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"I will go to the association to discuss this matter more. If there is any latest situation, I will tell you. Just wait for me."

After saying that, Lu Boyan hung up. I turned my mobile phone around and opened my brain to read this time file.
It seems that I can’t continue to do nothing like this. I must think more about this matter and allocate all the information about the most potential personnel here.
I sent a message to Lu Boyan asking him to find a way to help me get a copy of the information about the contestants. I have to get it early. Although it is said that the draft format will be distributed to every enterprise, it will be the last few days, and then we will have no chance.
After sending this short message, I immediately walked out of the office. As soon as I walked out, I met Mo Yun with a file. She came to me and said, "I have thought about the next design. Look at it. If there is no problem, I want them to start creating it."
I took Mo Yun and showed me the file. She drew every picture with a pencil, and there were many traces of erasure. It seems that she has spent a lot of thought on every picture.
"No problem, MoYunJie, you do what you want."
Mo Yun nodded. "Well, I’ll go there now."
Mo Yun walked to the creative department with the file. I came to Xiao Li’s desk and knocked on her desk. Xiao Li raised her vote and asked me, "What can I do for Director Lei?"
"Come to the office with me."
Xiao Li followed me to the office with the brain lock, and I sat on the sofa. Xiao Li asked "Director Lei" in front of me.
I nodded and said, "Xiao Li, I will give you a week off after you do something for me."
"What is it?"
"Help me go to the head office. You and I will go to the head office."
Xiao Li was puzzled at once, but soon pointed out my idea. "I see, Director Lei, you want me to make a false or true appearance, which shows that you are already too busy here."
"That’s right, because I’m going to do some things later, and I’m sure I’m too busy, but I’ll still pay attention to being in charge here. The purpose of your going there is to let Zhang Ping and those people get into a hurry. At this time, they will let their guard down on me and expose themselves."
Xiao Li smiled. "Director Lei, you want them to attack early and then you can solve everything early, right?"
"I’m white. How long will it take me to get there?"
"The sooner the better. If I pass, please give Xu Mo a message and tell her I’m ready to take a chance. I hope she will cooperate with me."
Xiao Li asked, "Don’t you always tell me?"
"Manager Nan certainly doesn’t know the eyeliner around him. Do you think it will be less than the company? Compared with him, I don’t think those people will focus on a desperate pregnant woman."
Xiao Li pointed a thumb at me and said, "Director Lei, you are getting more and more scheming."
"I can’t help it. It’s all forced out."
As soon as Xiao Li left, I lay down for a while with a sigh of relief and rubbed my forehead. Now everything must be started as soon as possible. If we can’t let Zhang Ping and others leak the bag before the contest, we can take the lead in winning the contest, which is really far away. We can also fight like this.
Chapter 60 A thought
In the afternoon, Lu Boyan told me that he would come to me by car at night and ask me to take him to the bar for a drink.
After I finished all the work in hand, I handed it over to Xiao Li, who is a high-speed railway. I believe she will have the ability to finish all the work today.
After leaving the company, I came to the office building of Tang Xiao, because Tang Xiao knew me secretly. After seeing me coming, I greeted me directly and sat down on the sofa here.
She brought me a cup of hot cocoa and put it in front of me. Then she asked, "Director Lei, have you finished your work?"
spa会所"I can’t finish my work." I took a sip of hot cocoa and answered, "What about you? It should be easy for you, General Manager Tang, to lead the work."
"It was easy, but manager Tang always goes out early and comes back late these days. Everything is when we have no rest."
"He’s out," I asked.
Tang Xiao secretly looked at his watch. "It is estimated that he will come back because he will come back every time he arrives at this point."
Otherwise, as Tang Xiao secretly said, Tang Xiao came back with a melancholy face. He found me sitting on the sofa and quickly came to sit in front of me. She secretly saw Tang Xiao come over and walked to the drinking pool and brought him a cup of hot cocoa.
Tang Xiao looked at me in a complicated way and asked, "How did you get here?"
"Come and want to find you to drink two cups, can you be idle?"
"Don’t go back to report when you have this luxury."
"Today is a day off, of course, it is also a party."
Tang Xiao nodded and said, "I have been following Lin Chengwen to start their new project these days. Do you know what it is?"
"Medical technology research and development You should know that South China University’s nuclear technology is very famous, right?"
I thought about it. As Tang Xiao said, South China University, a technical country, can really rank "and then"