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Not long after Lu Wenbin scored the Italian goal, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.

With Lu Wenbin’s 92nd minute stoppage time goal, Hoffenheim drew away with Lyon and scored an away goal.
The situation is slightly better for Hoffenheim and more severe for Lyon.
However, it can’t be said that there is no chance of promotion. After all, they have a home draw and have not lost. In the second leg, they will face Hoffenheim away and still have a chance to make a comeback.
However, Lu Wenbin’s ability to score and win in this game before the game was also short of success.
In the end, Lu Wenbin didn’t win the prize. With the last stoppage time goal, he got 10,000 experience rewards. The experience rose by 17 levels, 49.655 million, and 350,000 experience upgrades were still needed.
Although Lu Wenbin didn’t play well in this game, the focus of all media reports after the game was still on him.
Because he has scored nine consecutive Champions League goals, which tied Ruud van Nistelrooy’s record of nine consecutive Champions League goals.
He will set a new record if he scores again in the next game.
桑拿按摩Lu Wenbin is simply a record shredder that people can look up to.
However, Hoffenheim still has a Bundesliga game before the second leg of the Champions League 14 final.
On April 4th, the 29th round of Bundesliga in 1921 challenged Wolfsburg away.
Because four days have passed since the first leg of the Champions League 14 final and three days later
Segmented reading 17
It’s the second leg of the Champions League 14 final, and Hoffenheim’s first leg is an 11-1 draw away from Lyon, and there is still a lot of suspense in the second leg
Therefore, this round of league was also abandoned by Ralph, who sent a semi-main and semi-substitute array.
However, Lu Wenbin still got the first round.
In this game, Lu Wenbin tried his best away from home because he wanted to score goals, win, upgrade and increase the winning rate in the second leg of the Champions League 14 final.
In the end, Lu Wenbin scored two goals and scored twice before being replaced by Ralph in this game and led the team to win Wolfsburg 32 away.
Another goal was to rotate the starting center Tagoe into it.
Lu Wenbin got two goals, 20,000 wins, 20,000 total experiences, 40,000 rewards, and the experience rose by 17 levels, 555,000.
Experience exceeds the upgrade standard system, and the level and experience are automatically upgraded to level 1, 51,000, and Lu Wenbin is rewarded with 1 skill point.
This Lu Wenbin can breathe a sigh of relief.
He first added 151 tapes to 11 with 3 skill points, and then added 11 tapes to 22 with 6 skill points.
The remaining 1 skill point remains untouched.
After adding the points, Lu Wenbin’s unified data becomes
Host Lu Wenbin
Chinese nationality
Age 19 years old
Height 11
Weighing 7kg
Club Hoffenheim
Grade 1
Experience 50 thousand 10 thousand
Skill point 1
Shoot 22
Ball 1313
The tape 22
Speed 22
Physique 22
Heading 1
Defense 57
Gatekeeper 15
Visual field 1111
Ball running 22
Injury Proneness
Judgment 15
Special skills 1, the leader’s aura is primary; 2, Italian ball primary
Lu wenbin’s physical development base has ended, and his height is estimated to be 11 now. If it grows any longer, it may grow by one or two centimeters at most, and it will not grow any higher.
But this height is no problem. It’s not playing basketball anyway.
Of course, Lu Wenbin notes that it is not his height but his other attributes.
After filling the dribble, except for the header Lu Wenbin, the striker’s base attribute was filled.
Full-value ball running can make it easier for him to catch the ball in the frontcourt and complete the turn. Full-value physique, speed and dribbling can make him break through quickly and increase the success rate. Full-value shooting attribute can guarantee his shooting accuracy when he hits the doorframe to the maximum extent.
This attribute makes Lu Wenbin full of confidence in coming to the second leg of the Champions League 14 final.
He is confident that he can lead Hoffenheim to eliminate Lyon at home and advance to the semi-finals of the Champions League.
Of course, Lu Wenbin scared his coach and teammates in training before the full dribbling attribute came to Lyon.
On the afternoon of April 5, a team training match, Lu Wenbin continued to perform long-distance raids and ingenious dribbling.
Players, coaches, and workers who come to the training ground by hand, such as spike, emergency stop, fried pills, and cycling, are all stupid.
Football sticks to Lu Wenbin’s foot like an obedient elf, and it is difficult for defensive teammates to break the ball from Lu Wenbin’s foot.
Speed, speed, physique, skill and skill
In a 6-minute training match, Lu Wenbin scored six goals, one every minute on average.
Even though the defensive intensity of teammates in the training match is not high, I didn’t see Lu Wenbin score so much at ordinary times.
The key is the obvious change of dribbling ability and breakthrough ability in Lu Wenbin’s training.
Everyone has been talking about it before the training is over.
As soon as the training was over, his teammates surrounded Lu Wenbin, and he was surprised to ask Lu Wenbin if he suddenly turned into a crazy person.
Lu Wenbin himself may suddenly begin to understand and prevaricate. Although teammates and coaches are still very shocked and puzzled, there is nothing he can do about Lu Wenbin.
It’s not like physique and speed. According to normal physical laws, it’s really impossible to suddenly rise. Lu Wenbin can fill it up slowly to avoid causing trouble.