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I suddenly one leng.

Did he become so sharp when he spoke?
And how did he know that Gu Changyu was a mistress …
Did the net expose Gu Changyu?
Look at Gu Changyu, her face is shocked. It seems that she doesn’t believe that Ji Shu would say this kind of disobedience in front of her.
夜网论坛JiShu but regardless of her face continue to sneer at a way: "You said you didn’t want to rob a man with eleven, but you put on airs to slander eleven … I said how can you be so shameless as a girl … You should be a woman with higher education who is so ashamed …"
As he spoke, he blocked Gu Changyu from coming near me.
I stared at his back. I couldn’t believe he said these words.
Although I had an argument with him before, my impression of him was not so bad that I hated him. He is still a very fascinated academic knowledge in my heart.
When did he learn to curse?
However, I enjoyed listening to his words.
My heart is also very angry. Gu Changyu can say anything, but I can point at her face like Ji Shu and scold her.
Want to come whether Ye Xiangyuan or Gu Changyu after listening to the in the mind all feel bad?
Although Pandong blocked most of my sight, I could see Ye Xiangyuan’s expression clearly.
His face is calm and his eyes are dim, and he can’t see what he is thinking.
Gu Changyu stared at Ji Shu and burst into tears. "I don’t know you and you don’t know me. How can you say that about me …"
Her tearful eyes and lovely appearance really make people feel sorry for her.
Gu Changning has already rushed over and punched Ji Shu in the face. "I asked you to slander my sister!"
He shot hard and quickly, and Ji Shu was knocked down, and he kicked Ji Shu in the stomach again.
I was taken aback and quickly said, "Don’t hit him!"
Gu Changning, like Xiao Jin, has been trained since childhood. It’s not like Ji Shu. This kind of reader can be better than such a kick. Ji Shu might be disabled.
Unexpectedly, Ji Shu escaped.
He quickly got up and punched Gu Changning directly.
The two wrestled together.
I told them to stop several times, but they turned a deaf ear.
Gu Changyu cried even harder. She went to Ye Xiangyuan and gently pulled Ye Xiangyuan’s sleeve and sobbed, "Ah Yuan, you are quick to persuade my brother that even if I am humiliated, he can’t start work with people …"
Now I suffer, but Ji Shu has been beaten by Gu Changning several times.
But I’m also anxious and a little worried. Ji Shu still hopes that both of them will stop.
It’s a pity that Ye Xiangyuan didn’t discourage you at all, and his face was quite indifferent.
Gu Changyu sobbed and continued to beg Ye Xiangyuan.
The whole room is full of Gu Changning and Ji Shu fighting and Gu Changyu crying.
I noticed that Han Qingshan was always old.
This makes me wonder.
Could it be that he set the scene tonight? He deliberately let Ye Xiangyuan smash him and Ji Shu come to my ward to make Ye Xiangyuan doubt me …
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan again.
He still said nothing, but let Gu Changyu pull his sleeve and did not escape.
Two people close together handsome men and beautiful women look don’t know how to match.
I feel inexplicably worse.
Chapter 31 I want you to put out the time.
At this time, there was a sudden loud noise in the room, and Jishu was once again knocked down by Gu Changning.
It took him a few seconds to get up. This time, instead of pestering Gu Changning, he walked to the bed with a blue face and took my hand. "Come with me. They are not only unreasonable, but also like to hit people. If you stay, you will definitely be killed by mistress."
I looked at him black and blue, but I still felt a little sad.
But I certainly won’t go with him.
I want to leave Ye Xiangyuan, but I will definitely not leave him with the help of Han Qingshan.
Because I don’t believe in Han Qingshan
Who knows if it will fall into another wolf pit?
I was thinking about refusing him if I opened my mouth. Ye Xiangyuan suddenly came along.
He squeezed Jishu’s hand and gently moved it to let Jishu let me go. Then he looked at Jishu lightly and said, "I can’t go anywhere if I’m in poor health."
Maybe he just rubbed his wrist with Qiao Jin Ji Shu.
But he didn’t flinch, but stared at Ye Xiang from afar. "If you can’t take care of her well, you still have to find a mistress. She won’t be well even if she stays. I am a doctor, but I can take care of her. If you are still a man, let her go and stop torturing her."
Actually, I feel a little strange. What did Ji Shu think that Gu Changyu was a mistress?
Is it because Gu Changyu was too obvious just now?
Or was he … hinted by Han Qingshan?
Ye Xiangyuan caught a glimpse of Jishu and ignored him.
He looked at me with his head down.
I can’t help looking at him.
He touched my face gently, and his eyes were dim and heavy.
It was a long time before he looked back at Han Qingshan and said, "What do you want?"
Han Qingshan smiled as cool as a cucumber. "I want you to put it in time."
Ye Xiangyuan bowed their heads and looked at me without speaking.
Han Qingshan didn’t urge him.
The room was quiet for a while.
A moment later, maybe I saw Ye Xiangyuan still didn’t respond. Han Qingshan sighed, "You let her go and don’t let her suffer more."
Ye Xiangyuan looked at him for a while and slowly spoke "good"
Just one word, calm and indifferent, can’t recognize emotions.