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As soon as the VIP area got busy, a pair of shoes suitable for small things set the table. Jiang Junyue’s eyes swept away. "This pair, this pair, and that pair …" His hands were wrapped in seven pairs of shoes in a moment.

Behind Lan Jingyi’s children’s clothes rack, she quietly looked at the man from his appearance in her field of vision. She never looked away from him again before leaving, but she didn’t want her to be so close to him now. She could clearly see his expression. Today, he wore a long trench coat and a pair of slim trousers. Whether sitting or sitting, it was a stunning scenery that attracted women around him. No matter how old and young, they couldn’t help looking at him again and again. Anyway, they didn’t spend money or look at it, so they didn’t look at it.
Lanjingyi looked at him without blinking an eye.
It was not until the little thing in her arms grabbed her long hair and hurt her that Lan Jingyi woke up. "What’s the matter?" She asked softly for fear that a man might hear his voice. When she sent him back to his apartment that day, he was drunk. I wonder if he knew that the woman was her that night. What about Lan Jingyi?
Sometimes I think he wasn’t drunk at all that day, but that’s just speculation
The little thing’s mouth arched towards her chest, which indicated that Lan Jingyi was hungry.
Milk is of water quality, and it is easy to be hungry. I have to eat it many times a day. Anyway, when the little thing is hungry, she feeds it and sits in the rest chair behind the clothes rack. She turns her body in the direction of her clothes so that she can dare to feed her daughter milk, so that she can have a chance to see the man through those gaps.
I really don’t know what he bought for a six or seven-month-old girl. Is it because Lome Wei is pregnant again?
Did you buy all your clothes six or seven months ago? So he came to buy girls’ clothes for six or seven months today?
Guess, anyway, it’s a guess, but there’s also a possibility
First, shoes, then clothes and beautiful little skirts. This season, skirts are always bought with a pair of leggings, which are also loose and suitable for children.
He can really buy clothes, shoes and little girls. Oh, my God, he even bought a small scarf to hang his neck when eating. That color he picked is called a beautiful pink powder. How is it her favorite color? Usually, when I go shopping, little things can’t move their eyes when they see pink.
That little girl is so happy. Her father bought so many things before she was born. It’s pity that her daughter is also his child, but he has bought so many things. Don’t say it’s something. She doesn’t even have a hug.
Lan Jingyi suddenly felt sorry for the little thing in her arms. It’s so pitiful to have a mother without a father.
Jiang Junyue picked a lot of things and finally picked a small crib. Only then did he brush the card and let him pack and go. Lan Jingyi kept staring at his figure. The first time I saw him wearing a trench coat, he wore such a handsome shape.
"Sir, the total is 35 thousand." The clerk was a little excited when he said that he had come to buy a child’s things. He bought so many things at once and it was still the best. "Sir is such a good father."
This sentence is when it comes to Jiang Junyue’s sore spot. He is really not a good father. He believed Yunfei’s investigation results at the beginning. He really believed that woman had followed Liu Wentao. If he had known that she was pregnant with her own flesh and blood, he would have taken her back to the city. When Xiao Wu mentioned that she was not desperate to go out to find a son in the month, her eyes hurt more than wet. After pressing the password, she wrote the address and left to buy such things. The store is naturally willing to send him the door. Rich, rich is the uncle.
Seeing that Jiang Junyue left the infant shop, Lan Jingyi picked up the full little Qin Qin and quietly followed him out to see him far away.
When he left the door, he would drive away, but he didn’t want Jiang Junyue to turn into another store, which was a women’s clothing store. Lan Jingyi looked down at her clothes, and it was a little cold. She wore a hoodie and simply put on her hat to forgive her. She really cherished such an unexpected opportunity, and she wanted to go in and see him again.
I hope he doesn’t find out.
How would he react if he saw her and didn’t know?
Or he doesn’t even know that he has returned to the market.
He was either drunk or drunk in the elevator that night.
Holding the baby in her arms, the beautiful woman who greeted her in front of the door glanced at her and didn’t even say’ welcome’, but she didn’t stop her from going out. That’s good.
Lan Jingyi went in. Not far away, the man was picking a gift. Lan Jingyi casually touched a dress and dressed it as a pick-and-pick sample, but when she saw the price tag of the dress, she almost fainted. It looked like a common style, but the price tag was 1000.
God, she can’t afford it.
Look at the other one, 5.1 thousand
She can’t afford it.
"Miss, if we miss every yard of clothes in our shop and want to buy them again, it’s a must." The salesman didn’t have the enthusiasm to recommend clothes to her.
"Oh, I’m just looking around."
"Madam, if you don’t buy it, you can try it first. Look at this beige tweed coat, it will look good on you." The salesgirl warmly recommended it.
夜生活Lan Jingyi was also embarrassed to look at it for a long time, but she didn’t choose one and didn’t try it. It made people feel that she was insincere. If she tried it anyway, she didn’t have to buy it. She just took a thin orange-red down at first sight. This city can’t wear it for a few days a year, but it can be worn for a long time in France. She really likes it. After wearing it, she will go to the fitting with the down. The salesman said, "Madam, let me help you hold the baby."
"No, thank you" Since the accident, Lan Jingyi is a hand washer, holding Xiao Qinqin with one hand and one-handed pants. She is used to it anyway. She thinks she will have a heart attack if she throws her hand again.
"Wait" but the salesman stopped her again. "Madam, let me take your measurements. If it’s inconvenient for you to try on the baby with your arms, I’ll find you a size that suits you best."
Seeing that the salesman was so enthusiastic, Lan Jingyi was embarrassed to refuse the "thank you" and cooperated with the measurement. Sure enough, she took the one that was one yard bigger and changed it to a smaller one for her. Only then did she enter the fitting room. Not the kui is a brand shop, and there is a carpet. Lan Jingyi tried it. Sure enough, the salesman picked out a thin down size for her, and she just liked it. It was really nice to wear it. After looking at it again and again, she still took it off. It was too expensive to sell it. She could not bear the money.
Lan Jingyi shook her head. "I don’t like it very much. I’ll look at it again." She handed down the feather to the salesman. She couldn’t stay any longer. Then she swept around. Jiang LaCrosse actually disappeared. She hurried forward and turned rows of clothes. Only then did she see the man breathe a sigh of relief. People came in to buy clothes, but she came in to follow him. She really didn’t want to leave.
He began to choose clothes one after another, from short coats to long windbreakers to skirts, trousers and shoes. This time, he actually chose things more carefully than buying children.
Lome Wei is really happy to have such a husband and women are happy. She looks at him with envy, sees him pick up a present, looks at it again and again, and finally nods to let it go.
God, that gift is really beautiful, and it’s also orange, and she likes it at first sight.
But I like it with her again, which Jiang Junyue bought for Lomevi.
I think it’s his engagement party with Lomevi. Lomevi will wear it.
The future bride is really happy.
come on
come on
The more you look at your heart, the more sour you are. Lanjingyi took one more look at the man and decided to turn around and leave quietly.
Chapter 111 As if it were yesterday
I followed Jiang Junyue for so long, and when I came out, it was already dark. Lan Jingyi jumped on the bus and went to the night market. Maybe she just visited that brand of fashion shop, and then looked at the design of night market clothes, but none of them were attractive, but they were very cheap. She chose for a long time before buying two pieces, one for herself and one for her mother.
Jiang Junyue, a fashion shop over there, finally chose a dress and shoes. The salesman followed him for a while and then chose a lot of clothes. "Are all the gentlemen wrapped according to the size of the lady just now?"