"…" Jing Saixixi turned white "Dad doesn’t take you like this"

After dinner, Jing Muchen went downstairs soon because of his bad mood.
Jing Saixixi bitter haha followed, trying to persuade his father to send him to study abroad later.
Jing Anyue clamored to see it, so Jing Anjiu left the living room to help her.
But there seems to be something wrong with the remote control. She has been studying it for a long time, but she has not been able to get rid of it. The little girl keeps stamping her feet next to her. "Sister, sister, can you do it after all?"
喝茶约茶Jing Anjiu was asked by her with a full face of embarrassment. I wish Xiaobai were here at this time. He is so clever that something must be touched …
I was thinking that the servant behind me said, "Miss Jing has a guest outside."
Section 796
Jing Anjiu turned back in surprise. "Guest?"
Isn’t Jing Muchen all booked here?
Besides, my birthday, pary, ended at noon.
"It’s a gentleman. He said that his surname was Han and he was looking for Miss Jing and Jingxian …"
The servant’s words haven’t finished yet. Jing Anjiu has bright eyes and ran out directly.
Because she hasn’t had much rest, she hasn’t changed her dress or makeup. She has changed her slippers for comfortable feet.
Running too fast, the slippers were thrown out, and she ran out barefoot.
Behind the servant and JingAnyue some gaping at …
Jing’ an Jiu ran all the way outside and went up two steps. Sure enough, he immediately saw the gate of Han Mo White Club.
He is wearing a clean and tidy white shirt and black trousers. He looks very formal without a wrinkle. I don’t guess that he must be ready. I didn’t expect to celebrate her birthday today …
Jingan nine nose a sour injustice shouted "little white"
Han Mobai looked up and saw that her face was suddenly cold and soft for a second. He moved faster and came over to hold her hand and asked, "Why don’t you wear shoes?"
"…" JingAn nine bowed their heads and found himself barefoot.
* * little feet cement is particularly white and tender, and she immediately blushes.
"I ran too fast just now and I might have lost my way," she explained.
"Where can I get it for you?" Han Mobai immediately said.
"Don’t ah" Jing Anjiu a face of panic "my father is still upstairs, so I’ll go back and put on my shoes and you wait for me for a while."
"…" Korea ink white narrow squint finally nodded.
Jing’ anjiu hurriedly turned around and went back to the corner of the hall to find the slippers that had been dumped.
After wearing it, she consciously looked at her eyes and sat on the sofa watching the gangster film.
After thinking about it, after all, I didn’t feel at ease to lift my feet in the past and discuss it. "Sister Yue will come back if she wants to go out for a trip to the horse. If dad asks you, just say I went to the bathroom, okay?"
JingAnyue intently watching audio-visual heard this is also nodded "oh"
Jinganjiu smiled and turned to leave.
It’s getting dark.
Han Mobai waited quietly outside the door with one hand copying his suit pants pocket.
The night is as cool as water and the lights are like washing.
His expression is calm because his eyes seem to hide some incomprehensible emotions.
After Jing Anjiu came out again in slippers, he raised his head and slightly evoked his thin lips.
"Xiaobai" Jing Anjiu came and pulled him to a corner before asking, "How do you know where I am?"
Han Mobai did not answer the rhetorical question, "Is the birthday pary over?"
Jing Anjiu nodded, "It will be over by noon."
"I’m sorry I’m late." Han Mobai actually apologized.
And this also makes Jing Anjiu even more guilty and rushed to say, "It’s not like you blame my father for everything. He didn’t say anything and brought me here early in the morning. Besides, my mobile phone and bag were confiscated by him, so I can’t send you a message. And …"
"I know" Han Mobai’s airy sentence directly interrupted all her complaints.