Alonso’s ball is too long to fly from the football, and Qin Xiong can roughly predict the landing point of the football by combining the ball!

That’s the area behind corluka Bassoon!
It happened to be the place where Qin Xiong ran and hit.
How can this ball not let Qin Xiongqi applaud!
Capturing fighters, observing teammates’ movement, insight into the overall situation, this is the comprehensive quality that an excellent commander in the pitch should have.
Obviously Alonso has this ability.
After Alonso threw the ball out, he was satisfied with the ball himself. The footwork was well controlled and was not affected by external forces. He did observe Qin Xiong’s running position, which was a decision that needed careful consideration after being reflected to the brain by naked eye.
He looked like a parabola falling into the restricted area of Tottenham, and the football field was flying fast, with a wild breath to impact the defense line Qin Xiong of Tottenham.
Alonso muttered, Give them a good end! to be continued
Wake you up
Take care of your eyes and have a rest.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 125 Insert the Red Army flag in Bailu Lane! ]
Liverpool’s new fighting posture came to White Hart Lane and has been cruelly oppressing Tottenham Hotspur for more than 30 minutes and destroying the bottom line of Tottenham Hotspur fans’ ability to resist pressure!
When the fans of White Hart Lane home team stared at modric with anticipation, waiting for him to create something new for the team to fight back against the Red Army, but modric was disappointingly robbed by the Red Army in the midfield!
Disappointed sigh hasn’t echoed in White Hart Lane Stadium, and everything has come to an abrupt end? Want it? See 1? k? an? shu·
Alonso’s long flight was like a thunderbolt, which plunged Tottenham fans into the abyss of panic.
Because they can clearly see that Qin Xiong has started when he doesn’t know, of course, most of their eyes are focused on where the football is going or whose feet they are going to see. When they notice that there is a Red Army player flying wildly near the football behind Tottenham’s defense line, they don’t know that Qin Xiong started when he was born, as if Qin Xiong was born with amazing wind!
Corluka slipped in a hurry and fell to the ground awkwardly. When he fell, he reached out to Qin Xiong’s back and dragged him back to Qin Xiongyuan’s body.
Bassoon immediately turned his head and rushed obliquely to the football landing point.
It was just on the side of the restricted area.
Qin Xiong was obviously faster than him, and when Qin Xiong stared calmly and resolutely at the football that fell in front of his eyes, he chose to take off the chest and stop the ball? Want it? See 1? k? an? shu·
Stop the ball
After he jumped up, he released his strength, and at the same time, he almost turned stopping the ball into artistic strength, and he controlled it perfectly
The football changed direction after being lightly hit by his chest and passed lightly over Basson’s head!
Having rushed to Qin Xiong’s eyes, Basong Genli stopped again and turned to chase the ball. He can’t be faster than Qin Xiong.
After Qin Xiong landed, he deliberately took a step sideways to bypass Bassoon.
The feeling is urgent, Ba Song knows that he will be beaten, so he will continue to run in the direction of the bottom line, so he can physically stop Qin Xiong!
He got it!
When he collided with Qin Xiong, Qin Xiong realized the danger of collision and his roots could hide. Qin Xiong had a bounce to avoid his own collision with Ba Song.
There is no doubt that such a thorough and violent impact is not good for Qin Xiong. Is he going to chase the ball or is the center of gravity forward, while Ba Song is like a big truck rushing from the side? Sometimes brave, sometimes foolish and brave.
Qin Xiong was literally hit a meter away, and then rolled on the ground. Basong stumbled and fell to the ground.
All the fans in Bailuxiang, including the audience who watched the game, saw it. It was quite like a fierce confrontation in a boxing match. See ww? W? ·1? k? A look at n? s? h? U look? ?
Qin Xiong seems to have lost!
However, before Spurs fan Basson created momentum, referee Dodd blew the whistle and he also pointed to the penalty spot!
Bassoon stopped Qin Xiong singlepole ball! omg! Are they okay? The collision was really worrying! Qin Xiong is like flying out of a car accident!
My god, Tottenham had to foul at that moment! Gomez attacked, but look at the technical display results of Qin Xiong’s chest stopping and connecting people. We all know that if Qin Xiong rushes past Bassong, he will face Gomez easily. Maybe Qin Xiong can send the football to the goal of Tottenham with his eyes closed!
品茶论坛  title=What no one praised Alonso long? How subtle is that a straight plug over the top? Timing, footwork, teammate cooperation and so on are perfect! Can’t be perfect!
Well, now we have to see if the players of the two teams can stay calm. Gerrard roared at the referee. He is putting pressure on the referee. Torres will check Qin Xiong’s condition and hope he won’t get hurt!
The red army fans in the stands protested angrily to the Tottenham fans because the Tottenham fans hissed at the referee, saying that the referee Dodd’s penalty was biased towards the Red Army.
Of course, they don’t think that Bassoon was a foul just now.
It was a reasonable collision! Dodd, you are fucking bought by Liverpool rmb!
Listen to how righteous Tottenham fans are and how reasonable their words are. Is it still called football to collide with the excellent English football system?
Kim palacios had an argument with Gerrard in front of the referee, and everyone argued.
Steven Gerrard pointed to Qin Xiong telling how serious the foul was just now.