about you? Your husband seems to prefer to be with your niece."
Li Qingqing snapped up the coffee table cup and smashed it at me. "Bitch Hu said!"
I lightly avoided Gherardini. "It seems that you don’t know about your husband and your niece."
Li Qingqing stare big eyes.
I said, "Hey, the whole world knows. You haven’t heard … Are they hiding it from you on purpose?"
Li Qingqing’s face turned white and his body shook as if he were going to faint in a second.
I show sympathy.
She suddenly gave me a bad look, almost squeezing her voice through her teeth. "Impossible … bitch, you must have made up a lie to lie to me … I won’t believe you …"
Then she turned and left.
I looked at her back and couldn’t say what it was like.
It is her misfortune to have a husband like Ye Sanye.
But she seems to be quite dead set on Ye Sanye.
However, Ye Sanye is better than Ye Li. After all, Ye Li not only found Xiao San, but also angered the original match. Finally, he married Xiao San and spoiled Xiao San for decades.