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Chapter 17 Alternative Battlefield (14)
When the dark snake king heard the noise from outsiders in the sinkhole canyon and knew that General Turtle had been killed, he thought to himself, Are the players really so good? General tortoise has hundreds of thousands of tortoise hands, so they are all killed. How can I resist so many players when I am alone? No one thought that the dark snake king had quietly escaped to a secret passage. No one thought that the dark snake king was a coward. Although he was heroic in appearance, he was as timid as an ant.
The soldiers attacked the sinkhole canyon and found that there was no magic in it. Although it was strange what happened, I still went straight through to a goal regardless of so many.
Tiantai! There are no trees, no mountains or even a little taller stones in the sight of this card, which is guarded by the Ghost Warrior. There is a rooftop like the Temple of Heaven! On the rooftop, there is a floating warrior who looks like a hero, holding a big knife and flashing red light, and his eyes will become deeper and shallower. It’s really scary. Some female players are timid and shocked by such a sudden meeting, but they are very interested in the modeling of the Ghost Warrior. It can be said that the modeling of the Ghost Warrior is very stylish, which conforms to the aesthetic observation of modern people and has ultra-modern texture.
No matter how many players talk about it, is it a trap to be a one-man ten thousand cannot force it? But when you look at the past, there is nothing, but to be on the safe side, the military science is to command Yihe to act as a pioneer and take 100,000 people to explore the way first. Sure enough, Yihe has just entered the rooftop, and the scenery in front of him suddenly changed like ten levels of hell. The sight startled these 100,000 people together with Yihe, and it was so plausible and horrible that the devil in hell showed his fangs and wanted to eat everyone. He was a little timid on the spot because of his mental support, and he was forced to be bold and scared. After all, he was a small captain. Busy to escape backwards, now they can do such a thing, but looking back, the way back is gone. I saw that the abyss was as deep as ink, but there was nothing across the abyss. The way in just now was gone.
In the face of despair, even the first and the last are shocked. What should I do if there is a spectre before and an abyss after?
The soldiers and others can see clearly outside. The first and the last people have been screaming and spinning around almost all the time. It seems that something terrible has happened inside, and the phenomenon that players scream and then disappear into white light keeps appearing. Soon, less than half of the 100,000 people are left. The soldiers and others don’t even know what these people will die because they can’t see the situation in the rooftop.
"How did this happen?" Everyone asked the same question in their hearts. What’s in this seemingly flat rooftop?
The dark beauty knight Lord of the mountain peak longed for Haoer, who was watching the frontline battle with an astronomical telescope adjusted to the minimum multiple. It was interesting to see it around. A dark knight Lord behind him reported that "the virus knight sent by Miss Master has been together."
Mu Haoer stopped watching and asked, "How many are there?"
"The first-level virus knight is about 10 thousand, the second-level virus knight is 100 thousand, and the third-level virus knight is increasing. Because there are too many people in the third level, there may be millions. This hill may not."
"Isn’t there a lot of land behind stupid? Those fools won’t back off. "
"yes, miss!"
"I didn’t expect that the talent attribute in this game can create so many abilities. I wonder what kind of special skills my talent can create? Hehe! "
The boundary of the snowy city, Chris? ; Pupil and Zhang Xian just sit face to face, but they can say that they are worried about a person and sometimes sigh and sometimes look up at the sky.
"Chris, how do you know Yi Xue?" Zhang xian said have no words to find words
"I, I seem to be destiny takes a hand. I woke up suddenly from a serious illness and saw escape. At that moment, I seemed to have a very special feeling of wanting to be with him. Maybe this is human love at first sight."
"By the way, can you tell me the story of your adventure with Xueyi?"
"Well, there are a lot of things from every time we meet to when I dress up as a little wizard who just changed jobs to …"
The more the two girls talked unconsciously, the more they devoted themselves to talking, the more they found themselves so indifferent to him.
