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The emperor glanced at Gan’s father-in-law and listened to Gan’s father-in-law’s chuishou saying, "I have already asked the king and princess of the county and haven’t left the palace, even Princess Honk and Miss Gu haven’t found them."

"I didn’t leave the palace and I couldn’t find where I would go." Zhuang Guifei had concerns in her tone.
"Go to Ganquan Palace" and the emperor lifted his feet to leave.
They are followed by who knows what will happen.
Just entering the imperial garden, I saw Huangfuda walking slowly.
"Where did Lao Er go? Why didn’t she see Yunxi?" ZhuangGuiFei asked before the emperor spoke.
"I want to have a rest in Huaqing Temple for a while, and suddenly an imperial secretary came to please say that the emperor’s uncle had something important to summon me, so I followed him. But I didn’t know that the emperor’s uncle had left until I got to the imperial room, so I followed him here. Ms. Park should return Huaqing Temple." Huangfuda was pale.
"The king of the county won’t let people calculate, right? The emperor didn’t summon it. It’s also the old slave who personally invited it and the princess of the county didn’t go to Huaqing Hall." My father-in-law was surprised by his stare big eyes.
When they heard it, they immediately came over in vain. This is someone who took advantage of the situation to take Huangfu Lida to the county princess’s hand.
The emperor’s face immediately changed color, and he naturally wanted to get the interest in it. "Let the body-guard find it even if the whole palace is turned over."
Father-in-law Gan hurriedly ran away immediately.
桑拿按摩  title="Uncle Huang means" Huangfuda looks tight.
"I’ll let people find it. Nothing will happen." The emperor seems to be relieved of Huangfuda and relieved of his rockery. He didn’t worry about anything. It won’t make people easily calculate according to the nature of Shuiyunjin, but if someone sets such a big trap, then.
Huangfuda nodded as bottomless as a deep well, and his eyes looked at Huangfuheng’s eye, which was extremely light and only recovered quickly. It seemed that he didn’t want to look at it again.
At this time, Zhuang Guifei tried her best to suppress the joy in her heart, but she could still see from her eyebrow eye that something had happened to Yunxi, the best disaster.
At this time, the Linhua Temple has been boiling like a boiling pot.
They all held their breath because the emperor and Huangfuda were afraid of a low-pressure atmosphere.
Soon, my father-in-law Gan came running in a hurry. "The imperial secretary came to report that he was crying and beating from the Temple in the China. The body guard has passed."
The emperor’s deep eyes swept HuangFuHang without saying a word and walked towards the temple in China, and everyone followed him in order.
Huangfuheng finally looked a little dignified. He gathered his eyes and told him that Jiang Qiuwu would arrange everything after he left, but he really didn’t know what she would do. It’s good to look forward to not rock the boat. It doesn’t look like Huangfuda already knows. Hasn’t Jiang Qiuwu come and tell him yet?
A vast group of people rushed to the Linhua Temple, which was already surrounded by the Kingsguard Hall. Outside, you could hear the howling of moving women and the crisp sound of tables and chairs and porcelain falling to the ground.
"This temple in China is where King Hang rests. How can it be?" Someone said behind him.
"Maybe it’s an interesting story in Wang Heheng’s room, but it’s a little intense."
"It doesn’t look like it. If it’s Princess Heng, how can she cry and scream?"
Behind him, Wu pressed a piece of human head to whisper.
These words naturally fell to the emperor’s ears, and his sharp eyes looked at Huangfuheng. "What’s going on?"
"Back to the father and son, she was two of a kind’s forgetfulness." Huangfuheng’s face was ashamed and somewhat difficult to say. It was his mouth that she knew that Princess as one pleases was honing.
"Who is she?" The imperial voice was heavy.
Zhuang Guifei smiled, even if the people in the temple were Shuiyunjin, and she didn’t worry about the consequences at all. two of a kind couldn’t even resist the emperor. Besides, who made it clear that men and women had forced who to make Shuiyunjin a laughing stock in Beijing? There was no way to make Shuiyunjin a laughing stock. Instead, she wanted to think highly of this.
The emperor looked at HuangFuHang sullenly, and the line of sight became deeper and deeper.
Huangfuda’s face was dark, and he walked straight inside without saying a word.
"I will be interesting to see what kind of woman can make people get carried away." There was a heavy anger in the imperial voice.
Everyone is also very eager to know whether the person inside is Zinia Fang or if it is really two of a kind. After all, you don’t have to get everyone to know your feelings, but if you are forced, it will be even more stupid. In this case, it’s the first time that a female elephant has made such a fuss. It’s the first time to see which one is not to escape or die. Once people find out that that generation is finished, what do you mean by such a big drum?
Don’t want to expose hang report to the emperor?
However, for a moment, the people have become more and more clear outside the bedroom, crying one after another over a sad and sad.
There is some anger in Shuihuai Spring. He also wants to see who it is with Huangfuheng two of a kind. At the beginning, there was a person named Shuixinru in his eyes.
Huangfuda walked at the front. He looked at the door of the temple and lifted his feet two steps ago. His hands were just lifted and put back. He turned and looked at Grandpa Gan.
Father-in-law Gansu looked at the emperor’s eyes knowingly and then pushed the door of the temple.
Open the door of the temple and look inside without blinking, and you will see that the woman in the temple turned out to be Su Ningxiang. She knelt on her knees and dressed in sheer gauze, and her figure was exquisite. The hidden gauze was clearly visible. The white skin was green and purple, and the kiss was all over the delicate neck. After the experience of love, her face was charming and flushed, and her eyes were full of tears. It looked delicate and touching, like a flower after the wind and rain, which made people love.