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After sending this message, I picked it up and put it aside. Soon I received a text message from Yan Jiaxin, "He didn’t look for me, but I took the initiative to look for him."

I was a little sad to see this news, but I asked her again, "What are you looking for him?"
It was a long time before Yan Jiaxin replied to me, "because I want to give him back what I owe him, so that we are even."
Soon Yan Jiaxin added, "Shi Shige is very poor."
"He’s really not Qi Yier."
Yan Jiaxin simply didn’t type, but launched a voice for me, so I directly typed her words and asked, "Is he really not?"
"It’s not exemptions and Qi Qishi. It’s Qi Yi’s adoption of children, but I’m the only one who knows about this."
"You always knew."
Yan Jiaxin gave me a "well" and said, "What exemptions have done is to raise his head in front of others. He hopes to get Qi Yi’s approval, but he has never been in Qi Yi’s eyes. Even if he was given the position of president, he let the noodle people give him problems everywhere. He and Qi Qi are orphans, but this matter has never been known to Qi Qi. Let Qi Qi live like a princess and resist all the burdens."
"Does Qi Qi know all this? How is she now? I heard that her spirit is not normal."
Yan Jiaxin sighed and said, "I heard exemptions say that she was in a trance and the real reason was that she was invaded by human nature, that is, that time she collapsed after she finished her spirit."
"What’s going on?" I was frightened at once.
"This is when I learned from Lin Yuran that he was crazy, he always made some unusual moves and said Qi Qi’s name from time to time."
I recall in my mind what Qi Yi said to me tonight, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Now Yan Jiaxin is up again, but it shocked me once again.
"You really want me to help him," I asked Yan Jiaxin. "If I help him now, if I lose everything, I will be condemned by everyone. I am afraid I am sorry for Nanmu."
"I really don’t want you to make such a difficult choice, but I can’t help it. The situation is also very embarrassing. The two companies are talking about who has problems at this stage and will be swallowed up by others step by step. I suspect that Qi Yi has a desire to take the Nansheng Group over there."
"I heard from Jixuan that it seems that Jiyi and that Liu Yuan are really planning something, and when I discovered the drug trafficking today, Jixuan did not deny that it is possible that Jixuan also participated in the competition and now wants to quit and let us act as his umbrella."
Yan Jiaxin suddenly became silent. It seems that what I said casually is really possible. Things are getting more and more complicated for me.
"Go to see him again and ask him again."
Hang up, I don’t want to think too much, put out the room light and slowly fell asleep.
The next day, when I bought fresh fruit, I walked towards Tang Tian’s ward. As soon as I entered, I saw the doctor treating Tang Tian. After I finished, the doctor came to me and said, "The patient’s body is a little better. If he has more recuperation, he should be able to recover."
"thank you"
As soon as the doctor left, I came to Tang Tian and sat down. He looked at me seriously and asked, "Why are you here?"
"Come and see you"
Tang Tianxiao smiled and seemed to hear the doctor’s words. Many people were in a better mood. He pointed his finger at me and ordered something, right?
"Well," I nodded and asked directly, "Who is that Liu Yuan?"
Hearing the name Liu Yuan, Tang Tian was shocked. He looked at me seriously and asked, "How do you know this name?"
"She is now the president of Qiyi Company, and Qi Xuan has been dismissed from her post. Yesterday, she found me and hoped that I could help him go back there."
"Are you asking for my answer?" Tang Tian asked me.
I answered "Yes" without hesitation.
Tang Tian suddenly fell into a complicated thinking, and then said to me, "promise him."
"Can you give me a reason?"
Tang Tianxiao smiled and said, "Jixuan, the hostage is not bad, but he bears too much. He has pride and can say that he won’t ask for help easily like me. If he really asks for help, he must have let himself go. If you help him at this time, he will definitely return your favor. You can also take this opportunity to ease the two of you. Besides Xin Er, you don’t have much to say that you can be a better business partner without this layer. Of course, this is also my personal suggestion, but I have to wake you up. If you really want to achieve great things, you must do it.
I nodded and left the hospital after chatting with Tang Tian for a while. Maybe I should try to do it once, as he said. I looked up at the sky and asked, "Do you support me to do this, Nanmu?"
I don’t know if Nanmu heard my answer. The clouds slowly moved away that day, blocking the sun and revealing the light.
Chapter 11 He cooperated with me to perform.
"I didn’t expect you to actually agree to join me."
I said flatly to Jixuan’s expression, "Although I agreed to join you, I will tell you frankly that if there is anything wrong in front, I will get out immediately."
Jixuan nodded at me and said, "I don’t object to this, but there is one thing I want to make clear. We are both in the same position."
I didn’t speak, but looked at JiXuan in front of me in a very complicated way for a while before I put my cigarette in his hand and answered, "What are you going to do then?"
Qi Xuan held out his finger in front of me and said, "Next, they will hold a charity party in Beijing, and this charity party, as far as I know, is full of important people who will make a big move through this party."
"Circle all the money" I asked.
"This should be because Zhongyi has a signboard like Qi Yi, which will make people have the first feeling to believe and will slowly fall into their trap. This charity party, what they released is the project list that Qi Yi Company has received for several years, in order to allow many wealthy businessmen to choose to enter this profit project. At that time, I will also pretend to be your assistant and you will take those wealthy businessmen’s projects."
I smiled and said, "Why do I feel that if I go in this matter, I will get into deep trouble and let me take a deep risk so that I can’t get out of this trap?"
"This is a game. If you want to say so, then I have no words to explain it, so our combination can be abolished."
I nodded again. "How soon will the charity party start?"
桑拿网"Deep Blue Hotel on Saturday night"
When I got back to the company and just walked into the office, my words rang. At this time, Mu Yi just came to my office. I motioned for her to sit down first. I answered the phone and asked "Who"
"It’s my brother Lei Haoge."
"Yan Xun" I was stunned and sat there. Mu Yi’s face changed. She got up from her seat and looked at me with a little excitement.
I asked Yan Xun, "What’s the matter?"
"Brother Lei Haoge, I found a problem. Qi seems to have a big move. This time, a woman named Lu Yuan seems to have an idea of shifting the focus of the whole company. She has made a big change in all the new artists in the company, including me, en, who are partially assigned to the branch office and gradually transferred everything in the company."
I frown. What exactly did this Lu Yuan do to move her? I am a little confused. If she wants Qi’s eyes and ears to let more people fall into it, then why did she choose to split up a large number of people in the company at this time? What does this mean?
Mu Yi came up to me and shouted "Brother Leihao" to me.
I took a look at her, only to find Yan back. "I’ll get to know your side in this way, pay more attention, and be very careful not to make mistakes at this time."
"Good" Yan Xun seems to have a tendency to hang up. I called him "Wait" again.
"What’s the matter?"
"Someone wants to talk to you."
I gave my mobile phone to Muyi Muyi and looked at me with some sobs, while I raised my head and walked aside to give it to both of them.
It was a long time before Muyi came out of my office. She still had tears in her eyes, but her face showed that happy smile. I took her and handed it to my mobile phone and jokingly said, "Look at your smiling face, my little sister is longing for love."
Mu Yi waved to me and said, "What did Brother Leihao say about you?"
"I didn’t say anything about seeing a woman who changed her mood when she heard Mr. Right."