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In the crowd, I saw Li Yuyan smiling at me with eyebrows raised.

Be extremely proud
I know she set me up, but I have no proof. Those girls have long since disappeared.
And I can’t confront her in public.
She must have prepared a later move. If I insist on arguing with her, I’m afraid she will rely more on means to deal with me.
I turned white.
品茶论坛The original banquet was deliberately aimed at Ye Xiangyuan and me.
The wedding has made everyone laugh.
No one knows better than me how exciting it is to be found out that I am hanging out with a stranger in the lounge.
People will mock Ye Xiangyuan. He doesn’t want Miss Li’s family to marry a woman with no background, but this woman still gives him a green hat in public …
I dare not think about going.
Even if the truth is not what everyone sees, who will believe this situation even if I try my best to explain it?
My nails sank into the palm of my hand and closed my eyes.
How to solve the situation now?
As I was thinking, Ye Xiangyuan came straight towards me.
He held me in his arms and coldly swept across the sofa. The man said to Ye Wen, "Take off your legs first."
This order shocked everyone.
Ye Xiangyuan bowed his head and kissed my face gently. "If you dare to frame you, you have to bear the consequences."
His tone is very flat, as if talking about the weather.
But the more so, the more frightening it is, and no one dares to discourage it.
I really saw some timid and unconsciously took a step back.
Ye Li has also returned to absolute being and immediately ordered the guards to invite all the guests to the lobby.
But Ye Sanye came out and blocked the way, "Dad, since everyone has seen it, there is no need to cover it up. What we should do now is to find out what Chu just did."
Look at me with ambiguous eyes
I feel sick all over.
Don’t want to know the plot, he and Li Qingqing are involved.
I recalled the fact that I was not substantially violated, my clothes were still neat, and I looked down at my watch. It turned out that nothing had happened in the past few minutes.
This reassured me.
Section 1
Even if things make a big deal, I am also a victim. Li Yuyan wants to pour dirty water, and my head has to see if it can hold water.
Ye Xiang traveled far away. "Well, let’s find out what happened and see who tried to frame my wife."
His conditional letter moved me even more, and I couldn’t help grasping his collar.
"Ridiculous! It’s ridiculous! " Ye Li slapped several cases and pointed to Ye Xiang’s journey. "No matter whether you framed her or not, you can no longer be our daughter-in-law of Ye Jia. Please send her away quickly!"
Ye Xiangyuan looked at his grandfather quietly with a cold face.
Add oil and vinegar next to Teng Jun "immoral! The old man Ye Jiaming can’t let this woman be corrupted! "