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"Why am I not a victim? I can’t stand having sex with a woman who doesn’t love me."

"Come on, don’t you dare say that you didn’t have a little crush when you met your aunt? I don’t think you have the guts. Sister Su Mei really educated her husband, like educating a seven-foot man and a timid mouse."
"Dead girl, what are you talking about?" It’s a shame for me to be said that my face is red.
Zhao Siying also winked at Yu Qingxue to tell her not to talk nonsense, but Yu Qingxue was not satisfied. "I’m not wrong about which man has not had three wives and four concubines since ancient times and which one hasn’t stolen michel platini. Just pretend you are a pseudo-gentleman. Be careful and finally pretend that Yue Buqun has become a living eunuch."
"Dead girl more say more outrageous michel platini apologize to you quickly" Zhao Siying education Yu Qingxue vomitted to stick out your tongue.
I was depressed and rubbed my nose and asked, "am I really so unintelligent?"
Yu Qingxue’s words made me even more depressed. "But will you treat me differently if I really cheat?"
I told their mother and daughter that Yu Qingxue was puzzled and asked, "michel platini, what do you mean?"
"I mean, don’t you understand? You see me? I want money, I don’t want money, I don’t want to look ugly … I always don’t deny myself. I know I’m a diaosi, and the only thing I can do well is to be loyal to my marriage. Look at me the same way. "
Zhao Siying mother and daughter nodded in unison.
I continued, "I don’t understand. If I cheat, my little loyalty to marriage will be lost. Will you still look up to me?" By that time, I’ll be just like ordinary men. It’s strange that you don’t abandon me. "
"michel platini think I don’t abandon you can also be my stepfather or my boyfriend."
YuQingXue naughty a glad eye I was a bone crisp sad reminder to Zhao Siying Zhao Siying Qiao face up some red didn’t good the spirit scolded "dead girl eat also can’t stop your mouth to eat"
"I eat"
The topic finally came to an end, and I was finally relieved, but suddenly the doorbell rang and I went to open the door and saw Qin Suwan at the door. I was stunned.
Qin Suwan seems to be just in class, but she looks lonely and her eyes are a little red. When she sees me, she immediately pokes her finger in front of me. "Is it so difficult for you to sleep with me once, you bastard?"
I’m depressed and wry smile, which pot won’t open. This trouble is really gone.
I let her in with a wry smile. "What can I do for you?"
Qin Suwan came into the door to greet Yu Qingxue for dinner. Qin Suwan had no appetite at all. Zhao Siying asked with a sad face, "Is that man threatening you again?"
"What can I do?" Zhao Siying a helpless.
Qin Su pointed at me angrily and scolded, "I don’t care if you don’t have the guts to ask you to sleep with me once, dead man. What do you mind?"
"I mind if I have a wife."
"A woman like Samui would have cuckolded you, and you still treat her as a treasure. I hate you, Sun Bin."
I was depressed and shook my head. "Hate it, hate it, not so much."
Yu Qingxue suggested, "michel platini, why don’t you just do as my aunt wishes? Anyway, you don’t suffer from such a thing."
"Then how can my wife do it? What should I do if she knows that I am cheating?"
The body of the Chapter 174 【 big sleep 】
Yu Qingxue said, "michel platini, what are you afraid of? If Samui really loves you, you won’t say anything about it. Besides, she must also know that this is a premeditated calculation. If she is stupid again, she will be really stupid."
I rolled my eyes. "Girl, you’re not right. Some things have to be prevented. This kind of thing is not to do something, but to step into the abyss with one foot. I don’t want to regret it in the future."
Yu Qingxue depressed pursed mouth Qin Suwan almost cried. "I don’t care about you. Why do you care so much? If you are afraid of what Samui said, call her and ask her to come over. I’ll talk to her myself."
夜生活"This is not good," I’m a little worried.
"There’s nothing wrong with it." Qin Suwan took out his mobile phone and called his wife and opened it.
"Hello, Mr. Qin, what can I do for you?"
My wife’s voice came out of my mobile phone, and my heart was pounding.
Qin Su wan’s words suddenly choked her mouth. She looked at them. I wanted me to say that I was waving my hand at her and biting her lips.
"What can I do for you? Please speak quickly." The wife’s voice was impatient.
"Samui, I want to borrow someone from you."
