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But the little hand just touched his shoulder and was buckled by his hand. He pressed her hand against her head to stop her from moving!

His lips lingered around her neck and kissed her finely.
"Meng Yichen! Go away! "
When Yin Anran saw him, he was more angry and wronged.
She did something wrong and broke something, but what is it to disappear for a few days without saying a word?
Now that I’m back, I’m going to …
What does he take her for?
Sensing that Meng Yichen was about to move, Yin Anran folded his legs.
But where is she worth him?
In a second, she was forced to part.
And he just invaded!
Her eyebrows knit together because of the pain.
She was forced to bear what he had given her, and her heart hurt even more.
When the love ended, Yin Anran had already passed out.
Yin Anran woke up the next day and felt a terrible headache.
In my mind, scenes came yesterday.
Meng yichen!
She looked around and there was no sign of him!
Yin Anran’s little hand clenched into a fist and beat the bed.
Just when she wanted a bed, the door opened, and then she saw the genie’s face
Yin An dyed one leng a little surprised, but soon the little face was cold again.
Yin An dyed the bed when he went straight to the bathroom.
He caught her hand.
Yin Anran tried to shake off his hand, but he held it tightly and didn’t mean to let it go. She turned to face him, "Meng Yichen let go."
"Sorry about dyeing"
Meng Yichen suddenly spoke.
When I heard this sentence, Yin An dyed the eyebrows. "What are you sorry for? The apology is that I broke something and it is also me. "
"I was so excited on the day of dyeing."
Yin Anran clenched his lip. Of course she knew how excited he was that day. She twisted her hands to break free.
"Meng Yichen, let go. I want to wash."
Meng Yichen just let go.
Yin Anran walked into the bathroom and just squeezed toothpaste. When he looked up through the mirror, he saw the man leaning against the door.
She side head "what are you doing? !”
"Don’t you want to brush your teeth?"
Yin Anran stared at him. She wanted to brush her teeth, but what’s the matter with him at the door?
However, Yin Anran also knew that if he wanted her, he would simply leave it alone.
Yin anran washed upstairs.
"Come on, let’s go eat your favorite soup dumpling and soybean milk." Meng Yichen took her hand.
Yin An’s eyebrows wrinkled. "I don’t want to go to the villa to eat."
"There is no breakfast at the villa today."
Yin An dyed a little and looked at him. Is this man teasing her? How can there be no breakfast in the villa?
"Sister Wang"
Sister Wang hurriedly came out.
"What’s for breakfast today?"
"Well …"
Sister Wang glanced at Meng Yichen and saw her young master winking at her.
She’s been working in this villa for a long time, and she can understand some things if she doesn’t talk about her words and deeds.
"This …"
桑拿会所"Ahem …"
Meng Yichen coughed again.
Sister Wang was completely afraid to speak. Yin Anran glanced at him. "Why do you have a sore throat?"
Meng Yichen hugged her. "Well, I told you that Sister Wang didn’t prepare breakfast today, so let’s go out to eat!"
"But …"
"Miss Yin, you can go out to eat with the master today … I really didn’t prepare breakfast today. You see, I’m so confused that I forgot to prepare it."