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He mused that the girl who bowed her head was as white as a jelly, and her face was close at hand, and almost even the tiny fluff could be seen clearly.

He lost his mind for a moment, then gently kissed her forehead and hugged her, closing his eyes as well.
The night outside the window is as thick as Gu Mo. It is quiet and peaceful. After hiding in the thick clouds, the moon is dotted with looming stars. It seems that the window is also hugging and sleeping shyly.
One-night dream
When the sun rises quietly from the horizon, the yellow light shines through the cracks in the exquisite and luxurious curtains and quietly sprinkles the shadows in the corner of the sofa. The quiet room brings a heavy light.
Lingxi Spring’s eyelids moved, and I vaguely felt that the waist behind it was so warm that it melted into the sun, but it was like being wrapped in a quilt.
She consciously threw her waist around and tried to change her posture and continue to sleep for a second, but her body fell to something cold and hard like weightlessness.
Before the pain reached the brain through the nerve, she took a deep breath and opened her eyes.
At first sight, it is a gorgeous strange ceiling with a little European classical flavor.
Where is this
Ling Xiquan blinked blankly and tried to sit up with his hands, but he felt a kind of sour and painful feeling, but immediately he reached five senses and six senses from his limbs, and his hands were soft and his body fell to the cold again.
Dark-colored and expensive wooden floors come into view.
Yi floor
She woke up in a flash.
By the way, she didn’t come home last night, but
She turned her head slowly and mechanically, or the European sofa behind her saw Ye Qingting’s sleeping face.
I have to admit that the creator seems to dote on him all the best decorations in the world.
An enviable life, almost perfect facial features
So close, a ray of naughty sunshine hit half of his cheek through the curtains. The white skin is still enviable. The chestnut luster is broken, the hair is long, and the eyelashes are slightly upturned. A beautiful shadow is sprinkled on the bridge of the nose. Foreigners are generally delicate and tall, with a light red lip and beautiful and smooth lines. What do you think is fascinating?
But at the moment, Lingxi Spring has no idea to appreciate the beauty at hand, leaving an idea like a cassette.
It’s over. Last night, she fell asleep on Qing Ye’s court.
245 Chapter 245 Chaper52
If her parents didn’t come home last night, she shouldn’t be so nervous
But this is not only the first time for her to spend the night at a boy’s house, but also the first time for her to spend the night outside.
And catalpa heart this Ni back sometime how to tease her?
Thought of here, Lingxi Spring felt a headache and rubbed his forehead without any idea.
The line of sight once again fell to that face with a sleeping eyebrow eye and dust.
Should I wake him up or should I slip away before he wakes up?
If I wake him up, I feel a little uncomfortable, and the image of not washing myself seems to have a little impact.
But it seems rude to take the opportunity to slip away, and he will definitely feel timid and guilty, and his image seems to have an impact.
She groaned and patted her forehead.
The large room was quiet, and she was caught in a tangle. At this time, the boy turned over and had a slender and aesthetic finger hanging down the sofa, suddenly remembering the strength of his waist in a daze.
Then I remembered that I didn’t know where I saw a sentence. A boy usually sleeps with a girl in his arms from behind, which means he is willing to give her physical and mental care.
Suddenly, my face was as unbearable as fire.
My heart is sweet and shy.
At that time I didn’t know this posture to face Ye Qingting after waking up.
So he quietly approached the sofa and the almost perfect face and stared at him when he was asleep. He was no longer nervous and looked at him almost impudently and fascinated.
It is no longer cold and distant, and it is no longer Wen Ya’s mask and eyebrows, but it is still so dusty. It seems that everything he does at this time is evil and unbearable
His exhaled breath brushed her cheek, and her skin began to burn like a scald.
She gave her graceful red lips a quick kiss with some spirit.
spa会所It’s gentle
And then ran out of the room as quickly as possible.