Well, I can digest it slowly. Panda patted his belly as if it were a big warehouse.

Then where do you put it? Chu Yifeng joked
Eldest brother, you don’t know that I can put a lot of things in my stomach alone.
Chu Yifeng didn’t think much when he first heard this, but in a flash, he suddenly thought of something in a low voice and repeated, There is a place in your stomach …
Eldest brother, what’s the matter with you? Big brother! ……”
The panda shouted twice and saw that Chu Yifeng didn’t move. He turned around Chu Yifeng twice like a fool. At this time, the panda is no longer a mental beast. There is a lot of wisdom in the memory. It also seems that Bai Chu Yifeng has entered an epiphany state, and it doesn’t bother Chu Yifeng to tilt his head to the distant mountain. Chu Yifeng’s body is undergoing earthshaking changes …

2 temporarily away from the thunder source
Xiao Shendao Jing keeps running. Chu Yifeng seems to miss himself, but his body has already been filled with thunder. What about Tathagata?
Heaven and earth have already had the energy of heaven and earth, and that side of heaven and earth is just more aura. In this case, the place has already … Chu Yifeng silently pondered.
broken finger! Suddenly Chu Yifeng had a low drink.
A silver thunder instantly cut through the black crack, but the crack appeared very small, as if it were the size of a fist, but the power of breaking fingers kept the small crack from closing quickly. Chu Yifeng immediately surrounded the crack with his knowledge.
A flash of light suddenly flashed through the black crack and then the bottomless crack was filled up very rudely!
One and a half square meters of silverblue cracks appear behind the thunderbolt, and Chu Yifeng’s mind is not very established. That piece is full of thunder, but every time those thunder bombard Chu Yifeng, they can clearly feel as if they were looking at their palm prints, although messy, but very clear.
Then every ray seems to be a part of Chu Yifeng’s body, which seems to be really integrated into Chu Yifeng’s body. Chu Yizhi holds that piece like mastering his own body.
Then the thunder in that piece slowly subsided and gradually dispersed around, and the piece was also stable, although it was not big, but it was already formed.
The crack closed quietly, and Chu Yifeng slowly opened his eyes with a smile on his mouth. When he went to look for that piece, he would find it mysterious and mysterious. His body seemed to be a point and the whole body seemed to be that piece.
And Chu Yifeng is now a piece of his own that really has a sense of solidarity. Suddenly, a strong thunder broke out at the edge. After bombarding the edge and fragmenting a series of tiny cracks, it was not a black hole, but a chaos that seemed to show a desolation.
However, every time the thunder crossed, a little chaos was revealed and merged with the original.
At this time, Chu Yifeng’s body can’t help but absorb the aura around him and add it to the new ones.
However, the growth of Chu Yifeng is an integral part, and it is also the growth of Chu Yifeng. Until now, Chu Yifeng has completely opened up his own strength after Poplar said.
Tap your finger and the silver flash will reappear in front of Chu Yifeng. Now the thunder around Chu Yifeng is slowly and firmly developing. With the development of Chu Yifeng, he automatically absorbs the aura and does not deliberately practice Chu Yifeng’s repair, which will grow.
Take out a piece of polar spar ChuYifeng and throw it directly into yourself.
In Chu Yifeng’s mind command, mines bombard the polar spar, and the energy in the polar spar is quickly released by rapid refining, which is much faster than Chu Yifeng’s absorption from the outside world, so that more reiki is added into Chu Yifeng’s body.
With these energy supplements, Zhong Lei is more cheerful and pioneering the carving kung fu. About half a square meter has become a square meter, and it is rapidly expanding …
Seeing this scene, Chu Yifeng took out ten pieces of polar spar in his heart, and directly arranged a release spirit array, which was filled with more intense aura.
At that moment, Chu Yifeng felt as if he had soaked in Lingquan, and his body was full of comfort. He couldn’t help but stretch his mind and observe that the blue energy of the body began to deepen. Chu Yifeng had already begun to move towards the purple thunder period.
Reclosing Chu Yifeng with refining polar spar will no longer deliberately practice indifferently and move forward.
Chu Yi’s peak time was very short, but when he saw the panda again, he felt that it was definitely not short when he came to realize it, because the panda had changed greatly.
It turns out that the wings of pandas have disappeared and become like pandas on earth after entering the metamorphosis stage. But now most of their bodies have become human, with claws on their hands and feet.
The panda’s huge head has not changed, and it is lazy with three points of cuteness and naughty.