Tianwu, who also has a good impression on me, is leaning on my arms and looking at Qingqi’s eyes. From the first time we met on the boat to the end of Tianwu, I didn’t expect that I had so many accidents with this person.
The dark snake king is glad that he didn’t stop these players. The demon warrior can also be said that he didn’t see each other’s strength and was eliminated. That stupid turtle general actually relied on his own powerful turtle army just like the demon warrior. It hasn’t been eliminated, but he is single. Even if he is tough, he can’t stop several people’s attacks. Even one point of compulsory damage is enough to destroy himself.
The dark snake king came out from the secret tunnel he dug, but the magic forest was flat. I believe that the players have passed. Now we must find a way to return to the fairyland. Then we are not afraid that the players will find a place to hide. No one can find it. I was just thinking about finding that two people in the tree in front seem to be asleep and bullying the weak, but the dark snake king’s favorite thing is not to even say hello. A three-meter long snake spear appears in his hand and twists his body to make waves.
Tianwu is feeling the feeling of being held by the person you like, but I don’t know the strange sound coming from behind. When I turn my head and look at it, I’m startled. And I’m in such a big shape that I feel sleepy and my love is gone for a moment. Without thinking, I took out my weapon’ God wishes’ and launched a fighting posture [bully body]. My skills [Reiki sword] are ready to launch a blow and kill.
The dark snake king saw someone trying to resist the unexpected. He was afraid that tens of thousands of players would besiege him. He didn’t believe that there was any threat to one player.
"Go to hell!" Wang Li, the dark snake, stabbed the’ God Wishes’ in the hands of Tianwu with a spear, and also injected the force of Tianwu. When the two weapons touched, the naked eye could see that the airflow spread around.
I was washed away by the airflow and rolled around twice. I was surprised to open my eyes. What happened? There was such a strong wind in this box of battlefields. But when I saw what was happening in the field, I was shocked and shouted out with a hoarse voice, "Dancing in the sky …"
The snake spear of the dark snake king was accurately inserted into the belly of the heavenly dance, but the root of the face of the dark snake king could not see even a little happiness. Because the heavenly dance’ God wishes’ stretched out several vines, the whole dark snake king was rolled up, and the eyes of the heavenly dance gradually became dark, and the red light of’ God wishes’ became more and more prosperous …
————–reading recommendation: to worship the true self of the romantic empire.
Chapter 10 Alternative Battlefield (15)
It’s not true that I was stunned by the stinging fire in my bright red eyes. It’s not true. It’s not true at all. Just now, I was leaning on my arms. How could I dance …
Tianwu finally said with strength, "I will wait for you in the real world, whether you want to leave or not, and you must come to see me …" Tianwu said that this sound will no longer come out and turn into a little white light to dissipate the gas.
I grieved and resented why I wanted to fall asleep, but at this moment I didn’t find that the heavenly dance disappeared, but God Blessed didn’t disappear. I don’t know where this heavenly dance got the artifact. It belongs to the underworld. Things are devouring the dark snake king. The dark snake king struggled and roared desperately, but it didn’t help. Vines got into his body from the mouth, nose, ears and other places where there were holes anyway, devouring his dirty body, decomposing his muscles and rotting his soul. What is the pity that the dark snake king finally remembered the word "pity"? It’s a pity that my wisdom came too late, it’s a pity that my wisdom lasted too short, and it’s a pity that I’m as arrogant as General Tortoise, the ghost warrior, and human players can’t be ignored
It took me a long time to remember that Tianwu was just returning to the real world, but I barely persuaded myself to take it easy. However, the feeling of heartbreaking just now made me look up for a long time and found that the dark snake king had turned into a green thing. I was curious to walk twice and found that the green thing was completely still, but I didn’t see the scene where the dark snake king was wrapped just now, so I didn’t know what was inside.