"Borrow people? Who to borrow? "
"I want to borrow your husband from you"
Qin Su Wan Yin’s little face turned red. Not only did she blush, but I think Yu Qingxue and Zhao Siying also blushed. Come on, this kind of borrowing husband makes things very rare. Anyone who meets them is embarrassed to death, not to mention them. Even my face is burning.
"Qin Suwan, do you want my husband to deal with the person who blackmailed you?"
"Well … will you borrow it?"
"What do you say?"
Wife, this reply is very interesting. I can’t help but feel ashamed. Yu Qingxue rushed at me and winked at me as if to say to me
Section 21

I knocked on a millet and asked him, "What is it? What about curing them? "

Dark fire injustice said, "I don’t know where it came from. As soon as a woman met, she took away four people, namely, Disease Method, Wu Bing, Lin Bing and Qing Yu. Then your sister and a group of them now live in Xuefu and don’t come back for the time being. And Tianwu was taken back to Ji Fen by her department. So I’m left with so many things left. Why don’t I just ask me to kill the monster?"
It suddenly dawned on me that it was the ice queen who took the four of them away, so it should be training them, and my sister, who lives in Syracuse, should also mean the ice queen. After all, there is no defense force there now, but I haven’t woken up since I heard the dance, so I said it was false not to worry.
Chris saw my expression a little strange and asked, "Is there anything on Yi’s mind?"
For Chris, I can say very frankly, "I want to see Tianwu. She hasn’t woken up for more than one day. I was in a coma for just one day. I wish she were okay."
Chris smiled and said, "Go ahead. I’m here."
I’m still uneasy to hear Chris say this. I asked again, "Won’t you be jealous?"
"Fuck you for being jealous. I look like a vinegar bottle. Go and work here. I’ll ask Scarlett to help."
"That that I went to! Are you going to the dark fire? "
Next to the dark fire immediately replied, "Go and kill me. I’m going to Muer’s still there."
※※※※※※※※※※※※ We soon arrived in Ji Fen through [seeing off the array]. Now Ji Fen is not as good as before. Most players have gone to Xuefu to train, and there is no need for other players to come here except for the professional needs of wizards and sages. But I have a very special feeling for this place. This is the first place I came to Wonderland. I remember when I first came, I lamented the beautiful scenery in the game. It seems that I miss the fresh feeling of walking on the bench.
I came to the four cities of Ji Fen, that is, Tianwu Wonderland Girls’ Union General City, and reported a letter to the guardian NPC. Soon Muer, Xixi and Ye came out to see that they were sad and knew that Tianwu was not good, and they didn’t say much. They went directly to Tianwu’s residence to comfort Muer early in the morning, but Xixi and Ye left the room as if they knew something.
Looking at lying in bed, my eyes closed, my face as pink as jade, my hair as silky, and my head as peaceful as a sleeping princess, dancing reminds me of the first time I peeked at the scenery of dancing skirts, the first time I saw her rescue people, and the first time I saw her talking about a crusade. Now I think about it, I saw dancing earlier than I saw Chris, and my hand sighed unconsciously, stroking my face and said, "Dance, maybe you don’t know that I came to this game long ago. At that time, you were as strong as a sword, and I was afraid of you. Now you feel gentle when you It’s a very contradictory but somewhat exciting feeling. In reality, your gentle and considerate care and the feeling in your game really make me can’t tell which one is you. Although I know you have some feelings for me, it’s impossible because I’m not going to leave the game. Unlike you, I already feel that if our five brothers die in the game, it’s really death. This is my feeling. Believe me, the four brothers should also feel this way … "
I’m talking alone, but I didn’t see the dancer unconsciously holding on tight.
"It won’t be long before I go. It will be this game that determines the future of mankind. The invasion of demons will come soon. Although I don’t know where the so-called demons come from, I can guess that they will see you again!"
Just after I left the room, Tianwu closed her eyes and slowly opened her eyes. Tears flowed down the corner of her eyes to her ears. "I’m a talented woman with superior intelligence. I’m the first person with emotional intelligence … I actually like you so much …"
When I went out, I saw Xixi and Yezheng talking about something in the garden not far away. I went over and Xixi and Yezheng immediately found out and said hello to me together.
"The world in Hakuei has changed so fast. At the beginning, you wanted to punish me, but now you can talk face to face."
Chapter 15 Proposing marriage
Happy new year! A new year and a new beginning!