There is a high mountain and dense forest in the southeast of the Temple of Thunder, where there are all kinds of exotic birds and animals, and the new treasure tree valley was also placed by Chu Yifeng. After Chu Yifeng entered an epiphany, he came here by himself, but he was called the king here because of his high strength.
this moment
Commanding his men, he picked coffee beans, and the coffee tree, Lei Xiao Shen, nourished and grew stronger. The coffee beans were all as big as apples, but the pandas still threw them directly into their mouths and chewed them. This made Chu Yifeng wonder if the panda devoured the sky but the panda would really be so exaggerated to devour the sky. Chu Yifeng also made a question mark in his heart.
Eldest brother, are you awake? You can really sleep. It’s been a hundred years.
Chu Yifeng was not surprised by the experience of being closed for a hundred years. A hundred years is really a short time for the practitioner, when Chu Yifeng was unfamiliar with the word age for the first time.
Eldest brother, can we go out?
Swallow, we’re going to find something and get out of here.
Yes, yes, it’s beautiful here, but it’s too stuffy.
Oh, the way out this time won’t be calm. Chu Yifeng wanted to touch the panda’s head, but now the panda is taller than himself, but he is not used to it. Do you need any magic weapon? There are many good things here.
How many good things there are in Lei Xiao Shinto? Chu Yifeng himself can’t count which one of the palaces built on mountains doesn’t store several magic weapons. Now look at the wind gun. Chu Yifeng feels that Lan Chen was too stingy at the beginning, and many extremely magical devices make Chu Yifeng feel that highgrade magic weapons seem to be very common things.
After learning that the fixtrue realm evolved, Chu Yifeng reexamined the socalled spirit and fairy. Since they are all things in the fixtrue realm, the fairy is just a higherlevel spirit, and there is no category of fixtrue realm, that is, people who refine the fairy build higher.
Don’t worry, big brother, I have a magic weapon to protect myself. The panda looked confident. Chu Yifeng also believed that the panda must have more means, but Chu Yifeng still took out a fairy armor to cover the panda.
Open all the protection departments of Leiyuanxing. Chu Yifeng is not afraid that the energy of Leiyuanxing is not enough. After mastering Raytheon’s order, he added a surge to observe the whole Leiyuanxing, and Chu Yifeng, the party of Leixiao God Array, showed an abnormality. Chu Yifeng, a few extremely powerful spar, didn’t know what it was, but he always felt that a thousand pieces of polar spar could not compare with that strange spar.
A month later, Chu Yifeng came to a planet, and it’s almost time to enter the star domain under the jurisdiction of Beiguxing. Chu Yifeng has been thinking about not knowing what happened to the Xuan medical school. He had heard that there was chaos in the fixtrue world a long time ago, and he didn’t know what happened to the battle in the demon domain of Watch City.
Just thinking of a sudden energy fluctuation ahead, Chu Yifeng’s mind moved and immediately felt the smell of demon race.
Big Brother is a demon race. If the demon race smells like panda spirit, it will be as good as Chu Yifeng.
Go and have a look! Chu Yifeng sits on a panda’s back. It seems that Chu Yifeng doesn’t like to keep a human figure in front of him. He is still a panda.
When the figure flashed, Chu Yifeng’s panda disappeared in situ, and there was a place where someone was fighting. Chu Yifeng had mastered teleportation.
Seven distracted practitioners surrounded seven women. Most of those women had a distracted period during their infancy. When Chu Yifeng saw this woman, he was surprised and shouted, Qu Mantong!
夜生活Hearing that Chu Yifeng told everyone to turn their attention to Chu Yifeng, Qu Mantong immediately shouted Help!
Chu Yifeng stepped in with a quiet face, and his bearing was extraordinary. The seven distracted practitioners felt that there was a powerful world from Chu Yifeng’s body, and it seemed that they were imprisoned. It was very difficult to move.
Senior, we are rank patrol people. These witches collude with people in the demon domain. We were just about to take them back for punishment. Please make it convenient for senior.
ChuYifeng whisked a ray and took a hand print.
pa! The speaker immediately spit out a mouthful of red and white, and there were few teeth left.
This slap to those who claim to be rank patrol makes people feel stupefied. Looking at Chu Yifeng, it seems that Chu Yifeng didn’t expect to dare to start work after hearing that it was rank patrol, and it is so easy for those who fix the truth in a distracted period. The strength of this repair is that they dare not even think about it.