Although I still have worries in my heart, now I haven’t finished recovering my strength, and suddenly my feelings are greatly exhausted, and my eyelids are constantly attacking, and I want to kiss each other, so I can’t go back to the tree just now and lie down and sleep again.
Muer hummed and came to the back to look for elegance and dancing. Muer saw a green round thing from a distance, and his curiosity increased greatly.
Muer looked more and more strange when he came to the front of the spherical object. I didn’t see anything when I passed here just now. Why didn’t such a big thing come out soon and it seems to be wrapped in vines outside? What’s inside?
Muer picked up the skeleton staff in her hand and lifted the vine, but the vine seemed to be very hard. Finally, Muer got sweaty and broke a few pieces, pouting and annoyed. Isn’t there a skill called [Guangyao Temple] that has the ability to restore the life value of living beings? There may be one for this kind of moving vine.
Think of it and do it. Muer sings spells and bursts of white light make the vines more and more green and vibrant. Muer sees that his methods are more and more effective. * * * * He concentrates on the vines to become thick and big. Finally, Muer closes his eyes and cares about the casting skills. He doesn’t see that the vines are getting longer and faster. Muer is surrounded by darkness. Finally, Muer himself is surrounded.
Although it’s strange that there isn’t even a magic weapon in such a singular place in ten thousand cannot force it, since it can pass smoothly, of course, I won’t think so much, even if there is a trap behind it.
"Come on, come on!" The realm of God commands players to like this battle captain position more and more through this. It feels normal that the life flow is calm to 3.1, and it is impossible to realize the assassination. Therefore, he is very intoxicated with it, so he makes special efforts to do things and thinks the same way. Many players are excited in their daily lives. This game is just like a real war, so players are nervous to meet a battle.
Qin Yong nervously took the soldier’s hand and asked, "Brother, go and save them. What do you think they seem to encounter?"
The soldiers steadied their excitement and carefully observed the surrounding environment. There is nothing in this place in Ma Pingchuan, but what can be reflected in the ghost warrior? The only explanation is that strange changes will occur when you enter the scope of the Ghost Warrior, and this change will not be effective unless you enter it.
The soldier said to the assassin around him, "Do you dare to go in?"
桑拿网The assassination root is not afraid of these things. At most, it is just that you can’t see the wonderful situation behind you. "No problem, brothers, come with me."
Following the assassination, the players rushed to the top of the mountain and responded with a "coming!"
More than 6,000 people followed the assassination and rushed into the last place. As soon as the assassination came in, they immediately felt that the ghosts and demons who rushed over the sky were really shocked. But the assassination was a theist and this is the so-called ghost in the game. Isn’t it a magic thing? As soon as a whole hand’s cross fist blade [Dark Instant] skill came out, ghosts and demons were cut in half, and the smoke disappeared. After seeing the assassination, the players immediately dared to attack ghosts and demons. Of course, a few girls still screamed, but now it sounds like a symphony.
"Brothers, this is a fake rush!" The assassination took the lead and rushed over, but just after the assassination, a whole person fell to the original level, but now it is a abyss. As soon as the eyes were dark, they fell into a coma.
The soldiers facing the outside world and others saw that the assassination foot was soft and the whole person fell to the ground. The people were surprised. What’s the trap inside another one?
After the assassination, the players stopped for the first time, but five or six thousand people didn’t mean that they could stop at the back and push forward. Hundreds of people immediately followed the assassination and spread it among the players in the horrible atmosphere.
"What should I do?" Ip Man’s illness can be the same as illness. If his body can still move mentally, he can rush in and see what’s going on.
"Can Ye do me a favor?"
"I can listen to you whatever you want."
Hearing Ye say this, the disease is a little blushing. In reality, the disease in school is a handsome inter-school star, but he comes back again. No girl does this to him. After all, the title of genius has prevented many girls from delusional.
"This and then this …" Ye nodded while listening and finally asked, "Is this really possible?"
I don’t know, but I hope it works.