What did he say?

I tried to move forward, but I couldn’t hear anything
Lian Xiao can’t hear you either!
There is pride in his eyes when he laughs.
I can’t hear anything, but I see him alone.
Take your life! There is a voice in my heart that growls at my toes. After kicking the pony hard in the belly, Huaner rushes forward.
Break clouds and fog!
The pike in his hand drew back slightly and then shot straight like an arrow.
My hands were full of sweat, and the pike almost flew out.
Han Sui is still smiling.
The sharp spear has penetrated into his breastplate.
Did he move at all?
And I jumped on it
A gun?
Where’s my gun? !
I’m holding a gun in my hand just now.
Sweat is still flowing in the hand, but a pike is no longer there.
Han Sui pursed my collar with one hand and held me high. I stopped in a pony and ran straight out.
I struggled in horror, and the more I struggled, the more difficult it was to breathe.
Han Sui corners of the mouth big show ferocious smile.
I’ve never seen such a ferocious smile. It seems that two pieces of rags are sewn together by needle and thread, and the edges are uneven and horrible again.
I think the tight neckline has been smothered.
Then I felt my body move and my ears were pounding hooves.
I found the carsick again, and I felt that I didn’t feel how I was picked up when I rode a horse myself. After being picked up, I felt like a threewheeled trampoline, and I couldn’t say how uncomfortable I felt in my stomach.
And a dizziness in the back of my head followed by a loose chest and a hard fall to the ground, and I was thrown several feet away by him.
Han Sui is still laughing and laughing.
He drove the horse slowly away from me for dozens of steps and then stopped to turn the horse’s head.
I know what he is going to do
He raised his whip high above his head and slapped it hard on the horse’s buttocks!
Hip west cool fierce horse neighing a jilt four huge hooves galloped on the flat grass.
Horseshoe trampling on soft weeds is like thunder in my ears.
It’s a few breaths. Han Sui has rushed to my front
He suddenly jumped up at a distance of about ten feet from me with a horse between his legs.
It suddenly darkened.
There are four thick horseshoes on the top of my head, and I can see the grain clearly.
The iron hoof is roaring and landing!
I twisted my waist in desperation and rolled to one side.

桑拿论坛My ass suddenly became warm.
Is it crossflow blood temperature?
I struggled to turn over.
The arm has been tightly pressed with both hands.
I can feel that these hands are not big and still shaking.
The same force is very small, almost a force.
So I opened my eyes.
I saw that shy little sister.
I looked up and just bumped into her soft chest first.
It’s not soft at all and has hard ribs.
This is obviously the breast of an undeveloped girl.
Then the girl blushed quickly.

I must have fallen asleep when I was lying on the waist of the bed and wearing a sheepskin blanket.
There is no one else in this house
Except for these two sisters I picked up.