Because of chemotherapy, Shen Bailu’s original elegant hair has disappeared at the moment, and a red and gray aison ihe wide-brimmed bow hat completely covers her bald head.

"The Millennium I’m long summer, and I’m here to see you." long summer’s eyes trembled with damp sound, and she slowly walked towards Shen Bailu, who was leaning against the hospital bed with her head down and silent.
"long summer, it’s you. It’s really you." Shen Bailu looked up in surprise. Her voice was very weak. Long-lost light flashed in her dark eyes. Now her ruddy and beautiful face has become as pale as paper, wrapped in sorrow and pain, but when she saw long summer, she had a little joy and blood.
Long summer gently held Shen Bailu’s skinny hand, and her heart ached. "How did the Millennium happen?"
Shen Bailu smiled bitterly and listened to her sigh, then turned his head and looked out of the window. "Maybe it’s God who wants to punish me."
"The Millennium, don’t say that." long summer held Shen Bailu’s cold cheek with his palm open. "Even if there is a glimmer of hope, don’t give up."
"Without a glimmer of hope, there is no hope." Shen Bailu shook his head in despair and pretended that all the strength collapsed at the moment these days. She frantically pulled her hat and burst its banks with tears. "long summer, look at me now. I can’t live much longer. I will die soon. I’m going to die. I really want to die." The pain Shen Bailu cried on long summer’s shoulder.
Long summer hugged the heartbroken Shen Bailu, and her heart ached like a knife. Tears couldn’t stop falling. "You don’t give up on yourself like this, you and me. I will always be with you. Let me face the disease with you, okay?"
"Don’t give up and be strong. You have always been the shining and beautiful Shen Bailu is the brightest star." long summer propped up Shen Bailu’s shoulders and her eyes looked at Shen Bailu firmly. "Remember that you are never alone. You still have me and many hearts that love you. Your fans silently support you.
Your life will always be dazzling, and nothing can beat you unless you choose to give up yourself. "
"long summer, why are you so good to me?" Sad and guilty, Shen Bailu burst into tears. She threw herself into long summer’s arms and hugged long summer tightly. "You are the only friend I have left in this world. If you were not with me, I might really have been unable to stay."
"You must hold on to the Millennium, and you must live, so that you can live a righteous life and belong to yourself every day. This is responsible for those who have always cared about you and for yourself." long summer deeply locked Shen Bailu’s eyes and told her seriously and solemnly.
In the following time, Shen Bailu will still receive chemotherapy regularly, and her body is getting thinner and weaker, but long summer’s mood with her is gradually becoming cheerful and optimistic, and her smile is gradually increasing.
Every day, Shen Bailu asks long summer or her agent to help her paint delicate makeup and wear clothes she likes, and then Dai Lixia helps her match her jewelry. Even if her remaining time is getting shorter and shorter, she still has to live beautifully and elegantly.
As long summer told her, if she wants to live, she should seriously live her own life every day, so that she can be worthy of those who have always cared for you and yourself, and she can not waste her life. Now she still has two wishes, and she doesn’t know if she can realize them before she leaves.
Shen Bailu’s condition deteriorated day by day, and in the end, she could not walk smoothly, and she was so tired that she had to rely on a wheelchair within five minutes of each walk.
In the sunny afternoon, long summer pushed Shen Bailu to bask in the sun in the hospital park. Shen Bailu remained silent all the way, as if he had something on his mind.
Long summer stopped and walked to the front of Shen Bailu. She half squatted and asked Shen Bailu, "Is there anything on your mind today? Why haven’t you said a few words all day?"
"long summer" Shen Bailu holds long summer’s hands and eyes, and the fog is getting hot and sour. "I really appreciate everything you have done to me these days. You have to fly from China to new york to accompany me and take care of me every week. I owe you all my life."
Long summer gently wiped away tears from Shen Bailu’s face and said to her gently, "Silly girl, we are good friends. What do you owe me? I hope you have a good time."
"I am really satisfied to meet such a bosom friend as you in my life." Shen Bailu sincerely looked at long summer’s thin fingers touching long summer’s slightly wet cheek, and her mouth crossed with a nai and a guilty smile. "At the beginning, I treated you so excessively until today, and I also forgave myself what I deserved."
"The Millennium, you don’t think so." long summer saw remorse and was sad. Shen Bailu suddenly felt heartbroken. She comforted and enlightened her over and over again. "There are many things in life that are controlled by our roots. What we can do is to follow nature.
品茶论坛People who have asked you to turn around when you are willing deserve forgiveness, and I have already forgiven you. Why do you want to trap yourself in the past and refuse to come out?
What a strong woman you are. You accept chemotherapy frankly, which brings a series of toxic side effects to your body. Hair loss, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can prevent you from laughing at life, and you still have to be bitter about yourself in the past. "
"long summer I" Shen Bailu was speechless for a moment. She felt that a huge stone had finally fallen to the ground, and it seemed as if a dazzling light had cut through the silence, darkness and long rainbow.
"Don’t want to spend every day happily in the Millennium, okay?"
"Thank you, long summer."
It will be Shen Bailu’s birthday soon. Because of her health, she can spend her birthday in the hospital this year.
On this day, in addition to long summer, some colleagues who got along well came to the hospital to celebrate her birthday, and fans who have always liked her came in droves to wish her a happy birthday. She brought gifts full of heart and sincerely cheered her up to keep her from being discouraged.
Everyone was in a circle, patting and sitting in a wheelchair neatly. Shen Bailu sang a happy birthday song. The exquisite birthday cake was filled with colorful candles, and the golden flame sparkled and jumped against Shen Bailu’s tears and smiled with relief.
Long summer is right. She has never been alone. There are still many hearts in this world, but she is not alone.
"long summer, I know I’m running out of time, but I don’t want to leave with regret. I have two things I want to ask you." During the day, everyone left the hospital after celebrating their birthday. In the night ward, Shen Bailu and long summer suddenly held long summer and wiped her forehead and hands with a towel.
Hearing Shen Bailu say that her time is running out, long summer’s heart is instantly wrenched, and she just swallows disappointing tears into her belly to see her with a strong smile. "I will do my best to help you do what you want me to do,"
Chapter 43 I must help her realize it
On a rainy weekend, Yu Enze took long summer to Shen Zhiyuan’s residence
"Enze, this is" Shen Zhiyuan welcomed them to the living room. When he saw long summer beside Yu Enze, he always felt that this woman was familiar, as if she had seen it in the front view or in a magazine, but she couldn’t remember who it was.
"Uncle, this is Su Lixia, my girlfriend," Yu Enze introduced to Shen Zhiyuan.