Chapter 15 Proposing Marriage Xixi first left the pie mouth and said, "Hum, I know I can’t beat you now, but if anything happens to Sister Wu, I won’t let you go. You let Sister Wu go to Xuexi but didn’t protect her well."
Next to the leaf, I pushed the evening and said, "Can this evening be strange and elegant? It’s not that you don’t know that Sister Wu must be the first to rush. "
I interrupted them and said, "You don’t have to worry that Tianwu should wake up soon, because I once tried to pass this thing to Tianwu for me in the game." Then I took out the’ Flame Excalibur’ and gave it to Ye.
Leaves took a look at the properties got a fright "what is this sword? Why is there such a strange attribute? "
"As soon as the artifact is believed to be suitable for Tianwu, this flaming sword must be combined with other weapons to exert its real power, and Tianwu God wishes that it is the best sword, and I believe that the strength will increase rapidly when it is combined with the flaming sword."
品茶※※※※※※※※※※※ After I left Ji Fen, I arrived at the Iron Man’s Dream Rock. Now Dream Rock is almost a member of the Iron Man’s Guild, and the strength of the top ten guilds is not as good as before, but it’s not a decent guild. Just like my own guild got that the actual number of guild members actually reached 3 million through the information channel of the president, it’s just a game that I never thought about. When Iron Man saw me, he was happy and said, "Why are brothers so good? I look at me?"
I’m also very happy to see Iron Man. His frank personality is the main reason why he makes many friends, and even if he comes into contact for the first time, he will be very easy to blend in. "I didn’t say much about Iron Man, and you know what my guild is going to do now, so I’ll tell you directly. I’m here to borrow money from you."
The iron man asked strangely, "Borrow money? Doesn’t your sister have a lot? Why did you come to borrow it from me? "
"Don’t ask these questions. I’m in a hurry."
"No problem. How much do you want to borrow? I’m a businessman. Have you borrowed it or paid it back? "
"One trillion!"
Iron man face a white-washed body is not a shiver "what? You said a trillion? "
The iron man pondered for a while and said, "I have no problem if I want to spend 1 trillion yuan, but I can’t make up my mind about so much money. I need to ask my family."
"You tell them which is more important, the future of the earth or money, and they will choose, or you just tell them that I borrowed it and it is unlikely to return it, but it is possible to return the earth to a new future."
The iron man bit his teeth and said, "OK, I’ll lend you this sentence and I’ll row it over to you."
After receiving a trillion yuan of thanks from the Iron Man, I rushed to the capital palace and had a secret talk with the king for more than an hour before returning to Philadelphia and Yangcheng.
"Would Silk like to go to a dangerous place with me?"
Chris gave me a white look and said, "Isn’t this nonsense? No matter where you go, I will follow you all my life! "
"Ha ha, I’m not happy to hear such a sentence! When the dark fire comes back, let’s go straight. Target underworld! But you take this thing before you go. "
I took out a desperate call from my bag. Chris looked at the ring and asked strangely, "What is this?"
I smiled mysteriously and resolutely knelt in front of Chris, which startled Chris. Looking at my serious expression, Chris panicked for a moment and didn’t know what to do.
"Will Silk marry me?"
"ah!" Chris buried her face in her hands and burst into tears. She was so surprised that she could not speak for a long time like a statue.
"Will you?"
It took Chris a while to ask, "But I’m an NPC. Do you really want to get an NPC?"
"I swear that I will marry Chris’s wife in this life and never leave her for the rest of my life!"
"Escape …" Chris pounced on my arms and sobbed intermittently, holding me tightly in his hands.
"Fool, you haven’t promised me whether to marry me or not."
"Marry marry …"
"I don’t know shame guy even said so many married afraid not to go out? Hehe! "
After saying this, Chris realized that she was a little shy when she said it so explicitly, but such shyness would make her squeeze her face into my arms even more.
I put the ring on Chris with a big smile, and saw Chris’ happy expression on her face. I felt so good. * * * That’s what I wanted. "Silk, maybe we have a short time. Do you like it?"
"Even for a second, I won’t regret it!"
At this moment, wearing a ring, Chris gave off a strange light, and Chris’s clothes began to change. Like fragments, the clothes turned into light particles and disappeared, while another layer of sacred white light revolved around Chris. Chris’s original golden long hair instantly turned into black and translucent black white light, and a jumpsuit made of unknown materials was whiter than snow, which made Chris look like a virgin.