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Gu Nanqing has never been completely rejected by a woman to such an extent that he is embarrassed and heartbroken.

He smiled warmly and condensed into frost.
"Gu always listen to clear? If I don’t hear you clearly, I can say again that I don’t like you at all! " Su Man said that being cruel to Gu Nan is also cruel to himself to tear the wound in his heart deeper "even a little!"
Her rosy lip, as beautiful as cherry blossoms, can spit out the most beautiful words and the most cruel language in the world.
"That’s enough!" Gu Nanqing’s face was as black as a storm, and her eyes were cold and stabbed into her heart at night.
Her heart is dripping with blood, but Leng Yan’s face is still smiling the most perfectly.
Gu Nanqing really wants to tear up her delicate face at the moment!
He took a deep breath and stepped back. Her hands lost his chest and leaned down from his chest.
Two people across the distance of two meters in the eye, just like that.
His eyes were like sharp blades, and her body passed by inch by inch. She felt no pain, and her body was numb because of heartache.
Gu Nanqing turned and strode away and opened the door. He paused before leaving, but he didn’t look back, otherwise he would see Su Man clenching his hands and trying to bear it.
He left here without letting himself step back.
I left a room quiet and depressed.
Sue diffuse to see him leave this just relaxed tight body sat down in the soft sofa.
Her body lost all her strength, like a mass of soft cotton, even her fingertips lost their strength, so she lay on the sofa like a broken doll abandoned by her owner.
The eye pupil lost its focal length, which already contained tears in the eyes, burst its banks and wet the sofa fabric.
When the nurse came in, she was frightened to see Su Man like this.
"Miss Su, what’s the matter with you?" Before the nurse, she pulled two pieces of tissue paper for her.
"I’m … okay" Su Man wiped her eyes and wiped her tears when she saw someone coming in to raise my hand.
Then she sat up and drooped her eyelashes to cover her red eyes and didn’t want others to see her embarrassment and fragility.
"You go to rest. I’m here with Xiaoyu today. You can come back early tomorrow." Su Man wants to be alone, and his thoughts and mood are too chaotic.
"Oh, that’s good." The nurse has a wink and left without asking any more questions.
Su Manjing sat for a long time, then got up and walked to the small fish bed, where she sat, and then took his hand and wrapped it in her palm. Her lips kissed his hand.
At this moment, only when the child finds a little comfort will he not let himself collapse.
She wants this decision to be good for both of us, so that he will not be discredited by a woman like her, and he has a long way to go.
It hurts the most, but I wish I had passed it.
I want you to know clearly that I’m going to book you.
Su Man didn’t even know when she was sleeping by the little fish’s bed, but she slept very restlessly.
When she woke up in the morning, her hand was still tightly clasped with the little fish.
Because of this, she was a little numb when she slept on her stomach, and she got up and exercised a muscle.
At this time, someone pushed the door and Su Man saw that it was Jiang Lintian.
"Why are you so early?" Su Man looked at his wrist watch. He hasn’t worked yet.
"I went for an hour early yesterday, and the shift change person arrived early today, and I was half an hour early." Jiang Lintian was still wearing a white medical gown, so he bought it before changing clothes.
"Then what are you doing here? You didn’t have a good rest on the night shift, so hurry back to rest. "Su Man urged him.
"I just came to see you … and the little fish." Jiang Lintian smiled. "By the way, I bought breakfast for you in the hospital cafeteria."
"Thank you" Sue diffuse light way
Jiang Lintian put his breakfast on the tea table. "Go and wash up and have breakfast."
Then he looked up only to see her red and swollen eyes and a gaunt face. "What’s the matter with you? Have you cried? “
Su Man shook his head. "Where have I cried? I just didn’t have a good rest last night. I’m going to wash my face. "
Su Man bowed his head and crossed the river to wash his hands. He reached into the face of the induction faucet, and the clear water fell on her palm. She lifted her face and poured it, which aroused her skin and stimulated her nerve cells.
She poured water on her face several times and then felt much better.
Su Man brushed his teeth again and wiped his face with a towel before coming out of washing his hands.
Jiang Tianlin has put the breakfast tea table in place and pointed out to her a bowl opposite "sit down"
Su Man went over and sat on the sofa and thanked him again.
"Su Man, the most you say to me is thank you. Can you change him? "Jiang Lintian handed her the chopsticks.
Su Man took it and almost said thank you again. Then he quickly pursed his lips. "Dr. Jiang, I really don’t know what else to say to you except thank you. I really thank you. Although these two words are too light and simple, I …"
"Well, don’t be so serious. I’m not here to interrogate your teacher. Take it easy." Jiang Lintian Nai smiled and didn’t expect Su Man to be so tense in one sentence. She blamed herself, but she quickly relaxed her tone. "You have to fill your stomach if you have something to say first."
Su Man stared at him with apricot eyes, and he deepened his smile in the pool. "Eat."
Sue diffuse nod this just small mouth stutter to eat.
spa会所Jiang Lintian also took a bowl to eat. This is not the first time that he has eaten with Su Man since he became a small fish attending doctor for so long. But today, he feels particularly sweet when he eats mung bean porridge, because he told her what he was thinking last night. Although she politely refused, he was still very happy.
He is even more cheerful and gentle. The doctor is a little childish.
After dinner, Jiang Lintian cleaned up and washed his hands.
The nurse also arrived at Su Man on time, watched it for a while, and then picked up the bag and said to Jiang Lin Tiandao, "Dr. Jiang, I’m going to work, Xiaoyu, so I’ll trouble you here."
"Don’t worry about going to class. I will know that you have a nice voice when you wipe your wet hands on the river." I want you to believe me. "
"Of course I believe you," Su Man immediately replied. "You gave me more than just help."
At the beginning, the attending doctor of Xiaoyuer was not Jiang Lintian, but another doctor. The doctor was too busy to engage in scientific research projects, and he didn’t have much energy. He introduced Su Man to Jiang Lintian because he was very experienced in this field and successfully cured this disease. Su Man found Jiang Lintian, and when he saw him, he was very enthusiastic and agreed to take care of Xiaoyuer all the time. Although she didn’t often go to the hospital, she would stop work every once in a while to accompany Xiaoyuer.
There will be a lot of communication between the two people, and they will become familiar with each other and naturally become friends.
Jiang Lintian saw a tough single mother from Su Manshen. He was distressed by this woman who resisted everything but never complained. Compared with some crying mothers, she was always optimistic. Compared with those women who had husbands to rely on, she played the role of parents alone.
It is this love and appreciation that makes Jiang Lintian’s heart gradually fall into her body.
He hopes that he can become her, that she can rest on her shoulders and shelter their mother from the wind and rain.
He now hopes that this will come true.
He is in no hurry, he has the patience to wait for the good result.
"Thank you for your letter to me," Jiang Lintian smiles, his teeth are clean and tidy ",so you can send your building"
"Let’s go together, and you should go home and rest quickly." Su Man looked at the little fish again and then left the ward without giving up.
Su Man and Jiang Lintian entered the ladder side by side, and the facade reflected the bright metal panel.
Jiang Lintian hesitated for a moment with his hands in his trouser pockets, or asked out of his mouth, "Did Su Man come with you to Mr. Gu? Did he go back? “
"Well, he went back." Su Man’s eyes were dim.
I can still remember what she said to him last night. When I think of Gu Nan’s cold and injury, she feels a little suffocated in her chest.
"Are you okay with him? "Jiang Lintian thought about what she said they would become strangers.
"He and I talked about the so-called good or bad." Su Man acted easily but his throat was full of astringency. "It is best for both of us to be strangers."