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Then it occurred to me that this was his excuse …

I can’t help but smile. I feel like I’m sinking deeper and deeper.
桑拿会所In an instant, Zhou Yizheng looked at me and seemed to observe my face.
He hesitated when he received my eyes. "Second brother has absolutely no affair with the lady in the Li family …"
I haven’t said anything about Changning and roared at him "idiot! Why do you say this! "
Zhou Yi particularly nai said, "Brother Ning, can you go out for a while?"
Gu Changning refused to allow Yang Ba disdainfully to glance at him.
Zhou Yi "…"
Listen, the two of them bickered, and those rolling emotions in my heart slowly calmed down.
I wanted to think, "but the lady in the Li family likes Ye Xiangyuan, right? But I can’t figure out how her family would agree to her engagement with Ye Xiangyuan? "
Gu Changning said impatiently, "Ask Ayuan yourself."
Zhou Yi was silent for a long time this time. "I also think it’s better for my second brother to explain it to you."
Are there more scenes in the movie?
I looked at Zhou Yi’s face carefully and he gave me a koo expression.
Gu Changning beside him is a face of pie mouth with disgust.
Generally speaking, I can’t get anything out of them.
Ye Xiangyuan’s people are really good, and their mouths are sealed.
But … Gu Changning and Zhou Yilai are aristocratic men, and they have their own set of principles. They shouldn’t say things, and they certainly won’t spill the beans.
I droop my eyelids
I still see some clues from their attitude.
Ye Xiangyuan and Li Yuyan should be a little something.
Otherwise, Zhou Yi will speak hesitatingly?
Yesterday, when Li Yuyan took Ye Xiangyuan’s arm, Ye Xiangyuan didn’t push away or even escape.
I’ll neve forget that feeling of his cold gaze at me.
He looked like an urgent stranger …
I took back my thoughts and said to Zhou Yi and Gu Changning, "Well, I’ll find Ye Xiangyuan to get to know you clearly. Let’s go. I’m in a bad mood and I’m afraid I’ll quarrel with you if I don’t agree with you."
Zhou Yi probably didn’t expect me to pay my ears so directly.
Gu Changning cold hum a glance will open my mouth to say what.
Section 76
Zhou Yi grabbed her shoulder. "Brother Ning, let’s go first and let her sister-in-law be quiet."
Gu Changning glance at him, after all, no.
It was a cold sweep of my face before I left.
I ignored him and opened the door with a straight face.
I talked to them a lot and didn’t get much information.
I can confirm one thing, that is, Sister Ye Xiangyuan was kidnapped yesterday and Ye Xiangyuan was threatened for it.
I know whether he has feelings with Li Yuyan or not because of my appearance.
And how the wedding ended later, and how he explained it to the guests, I don’t know.
After all, besides my parents’ relatives and friends, he also invited many guests.
I guess maybe he conveniently held an engagement party with Li Yuyan, but not necessarily.
As far as I’m concerned, two days passed in a flash.
Nan-nan still hasn’t answered the message.
Ye Xiangyuan appeared.
It was in the evening when the sunset slowly fell from the leaves and disappeared from the horizon.
He pushed open the door and silently, the dark figure by the door blocked the corridor light.
This time I turned on the light first.
He looks a little tired, and the light reflected from his black eyes seems to be sleepy and tired.
But I don’t want to feel bad about him anymore, and I don’t want to show my soft heart even a little before him.
I sat on the sofa with a cold face and didn’t move
He came over and stared down at me.
I looked at him coldly.
He held out his hand and stroked my forehead hair. "Don’t worry that my uncle and aunt have gone abroad to settle down."
I’ll come along.
Right into his hard chest.
He reached out and hugged me. "Eleven, you once said that I would be good to me."