This is also the truth. Cai Wenchi is extremely weak these days. How can I go about it and marry another girl? Kuang Chaoting doesn’t know that I’m sneaking back … If I expose myself, I won’t be drowned alive by Wang Yunliu’s serious spitting? !

Jia Yu is not unreasonable. She raised her head to see me. What about me? You really haven’t thought about me?
品茶论坛I’m really stupid if I shake my head!
But I still think it’s better to be silly. You and I are about the same age, gentle and reasonable … and can cook needlework. This is actually much more important than being reasonable. What do you think is an ideal lover? Such a woman hangs around in front of my eyes every day and still lives in the same hospital. If I say that I don’t think it’s crazy, it can be selfdeception … In fact, Yan Er was confused with me when she just married me …
Oh? Jia Yu was taken aback and his eyebrows showed a jump.
… I thought about it and suddenly decided to have a hearttoheart talk with her. Sister Yu, I want to tell you clearly what I think. Do you want to listen?
She blinked.
I took her little hand and sat at the door. Jia Yu was not spoiled. Miss Da had done a lot of housework with her mother since she was a child, but a pair of hands were still well maintained, except for the cocoon on the index finger of her right hand.
You know that Mr. Wenhe is my most trusted counselor, and he doesn’t know anything about what I think and feel. Although Cheng Yu joined in the middle, after all, there were first come, first served. All the time, I was thinking that I could deepen Mr. Wenhe … until I met you that day, I seemed to know the answer.
Jia Yu seems a little pale.
If I can marry you, Mr. Wenhe is my fatherinlaw, and Jia Jia is completely tied to me, but … I shook my head. I have never really realized this idea. Since I came to Chang ‘an, I have been reluctant to contact you and even wanted to simply introduce you to others. Although my surname is Ma, there is no great talent, even if I want to win over Mr. Wenhe again, I can’t rely on this despicable means!
mean? She also shook her head. Isn’t it always the case that children get married?
So I hate it more. I feel that her fingertips are a little cold. If I really kiss my husband, he probably won’t refuse, but … it ruins the happiness of your generation. I’d rather not.
How do you know it will ruin my generation … happiness? She asked softly, It’s nothing that Jia’s youngest daughter is a concubine to Chua’s daughter husband.
I shook my head. No, I didn’t arrive in Luoyang at that time. I was thinking of marrying your wife …
She nodded. Yeah …
I can sigh, You never know, I never thought that I suddenly went to Luoyang to take a wife and concubinage in a row … in an instant, I even gave birth to my daughter … This daughter was born unexpectedly early, and I directly upgraded from a young hero to a father figure.
Jia Yu also carefree sigh you never know …
In fact, I have never understood my daughter’s heart … I confess that I am not a lover. I always feel that you don’t like me. I dare not show it in white when I think about it …
Don’t you wait for someone’s daughter to propose to you without revealing a man? She raised her slender eyebrows and looked just like her father
Er … even so, can’t you be kind on weekdays? I continue to rub her little hand.
I didn’t see you show interest in others either? She retorted.
So I can open another battlefield. Okay, forget about the past. What about now?
What? She doesn’t understand
Do you want to marry me? Be the fifth concubine? I bowed my head and worked out this sort.
The fifth room? She was surprised.
Er Xiao Zhao, Yan son, cicada son and small moths. Isn’t that four? You can be the fifth room, right? Guiltily, I pulled out a hand and touched my nose.
Oh … She bowed her head. What can I do?
I quickly analyzed the meaning of this sentence … Are you sure you want to follow me?
She suddenly wriggled. Otherwise … who would let you touch it for so long?
Oh, oh! I grabbed her little hand with both hands and made persistent efforts. Then I’ll marry you when I’m done with this northern satrap.
So, how many years will it take? She grabbed my right middle finger with her backhand.
You are Jia’s parents and daughters … I can’t arrange a wedding in Luoyang now …
Then … I’ll go to Shuofang with you. She blushed. Dad was there anyway …
I can’t help but be elated to see her so active. Since you can’t wait to marry me, I can’t accept it!
Hey! She almost broke my middle finger with her hand.
So Jia Yu immediately packed his bags, bid farewell to his mother and grandparents and stepped into the cart.
47 waste government affairs
A group of 50 or 60 people surrounded a carriage and traveled to the north.
The two counties of Hedang County are fairly rich, and the public security situation is also very good. JASON ZHANG, the governor of Hedang County, is a generous and good guest, and he warmly entertained me this time.
JASON ZHANG is a native of Bingzhou, which belongs to Dong Zhuo’s life. The geographical location of the Dali River is extremely important. It reaches you in the north and guards Luoyang in the east. According to my understanding, the imperial court should get rid of him even if he is dissatisfied with the doorcutting, just like me. But today, JASON ZHANG is still sitting tight and guarding his post, which has to make me wonder what is wrong.
When I entered Taiyuan, I didn’t see Huangfu Song, the secretariat, which surprised me very much.
The secretariat’s adult went to inspect the counties, the relative told me.
I wonder, what are you patrolling?
It’s the end of July. Every month, the secretariat of adults has to patrol counties to review cases. Prisoners can only be reported to the court at the end of the year when the county chief’s achievements are evaluated. The other party patiently explained to me.
I clap my thigh grandma! This is not bad! The governor personally went to visit the people’s feelings, and I didn’t go to receive the mayor … And I didn’t seem to inform him … This is absolutely dead!
Where did the secretariat go? I asked nervously.
The other party shook his head to signal that he could not reveal the whereabouts of the secretariat.
I took out a handful of copper coins. Will you bend the rules, big brother?
The other party pushed me to spend money and angrily scolded me, Please respect me!
Yes, yes! I nodded hastilyit seems too few, but I really have no money, asshole!
Although I took out 90% of my money in an attempt to get words out of him, the upright and unyielding little official still didn’t let go and looked at me with disdain and waved me off.
I ran to the north like a lost dog pulling a carriage.
I dare not have the slightest delay. I will take a shortcut from Taiyuan County and gallop towards the north.
After arriving in Dacheng six days later, it took two days to return to Linrong through the wasteland.
It’s already July 20th.
The secretariat to patrol? !” I asked in a hurry
eh? To meet HuangFuGu shook his head my father he … now should not be in the cloud?
I heaved a sigh and patted my head. It tilted its head and came to gnaw at my generous palm.
How about siblings? Huangfugu turned away.
I nodded and gave birth to a daughter.
He laughed. Hello, my daughter. You are young. I have children around my knees in my teens. I really envy you!
I bah him. Do you blame me for not looking for a wife when you are old? !”
It’s not that I don’t want to, he muttered. There’s no daughter of a great family who is eager to marry me.
Nonsense. Huangfu’s family is also a family with less wealth and no wife 30 years earlier than mine. Hey!
The carriage rumbled into the satrap mansion, and Jia Yu and The Story Of Diu Sim climbed out of the car with each other’s help.