I still struggled for more than half an hour with my hands on, and I barely washed my face, powder, eyes and mascara. Because my eyes were not easy to get, she made the whole thing very uncomfortable. She silently vowed that she would never wear makeup again.

Next to watching Heran, I saw that she finally bent over and hugged her to the bathtub that was already ready, and I followed her into the bathtub. Together, they took a hot bath comfortably, fished people up and dried them, and then they took people out of the health, and put them into the big red happiness and attached them to the body …
The wedding night that belongs to them is lit at this moment.
Their marriage life also began at this moment.
Having sex one night, they have to go back to the old house the next morning and get up early. Before they came to wash their cough, they received a good news message from the old house …
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桑拿会所Chapter 195 Speed Chasing Wife Su Xuyang
Ni Yunxue gave birth to a sixpound, sixpound, sixpound, twopound public performance at five o’clock in the morning.
I heard that the little nephew went to the hospital early in the morning to see the little public performance when the master came to Chenxi.
Other people’s homes are rare, but their daughters are even rarer. The main reason is that our daughters have been born since ancient times, even if they were counted as Ni Yunxue in Siyue’s generation. There are four granddaughters, only Hejun and Helang. Everyone still likes it habitually, and they like it deeply.
Even if Ni Yunxue gave birth to two daughters, the position in her heart would not change, and the children would not worry that no one would not like it.
Yu Junyao said with emotion, My mother also said at that time that if I had a daughter’s life with her generation and was afraid of me, you should be relieved this time.
My mother has eaten her own daughter, and she always broadcasts some halls and big houses. Women who can’t give birth to children are treated badly. She is worried that Yu Junyao can’t give birth to children, and she has always been worried about it.
Although she has a big heart, she also suffered from this problem when she was a child, because she lost her daughter because of her mother.
No one will believe me if I’m worried or not.
Now, seeing Ni Yunxue’s treatment with her own eyes has completely put her heart back in her stomach.
Heran asked his little wife for a bite. Even if you don’t trust my family, you should believe that I can protect you. How can you think that?
Yu Junyao spat out his tongue. I will never have such an idea again after I was wrong.
If you don’t believe me again, I’ll serve you French.
Ah, and French?
Of course there is.
Can you tell me a little?
Helang smiled so evil that she leaned into Yu Junyao’s ear and bit her earlobe. Don’t you want to have a try?
Yu Junyao got a tingle when his body froze. No, no … Don’t try.
After last night, I already know that this method is extremely powerful.
Herang was completely amused by Yu Jun Yao’s sample. Hahahaha, I am extremely satisfied with your response.
I was extremely satisfied with your performance last night.
Do you want me to show it again now? Said the top a little woman in a certain part of the body.
The first time I ended a meatless diet, it was far from enough for him to eat last night, but the little wife was tossed too much by herself, and he could not bear to disturb her again early, suppressing her desire.
Come on, we should get up for a while and take our parents to the airport.
Three days later, it’s Yu’s house. My father and mother have to go back and prepare things first.
They go back the day before the wedding.
Heran was joking and didn’t really want to make people listen to what Yu Jun Yao said. After they got out of bed and washed their cough, they went out together and went to Yu Fu’s residence to catch up.
My father and mother’s daughter bought a suite for her in Beijing after their engagement with Heran. This suite is not far from their wedding room, and they are only five minutes’ drive away.
At that time, it was not seven o’clock. When they entered the door, Yu Fu was watching the news Good morning, Dad!
Good morning, Dad!
Yu Fu looked at them and said hello one after another. The couple nodded early with satisfaction.
It’s still early to think about it and asked, It’s rare to rest sometimes. Why don’t you sleep more?
My daughter is also a soldier, and my father knows very well what kind of life these two couples lead on weekdays.
It is rare for the elderly to have a holiday, so they hope that their two children can have more rest.