The little girl went over and saw some excrement, and her horse turned pale. She said to Chu Yun, Uncle, let’s get out of here quickly. This is black blind excrement. It is reasonable to say that they will only appear at night. How can they run out now?

Chu Yun is also looking a little serious. If you really meet a black lie, it will be really difficult to deal with this thing. If you really run, the two tigers can’t cope with it.
Thinking of this, he nodded and said, Then let’s leave quickly. Look, this stool sample should be excreted soon. He should be nearby. Let’s be careful.
But when a few people didn’t walk a few steps, they suddenly felt a tremor in the earth, and then staggered out from a distance. A very tall figure was about three meters, accompanied by a red wind.
When this thing appeared in front of everyone, all three people were surprised, because it was a black blind in front of them, and the mouth of this thing was as big as someone’s head. At this moment, a pair of eyes revealed a yoshimitsu staring at three people.
Xia Bing saw the horse behind this scene and was afraid to hold Chu Yun and said, Let’s run.
However, Chu Yun shook his head and said, You can’t run. This thing likes to chase and run. Let’s stay here now. He may not notice that we will leave if he says he is tired of playing.
If this thing fights with himself, Chu Yun has no chance of winning. He doesn’t think he can beat a thing that is three meters tall and weighs a ton.
However, some things didn’t go as Chu Yun imagined. This big guy stared at three people’s eyes with big eyes like two bells. It was full of doubts. Obviously, this guy didn’t know where the three little things came from and what he had never seen before.
However, black blind’s curiosity is very heavy. After he stood watching for a while, suddenly his huge palm hit his chest and ran towards three people.
When black blind came in, the little girl turned pale. She smelled a smell and then said to Chu Yun, Uncle, it’s not good. This beast ate wolf tail grass.
Chu Yun is no stranger to wolf tail grass, which is different from dog tail grass. It is the favorite thing for animals to eat, because there are some ingredients in it that they can get excited. To put it bluntly, it is the same as people who are drunk, which means that this beast is still selfsatisfied.
Get out of here.
Seeing black blind Chu Yun’s face getting closer and closer, he also showed a dignified look. He came to avoid sharpness, but I didn’t expect this guy to take the initiative to find the door. It seems that it is difficult to have a big war today. Thought of this, Chu Yun blocked two people behind him.
Then he grabbed his foot with a wooden stick, and the true qi ran towards this guy’s head. However, Chu Yun was stunned that his stick was broken, but black blind shook his head and seemed to be unharmed. He was also angered by Chu Yun’s move.
It has a big mouth and a gunk in it, and it rushes towards Chu Yun. This guy’s eyes are blood red at the moment, and he has obviously regarded Chu Yun as his enemy.
Chu Yun is also a bit dry and swallowed a mouthful of water. How horrible this thing is! I just smashed a car with that stick. I didn’t expect this thing to be nothing. How can this be done?
Seeing this behind the scenes, Chu Yun is also a little helpless. In front of him, this thing didn’t even have a knife. The knife can cut black blind’s skin:
Chapter 64 Kill
It’s a joke after the knife, black blind. The skin of this thing is also very rough. Ordinary bullets can’t penetrate, let alone the knife.
Now it’s completely deadlocked, but Chu Yun suddenly saw himself carrying a medicine cabinet with him, and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes, but this thing
Then Chu Yun took out two silver needles, which must be impenetrable for black blind’s skin, even if he injected the true qi himself, but this guy is not without weaknesses, and his eyes are just as fragile.
Thought of here, looking at getting closer and closer, black blind Chu Yun shot out two silver needles of cutting. Almost at the same time, black blind gave a roar of pain. This guy suffered such severe pain and was very irritable. Seeing this, Chu Yun quickly pushed one or two people and said, Run!
Now I’ve blinded this black blind’s eyes. He’s a real black blind, but I can’t take it lightly. I’d better get lucky while this guy is flustered.
However, I didn’t expect that a few people just ran out a few steps and felt an angry roar coming from behind. This guy actually followed the breath of several people.
When Chu Yun was running, he could see that the shadow in front of his eyes was getting bigger and bigger. He gave a hard push to one or two girls with his hands, and then he saw that black blind had jumped in front of him and that his huge body was pressing towards him.
Seeing this behind the scenes, Chu Yun also got a little nervous. Xia Bing screamed Chu Yun, be careful.
Now this distance even Chu Yun want to avoid it is impossible to watch this guy’s huge body pressure to Chu Yun from his waist pulled out a short dagger ruthlessly inserted into each other’s eyes, this guy gave a scream of pain and then frantically started to roll.
This time, Chu Yun didn’t choose to run again. Who knows how tenacious this thing is? If it is chased again and again, he really can’t help it. Thought of this, Chu Yun’s eyes showed a glimmer of yoshimitsu. He rushed to ride black blind.
Then wankou big fist reached up. This fist was mixed with Chuyun’s true qi, which severely smashed each other’s temples. This guy ate Chu Yun’s fist and struggled to remember it. If it weren’t for Chu Yun’s true qi, I’m afraid I really couldn’t carry this guy’s struggle.
Chu Yun’s fist is much harder than the wooden stick just now. He didn’t stop punching after punching, and he smashed almost a hundred punches. After that, this guy finally lost his strength.
Chu Yun felt that this thing’s physical strength was fading a little, and even his limbs were soft. Chu Yun looked at this guy’s big head and was smashed by himself. Chu Yun was pale and sat down to one side. Behind him were cold sweat.
If we insist on this thing for a while, I’m afraid we won’t be able to carry it first, because every punch he makes is full of qi. If we go like this again, he will definitely not be able to support it.
品茶论坛Xia Bing and my little girl hurried to Chu Yun’s side and grabbed Chu Yun’s hand and asked, Chu Yun, are you hurt?
Chu Yun’s pale face showed a smile and said, Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.
Then Chu Yun caught a bear’s blind dagger, which he didn’t want to leave here. It was his own accidental discovery, and it was said that the baby was left by Emperor Gaozu. Although he said that his reality was not strong enough to exert his power, he could not throw it away casually.
My girl is still dull at this time. She looked at Chu Yun and said, Uncle, did you just kill black blind with a pair of fists?
When my little girl was a child, she once hunted with her grandfather in the mountains. At that time, there were more than a dozen hunters, but when she met black blind, seven of them were arrested and killed. Finally, her grandfather and two partners fled back together, and that black blind was not hurt at all.
But now Chu Yun has killed this black blind by himself. At present, black blind looks a little bigger than the one she remembered when she was a child.
Chu Yun smiled and didn’t explain that he couldn’t tell the little girl that he was angry just now, but now that black blind was killed, it is impossible to let his body wave off here.
Black blind is full of treasures, and it’s hard to find a treasure place, whether it’s bear’s paw or bear’s skin. Chu Yun asked my little girl to go back and ask a few people to carry this black blind mountain.