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Gao Xiaoxiao pursed her lips. "Who did you say was calling?"

The music in Han Shu’s Zhangkou Auditorium suddenly changed from "Happy and Big Wolf" to "Are you my favorite person?" He raised his eyebrows and stretched out his hand to snatch "Big Wolf" from her arms and threw it aside. "Let’s teach you to dance."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Outside the obstetrics and gynecology examination room on the first floor of the First People’s Hospital of D City
Han Minzhi said, "Ah Shu said that he doesn’t know where Yuqiu went now."
"How could I not know that if Yuqiu went to the front desk of his company, he would definitely ask him?" Xu Meizu said with dissatisfaction.
"…" Han Minzhi looked nai. "Mom, it’s Christmas today. Ah Shu and Xiaoxiao are having a dance with Xiaobai Kindergarten. He can’t lie to me."
"Then you didn’t ask him to call Yu Qiu?" Xu Meizu added
"…" Han Minzhi directly don’t want to answer.
Han Shan has no interest in Leng Yuqiu’s roots. He can’t come even if he hides from her. How can his sister ask him to take the initiative to call Yuqiu?
"Minzhi, don’t blame me for being a stranger here. I’m afraid something bad will happen if she gets lost. It’s her uncle who asked him to make a message. Should it be all right?" Xu meizu explained
"…" Han Minzhi still didn’t speak.
Xu Meizu was just about to speak when she was dissatisfied …
"Line line mom, you say a few words less. I think Yuqiu probably didn’t look at her mobile phone at the moment. Don’t worry. She will definitely call back when she sees it later." Leng Shijun came out to make amends.
Leng Jingyan also said, "Yes, Yuqiu is a sensible child. Don’t worry, she won’t have an accident. Try calling her again."
Xu Meizu frowned, so it is. Take out your mobile phone and continue to call LengYuQiu.
Leng Yuqiu walked into the first floor of the building because there was no work permit on his chest, and he was stopped just after passing the front desk.
"Miss, who are you looking for?" The receptionist asked politely.
Leng Yuqiu reminded her lips and politely replied, "I’m here to see Ah Shu."
Looking at the front desk, she immediately changed her mind and said, "I’m here to see your president."
"Oh …" The front desk smiled and called so affectionate?
"Do you have an appointment?"
Section 256
"No, but please put me through. My name is Leng Yuqiu. Aunt knows me." Leng Yuqiu kept an elegant and decent smile when he spoke.
Today, she wore a white Ni coat, long black hair, supple waist and straight calves. At first glance, she looked like a classic and full of charm. Maybe it was because she was dressed and talked with great temperament that the front desk nodded and dialed Zhou Mi’s landline number. "There is a miss Leng Yuqiu in Zhou Mi Lou who wants to find the president."
"Well, that’s fine."
After hanging up, the receptionist smiled apologetically. "Sorry, Miss Leng, our president is out this afternoon."
"Go out? Where did he go? When will you come back? " Leng Yuqiu frowned and asked.
"I’m sorry, these are all company secrets. I don’t know if I don’t know," said the front desk with a smile.
"…" Leng Yuqiu bit his lip. The first thought in his heart was, don’t you want to see yourself?
It’s impossible. Anyway, they are related. They can’t avoid seeing each other.
Should really go out.
So ….. "In that case, I’ll go upstairs and wait for him." After that, Leng Yuqiu lifted her feet and walked towards the ladder position.
夜生活The front desk was startled and busy standing on high heels and grabbed her arm. "I’m sorry, miss, didn’t you?"
You can’t go without an appointment and permission. "
"But I have something very important to find him!" Leng Yuqiu frowns
She finally found a reason to come out with such a good opportunity when her family went to the hospital. She didn’t want to wave.
That’s right. She’s coming to Han Shao today to find out about him and Xiaoxiao.
"That won’t do either. If I let you go, I will be punished by the company for my dereliction of duty." The front desk pulled her hard and refused to let go
Leng Yuqiu took a deep breath and said, "I’m a relative of Ah Shu. I’m living in his house now. It’s really important to come to him. If your company asks, I’ll ask Ah Shu to tell your company."