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When we arrived at the underground parking lot, we found that there was another tunnel …

Soon I was taken to an unknown place, which was a dense forest, and I couldn’t see the surrounding environment clearly at night, but according to the time estimate, we should still be in Qinyuan.
And soon I saw a row of cars with someone meeting Ye Sanye.
The leaves three yes to speak "I didn’t think I can freely in and out of Qinyuan? I have lived here for decades, and of course I am familiar with it. "
品茶论坛Quite proud in tone.
Chapter 27 A rescuer or his own flesh and blood
I try to calm myself down.
In fact, I’m still thinking about Panton.
I haven’t thought about what Bai Pandong means. Did he deliberately let me be taken away?
At this time, Ye Sanye tore the cloth out of my mouth.
I looked at him and though I could speak, I kept my mouth shut.
Ye Sanye sneered, "I think Ye Xiangyuan’s little beast is just this. If he moves to the military compound, I can’t do anything about him. It’s just that he stays in Qinyuan, which is my site. He is just too conceited. What is his worst result? I have not succeeded."
He proudly scolded Ye Xiangyuan.
I don’t know how my heart suddenly gave birth to a strange association with just Pan Dongju … Is Ye Xiangyuan deliberately waiting for Ye Sanye to come back?
Section 192
All this is calculated.
And i’m the ready bait …
I can’t say for a moment what it feels like in my heart.
If everything is under the control of Ye Xiangyuan, of course I will be more at ease.
But I still feel a little uncomfortable because he didn’t communicate in advance.
The main reason is that I’m still pregnant, and the situation is more dangerous.
However, if Ye Xiangyuan openly asked me to be a hostage, I don’t think I would refuse. After all, he is an employer.
I sighed secretly, and my stomach was not particularly big. One thing I noticed along the way was that
Ye Sanye sneered at Ye Xiangyuan and gave me a look. "Do you still know who my nephew really likes?"
I don’t understand why he suddenly changed the subject.
Just listen to him. "I’ll tell you what. He likes to be the wife of his best brother, Lu Xun."
I was shocked.
Xiaoyan seems to have said that Ye Sanye knew that Ye Xiangyuan had a beloved woman.
Is it really Gu Changyu?
Actually, I had this guess, but then they were so open that I dared not think about it again.
What’s more, Gu Changyu is already Lu Xun’s wife Lu Xun, but Ye Xiangyuan is the most trusted person …
I can’t help biting my lip angle.
No matter how you say yourself, I still tend to believe that Ye Sanye …
Ye Sanye sneered, "So I caught Miss Gu Da."
Smell speech I looked at him.
Gu Changyu was kidnapped by him?
How is that possible? !
Isn’t the kidnapper going to exchange Li Yu’s cigarette? Is this because Ye Sanye confused our sight?
No … It may be that Ye Sanye has married Li Guhe …
At the moment, I can’t think about it. Even if Ye Xiangyuan likes Gu Changyu, so what? Of course, Gu Changyu’s safety is more important.
Ye Sanye’s face turned pale. "I arrested her first and now I arrested you. I just want to see what my good nephew will choose."
I stared at him in amazement.
He laughed more and more. "The harder he is, the happier I feel!"
Such a vicious idea really needs Ye Sanye to come up with.
I had to open my mouth and wake up. "Since you know that Ayuan likes Miss Gu, you should guess that he will definitely save Miss Gu. You didn’t catch me."
Ye Sanye hummed and laughed. "You have another one in your stomach. I can’t believe he’s not entangled if you add another chip."
I didn’t expect him to be quite good at calculating.
Even if he is Teng Juner, there is still Xiao Cong no matter how bad he is.
I wanted to think about it and changed my mind to persuade him that "Gu Changyu is Gu Changning’s sister and Lu Xun’s wife. You arrested her, which not only offended Ayuan but also Gu and Lu. Otherwise, you let her go and I will give you a hostage, and Ayuan, the belly child, will not ignore me."
Ye Sanye gave me a smile, "I won’t let you go, let alone Gu Changyu, even if you tell me something."
My in the mind a careful.
He can’t eat oil and salt.
I asked, "So what do you want? Maybe I can help you."
Leaves three yes eyebrows show will look "how can my dad hand things to the little beast! This time, our department has to get it back, or we will get rid of it! "
His face is ferocious like a madman.
I don’t think appall, if he is really going to fight with Ye Xiangyuan, can Ye Xiangyuan handle it?
According to Ye Xiangyuan, I can certainly deal with the inevitable sacrifice … I may become cannon fodder …