She helped Xu Mo into the door and waited for Xu Mo to wash her hands before she came up to me and said, "If it weren’t for Kaori calling me, I really couldn’t imagine that you had such a thing."

"She called you."
"Well, when she was in the car, she watched those gangsters pass by the car and the direction was the road you took. She was so nervous that she could call me."
I said thank you to Yan Jiaxin. If Xu Mo and I arrived without her, it would be really possible to be surrounded by that group again. At that time, we would not be as lucky as before.
After a while, Xu Mo opened the door from the toilet and came out. I quickly went to her and asked, "What’s the matter with you? Don’t say it. If you say it, we won’t eat any hot pot."
Xu Mo gave me a white look and replied, "I can grasp this when it comes."
I say there is a reason why a couple who eat hot pot and run like this will feel so painful.
"Thank you, President Yan." Xu Mo ignored me and walked beside Yan Jiaxin with a very grateful look to thank her.
Yan Jiaxin nodded, well, Xu Mo said again, "Since it’s okay, I’ll go first. Good night."
As soon as she was about to leave, I quickly stopped her, "Hey, there’s no car to go back at this big night."
"There is no car to play." She seems a little reluctant to stay here for a second.
"Don’t go. I just have a room here. It’s uncomfortable to walk at night, and something happened to you just now."
Xu Mo blinked at me and said, "Didn’t you take her seriously when you said you wanted to stay with another woman in front of your girlfriend? Besides, it doesn’t bother you two very much that I live here?"
Her eyes turned to Yan Jiaxin, who smiled happily and replied, "I think you misunderstood that he and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend, and I don’t live here. I live in a building."
品茶论坛"Then I’m more embarrassed to live here." Then Xu Mo walked to the door.
I quickly stepped forward to hold her and said, "Hey, Xu Mo, what’s wrong with you? You have to have an accident at night before you can feel at ease. Do you think I’ll covet what you’re afraid of and dare not live here?"
She opened my hand and showed me seriousness as always. She replied, "I’m afraid you will tell me accurately that Xu Mo is not the kind of woman who is not qualified to stay with me unless she is my man. And you have to understand that I am not your so-called aunt Chen. I have my own principles."
After saying that, Xu Mo walked out of my house. Yan Jiaxin walked beside me and shrugged her shoulders at me. She said, "Don’t be too kind and too caring to a woman. Unless you love her perseverance, it’s best to keep a friend at a distance. Just like you just said that you are uneasy at night."
Yan Jiaxin handed the car keys to me, then opened the door and went away. When she reached the door, she said to me, "Send me there early tomorrow, and you can buy breakfast as if you didn’t do it at night."
I soon went downstairs and drove Yan Jia Xin car. When Xu Mo walked to the gate, I caught up with her. I opened the window and said eagerly, "I’ll drive you."
This time, Xu Mo didn’t refuse her to take the co-pilot car again, so I asked her, "Where do you live?"
"Huaxin Hotel" She turned to look at me. "What’s the problem?"
It occurred to me that Xu Mo was here on business and had no real housing, and staying in a hotel was the best choice for her.
"no problem"
Driving in the direction of Huaxin Hotel, I drove very fast, perhaps because it was late at night, thinking that I could let Xu Mo go back to rest early.
"You drive a racing car"
Xu Mo woke up and let me stupidly find that the speed has been unconsciously increased, and it has been accelerating again, and it is about to hit the car in front. Xu Mo immediately pushed my direction to the side to "brake"
I finally stepped on a heavy brake and the car stopped directly on the leftmost lane. Fortunately, there was no car behind me, otherwise there would be a traffic accident.
"LeiHao, you’re crazy. Don’t drag me. It’s no good meeting you."
I was surprised to find that Xu Mo was complaining to me, "What are you thinking? If you really don’t want to send me, you have to be so reluctant."
"I’m sorry I just stared blankly."
After slowly straightening the car, Xu Mo asked me to park the car next to it and open the window, so she lit a cigarette with a sad face.
"It’s a terrible day. It’s hard to take a leisure vacation. You are such a nuisance." Xu Mo complained in a limited tone. It is very rare for her to really take a day off.
Xu Mo turned to the window and gave me a white look and said, "Go to Hechuang Bridge."
"You’re not going back to the hotel."
She looked at her watch at 1: 05. "There’s one last hour and one minute left on this day off. I don’t want to wave because you really make me feel terrible."
An opposite road at 11: 01, I drove to the intersection of Hechuang Bridge, parked the car and followed Xu Mo.
If you come here for a walk at o’clock, you can see the colorful fountain. The bridge is not very long. It took 2 minutes to walk, but it took Xu Mo and me 5 minutes to walk.
"Aren’t you very out of date? Why are you walking so slowly?"
"It’s better to enjoy a rare visit and a rare vacation."
"You like coming here."
"Well, this is my favorite place to come to Hengyang because I came here for the first time."
There is no light in the back room after I sit in the open-air chair, and there is a part of the room in the new town, but this part has been sold out.
"If there is an opportunity, I will buy a suite here and come here for a walk after eating every day." Xu Mo looked at the black house before me with joy.
"Buy it, buy it, give me a set if you have more money, so that I can feel the life of a rich man."
Chapter XII Hidden Shares
At 11: 03, Xu Mo and I left here again by car and sent her to the door of the hotel. She said, Have a safe trip and went in with her bag on her back.
When I got back to my apartment, I parked my car and left after the flameout.
After busy, I went to bed and slept quietly for a night.
In the morning, I bought her breakfast at Yan Jiaxin’s request yesterday and sent it to her door. The headmaster took the breakfast and closed the door.
Preserved egg lean porridge and jam bag plus two tea eggs, this breakfast is not expensive or greasy, which is a good choice for beautiful women.
I waited for Yan Jiaxin to arrive in the car. After smoking a few cigarettes, Yan Jiaxin was ready to go to the car and open the door and sit down.
"There was an accident yesterday," she asked me as soon as she came.
"Well, it was a little impatient yesterday. It was too fast."