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He smiled. "It’s not a difficult problem. Professional technicians can do it."

That’s why there are so many talents around him. There is really nothing to make a fuss about.
After that, we rested. The next morning, warm sunshine shone through the white screen window.
I woke up in Ye Xiangyuan’s arms and smelled the sandalwood fragrance of his body, almost reluctant to open my eyes.
Baby, I’m sleeping soundly on the other side
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t wake up.
I propped up my head and looked at him quietly.
When I first met him again, his eyes were blue. I think he should be very tired. It must not be easy to be weighed down by so many things.
But now his face is back to its old look.
The crimson light on his face made his facial features look exquisite and dreamlike.
He is the most handsome man I have ever seen.
I couldn’t help reaching out and tracing his eyebrows.
He suddenly opened his eyes.
Deep eyes looked at me straight.
My hand stopped for half a minute.
He slowly evoked a smile at the corner of his mouth and pressed me down.
I held his neck and looked him in the eye.
It seems that there are stars and the sea in his eyes, which makes me feel a little distorted.
I don’t know why I suddenly became flustered at this moment.
I always feel that intimacy is sweet these days, and leisure will be fleeting these days, and I can’t hold it.
It’s so quiet that I feel flustered.
桑拿会所  title=I couldn’t help grasping Ye Xiangyuan’s arm and whispered, "What are you going to do today?"
Leaf to distant relatives kiss my forehead dumb openings "accompany you …"
My voice is hoarse and mellow, hitting my heart.
I can’t help shivering.
He gave me a low smile, kissed my face and said, "The baby is awake."
I quickly went to see it.
The baby really stared at us curiously with big eyes.
I just wanted to get up from Ye Xiangyuan’s arms to hold the baby, but Ye Xiangyuan put her arms around her waist.
He judo "You go to sleep"
Then he got up and carried the baby out.
I looked at my watch, and it was really early before seven o’clock in the morning, so I retracted into the bed again.
Ye Xiangyuan came back soon, and he was wrapped around me with a cool breath in the morning.
When his kiss fell, I closed my eyes and responded to him, but I still remembered Xiao Chen and hurriedly said, "Baby …"
He whispered to my mouth, "Don’t worry if someone is watching."
After that, he kissed me completely, and my head fell off.
When it’s over, the sun seems to be brighter.
I don’t want to move lazily in my arms.
He carried me to the bathroom to wash and dress me.
I have been silently watching him enjoying his gentle hesitation for a long time, but I still asked the bottom of my heart, "Does it really matter if you are like this?"
Is it really okay to stay in the castle every day?
It seems that things have gone wrong outside.
China’s public opinion is after him, Interpol and eyeing Han Qingshan … Are they just waiting for these people?
I asked mindless questions, but he seemed to understand me.
After putting on my shoes, he kissed me and said, "It’s not time yet."
I paused and didn’t ask any more questions.
When we left the room, my parents and they just got up and had breakfast together.