He promised to be so frank, but he made Changsheng feel embarrassed.

I said … you just believe me? What if I’m a liar? I don’t have the vision and strength to be a coach. I’m just saying … It makes me feel a lot of pressure that you believe me so much.
Sey Passareira said solemnly, Anyway, I have decided that if you are going to be kicked out of the club, I will leave the team. A player like me who has no talent and hasn’t played for so many years probably won’t have what other teams want. This is my last chance, and it won’t hurt me to try a new position, sir.
Changsheng looked at the plug in surprise. I didn’t expect this little guy to have such plans and determination.
Are you kidding, Xiao?
I won’t joke about my future, sir! Plug answer firmly.
Why did you do that? Changsheng still feels incredible.
Because I think you are a good man, sir! Plug a solemnly replied
Evervictorious first froze, then laughed, and finally burst out laughing with her hands akimbo.
Is this funny, Sir? !” Plug, Passareira was angry with laughter. He stared at the winning tone.
Changsheng realized that he was rude, so he shook his head while covering his mouth. When his mood calmed down, he smiled and said, No, that’s not what I meant. He patted his shoulder before. Change your position. It’s not too pessimistic. I promise you will be 10 thousand times more famous than that Golka!
Just because of a sentence, Chang Sheng was touched. It seems that although he has only been in this team for a day, his work has not been done in vain. Some people have seen it.
This is his first achievement since he taught, and he was slightly moved by the words in his heart.
It seems that it is right to always choose this road!
Chapter 22 A game
After talking with Sai Passareira, he always won before leaving the training ground.
When he left, he glanced at the direction of the first team training ground.
I don’t know if Golka’s firstteam treatment is still full of stars … Gee, if firstteam coach Juan Lopez really treats him like this, he will die faster!
He was thinking this way, and someone came to answer the question.
桑拿论坛Just out of the training ground, I saw a large group of reporters running from the direction of the first team training ground.
These people are journalists who went to the first team after the training of the youth team training ground began before training.
When they saw Chang Sheng from afar, they quickened their pace as if they were afraid that Chang Sheng would run away.
Changsheng didn’t run away. When he saw these reporters, he knew that they were coming for himself. He simply stopped in situ.
Then the reporters rushed to him with a shout and braked hard.
Followed by their tacit understanding, they completed the encirclement of Changsheng and surrounded Changsheng. Now they are convinced that Changsheng can’t escape even if it is inserted.
The first training session of the first team in Golka was very successful, which increased their confidence in Golka and at the same time, they couldn’t wait to see and play against the genius.
Everyone firmly believes that this China coach will be kicked out of the house in a few days.
I didn’t expect them to ask, but Chang Sheng spoke first. I think it must be good news to see you so excited.
He said with a smile
The reporters were caught off guard by Chang Sheng’s practice of opening his mouth first, and they were also suspicious of Chang Sheng’s good laugh now.
But it’s not worth it.
There was a man in the horse who shouted, It’s good news for us, but it may not be good news for you, China people!
The first training session of the Golka first team was very successful. He has been well received by the first team coach Juan Lopez. Do you have any good comments on this matter?
Accompanied by this problem, the microphones were thrown out and extended to the constant victory.
Everyone looked at Changsheng with a morbid look of excitement.
It’s as if they don’t see a living person, but a prey that they are struggling in a trap cage.
It seems that they always win. The unknown coach China is new here and must lack experience in dealing with reporters. Isn’t that what they say and how to play with him?
Changsheng really lacks experience in dealing with journalists, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to deal with journalists. There is a press conference in FM games, and he has seen the press conference in the informationdeveloped world in 212. I don’t know how many times he has never eaten pork, but he has always seen pigs run.
He has many ways to face reporters, such as they make a pretence or answer questions gently and humbly, but he can still maintain a silent image.
But these are not his faces. If he chooses Chinese, it means that he will always wear this mask in the future and can’t take it off.
It’s worse for Chang Sheng than killing him.
He hates pretending to be the worst, or he wouldn’t have been such a failure in the previous life.
Therefore, he would rather choose the most controversial and risky way to face the reporters, that is, to show them a true and constant victory. That’s it. Why? If you can accept it, you can accept it. If you can’t accept it, you won’t beg you to accept who you love!
The disadvantage of this is that he will be controversial because of his personality, but the advantages are also obvioushe doesn’t pretend to play, he lives a real life and is not tired.
Don’t pretend to be sincere or shrewd; Do not pretend to be noble or mean; I don’t pretend to be a gentleman, but I don’t pretend to be a barbarian.
What he is, what he shows to the outside world.
Maybe sometimes he looks sincere, sometimes he looks scheming, sometimes he has noble sentiments, and sometimes he is despised. Some people think he is a gentleman, and some people think he is a hooligan …
It is normal to have these diametrically opposite views, because these are constant victories, and it is these contradictions that combine to form a lifelike constant victory
Now this true victory is facing the storm caused by journalists.
They want to overthrow this famous pawn.
According to their expectation, a few waves will always win this leaf boat, and it may have been shot to pieces.
But to their disappointment and surprise, Chang Sheng was very calm and of course very individual when dealing with reporters …
What do I think of Golka’s first training class? Why do you ask me this question? I’m not his real father. How is he like me? I’m not responsible for my team. He’s not my player now. I don’t need to answer this question. You’re asking the wrong person.
I fought with the players’ training ground on the first day. Have you ever considered the negative effects?