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Lu sorrow hurriedly lifted was up and didn’t care about sleeping. A long hair hung freely and ran out of the master bedroom to the living room barefoot, but I didn’t see him looking into the kitchen.

She walked to the kitchen with a little slouches. She can still remember their sweet hands rubbing against the sink last night, but now he’s gone, as if the family had suddenly lost too much.
When she turned to twist her head, she saw a refrigerator sticker.
The face says, "Wife, I got up early in the company emergency today. I saw that you slept so soundly that I didn’t have the heart to wake you up. I want you to sleep longer. Remember to make breakfast or buy breakfast yourself. Don’t starve yourself, Mr. Lin."
Section 61
His words are flying like clouds and flowing like water, and he is vigorous and loose.
Lu looked at the face with love and smiled stupidly at every word.
She stretched out her hand and pulled the convenience bar from the refrigerator. She bit her lip and looked at it word by word again. The smile in her eyes was even brighter.
"Lin Mochen, you big bad guy!" Lu sorrow stretched out his finger to poke the note and treated it as Lin Mo Chen.
Lu sorrow eased the mood, then went to the bathroom to wash and comb my hair and combed a long hair into a playful and clever ponytail.
She went to change a letter with a white background, a black collar and cuff shirt. In front of the shirt, there was a photo pattern that looked very personal, and some light colors were added to the black and white, which would not be so boring, but added a little playful.
On the other hand, she wore a black gauze skirt, which was short in front and long in the back. The design was very feminine.
Lu sorrow back his black bag is going out when he received a call from Lin Mochen.
She picked up the first sentence and blurted out, "I still want you to leave me alone?"
Lin Mo Chen listened to her complaints and hooked her lips slightly. "How can I be willing to give up? Don’t I have something to go first? Did I leave you a note and stick it in the refrigerator? "
"There is no note?" Lu you denies it.
"What a naughty girl!" Lin Mochen recognized her angry tone. "Did you have breakfast?"
"I’ll just go to the Star Media Road for a while to buy some." Lu Yu, in turn, worried about him. "What about you? Did you eat after leaving so early? "
"Well, Meng Mi has prepared breakfast." Lin Mochen once again told her to "remember to eat breakfast."
"Good" Lu You walked to the door and opened the door. "I’m going back to the star media class today. I can’t be late for the first day, so I won’t talk to you first, and then I’ll talk to you later."
"I asked Pombo to pick you up. Don’t worry, it will arrive this time. It won’t be like the second time." Lin Mochen won’t forget that she saved him when they met for the first time. Instead, he made her lose her job. "He has been waiting for you."
"Okay, I know." Lu You hung up and went to the ladder.
And Lin Mo Chen put away his mobile phone and saw Chu Heng walking towards his bed with a cotton swab out of the corner of his eye.
Right now, Lin Mo-chen is lying in Minheng Hospital, and his vip ward belongs to him. He looks a little pale, and his left hand is still tied with intravenous drip, and the liquid horse is about to lose.
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☆, coax daughter-in-law also shouldn’t die joking.
Chu Heng is dressed in a white robe, and his handsome face is a cold expression, but he is also elegant and self-focused
He put his hands in the pockets of his white robe. "Why didn’t you tell her that you almost died of intravenous drip in the hospital?"
"I didn’t want to tell her." Lin Mochen put the phone away. "I don’t want her to know. I’m worried. Besides, I’m fine now."
Chu Heng frowned. "Aren’t you afraid that the same situation will happen again if you don’t tell her about it?"
"I wish I had paid attention," said Lin Mo-chen. Anyway, he won’t tell Lu You.
"Another time?" Chu Heng has some words. His tone is a little tough. Tell him, "You must tell Lu You are allergic to prawns! This is not a joke. It can’t happen again. It will aggravate the allergic symptoms every time. "
"I won’t eat it again," Lin Mohen changed his mind.
"You must tell her your situation no matter whether there are times or not." Chu Heng pulled out his hand from his robe pocket to open the drip to stop the last bit of liquid from being imported. "I know that Miss Lu is a good woman, but there is a limit to coaxing women not to joke about their health and life."
"I didn’t," Lin Mochen denied.
"No, you still know that you are allergic to prawns?" ChuHang is really Lin Mo minister "you this is not to find yourself to suffer? It’ s hard to get a life back once, and you just let it go? "
Chu Heng just doesn’t understand what these men and women are doing in love.
Lin Mo-chen is not the most exaggerated thing he has ever seen.
He has seen couples die and want to force each other, and then they are injured and sent to the hospital. If they are lucky, they are alive, but unfortunately, they are dead or disabled for life. He really doesn’t think this is a good result.
He feels that no matter what kind of injury or difficulty he encounters, he should cherish his life, because life will never come again once.
Since heaven has made you a human being, you should cherish this opportunity to live like a human being before being negative.
Lin Mo-chen knows that Chu Heng is grateful to him and his heart.
"At that time, the situation … I …" Lin Mochen sighed. "You don’t want to tell Lu about this matter. I just don’t want her to know that nothing you said will make her feel guilty."
"For what you don’t want to do with her, you will do with me? You quarreled with me in the middle of the night, but I had two operations in succession, and you didn’t want to find something for me just after I closed my eyes, did you? " Chu Heng cursed the crime of Lin Mochen. "You want me to die!"
Yesterday, he couldn’t bear to refuse to look at her expectantly, and he didn’t want to spoil the sweet atmosphere at that time, so he ate shrimp.
Sure enough, it was sent soon. Fortunately, Lu You was asleep.
He quickly dressed and drove to the hospital and called Chu Heng to wait for him in the hospital.
At that time, Kun Heng just went home to sleep for a few hours, and he was called back to the hospital by Lin Mo-chen.
When he heard that he was allergic, he didn’t dare to delay for a moment, even if he was tired, he supported himself
When he arrived at the hospital, Lin Mo had just arrived. He saw that he had a rash all over his body, and he had already scratched a red mark, which was shocking to watch.
He hurriedly prescribed medicine for Lin Mo-chen and was afraid that he would catch himself.
After Lin Mo-chen settled down, he asked Chu Heng to go back to rest, but at this moment Chu Heng was already sleepy.
He didn’t watch it for a few hours until dawn, and he didn’t want to toss and turn again. Anyway, there is a lounge in the office in the hospital where he can rest.
Is he don’t trust Lin mo minister didn’t leave just keep him for a while, two people talked.
Then they were almost sleepy. Chuhang went back to the lounge and had a rest.
Called a nurse on duty to watch it so as to change his dressing.
Today, after waking up early, Chuhang simply washed up and came to see Lin Mo-chen push the door open and heard Lin Mo-chen talking.
The tone of the sorrow and spoil of Lu is so gentle that Bo Hang himself is in the wrong place.
However, he was happy for Lin Mo-chen. He finally found a caring person.
Chu Heng looked disgusted. "I told you not to call me again."
"Hang you this tone jealousy don’t know people still have a crush on what I eat lu sorrow vinegar" Lin Mo Chen looked at his eyebrow angry appearance unexpectedly still can laugh.
"If you are still in the mood to joke, you can really get out of here." Chu Heng put a cotton swab on the back of Lin Mo-chen’s hand where the needle stuck, and then quickly pulled out the needle.
"Press the cotton swab" ChuHeng told him.