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He squinted at me with a pair of eyes, slightly gathering the light, though it seemed dark, and said with a sigh, "I know you don’t want to go, and I won’t force you. Pearl Krabs will come here in a minute. You’d better go back to Qinshuiju and take good care of it. Otherwise, I won’t compromise on what you want to do next time."

Does this mean that he is willing to go without me?
My heart secretly called a yes, hey hey smiled. "Of course, of course, I listen to you … just leave!"
Wei Qing raised his hand and touched my face. I wanted to avoid it, but I thought that he finally promised not to take me to the imperial city. He got my wish and it was nothing to let him hijack.
I personally sent the Wei brothers and sisters to the car, and I went back to the house with joy.
Mother and uncle Zheng have set the meal and put a bowl of yellowish chicken soup next to it.
I smiled a little more in my heart, thinking that what happened today was not pleasant after all.
Mother was eating and suddenly began to cry.
I moved uncle Zheng’s hand and rubbed her shoulder. I looked at her and comforted her. "Look, you dropped the bead again. Didn’t you say you wouldn’t cry? Look at you making trouble for Lili."
Mother looked up and quickly wiped away her tears and said, "Soft mother has been living in a fog for two or three years."
I smiled softly at her silently. "What is mom talking about? I’m fine. Aren’t we fine now? The past is the past."
"Yes" Uncle Zheng followed suit.
Mother wants to talk about these things and doesn’t want to continue to make me feel good. She nodded and smiled. "We should have a better life and not talk about these things for dinner."
In the three years since I married Qingyang, I dreamed of divorcing Qingyang, and my mother’s illness was cured and she was out of control.
That hellish three-year life seems like a nightmare now, and I think it’s over after all.
After dinner, Pearl Krabs led Ada to take me back to Qinshuiju to have a rest.
After saying good night to my mother, I went back to Qinshuiju to take a hot bath and lay in bed happily. After rolling around for a few times, I fell asleep.
In the middle of the night, I was in a daze. I realized that it was natural to lean over to my side, but I took a ride
Open your eyes and look at the swinging room beside you. It’s quiet and there is a faint light hanging by the door.
Raise my hand and pat my forehead for no reason to give birth to a strange idea.
Section 93
I always feel like I’m used to lying next to me.
However, the brain paste did not delve into it and fell asleep again.
No2 I’m proud I can’t give you 2 Chapter 6 I’m his sister.
Because the workshop workers are doing very well, the signing and erection are perfectly completed, and Linxun’s work efficiency is also very high. I am very leisurely and think about a chapter every day and give it to them.
The next day after Wei Qingkui left, the workshop was cat-ridden for a day and was ready to go back.
I just walked to the door of the stairs and watched the ladder open. I looked up and suddenly felt incredible eyes. A familiar face.
There are several people in the ladder, and the innermost one is wearing a simple white shirt, a blue casual waistband, an Armani belt and a Swiss watch.
When I looked at it, I suddenly felt that the world was really small.
As small as this S city, I saw Li Jing twice for more than half a month.
It’s a coincidence that my life can be written as a self, and the dog’s blood and ink are beautiful from the world. It’s really small!
Li Jing also saw my eyes with a little smile, and a pair of eyes made people look straight.
It’s also smart to be watched here. If I don’t go in, I seem to think too much.
桑拿论坛It’s a coincidence to walk in and greet her with a smile.
Li Jing gave way slightly to the side to reveal a slightly spacious place, and others saw that I was a paunchy pregnant woman and stayed away a little bit, which made my place very spacious.
He laughed. "Unfortunately, I knew you worked here a few days ago."
I secretly sigh that it’s not just work, but also being a boss!
"Ha ha, I didn’t see you."
A few days ago, I was being watched by Wei Qingyi. What the hell is it that I can’t work more than six hours a day?
Although it is mandatory, I really can’t be too tired when I think that I am pregnant.
Yes, but I didn’t expect to meet him. It’s amazing.
I thought about it for a while and asked, "Do you work here?"
There are two foreign companies in the building, one is computer and the other is fashion design, such as jewelry and watches.
He grinned and asked me, "Then guess which company I am?"
I raised my eyebrows and replied, "I’m not interested in guessing what you like."
He smiled lightly, which was almost as meeting and real as before.
I have a look at the once upon a time that Li Jingying couldn’t help but be stunned. This stay ladder has reached the first floor.
The ladder door opens and others go out one after another. I step behind and think about the last one. I can walk quickly if he doesn’t move.
However, the world is so coincidental, unfortunately, it is normal to walk, and I definitely won’t fall down in flat shoes.
But someone finally appeared in front of me and was about to hit me. My heart was in a panic, and I took a step back. The whole person was teetering.
When the andao was not good, my hands reached behind me and directly grabbed my armpits on both sides.
My tottering body was propped up and I didn’t respond yet, but my armpit hands turned down my shoulders and then turned down my waist again.
My waist is still full of meat, but this is not the most shocking thing. The most shocking thing is that Li Jing suddenly turned his head and looked at me tenderly and lovingly.
The tone is also so gentle that I can hardly hold it. I spoil it with a little bit and say, "Honey, are you okay?"
I stayed for a while, startled to see that someone appeared in front of me and almost knocked me down. The culprit was a little girl in her early twenties, but her face was slightly thinner, but her appearance was not bad.