Relegation teams, championship teams and teams competing for tickets to Europe!

On the contrary, those who want to be high or low are the best teams to play.
Wigan athletic belongs to this category.
At Anfield, Wigan Athletic lost its determination to fight to the death against Liverpool in the first half of the season, and its willpower was desperate because the team scored points in the first half of the season.
But in the final stage, the established goal can be achieved and more can be pursued, so the fighting spirit of the game will naturally slip
Wigan Athletic seemed to be bombarded by Liverpool at Anfield with 6 goals. Qin Xiong scored a big four. Before Suarez was about to return, Qin Xiong shouldered the team’s goal well.
Liverpool won a 60 victory.
Manchester United had a thrilling 10 win over Fulham at Old Trafford.
Arsenal also performed steadily at home, beating Aston Villa 30.
Chelsea Hotspur rehearsed the FA Cup semifinal, and then the two teams made a clean sheet: shaking hands and making peace.
Newcastle United’s 31 win over West Brom, Cisse and Dembaba in hawthorns made the outside world salivate.
Manchester city lost points again!
Manchester City drew 11 away to Stoke City!
Mancini almost made the Manchester City champion drift away.
The recent wind direction of Fleet Street is to attack Manchester City, especially Mancini.
Lian Hongjun’s former king Dalglish talked about the title race in the season in an interview, and focused on Manchester City, which seems to help Liverpool put pressure on Manchester City in public opinion.
The recent poor away record led Manchester City to be overtaken by Manchester United and they had the opportunity to reverse Liverpool to the top, but they also missed it. Although they set a new record of 19 wins and 1 draw in the league at home, they would walk further and further away from the trophy.
Since last December, Manchester City’s away record has declined. Up to now, nine away games have won two opponents, Wigan Athletic and Aston Villa, leaving seven draws, two draws and five losses. West Brom and Stoke City lost to Chelsea, Liverpool, Sunderland, Everton and Chelsea. If converted into points, 27 points were scored, and the scoring rate was 3%.
It is acceptable that these opponents can’t win against a strong team like Chelsea and Liverpool, but it’s not right for Manchester City to win the championship in the middle reaches of West Brom and Sunderland.
In fact, in the first half of the season, Manchester City was quite strong away from home. Six away games, five wins and one draw, could not be maintained like Manchester United and Liverpool.
Now Manchester City regrets that it didn’t win the away game before, because the visiting opponents are difficult to deal with, including Arsenal, which has a strong recent rise, and Newcastle, which ranks seventh. Of course, they have not been able to chew the hard bone of Stoke City, and Manchester United and Liverpool have a dominant schedule. There are not many strong rivals left in the away game.
Mancini became the target of attack in Fleet Street.
桑拿会所But Manchester City still needs someone to come out and stabilize the army.
Yaya Toure, the hero of the goal in Stoke City, called on the team to hold on now.
It’s very important not to panic. It’s certainly more difficult to play away from home than at home, especially for Stoke City. Today, they played very well and a draw is reasonable. We must continue to work hard and have confidence in ourselves. To be continued.
[The first volume The sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1467 Is the blue moon going to collapse? ]
There are still rounds left in the Premier League
Liverpool 69 points
Manchester United 69 points
Manchester city 67 points
Arsenal 55 points
Tottenham scored 55 points
Chelsea 5 points
Newcastle United 49 points
Arsenal have one round left in the league to return to the top four!
And Liverpool striker Suarez will be released from the ban in a Premier League round!
The first leg of the Champions League quarterfinal is at the end of March.
Liverpool took the lead in challenging Fica.
Considering that he will be visiting St. James’ Park this weekend, Coleman is a bit conservative in the Champions League.
Muscle midfield plus Qin Xiong Suarez joined forces to attack
It is difficult for Fica to break Liverpool’s goal at home. Liverpool seized the opportunity to rewrite the score on the road with two fast breaks.
Qin Xiong Suarez scored a goal each and took a 20 lead in the away game.
After the game, Europe predicted that Liverpool would successfully advance to the semifinals of the Champions League!
Back in the league, Liverpool visited St. James’ Park and the game was put in the final round.
The first appearance was Arsenal gunner queens park Rangers who played a London game.
Queens park Rangers, who need to avoid relegation and compete for points, have suffered a lot for Arsenal and suffered a rare defeat recently.
Arsenal lost!
Just entering the fourth place in the league has a tendency to lose.
When Tottenham beat Swansea 31 at White Hart Lane, as feared by gun fans, Tottenham regained the fourth place in the league.
Chelsea beat Aston Villa 42 at Villa Park at the weekend.
The game was thrilling until the 3 rd minute of the game, when the two teams drew 22, then Torres headed the ferry and assisted Ivanovic to score a goal in the last minute of injury time to seal the victory.