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I stare big eyes and stare at myself in the mirror a few steps ago, and finally I find that my face is indeed meat.

Being fat and pregnant can really make people fat!
No2 I’m proud that I can’t give you 2 Chapter 12 Who is always irritating.
I’m Mo Yanli. I’m 1.5 meters tall. I kept a thin figure before I got pregnant. I never weighed more than 93 kilograms.
But this chubby woman in the mirror is actually me!
Oh, my god
Although I was psychologically prepared, I didn’t expect myself to become so ugly.
I am a woman after all. Women are very concerned about their appearance.
"Sure enough, no matter how high the face value is, you can’t hold obesity. My face is this arm!"
品茶论坛Raise your hand and pinch your arm. Toot toot is very sensual.
I looked up and suddenly thought of Wei Qingyi, who was always thinking about feeding me and feeding me.
Grandma, it turns out that this guy is trying to feed me into a fat pig!
And he did succeed.
I gritted my teeth and felt that the precipice could not be regenerated after giving birth to this child in my stomach.
From washing their hands, Wei Qingkui and Ada Pearl Krabs have obviously been waiting for a long time, but the sun is burning outside.
I sat down and asked, "Where to? Back to the hotel? "
Wei Qing got up and pulled me up and walked out.
Ada and Pearl Krabs went to Maibakh with them.
Wei Qingkui said, "Drive directly to Bali and play all the way. You can sleep first."
The extended Maibakh seems to be very luxurious. The shock-proof system in the famous car is well made, smooth and delicious.
What I call lying down lightly covers me and sits at my waist position to prevent me from falling down.
It was clear outside at noon. I raised my hand to cover my eyes and frowned slightly. "It’s so dazzling."
Who suddenly reached out and opened the sunshade.
The window rose slowly, and the dark glass car dimmed.
Section 13
What it was like outside soon disappeared. I closed my eyes and fell asleep in an instant.
Wei Qing put his hand on my waist and his palm pressed against my belly.
By the time I woke up, people had already arrived in Bali, and it was so dizzy that it wanted rain.
I’m surprised to see that Wei Qingkui thinks that the sky is still very kind to me. It’s very good that the weather can still give a cloudy day at this time!
Wei Qingjie has already booked a place to live, which makes me not think that there can be a quaint quadrangle hotel in Bali.
Let’s call it a hotel. There are two rows of sofas and tables in the central hall. There are some flowers on the tablecloth with bright red and classical colors, and lanterns are hung in the cloisters on the left and right sides.
I was surprised to see that it was still very reasonable to sit and look at the room with Wei Qing. The screen was placed and the carved big bed was carved.
"How did you find this?"
"This is the place where my mother used to travel and live before I opened a shop," Wei Qingkui said.
I nodded at once, and his mother really loves antique things, not only where she lives, but also where she lives outside the home.
"Are you hungry first?" He poured a glass of water and put it in front of me.
I nodded and asked "where to wash your hands? I’m going to brush my teeth. "
"Over there" He pointed to a small door in the room and turned out.
I went over and pushed open the door and found it was actually quite big, with all the tools in it.
Brush your teeth and wash your face. Pearl Krabs hung up all the clothes outside and saw me come out and said, "Little lady’s clothes have been set. Which one do you want to wear?"
"I’ll pick it myself" went over to the closet and rummaged through it. I took a floral loose short dress and went in for a warm bath.